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Avoid cheese with hypophosphatemia b/c cheese is high in calcium.

Tegretol, used to control seizures, has a therapeutic level of 3-14.

most common adverse effects of cyclosporine are nephrotoxicity, hypertension, infection, tremors and hirsutism.

Carotid massage is a maneuver used to stimulate vagal response in client's with A-fib.

Client are encouraged to cough to get sputum samples.

Ask women if they are pregnant before exposure to chest radiography (radiation).

Before theophylline levels are drawn, client needs to fast from caffeine.

Indomethacin is an NSAID that is contraindicated in client's with acute gastritis.

Men and women who take estrogen and progestin are at increased risk of DVT.

Clients should avoid bruising and flossing when they have stomatitis (mouth ulceration).They should use saline or baking
soda to rinse mouth

zyloprim decreases uric acid production and reduces uric acid concentrations in serum and urine.

Albumin is used as a plasma expander.

Blood needs to be hung w/in 30 minutes after it is received from blood bank.

Allen test is done before ABG's to determine adequacy of ulnar circulation.

Gently massage uterus fundus in client bleeding during 4
stage of labor. It's done to restore tone.

Newborns double weight at 6 months and tripe by 1 year.

Apical pulse for a 1 year old is 90-130.

caffeine and nicotine inhibit action of psychotropic meds.

Imbalance of dopamine is a factor in schizophrenia.

Vasopressin adverse effect can include chest pain from myocardial ischemia.

Normal pulmonary cap wedge pressure is 8-15.

rhonchi are secretions in large airways.

Prevent falls is a priority in clients w/ hypokalemia b/c of muscle weakness.

Mydriatic meds are used to dilate pupils in people before cataract surgery. They also constrict blood vessels. Mitotic
meds constrict the pupil.

Pilocarpine, used for glaucoma, can cause bradycardia, tremors, hypotension, syncope,arrhythmias, and seizures. It's
antidote is atropine sulfate.

Autonomic dysreflexia is characterized by severe hypertension, severe headache, flushing of face, bradycardia, blurred
vision, sweating, nausea.

Darkened urine is a common side effect of thorazine, a drug used for schizophrenia.

Benztropine, an anticholinergic, is used to treat extrapyramidal side effects.

Client's shouldn't walk after cystoscopy b/c of orthostatic hypotension.

Tetracyclines are not used in children under 8 years old.

LFT's for INH.

Activase needs to be administered w/in 4-6 hrs after chest pain.

Teach women w/osteoporosis that caffeine increases calcium loss in the urine.

Pain increases during vomiting and eating in clients w/ pancreatitis. Pain is decreased when clients sits and bends

Jews can't have dairy-meat combo meals.

Libel is written, slander is spoken.

Addisons has high K,cushing's has low K.

hyperactive bowel sounds indicate hyponatremia.

Kussmaul's respirations are abnormally deep, regular, and increased rate.

Normal aPPT is 20-36 secs,a person receiving heparin is 1.5-2.5 x.

normal protein level in adults is 6-8.

normal hemoglobin in women is 12-15.

calcium 8.6-10.0, mag 1.6-2.6, phosphorous 2.7-4.5, neutrophils 1800-7800.

pork is rich in thiamine.

PN that is discontinued abruptly can cause hypoglycemia.

Do valsalva maneuver during tubing changes to avoid air embolism.

Place person in left side position, w/ head lower than feet during air embolism. (air is trapped in right side of heart).

Don't hang fat emulsion if fat globules are present.

Blood glucose is monitored every 4-6 hrs during PN therapy.

Circulatory overload S/S are rapid breathing, dyspnea, moist cough, and crackles.

Infiltration is when IV is dislodged into SC area.

Need CXR before giving first IV solution is given through C.V. Catheter.

Hypertonic solutions expand intravascular volume (L.R.). NS is a hypotonic solution.

Hold blood transfusions and tell doc if temp is above 100.

tubing for blood transfusion has an in-line filter.

Nurse stays w/ client for 15 mins after transfusion.

Restraints are checked every 30 minutes.

Jaw thrust maneuver is used to open airways of people w/ suspected spinal injury.

Hold feedings w/ residual above 100 ml.

reactive non-stress test =good, negative stress test = good.

Don't use heat packs for hemorrhoids, b/c it increases blood flow and discomfort.

