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MONROVIA Corruption
VOL 8 NO.623
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These are indicative rates based on results of daily surveys of
the foreign exchange market in Monrovia and its environs. The
rates are collected from the Forex Bureaux and the commercials
banks. The rates are not set by the Central Bank of Liberia.
Source: Research, Policy and Planning Department, Central Bank Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18, 2014 L$89.00/US$1 L$90.00/US$1
L$90.00/US$1 L$91.00/US$1
L$91.00/US$1 L$90.00/US$1
TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 2014
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County News Politics

Audit cites faws,
irregularities in operations
First Photographs obtained by
FrontPageAfrica sheds light on Mondays
mob scene at President Ellen Johnson-
Sirleaf s Fish Town residence.
Opposition party says the National Elections Commission Must
Take Steps to improve its information dissemination obligations,
and proximate information-based interactions with all political
parties, the larger community, the free press, and stakeholder
Grand Kru, Sinoe Counties Set to
Host July 26 Celebrations, Ministry of
Internal Affairs Says

Total confrmed cases in Liberia now since the second outbreak as of today is 33
nationally. Total confrmed cases 33 as of today the 25th and then 21 of those are from
Lofa and 12 are from Montserrado. Thats the number of confrmed cases. Tolbert
Nyensuah Assistant minster for Preventative Services, Ministry of Health, Liberia
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Thursday, June 26, 2014
Rodney D. Sieh,
iberias ruling Unity Party head into primary
conventions today fully abreast about the stark
reality that has come to defne politics in Africas
oldest republic: That political institutions are built on
individuals and not institutions.
The demise of William R. Tolbert ended decades of Americo-
Liberian rule and the fall of the True Whig Party which stood tall
in an era of where one-party state was the norm. Samuel Kanyon
Doe, the young master sergeant who led a band of young, lowly-
ranked military offcers, to end the TWP reign led for a decade,
but his demise at the hands of Prince Johnsons forces all but shut
the door on his National Democratic Party of Liberia. Charles
Taylors National Patriotic Party which followed suit remains a
shell of what it used to be bolstering the widely-held perception
that individuals, not institutions defne the political arena here.
Numbers Decline after Demise
The NDPL under Doe won 50.93% of the vote in the 1985
election marred by allegations of extensive irregularities and
electoral fraud. The NDPL dominated both chambers of the
legislature winning 21 of 26 seats in the Senate and 51 of 64 in
the House of Representatives.
In the 1997 general elections, George Boley, a former minister
in the Doe administration, was the party's presidential candidate.
He won only 1.26% of the vote, while the party failed to win any
House or Senate seats, signaling a rapid decline.
The party contested the 2005 General Elections with Winston
Tubman as standard bearer, placing fourth with 9.2% of the vote.
Tolberts TWP participated in the 2005 elections as part of the
Coalition for the Transformation of Liberia, which dissolved the
following. It registered to compete as an individual party in the
2011 elections and endorsed Sirleafs bid for a second term. The
party however experienced strife over leadership fve months
before the election, and it failed to nominate any candidate for
any legislative seat.
This is why, Ellen Johnson-Sirleafs UP remains cognizant,
despite some denials, that its relevance as a political force could
dwindle when Sirleafs second term ends and she departs the
stage in 2018.
Taylors NPP also saw a decline after his exit into exile.
In the 1997 elections, the party with Taylor as standard bearer,
won the presidential election with 75% of the vote. The party also
won 49 of 64 seats in the House and 21 of 26 in the Senate . In the
2005 presidential elections, candidate Roland Massaquoi earned
4.1% of the vote. The NPP also won four seats in the House of
Representatives and another four in the Senate.

Preparing for Life after EJS
This is why, in spite of the challenges looming for the ruling
party, many political observers say, the coming Mid Term election
could be a defning moment for the party, possibly a referendum
on the Sirleaf leadership, the partys agenda and life after Sirleaf.
Varney Sherman, the partys chair told FrontPageAfrica in a
February 2012 interview that it his highly possible that the UP
could win a third term.
Said Sherman: It is very highly probable that the Unity Party
will win a third term. In a worse-case scenario we will fnish
second. So our party is not dying, forget it, it is not happening. It
is not happening under my watch, it is not going to happen under
the watch of several other people. So the assumption that I have
seen in newspapers are wrong.
