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Monterey, CA Hands to Help Seniors To Host Their Annual Fundraiser At Carmel Valley Ranch On

August 23 : View From A Nonprofit Serving Senior Citizens In Carmel, Carmel Valley, Gonzalez,
Greenfield, King City, Marina, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Salinas, Seaside And Soledad
Raising funds for a non-profit is extremely difficult despite the improving economy. We have switched our
annual fundraiser from Bernardus Lodge to Carmel Valley Ranch this year. We hope to see you on
August 23 where we will begin our silent auction at 5:00 p.m. which will be accompanied by wine and light
hors d'oeuvres. We will have a 3-course dinner starting at 6:30 which I can tell you from personal
experience will be delicious. There are now over 1,200 non-profits in Monterey County which bring $2.1
billion into to the local economy each year. Supporting those whose mission you believe in is extremely
important, and we hope that you are on our favorites list. Our services are provided to senior citizens
primarily by a wide group of volunteers, and we are also seeking your help on this front. If you would like
to volunteer, please click here for more information and give us a call at 204-0402 or fill out this form if
you are interested in helping. You can email the form to Valeska van Vliet at There are
currently over 13,000 volunteers helping non-profits in Monterey County, giving more than 500K hours of
their year of free time to these charities. We hope you are one of them, and we hope that you choose us
to give your valuable time. About 80% of nonprofits said in a recent survey that the number of people
they are serving increased, so the demand is clearly here. Please help us help low-income senior
citizens in Monterey County.
About Richard Kuehn & Hands to Help Seniors:
After more than a decade of caregiving, both in a professional environment and for a 97 year old family
member, it became clear to me that there are many seniors that can't afford to pay for a private duty
caregiver, not to mention medical expenses, food and property taxes on their home. I decided to form a
non-profit to help seniors with any service they might need to get by, should they be unable to afford this
themselves. From putting on a new roof to providing a hot meal, Hands to Help Seniors is there to
help. Please visit my blog where I talk about important senior issues at:
Please note that this blog reflects my personal opinion and may or may not reflect the opinion of Hands to
Help Seniors and the individual members comprising the Board of Governors