Severe preeclampsia can trigger DIC, so watch for signs of bleeding.

Stations are measured from ischial spines. - = above line, + = below line.

Placenta previa S/Sinclude: bright red vag bleeding, soft/relaxed/non tender uterus, and fundal height that may be
greater than gestational age.

Normal bowel sounds return 2-3 days after birth.

Symptoms of umbilical cord infection are moistness, oozing, discharge, and reddened base around the cord.

Erythromycin is given to infants prophylactically if mothers had gonorrhea.

Serum mag levels are 4-7.5.

mag toxicity relates to CNS depressant effects of the med and include resp depression, loss of DTR, and hypotension.

Methergine is given for postpartum hemorrhage, and is contraindicated in cardiac disease, peripheral-vascular disease,
hypertension, preeclampsia, or eclampsia.

12 month old: 20-40 breaths/min, 90-130 HR, 90/56 BP.

A positive romberg test signals a vestibular neurological sign, and is seen when a person loses their balance when closing
their eyes.

Don't suction people who have basilar skull fractures, b/c of catheter potentially entering the brain through fracture.

CSF for meningitis is cloudy, has elevated protein, and decreased glucose.

Strabismus is when eyes aren't aligned b/c of lack of extraocular coordination. Children usually tilt head.
Side lying position after tonsillectomy.

Watch for silent chest or absence of wheezing in people who are having asthma attacks.

Lay on affect side when you have pneumonia to splint pain.

Intussusception = bloody/mucus stools

hirschsprung's = jelly like stools.

Glomerulonephritis has dark colored urine from inflammatory injury to kidney that causes hematuria.

Elimite, used for scabies,is left on for 8 14 hours, while the child is clothed.

Hodgkins = painless, firm,and moveable lymph nodes.
P24 assay tests for HIV antigens, while western blot test tests for HIV antibodies.

MMR is administered SQ in outer aspect of upper arm.

Melanoma is highly metastatic.

Inhaled carbon monoxide levels between 11-20% = flushing, headache, decreased cerebral functioning and visual acuity.
21-40%= N,V, dizziness, tinnitus,vertigo, confusion, drowsiness, tachy. 41-60%= seizure/coma. Higher =death.

Can't take vitamin A w/accutane.

Increase calcium in multiple myeloma from deteriorating bone tissue.

Do breast exam 7 days after menstruation begins.

Busulfan, a drug for leukemia, can cause increased uric acid levels.

Elspar, an antineoplastic is contraindicated in client's w/ HX of pancreatitis.

Increased uric acid is found during chemotherapy due to massive cell destruction.

S/S of hypo-tremors,irritable, nervous.

Insulin is refrigerated.

Prednisone can decrease effects of oral hypoglycemics.

Watch for drowsiness(overhydration) in client taking desmopressin.

Sweating and pallor are early S/S of dumping syndrome.

Stoma prolapse is when bowel protrudes through stoma. Stoma retraction is when stoma is sunken in.

imodium is taken for diarrhea.

Questran is taken w/juices.

Take food w/ benadryl to decrease GI upset.

Terbutaline is contraindicated in DM2, it can cause increased blood glucose levels.

Procainamide, a antidysrhythmic, can cause: dizziness, drowsiness, decreased urination, N, V, and tachydysrhythmias.
Assess vitals (apical pulse/BP) for toxicity, if these S/S are present.

Take niacin w/ motrin to decrease flushing.

Bladder trauma has S/S of lower abdominal pain that radiates to shoulder, due to phrenic nerve irritation.

Decreased force of stream is an early sign of BPH.

Pain in abdomen is normal during first few peritoneal dialysis exchanges.

Normal uric acid levels are 2.5-8.

etanercept, a drug used for RA, has side effects of pancytopenia, so watch CBC.

People w/ SLE should avoid hot baths bc they promote fatigue.

Pemphigus is an autoimmune disease that causes blistering of the epidermis.
Zoloft is given in morning or evening, and can cause drowsiness.

Clozapine, used for schizophrenia, can cause agranulocytosis, so watch WBC.

Wellbutrin toxicity can cause seizures.

People taking synthroid and coumadin need to take less coumadin.

After radical mastectomy,the operative arm is positioned elevated on a pillow not exceeding shoulder elevation.

No radiation for children under 8 years old.

Fluid of choice for client w/ fluid volume excess is a hypertonic solution of 5% dextrose in 0.9NS.