Sherman went on to dismiss suggestions that a UP third term
could resurrect a one-party state especially if the Unity Party
makes a third try at the presidency and if they continue to win
While it is true that that is a risk, it is not going to happen,
Sherman says.
That is one of the reasons why we advocated for the democracy
sustainability act where there will be public funding for political
parties. You may recall the president vetoed the act the frst time
it was presented but I think it will return soon to the legislature
because we do not want a situation where the political party is
relying on the pockets of a few people, these people could get
discouraged after having lost an election or two, thats it. We
cannot continue to support the party until the party dies. I believe
that those political parties which have reached a certain threshold
should be given the necessary support.
Members of the lower house give the greenlight on the public
funding for political parties which would ensure funding for
political parties whose votes in future presidential elections do
not fall below the threshold of 10% of the total votes. Allocations
would be based on percentage of valid votes received, and parties
falling between 10 and 19% would receive US$360,000; 20%-
29% would receive US$450,000; and 30%-39% will receive
US$675,000, respectively. The bill also calls for political parties
receiving 40%-49% to get US$825,000, while parties obtaining
50%-100% will beneft US$1,125,000 as budgetary support from
National Government to upgrading their political structure. The
bill however endured numerous public scrutiny and remains
dormant in offce of the president.
Multi-Party a new phenomenon
Since independence from 1847 up to the early 1980s did not
really experience multi party democracy where political parties
and individuals were provided the conduit to exercise their
political rights without intimidation.
This immensely contributed to political parties not getting
institutionalized with some politicians playing by the gallery,
shifting political allegiance along with the changes in political
activities. The Grand True Whig Party, one of the longest ruling
political parties in Liberias history is known for ruling the
country for centuries, suppressing open political space with party
offcials managing the resources of the state.
There was no known opposition political party during the long
years of rule by the TWP until the 1980s when some individuals
stood up against the TWP using splinter organizations some of
which later transformed into full fedged political parties.
The TWP also known as the Liberian Whig Party is the oldest
political party in the history of Liberia. The party, founded in
1869 dominated Liberian politics from 1878 to 1980 running
Liberia as a one party state as opposition parties were outlawed.
NDPL emerges
But after a military takeover, the stage was set for the emergence
of new political parties and the NDPL was formed in August 1984
by supporters of junta leader Samuel Doe. The military takeover
by enlisted men of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) led to the
overthrow of the TWP government followed by elections in 1985
contested by four political parties including the eventual winner,
the NDPL, the Liberia Action Party, the Liberia Unifcation
Party and the Unity Party. The military junta which contested
the election after holding unto power following a coup dtat was
announced winner with 264,362 votes representing 50.93% just
enough to avoid a runoff.
Following the 1985 election, the new political party attracted
some of the best minds in Liberia many of whom became
members of the ruling party, singing slogans who do you want?
The NDPL controlled everything in Liberia including the
legislature, having won 22 out of 26 seats to make the party
and its newly elected President the only decision making body
controlling both the Executive and the Legislature.
Every Liberian politician became a member of the NDPL as
the party was known to be the largest political party completely
taking over all positions in government.
In 1989, the country plunged into civil war and after crisis in
1997, warlord turned politician Charles G. Taylor became winner
of an election contested by over a dozen political parties and
other individual candidates.
NDPL political leader, Doe was killed during the civil war and
that ended the reign of the NDPL as the party could not make
signifcant impact in the 1997 election.
Ahead of the 1997 election Taylor who controlled vast majority
of the resource rich counties and larger land portion of Liberia
formed the National Patriotic Party of Liberia after that of
Taylors rebel movement, the National Patriotic Front of Liberia.
Like the TWP and the NDPL, the NPP overwhelmingly won the
1997 election with 75 of the vote and also won 49 of 64 seats in
the House of Representatives and 21 of 26 in the senate.
The NPP became the party of the day with Taylor referring to
Thursday, June 26, 2014 Page 3
Whichever way the UP
primary ends, keen observers
will be eagerly eyeing the
partys political play in the
upcoming elections and what
steps it intends to take to avoid
the pitfalls that followed the
political life after Tolbert, Doe
and Taylor although some
political observers remain
highly skeptical that the UP
can avoid the trappings that
put its predecessors in check
in a recurring trend that
has come to defne Liberias
political landscape with
individuals eclipsing political
Liberia as his pepper bush. His private farm in Malike, Bong
County was the most visited as Liberian politicians converged on
the farm to join the NPP.
