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22/4/2014 Change Status of DTP Request - SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse - SCN Wiki 1/2
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Added by Bhandare Rahul, last edited by Moshe Naveh on Dec 20, 2010
SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse / / BW-WHM-DST-DTP - Data Transfer Process
Change Status of DTP Request
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Sometimes there arises a situation, wherein you need to change the status of a request that is getting loaded via a DTP. This article
describes the solution f or this scenario.
Author's Bio
Rahul Bhandare is currently working in Patni Computer Systems Ltd as a SAPBW Consultant since last two years. He is mainly involved
in Development & Production Support maintenance related work to SAPBI.
Consider f ollowing situations
1. DTPload f or DSO is running more than its due time i.e. (taking more time to load data) and hence stays in yellow state f or a long
time and you want to stop the load to the DSO by changing the status of the loading request f rom yellow to red manually, but you
deleted the ongoing background job f or the DTPload.
2. A master data load through DTPf ailed as the background job f or DTPf ailed with a short dump and you want to start a new DTP
load but you cannot as there is a message saying The old request is still running. You cannot change the status f or the
old request to red or green as there is message QM-action not allowed for master data. You cannot delete the old
request due to the message Request cannot be locked f or delete.
When old request in Scenario 1 & 2 is in yellow status and you are not able to change / delete the request, its actually in a pseudo
status. This request sits in table RSBKREQUEST with processing type as 5 in data elements USTATE, TSTATEand this 5 is actually
"Active" status which is obviously wrong.One of the possible solutions is to ask a basis person to change the status to 3 in both
USTATEand TSTATEand then it allows reloading the data. Once the data is successf ully loaded, you can delete the previous bad
request even though it is still in yellow. Once the request is deleted, the request status gets updated as "4" in table RSBKREQUEST.
There is one more alternative solution, wherein you can manually change the status of the old request to red or green by using the
f unction module RSBM_GUI_CHANGE_USTATE.
Following are the steps to change the QM Status of a yellow request to red/green by using RSBM_GUI_CHANGE_USTATE

1. Select Request Id f rom target.
2. Go to SE37 and execute the f unction module RSBM_GUI_CHANGE_USTATE.
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22/4/2014 Change Status of DTP Request - SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse - SCN Wiki 2/2
3. Enter Request Id here and execute it.
4. Then change the status of the request to either red/green.
5. Request will have the status you selected in step 4 and delete the request if turned to red.

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