Foul smelling vaginal discharge is expected after removal of cervical radiation implant, as well as resumption of sex in
7-10 days, and vaginal bleeding for 1-3 months.

Signs of allergic reaction to contrast dye are resp-distress, stridor, decreased BP.

Moro reflex is done by making a loud noise to startle the infant.

Therapeutic mag serum levels are 4-8.

monitor temp of people w/TPN bc of infection.

Ticlid is an antiplatelet.

Aluminum hydroxide is taken w/ meals. It has constipating effect too.

Normal serum osmolarity is 285-295, lower = overhydration, over = dehydration.

Placement of dressing over chest wound/open pneumothorax can lead to closed pneumothorax. This Can result in
sudden decline in resp-status and circulatory compromise. If s/s arise, remove dressing and allow air to escape.

INH and rifampin are taken together 1x daily.

Avoid applying alcohol to stoma after laryngectomy, non-oil based ointment applied to the skin around stoma helps
prevent cracking, and protect stoma from water.

Make sure atropine sulfate is available if a client is receiving Urecholine, a cholinergic medication can cause hypotension,
bradycardia, excess salivation, D, abdominal cramps, and increased gastric acid secretions.

During tensilon test, used to determine myasthenic vs cholinergic crisis, after Tensilon is administered if symptoms
intensify, then its cholinergic crisis. Have Atropine sulfate available.

Transdermal clonidine patch is changed every 7 days.

Amoxicillin side effects include: GI disturbances, headache, oral/vaginal candidiasis.

MAX edema from burn injury usually occurs 18-24 hours after injury.

S/S of pancreatitis are severe abdominal pain that isn't relieved by vomiting.

Normal serum amylase levels are 53-123 somogyi units/dl.

Normal serum ammonia levels range from 10-80.

normal serum lipase levels are 10-140.

HgB in adult female is 12-15.
HcT for male is 42-52%.

ethambutol, a drug used for TB, can cause optic neuritis, so assess for visual disturbances.

Methergine is used to control postpartum bleeding. Its a smooth muscle contractor, like oxytocin.

Parlodel is used to treat neuroleptic malignant syndrome in client w/ bipolar disorder who take chlorpromazine.

Clozapine, antipsychotic, can cause adverse blood reactions, so watch CBC.

Zantac is best taken at night.

Tigan is an antiemetic.

Pentamidine, an anti-infective, can cause severe hypotension when given, so monitor BP.

Elevated HcT is seen in dehydration, pernicious anemia, and polycythemia.

Inflate cuffed trach before client eats or drinks to prevent aspiration.

Hypoglycemia= tachy,shaky, clammy.

Ditropan is used to relieve urinary urgency, frequency, nocturia, and incontinence in people w/ MS.

Elevate HOB in client's w/autonomic dysreflexia.

Patients w/ burn injuries are kept NPO b/c burns frequently lead to paralytic ileus.

Wet to dry dressings are used for debridement.

Lindane is used by applying to dry hair and letting it sit for 4 minutes.Contraindicated in people w/ seizure disorders.

Lithium is used to treat manic phase of bipolar disorder.

Anthropoid pelvis is oval shaped while platypelloid pelvis is flat.

Syphilis is characterized by painlessness and induration (hardening).

Clients usually see results from 3 sessions of ECT after around 1 week.

Orinase, a hypoglycemic, is taken in the morning.

Hiatal hernia S/S are : V,coughing, wheezing, apnea, and failure to thrive (in infants).

Varicella vaccine given at 12 and 18 months of age.

Normal therapeutic range for ASA levels is 10-20. 20-30 for antiarthritic levels.

cortisol is a glucocorticoid, androgen and aldosterone are mineralocorticoids. E/NE are catecholamines.

Hypothermia causes decreased BP & HR!

300-325 mg of ASA daily for client's to prevent strokes and MI's .

7-12 calcium levels for infants.
2 point gait is used when weight bearing is allowed on both feet, and is used by moving foot and opposite side crutch at
the same time.
Normal albumin levels are 3.4-5.

Diprivan is diluted w/D5W.

Chronic pain causes normal BP, HR, RR, pupils, but dry skin. Acute pain causes increased BP, HR,RR, dilated pupils, and

Tegretol can cause blood dyscrasias, so get CBC.

Dig levels = 0.8-2.0.

milk, eggs, meat, and dairy are high in niacin.