From 1997 to 2003, Taylor held unto power despite pressure
from at least two main rebel groups, the Liberian United for
Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) and the Movement for
Democracy in Liberia (MODEL).
In August 2003, when Taylor boarded the airplane for Calabar,
Nigeria for exile as a means of bringing peace to Liberia, that
meant the end of the NPP.
Taylor supporters gathered at the airport, weeping as he departed
Liberia but that means the end of the NPP which was the golden
political party that preached the vision 2024, where the NPP and
its supporters believed the NPP would have ruled Liberia up to
Like one strong confdant to Taylor name withheld told
FrontPageAfrica in an interview in 2007 Taylor made his break,
I made mine, it does not means I should take care of his families,
so was the case when Taylor left as the NPP became a noisy party.
The NPP performed poorly in 2005 managing just 40,361 votes
nationwide about 4.1% of the total votes, showing the huge
decline from winning 75% of votes in 1997 to 4.1% eight years
Unity Party steps UP
The Unity party after contesting the 1985 and 1997 elections in
fruitless attempts took the center stage in 2005 after failing in
two successive elections. Its candidate Edward Kesselly won just
57,443 votes about 11.07% in the 1985 elections, managing the
last spot out of fve candidates.
Again in 1997, the Unity performed poorly, winning 59,557
votes nationwide, just 9.58% of the total votes second behind
Taylor wide margin of 75.33%.
In 2005 came the moment for the party as its standard bearer,
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Unity Party won 192,326 votes in
the frst round about 19.8% behind George Weah and the CDC
275,265 about 28.3% but eventual fought back in the runoff
election to win 478,526 about 59.4% as opposed to Weah and the
CDC 327,046 or 40.6%.
After inauguration in January, 2006, the Unity Party like the
TWP, NDPL and NPP attracted thousands of Liberians with the
party becoming popular across the length and breadth of the
country, with its presence felt in towns and villages.
Six years in power, even before President Sirleaf, considered the
face of the party declared her intention to contest a second term
of offce, there were individuals crossing over daily to the Unity
Nearing demise?
Now it is clear constitutionally that Sirleaf will not be contesting
a second term of offce, critics believe the UP is nearing its
demise which has led to another round of cross over from the
party to other political parties.
Dr. Foday Kromah has since joined the CDC, Galapkai Kortimai,
who once served as Superintendent in the UP led government
has also joined the CDC same as Gertrude Lamine who joined
the Liberty party but has again somersaulted, withdrawing her
resignation from the UP.
As the party heads to primary in preparation for the 2014 mid
terms senatorial election, critics believe the party is haunted by
the ghost of the TWP, NDPL and the NPP and might not survive
at the polls come October but Paye disagrees and he believes the
party is still formidable
Said Paye we are still the most organized political party, go to
the towns and villages, there is UP presence. Our primary will
prove that and this is why we have adopted the best system,
specify delegates approved by the National Executive committee
which have the constitutional authority to prescribe the selection
system will be used by the party, each county is holding its own
caucus and I will like to underscore that we are not converging
at one central location because the caucus is different from the
party national convention which brings together all of the party
leader from across the country to come and elect their national
According to Paye the selection process was transparent as the
party announced the opening of the process for individuals to
Last year we sent out an announcement asking all those who
were interested in seeking the partys nomination to contest
in 2014 to express their interest to the party through writing
communications to the party leadership through the chair and
copy the national secretariat that was scheduled for the month of
October the deadline was the 31th. We received all of the letters
of those expressing their interest and a necessary assessment was
done, some jurisdiction domination can be made on the foor but
in our case we say no there was a cut off period, yes there are
individuals who have come up and those individuals are already
known to the party, what they are going to do is to deliberate
on the names of those who have come up, as John Brown is the
person they want to be place on the party ticket October for the
October election and they will say to each other that John Brown
is the right person and they will deliberate out of that deliberation
consensus will eventually evolves.