Down syndrome people are more likely to get leukemia.

Cerebellum controls balance and coordination.

Tofu is really high in calcium.

Low serum protein can lead to hypovolemia b/c proteins exert oncotic pressure.
Kidney secretes creatinine from nephron at the proximal tubule.

Antiretroviral agents are started when CD4 count is below 500.

NPH CAN'T have CLUMPS init.

Have trach set in a person's room after parathyroidectomy.

disease is the slapped face disease.

Vancomycin , when infused too quickly, can cause red-neck syndrome. The S/S are chills,tachy, syncope, and flushing of
face and trunk. Benadryl may be used to offset the symptoms.

Baclofen is the only skeletal muscle relaxant that can be administered intrathecally.

Don't discontinue breastfeeding during mastitis.

Acute pancreatitis labs show increased WBC (leukocytosis) and a SHIFT TO THE LEFT (increase in immature WBC).

Calcitonin decreases serum calcium levels by causes reabsorption of calcium into bones.

Isotonic solutions = D5W,NS 0.9%
hypotonic = 0.45% NS
hypertonic = D10W, D5W/NS 0.45

carbamazepine, an anti seizure med, has a serum therapeutic range of 3-14.

tigan is an antiemetic.

Report rebound tenderness in clients w/ ulcerative colitis, as it may indicate peritonitis.

12 month old can walk holding someones hand. At 6 months they can imitate sounds, sit up supported, and smile

Most cleft palate children can breastfeed and some use special nipples.

Sudden decrease of pain in appendicitis is indicative of rupture.

Mucomyst is antidote for Acetaminophen. Activated charcoal is used to prevent further absorption of drugs, such as ASA

Prolactin, the hormone used to stimulate production of breast milk, is secreted after delivery of the placenta.

Demerol is contraindicated in people who use MAOIs

glipizide causes hypoglycemia when taken w/ ASA.

Continuous bubbling in water seal chamber means an air leak, absence of tidaling is indicative of re-expansion of lung or
kinking of the chest tube.

In DKA, K rises b/c hydrogen ions move from extracellular to the intracellular space and promotes movement of K from
intra-extracellular fluid.
Ditropan is an anticholinergic used to treat an overactive bladder.

Respiratory failure is considered less than 60 Pao2.

1 hour fasting glucose in pregnant women higher than 140 needs more screening.

Ace inhibitors can cause hyperkalemia.

Phentolamine is used for people in hypertensive states that develop from pheochromocytoma.

Lomustine-oral route and urine excretion (cancer drug)

digoxin takes 2-6 hours to take effect (oral)

humulin 70/30 is 70% nph and 30% reg

Pts w/ pancreatitis should be NPO to decrease pancreatic secretions. They usually get demerol, not morphine, b/c
morphine can induce biliary spasms.

Procan SR a drug used for a-fib takes effect in 1 1/2- 2 hours (sustained release) (IM =15-60mins).

Normal inspiration to expiration ratio is 1-2, which means expiration takes twice as long as inspiration.

Change Central venous catheter dressing every 48 hours.

Demerol is contraindicated with MAO inhibitors.

Malloryweiss tear is associated with tear at the junction of esophagus and stomach. Characterized by hypovolemics
ymptoms and recent forceful vomiting.

Duvoid Increases peristalsis and can causeN/V.

Insulin is alright to use during pregnancy.

ritodine(yutopar)is a tocolytic that can cause pulmonary edema.

Coarctation of the aorta has bounding radial pulse with weak femoral pulse.

Reyes syndrome usually occurs around a week after chickenpox(occurs after ingestion ASA too).

Lithium is not metabolized and it excreted by the kidneys.

Benztropine Is a anticholinergic used to decrease extrapyramidal symptoms.

Haldol Is the drug of choice for tourette syndrome

diarrhea is the most common physiological effect of stress.

Polyuria Is a common adverse effect of lithium.

Can't Eat cheese with MAOI because tyramine interacts with them and causes SEVERE HYPERTENSION.

Haldol can cause photosensitivity, so wear sunblock when going out into the sun. ( 5-10 mg dose range)

Risperdal-tell doc if you notice bruising

diprivan causes zinc losses.

Neonates need 110-130 calories/kg/day.

Eat fiber when taking Paxetil, a second generation antidepressant.

Monthly self breast-exams during 7-10 days of menstrual cycle.

Don't consume alcohol on TCA's

massage boggy uterus until they are firm and contracted,this allows uterus to express clots that may have accumulated.

Decerebrate is rigid extension, while decorticate is flexion posturing.

Kawasaki disease is a systemic inflammatory disease that manifests in fever, conjunctival hyperemia, red throat,swollen
hands, rash and lymph node enlargement in the acute stage.

Intussusception is a telescoping of one portion of the bowel into another. Person usually has severe abdominal pain. They
have bright red blood and mucus stools ( currant-jelly like).

Hirschsprung's disease AKA aganglionic megacolon results in foul-smelling ribbon like stools bc of chronic constipation.

Deferoxamine Is an antidote for acute iron poisoning.

Early Sign of increasing intracranial pressure is vomiting.

Hodgkins diagnosed by reed sternberg cells in lymph nodes.

Accutane elevates triglyceride levels.

Bleomycin can cause interstitial pneumonitis, so yous hould monitor PFT's.

Busulfan, used for acute myelocytic leukemia, can cause increased uric acid levels.

Toposar,used for small cell cancer,can cause orthostatic hypotension.

Vincristine, used for ovarian cancer, can cause peripheral neuropathy.

Elspar, an antineoplastic agent, is contraindicated in pt's with hx of pancreatitis.

Tamoxifen, an antineoplastic agent, can cause increased calcium,cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Increased uric acid levels are indicative of massive cell destruction secondary to chemotherapy.

In hypoparathyroidism, elevated serum calcium levels produce osmotic diuresis and thus polyuria.

People with cushing syndrome need more potassium.

Regular insulin is drawn up first, then NPH.
Avoid caffeine with steroids, as they can lead to steroid-ulcer development.

Rifampin causes orange discoloration of sweat, tears, urine, and feces.

Ethambutol causes optic neuritis, which can disturb visual acuity.

Need LFT's before starting INH.

Limit caffeine when taking theophylline, a methyzanthine bronchodilator.

Pulmonary edema is characterized by breathlessness, dyspnea, and production of pink-tinged sputum.

S/S of a-fib include: palpitations, chest pain, hypotension, pulse deficit, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, SOB, JVD.

Therapeutic digoxin serum levels: 0.5-2.0 ng/ml

watch for hypokalemia, sulfa allergy, and hyperglycemia with thiazide diuretics.

Urecholine, used for urinary retention, toxicity causes bradycardia.

Ditropan toxicity causes CNS excitation (nervousness,restlessness, irritability, hallucinations).

Avoid grapefruit juice when taking cyclosporine.

Tacrolimus is used with caution in clients that are immuno suppressed, and w/ clients w/ renal, liver, or pancreatic

Nitrofurantoin,a drug for UTI's, causes urine to become brown and is normal .

Miotics cause pupillary constriction and are used to treat glaucoma.

Dilantin decreases effectiveness of birth control pills.

Normal direct bilirubin level is 0-0.3.

therapeutic dilantin levels are 10-20 mcg/ml. (toxicity may cause ataxia and slurred speech.

Invairase, a protease inhibitor and antiretroviral drug used for AIDS pts,taken by clients, should avoid sun exposure.

Foscavir is toxic to the kidneys.

Prozac most common side effects are GI (N,V,D, cramping), and CNS dysfunction.

Lithium serum levels range between 0.6-1.2 meq/L.

Clomipramine is a TCA used for OCD.

Wellbutrin can cause seizures when at toxic levels.

Radiation isn't started until a person is at least 8 years old.

Check serum creatinine before administering foscarnet,as it is very toxic to kidneys.
Dont drink alcohol while taking TCA's.
Bedwetting is a hallmark sign of DM1 in children.

Glucagon adversely interacts with oral anticoagulants.

Pancuronium bromide is used for fighting the vent.

Colchicine is usually prescribed for gout attacks.

Myasthenia gravis is associated with thyroid disorders.

Cushing syndrome causes sodium retention and K loss, therefore clients should know to eat food high in K.

fracture of the right hip results in affected leg being shorter, abducted and externally rotated.

Monitor dilantin for skin rash 10-14 after taking (tell doc/discontinue if appears).

Common adverse effects of zoloft are agitation, sleep disturbances, and dry mouth.

Latent phase of labor = cervix 3-4 inches, active phase=5-7 inches, transitional phase= 8-10 inches.