Caucus system to decide
Already several candidates have expressed interest in contesting
the parry primary which Paye says will be conducted using a
caucus system where delegates will deliberate on names that
have expressed interest in representing the county and make a
fnal decision.
Our process kicks off tomorrow, this year we have adopted
the nomination system that is base on the caucus system thats
the module we are using, this system is the party town hall
meeting which brings together the designated and selected
specifed number of delegates from particular a constituency
who converge at a central location and deliberate on the names of
those individuals who are seeking nomination to contest on the
party ticket. Is a system that is effective, it has been described by
political analyst as been very thorough, thats the kind of system
we are using because of the structure and the kind of system we
are using the number of delegates varies from county to county
depending on their size because some counties like Montserrado
county that has seventeen districts, you have the number of
delegates comprising of people from the national and to the
district level, Paye told FrontPageAfrica.
Whos who in each county?
Grand Cape Mount County is expected to be an easy win for party
Chairman, Cllr. Varney Sherman who is running unopposed and
Paye told FrontPageAfrica, that the people of the county might
be satisfed with the performance of Cllr. Sherman for which
other partisans decided to allow him contest on the party ticket.
Paye says fear factor cannot be the basis for partisans of the UP
not contesting against Cllr. Sherman.
Said Paye When you say fear factor I dont know what you
are talking about there is no such thing call fear factor. I think
been a consensus candidate shows that people in the county
probably saw the need that counselor Sherman has come up to
say come and contest, we do not have anyone no let give him the
opportunity and it is also an endorsement of his own leadership
and the kind of infuence and confdence he has in the party it will
be disappointing if you are as party leader and you come up and
say you are contesting so many people come to challenge you it
also speaks about the kind of leadership that you are providing.
Retaining seats
With other political parties yet to name candidates for all the 15
counties, Paye says the UP will have more candidates representing
the counties.
We are the only one of the party taking part in the election with
highest number of senatorial seats that out for competition so
we have a greater responsibility in ensuring that we retain our
seat and add to them, I can assure you that the party does have
people who the capacity, the resources, the skillfulness, to win
this election we are very optimists, even though our pundits and
our critics think that the Unity Party does not have that much
support from the people, you are a journalist do your research,
you say that the Unity party is the only party entering the election
by holding caucuses in all of the county, if that does not show
effectiveness, effciency or farsightedness that shows the kind
of euphoria or momentum that is necessary to be generated for a
political party prepared for competition than I dont know what
In Grand Bassa County there are strong indications that the Unity
Party could line its support to Gbehzongar Findley who has been
a darling to the Executive Branch of Government.
Paye told FrontPageAfrica that no partisan of the UP expressed
interest from the county and the party will look to form
collaboration with other candidates.
With poor showings in previous elections in Grand Gedeh, the
party is likely not to have a candidate in the county as Paye said
the only individual who expected to show up from the county is
unwell and not forthcoming.
Teahjay left in Cold?
The current Superintendent of Sinoe County, J. Milton Teahjay
who defected from the opposition CDC to the join the UP and
has been expressing his desire to contest the senatorial seat of
Sinoe County is likely to be left in the cold as his fate hangs in
UP Secretary General Paye told FrontPageAfrica that no
individual has expressed interest to contest on the party ticket
from Sinoe county, putting Teahjays hope in tatter.
He admitted that there were news of Teahjay interest and said the
party has also received
Fiercely contested River Gee
Amongst the counties, River Gee is expected to be the fercely
contested with four head weight lining their intentions.
We have a number more than two dozen across the country,
River Gee is the county we have the highest number of person
seeking nomination four, some county we three other we have
two like in Grand Cape mount there is only one person the
National Chairman so you do not have a competition there it vary
from county to county Paye disclosed.
Cummany Wesseh, a long time friend to President Sirleaf is
in line along with current Superintendent Daniel Johnson,
Representative Charles Bardly. Jonathan Sogbie who has
contested on two occasions and is hopeful of winning this time
is also in the race.
Sayumah pushes Lassana Out
Incumbent Senator of Bomi County, Lahai Lassana could be
fnding new political options as he has been pushed out of the
Unity Party due to the presence of newcomer Morris Saytumah.