Low glucocorticoids, like in addison's causes decreased cardiac output and vascular tone, leading to hypovolemia.

High serum alpha-fetoprotein levels in amniotic fluid indicate NTD,such as spina bifida.

In addison's, aldosterone secretion is reduced, therefore clients have hyponatremia and hyperkalemia.

Movement away from body is abduction, towards body is adduction.

Hypomagnesemia as well as hypo/hyperkalemia are causes of VTACH.

Progesterone increases smooth muscle relaxation, thereby decreasing peristalsis and can cause constipation.

Fluphenzinedecanoate is a long-acting antipsychotic agent given by injection for schizophrenia. Has 4 week duration of
action, so is good for clients w/ noncompliance. This drug also causes orthostatic hypotension.

The left kidney is usually higher than the right kidney.

Norwalk virus is transmitted by fecal-oral route, and causes gastroenteritis.
Late indicators of increasing ICP are widening pulse pressure, bradycardia, increased BP(AKA cushing's TRIAD).

Client's who have gonorrhea also usually have coexisting chlamydial infections.

Earliest sign of heart failure in an infant is tachycardia.

Sulfonamides are chemically related to oral antidiabetics and may precipitate hypoglycemia.

Low set ears are associated with renal anomalies and mental retardation.

Clients with rheumatic fever need to take prophylactic penicillin for 5 years.

Salicylate preparations interact with insulin to cause hypoglycemia.
Normal CSF glucose is 50-75.

cardizem adverse effects include hypotension, AV blocks, HF, and increased liver enzymes.

Chest compression for neonates if HR falls below 60.

In hashimoto's thyroiditis T4/T3 are subnormal and TSH is elevated, in primary hypothyroidism T4 is subnormal and T3 and
TSH levels are elevated, in hyperthyroidism T4/T3 are elevated and TSH is subnormal.
Recommended immunizations for 2 month old w/o any prior immunizations are HIB,Hep B, Dtap, IPV. MMR and varicella
are recommended at 12 months.

Dopamine dopaminergic effects are to increase renal perfusion, contractility,and vasodilation.

Buspar can take upto 14-30 days to take effect.

Prednisone adverse effects include weight gain from fluid retention, hypertension,insomnia, behavior changes, and

Taking walks relieves intermittent claudication.

Use of aspirin and other salicylates can cause hearing loss.

In celiac disease the person can't eat gluten, such as wheat, rye, oats, and barley.

Blastocyte takes about a week to travel to the uterus for implantation.

Herpes simplex can cause spontaneous abortion and premature delivery.

Classic signs of pyloric stenosis are : distended abdomen, forceful vomiting, palpable mass on right umbilicus, and visible
peristaltic waves.

Croup is an acute viral infection that causes upper airway obstruction. S/S include stridor, barking cough, and hoarseness.

Cerebellum controls balance and fine and gross motor function.

Glipizide onset of action is 15-30 minutes.

Diaphragm detects high-pitched sounds the best, the bell detects low-pitched sounds the best.

Anuria is 100 ml /24 hours, while oliguria is less than 400 but more than 100 in 24 hours.

To test for PKU a baby must have had at least 2 days of ingestion of formula or breastmilk.

Addisonian crisis results in reduced ability to cope with stress due to inability to produce corticosteroids.

Turning a child with nephrotic syndrome is really important because of skin breakdown from generalized edema.

Coumadin and aspirin should be stopped for a week before CABG.

INR of 2.5 is therapeutic range and indicative of drug effectiveness.

Normal cholesterol is < 200, normal HDL is > 40, and normal LDL is < 130.

hypocalcemia can lead to numbness and tingling in feet.

Cool clammy skin for hypoglycemia.

Lantus can't be mixed with other insulins.

Muscle weakness can result from hyperkalemia.

Calcium isn't given IM.

K is never given by IV push.

Orthostatic Hypotension is an expected finding with hypokalemia.

Hyperkalemia causes prolonged PR interval and widened QRS complex.

Hyperactive deep tendon reflexes are expected in client with hypomagnesemia.

Spinach is high in magnesium.

Client w/diverticulitis should eat low fiber diet.

Amylase levels are increased w/ pancreatitis.

High protein foods, like eggs, are recommended for dumping syndrome.

Metoclopramide can cause extrapyramidal reactions, such as involuntary movement.

Left sided stroke causes difficulty reading and aphasia. Right sided stroke causes impulsive behavior, poor judgement,
lack of awareness of neurological deficits.

Pilocarpine, amniotic agent used for glaucoma, shouldn't be cloudy.

TCA's and MAOIs are useful in treating client's with panic attacks.

Any professional negligence action must meet the 4 D's.

Failure to pass meconium in first 24 hours after birth is associated w/ hirschsprung's disease.

Cogentin, which is used to treat extrapyramidal effects of antipsychotics, blocks cholinergic activity in CNS.

Reaction formation is when a person acts in opposition of their feelings.

Fetal heart tones heard between weeks 16-20. eyes open at around 28 weeks.

Knee to chest for infants w/ tetralogy of fallot.

Normal and stable ICP value is less than 15.

neonates are obligatory nose breathers and have no ability to breath through their mouths.
Tachycardia and tachypnea are earliest signs of HF in toddlers.

Total absence seizure S/S are abrupt loss of consciousness, amnesia, and staring.Myoclonic seizure S/S are lightening
jerks, w/o loss of consciousness. Tonic seizure S/S increase muscle tone, loss of consciousness.

MAOIs have onset of 3-5 days.

Lordosis is from lumbar curvature.

Avoid alcohol and stimulants 1-2 days before EEG testing.

Women should do self exam after menstrual period when breast are least tender and lumpy.

Put sunscreen on when taking HALDOL as it causes photosensitivity.

Epogen is given SQ.

aluminum hydroxide is used for CRF to bind with and eliminate phosphorous.

Kussmaul's Respirations are seen with metabolic acidosis.

Hypercalcemia(>10 mg/dl)occurs frequently in clients with bone metastasis and is a late sign of extensive malignancy.

When giving Ticlopidine, an antiplatelet agent used for stroke prevention (and taken with meals), review CBC first for
platelet count.

Paxil is used to treat major depression.

People w/ trach should be suctioned PRN.

Norfloxacin is taken 1hr before or 2hrs after meals for better absorption.

Bethanechol Chloride, used for urinary retention, is given SQ only.

Aluminum Hydroxide, a phosphate binder, is taken with meals. It can also cause constipation.

Corticosteroid can lead to glucose intolerance leading to elevated blood glucose levels.

IV infusion of dilantin is given w/ NS.

Carbamazepine,used for trigeminal neuralgia, can cause blood dyscrasias.

Demerol can cause urinary retention.

Increase fluids w/opioids, b/c they can cause constipation.
Zyloprim, used for gout, should be encouraged to be taken w/ 3000 ml of water/day to avoid formations of crystals in

Baclofen, is used to decrease skeletal muscle spasms in clients w/ MS. It can cause urinary retention.

Flagyl can cause urine discoloration.

Peripheral neuropathy is an adverse side effect of zalcitabine, and AIDs drug.
Erythromycin is taken on an empty stomach.

Bethanechol chloride, a PNS mimicker used for urinary problems, can cause bradycardia.

A tensilon test is performed to distinguish between myasthenic and cholinergic crisis.If cholinergic crisis is present,
atropine sulfate should be available at bedside.

Dantrium is hepatotoxic, can cause abdominal pain, jaundice, and malaise.

After ABG's hold pressure on radial artery for 5 minutes.

Hydralazine is an antihypertensive, when giving it, make sure to have a non invasive blood pressure cuff around to
monitor BP.

Sucralfate, used to treat gastric ulcers, is given 1hr before meals and at bedtime.

Reglan, used for gerd, is given 30 mins before meals and at bedtime.

Isoniazid therapy can cause elevated hepatic enzymes.

Don't wear contact lenses w/ rifampin, causes discoloration of body secretions and will stain lenses.

Atropine sulfate is contraindicated in clients w/ glaucoma.

Mineral oil is inserted into ear to kill insects before removal.

Cushing reflex is a late sign of increased ICP and consists of widening pulse pressure(SBP rises faster than DBP) and

S/S of portal hypertension are same as those of heart failure.

Neomycin destroys normal flora of gut, which decreases protein breakdown and ammonia production.

Addisonian crisis is a life threatening response to acute adrenal insufficiency and may cause severe abdomen pain,
weakness, leg and back pain.

Fat emulsion should not be used if a client has an allergy to eggs.