According to inside party sources, Lassana resigned from the UP
recently fearing that he could be pushed aside by the party to
make way for Saytumah but Paye disagrees and said it was better
for Lassana to contest the process instead of leaving the party.
Lassana has resigned but I think that was not the right thing to
do, he should have stayed on and contest the process instead of
leaving, the UP SG said.
In Bong County Dr. Henrique Tokpah and Ranny Jackson are
expected to fght it out.
Gbarpolu will see Theodore Momo, Gyrude Lamine and George
Kawulu going head to head.
Margibi County will see Edna Lloyd and Bill Sharpe battling for
the singe slot.
Nimba County will have at least three contenders, Dr. Kadiker
Dahn, current Assistant Superintendent for Development Teekoy
Yorlay and Mr. Peter Weatuo.
In Montserrado County, three names will contest the primary
including Ali Sylla, D.K. Yanzuoi and Cecelia Brown, calming
romour that Robert Sirleaf could contest for senate in the county
on the UP ticket.
Whichever way the UP primary ends, keen observers will be
eagerly eyeing the partys political play in the upcoming elections
and what steps it intends to take to avoid the pitfalls that followed
the political life after Tolbert, Doe and Taylor although some
political observers remain highly skeptical that the UP can avoid
the trappings that put its predecessors in check in a recurring
trend that has come to defne Liberias political landscape with
individuals eclipsing political institutions.

FPA will bring an update on the UP primary as it progresses.
Page 4 |
Thursday, June 26, 2014
frica, like any other continent in the world, practices
democracy in the form and standards outlined by the
constitution of their respective states. In Africa, the
practice of democracy and governance has been critical to
the growth and stability of many countries. It has also had an adverse
consequence on ordinary Africans on the continent and beyond, in
shaping their destiny and political future, as well as the path to peace
and security.
The African Union, collectively with the efforts of Heads of States
and Government on the continent, was wise enough to have crafted
the charter that promotes sustained democracy and governance, and
well providing a peace and organized space for elections in Africa.
Let me recall, that many of the conficts in Africa have been instigated,
as a result of bad governance, the breakdown of the fundamental
tenets of democracy, as well as fraudulent elections results. These
negatives vices have proven to be the major sources of confict,
and as such we must do everything to build a formidable network,
which encompasses every major component/strata of society in our
respective countries, as well as increase our voices, to ensure that
the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance gets
the needed attention, that so direly required from political leaders and
policy makers, civil society, women and youth, traditional leaders, the
International community, amongst others.
One thing that is certain in the drive, is that it does not require a single
source effort in getting where we want to get, in making the African
charter on Democracy, Elections, and Governance get the needed
attention it requires. We must all rise up to the challenge in ensuring
the build a formidable consensus, through a partnership framework
to get this done.
We can achieve this, with togetherness! And Commitment! With
diligence and hard work! We can get it done! We can, when we make
up our minds feverently to achieve this goal.
There are approaches that we must take in the framework of
partnership to achieve this goal of increasing visibility.
Lobbying with Legislatures/Parliamentarians Nationally: In the
true sense of the world, the Charter on Governance, Elections and
Democracy, is one of the surest instruments that must be used
to enhance the kind of reforms that must be carried out in the
transformation of governance and democracy in Africa, as well as the
decency of practicing electioneering. One of the frst bold steps is
to engage our respective legislators/parliamentarians, to get them to
understand, what the charter is all about and what it seeks to achieve
for the better of peace, stability, and development, as well as making
them to understand the pivotal role they as law makers and policy
framers can play in effecting the necessary legislations and adoptions
to safeguard democracy and governance, and to ensure that elections
in Africa are conducted in an organized, and peaceful manner, geared
towards sustaining democracy. Through this engagement, it is a strong
expectation that these policy makers will help in the popularization
process of the charter.
Civil Society and Media Engagement: The 2 actors, play a critical
role in the process information dissemination as well as meaningful
engagement, relevant capacity building development, and advocacy.