Normal intraocular pressure is 12-22 mm hg.

Ear exam for adults by pulling pinna up and back.

MAOI's toxicity is characterized by restlessness.

Cachexia S/S are sunken eyes and hollow cheeks and defeated expression.

Dimenhydrinate is an antiemetic.

28 seconds is an elevated PT time. Therapeutic PT for client receiving coumadin is 1.5x the normal PT (9.5-11.5).

akathisia is restlessness or desire to keep moving.

Phentolamine is antidote for hypertensive crisis.
Renal and liver tests need to be done before starting risperidone, an atypical antipsychotic.

Bleeding is a frequent and severe adverse effect of TPA, and nursing care requires assessing for S/S of bleeding.

Avoid caffeine when taking methylxanthine (a bronchodilator).

Methergine is used to prevent or control postpartum bleeding by contracting the uterus.

Clients taking clozaril can have blood reactions, and should therefore have WBC count assessed and monitored.

Zantac best given at bedtime (H2RB)

misoprostol is a gastric protectant.

Tigan is used for N/V.

Procainamide, an antidysrhythmic, is used for ventricular ectopy.

Aspirin toxicity can cause hyperventilation and fever.

Bleomycin, an antineoplastic can cause interstitial pneumonitis, so listen to lung sounds.

LFT's need to be done for clients taking dantrium.

Foods high in phosphorous are fish, eggs, milk, veggies, whole grains, and POP.

Schilling test is done to determine b12 deficiency (pernicious anemia).

Elevated hemoglobin S is indicative of sickle cell anemia.

Normal ProTime is 12-14 seconds, a client on coumadin is 1.5-2.5x the normal value.

Normal INR for anticoagulation therapy is 2-3, or w/ mechanical heart valves is2.5-3.5.

normal urine SG is1.016-1.022

round or oval darkened area on the eardrum is seen when tympanic membrane is perforated.

Stage 1 lyme disease rash, stage 2- cardiac conduction deficits, stage 3-joint pain, and joint enlargement. Blood tests
need to be taken 4-6 weeks after tick bite.

Benztropine mesylate is an anticholinergic (antiparkinson drug) which causes urinary retention.

S/S of hyperkalemia r/t the effect of K on myocardial tissue. EKG shows tall and peaked T waves, prolonged QRS interval .
Hypokalemia would show st-segment depression.

Regular insulin is given for DKA, its the only insulin that can be given IV and titrated to clients blood glucose levels.

Burn pt's should be maintained on NPO status bc of resulting paralytic ileus.

Mild diarrhea for children younger than 2 is a soft diet of ABC's (applesauce, strained bananas, and strained carrots).

The classic symptoms of toxic shock syndrome are high grade fever, D/V, and abdominal pain. Usually caused by staph-A
and is associated w/ tampon use during menses.

Lindane, a scabies med, can cause seizures and is contraindicated in clients w/ seizure disorders.

Rogaine is applied 2x daily.

Lotrimin is used for rashes in fungal infections.

Normal IOP is 10-21. >21 is indicative of glaucoma.

Nothing but TPN can run through IV that has been used for TPN. Must find other IV access for other meds.

Obtunded indicates that a person sleeps unless aroused and once aroused has limited interaction w/ the environment.

Decorticate posturing indicates lesion to cerebral hemisphere, while decerebrate posturing indicates damage to

S/S of hiatal hernia include vomiting, coughing, wheezing, and short periods of apnea.

Variant angina is best controlled by CCB's.

Procainamide is an antiarrhythmic med used to treat ventricular arrhythmias. Have cardiac monitor on hand when giving it.

Compartment syndrome occurs as a result of pressure build up w/in a tissue compartment bound by anatomical

Varicella vac. is given at 12 and 18 months of age.

MMR is a live vaccination and isn't given to immunocompromised children.

Mylicon is an antiflatulent.

Sulfonamides intensify effects of warfarin, dilantin, and oral hypoglycemics.

After positive ELISA test for HIV, a client undergoes western blot test to confirm findings.

Synthetic growth hormone is given 6-7/ week at bedtime. Injection sites rotated.

Knee to chest is most comfortable for people w/ appendicitis.

B-cells make antibodies, while T-cells attack and kill cells.

ESR 30-40 mm/hr =mild inflammation, 40-70 = moderate, 70-150 = severe inflammation.

SLE cause pancytopenia.