They will obviously be players to engage in an attempt, to ensure that
the African Charter on Democracy, Elections, and Governance is made
to receive the kind of attention so direly required. As a key component
to the socio-economic stability of Africa, building a democracy, and
governance system that is effective, the media and CSOs cannot be
left out of the mainstream of active participation, consultation and
engagement in this process. The media will embark on a vigorous
campaign, aimed as using every outlet available to disseminate
messages surrounding the African Charter on Governance, Elections,
and Democracy, as well as place, simple versions of the Charter into
various dialects, simple English, national languages across various
parts of Africa.By this means, it is expected that the accorded attention
that the charter needs will be to be permeated across every facet of
society, to every group or class of individuals.
National Government: African governments will need to muster the
will power to dedicate time and effort to working concertedly towards
the adoption of the African Charter on Governance, Elections, and
Democracy. Additionally, to develop practical action plans and
national policies that serve as a multiplying effect to promote the
charter at community, local, and national level. It is also important
that the practice of articles enshrined in the charter be practicalized
within the governance system of every country in Africa.
It is also important, that African governments tailor their style
of governance to the practice of decent democracy tenets that
promote Peace and Stability, as well as socio-economic growth and
development. African leaders must also see elections as the only and
best option for a change of regime, or leadership after a stipulated
tenure of a sitting government. African governments, their citizens
and politicians must put an end to the era of tyranny, coup de tat, and
militancy, by resisting frmly through their advocacy, actions, and not
allowing themselves to be used as stooges to political manipulation.
National Governments in Africa must be champions of enhancing the
full realization of this charter, by frst practicing what is enshrined
in this charter, and compelling each and every citizen to work in
partnership for the realization of its inherent objective.
Increased Citizens Participation/ Youth: This is one of the most
important ways of ensuring that the African Charter on Democracy,
Elections, and Governance gets its accorded attention on the
continent. Citizens everywhere in Africa are key stakeholders to the
drive of promoting democracy and governance. They are at the heart
of building, promoting, and sustaining democracy and governance,
and as such they are cardinal hinges for its popularization.
One of the frst steps to this drive, is to hold national consultations
across the countries on the continent, explaining the signifcance
attached to the charter, as well as soliciting views on how they view
the charter, how can they contribute to its realization, and well as
entertainment suggestions on how the charter can get the kind of
national relevance it so requires.
Young people form a vast majority of the population of Africa, and
as such they are also key to this process. We must ensure that young
people receive capacity building training, in understanding how to
promote, democracy and governance, as well as on the African
Charter on Democracy, Elections, and Governance. They must also
be used as positive agents to disseminate information regarding the
charter throughout their countries. Additionally, youth and citizens
participation must be complimented with the provision of educational
training in Schools and higher institutions of learning in the area of
promoting Democracy, Elections, and Governance. We will get to
realize, that if these steps are taken, Africas democracy will thread
on a path that is exemplary of good democratic tenets, as well as the
promotion transparency and accountability on the continent.
Additionally, let us not underestimate the strength of young people and
citizens alike, in the effort of promoting democracy and governance,
and creating a space for consistent and peaceful elections, what we
must focus on is the continuous engagement and partnership that must
be mustered.
If you feel that little thing dont matter, try sleeping in a room with
A famous political commentator, Bill Moyers, once said and I quote:
Although our interests as citizens vary, each one is an artery to the
heart that pumps life through the body politic, and each is important
to the health of democracy.
Therefore, citizens are key determinants to the peace, stability, and
consistency of a decent democracy.
Liberia and other countries have a lot to achieve by allowing ourselves
to be forerunners in the popularization of the African Charter on
Democracy, Elections, and Governance, namely in the areas of:
Enhancing Peace and Security;
Bridging the gap between policy makers and citizens;
Making policy makers aware of their role and responsibility to state;
Building consensus through consultation;
Ending the culture of tyranny, and militancy;
Promoting Accountability and Transparency in Governance;
Encouraging Dialogue, and Using Elections as the recipe for change
of regime;
Promoting mutual cooperation;
Increasing citizens participation in working towards fostering
democracy and governance;
Bringing youth into the mainstream of decision making.
Let us see this opportunity, as the right opportunity, to make Africa
an oasis of Peace! An example to follow, and a continent, whose
people and government are prepared to engender a framework for
partnership to promote, and make known in every nook and corner of
Africa the African Charter on Democracy, Election and Governance
in its full realization.
Africa is endowed with vast potentials; therefore we must nurture
these potentials with stewardship of good governance work in
partnership, increase youth and citizens participation and frmly
enhance transparency and accountability.
The framework for African partnership is now necessary, than ever
before, and we must act now! Work now! We must remind our
governments and our leaders of their responsibility to make this
charter work for us, in the interest of peaceful democratization in
We as Africans must realize that we have a stake in this, by making it
work through complimenting the efforts of governments and serving
as positive agents to create an Africa that can become a classical
example of true democracy, that encourages peace, mutual co-
existence, tolerance, &equality.
Liberia is the oldest independent Black African Republic
spanning 167 years of existence as a sovereign state but the
country has not really enjoyed growth and development to
match its age.
While underdevelopment is the hallmark of most African
countries, Liberia has proven to be behind in nearly all
aspects of development with the Capital City, Monrovia
becoming a big shame during the rainy season.
There is no functioning drainage system as the sewages
are left opened with faces and other waste fowing on
major streets, public garbage collection is poor, creating
breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other harmful
Flooding has taken over Monrovia with main streets
overtaken my water where cars and other moving objects
are not able to commute freely, resulting in heavy traffc
More troubling is the fooding near the residence of the
President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf where vehicles are seen
completely getting submerged in water.
On Monday, some angry residents of the community
nearby the home of the President staged a protest alarming
that a fence built to prevent water from entering the home
of the president diverted the waterways and led to over
fooding in the entire community, resulting to water
entering their homes.
Police offcers from the Emergency Response Unit were
quickly deployed assisted by a neighbor to the President,
General Services Agency Director General Mary Broh to
quell the protest.
The protest comes days after the Ministry of Public Works
late last week brought in heavy duty machinery in an effort
to cleanup the drainage but despite the effort, the fooding
still existed on Monday.
What is more disgusting is that fooding is not strange
to Monrovia as during specifcally the rainy season,
the Capital experiences such situation but the relevant
government agencies, the Ministry of Public Works, Water
and Sewer Corporation, the Monrovia City Corporation
and others have not been able to put in place measures to
solve the fooding problem.
People are allowed to construct buildings in waterways
against the zoning laws of Liberia as in communities such
as Vai and Clara Towns, whenever there is heavy downpour
of rain, there is no passage with water taking over.
The Capital lacks a well developed sewage system to
control the movement of water during the rainy season
and this is now becoming a national embarrassment with
the home of the President now known as one of the food
During night hours, driving in Monrovia becomes a
deathtrap as one does not know the depth of the food
water ahead especially with potholes all on main streets.
Flooding in communities is common but on main streets
where the movements of vehicles and pedestrians are
restricted is becoming a national embarrassment that
needs urgent attention.
Even with food threatening Monrovia, no action is being
taken to prevent future fooding problem as buildings are
under construction in Sinkor and other locations without
proper layout of drainage system further creating a
situation for future fooding.
Arthur R.M. Becker,, Contributing Writer
Thursday, June 26, 2014 Page 5

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The Reader's Page
Seriously, I don't know who to trust but I'm convince our Country,
Liberia, is a mess and its on the president. She'll pay for this sometime
soon. I'm sick of her not willing to do the right things. I wish she was no
longer a president.
This is dead shameful mehn, how can an educated person like Mr. Neyor
present himself like this just on the basis of rumor? wow, i thought
education should at least give us the ability to rationalize and be critical
in our analysis. i am even more ashamed that our partners who were
CC this letter will once again diminish respect for our educated folks
and thus our country.............Mr. Neyor, u said you learnt reliably, how
reliable is that reliably? Stop this mehn,
It seems like you read without comprehension as most of what Mr.
Mayor made reference to was frst hand information.
Bokai Pagii , you need to have a rethink as to whether it makes sense to
go so public as Mr. Neyor did using gossip as the basis of his attack....he
said ''reliably learnt'' I am in disagreement with several things happening
now in government but my sense of reasoning is strong enough to hear
gossip, prepare for any eventuality that might erupt as the results of the
gossip but not to go public using gossip as my basis,
where i cannot provide evidence......................some of us have decided
to accept anything negative against this regime or president as long as it
comes out negative with no room of critical thinking........
Lamine, clearly the Ellen led government is a Cabal that is hell bent on
looting the wealth of this country. Ellen son is now chairman of these
bunch of enterprising thieves.
Hey Neyor, that is very cold to attack the President based on rumors. I
did expect you to act so desperate using rumors to advance your political
career. Come on Neyor, you must change your political strategist, if you
are to advance in this race. Get rid of emotions and deal with the political
situation rationally.You have acted very emotional and petty and you are
better than that.
Mr. Neyor, I appreciate your courage to inform the Liberian people
about the true character and intention of the President. Indeed you
have vindicated Judge Melvin Johnson and his partners as true patriots.
Thank you Mr. Neyor for bringing the President's deception to the open .
That's one reason why someone like you should be elected to the Senate.
You have my support already.
Sherman Morgan why do you consider this rumor, when the person
making the representations is the person who participated in the
Rumors oh or reliable oh! Lesson here is, our leader is not good
intentioned. She wanna die with the country.
Wow! Wow! Wow again Samuel! Our country is doomed if the good
Lord doesn't intervene. How can an oldlady be this corrupt? She brought
the country to its kneels and now she wants to die with it.
Mr. Morgan, what is the rumors here? Please clarify.
The Editor,
his kind of hilarious publication in the Frontpage
Africa by Mr. SayeMaye Cole professing to be the
UP/USA Youth Chair shows that President Ellen
Johnson Sirleaf and all her corrupt sycophants
cannot produce any sensible response to the truth expressed
in the Open Letter by Mr. Neyor. The President herself on
one hand and Messrs Lewis Brown and T Nelson Williams
on the other attempted to challenge the veracity of the Open
Letter and they were soundly repudiated by release of factual
documents by Mr. Neyor to the contrary.

Now they have resorted to the comedy of Mr. Cole. There are
so many erroneous information in the piece that one knows
not where to begin. But then again, how can one intelligently
respond to the work of a comedian?

One example is stating that Mr. Neyor's children are on
NOCAL scholarship in Germany beats the fction of Mr. T
Nelson Williams. The fact is that none of Mr. Neyor's children
is attending or ever attended school in Germany let alone
on any scholarship. None of Mr. Neyors children was ever
scholarship benefciary from NOCAL or any other source in
Liberia. What Mr. Neyor fought for in public service was not
scholarship or other benefts to his family but to afford every
Liberian equal access to education and capacity building
In one SayeMayeColes poorly written paragraphs published
in the FrontpageAfrica Newspaper, he attempted out of square
intellectual defcit to question Hon.ChristopherZeohnNeyors
decision to inform Pres.Ellen Johnson Sirleaf about a 2Million
dollars bribe scheme by one of the competing parties for
the purchased of an Oil Block.Mr.SayeMaye Cole assertion
speaks volume to his insensitivity of Liberia Public Finance,
Anti-corruption, Accountability and Transparency initiatives.
Hon.Neyors decision was prudent and patriotic on grounds
that the Presidency is a compelling party to all concession
arrangements in Liberia; relative to negotiations, leverage
analysis amongst others. The Presidency in consultation with
the Legislature can easily revisit any enacted or legal national
To put it squarely simple for SayeMaye Cole to understand
The Editor
e the residents of 24th Street, Sinkor call
on the government of Liberia, the Health
Ministry, the Administration of the JFK
Hospital and its partners to put all necessary
measures in place to prevent the deadly spread of the EBOLA
Virus in our community and immediately shutdown the Ebola
Isolation center and transfer to a depopulated area on the
Out-sketch Monrovia .
This call comes in the wake of the JFK Cholera Unit being
turned into EBOLA Isolation Center, which is leaving several
of our residents in fear.
This should claim the attention of the international
community, the media, civil society groupings, etc.; any un-
prevented measure by this EBOLA Isolation Center that will
lead to the spread the Virus in our community, legal actions
will be taken against the government of Liberia and the JFK
Administration for cause of action(s).
We think it will be prudent that the government swiftly
shutdown the JFK EBOLA Isolation Center because it shows
serious threat to our community.
James-Emmanuel D. Cole, Jr
Concern Resident
24th Street, Sinkor
like Nursery student, Hon.Christopher Neyor reported
the matter to his boss lady Pres.Ellen Jonson Sirleaf with
the solemn anticipation that she would remedy such an
unproffessional act by the investor and unfortunately she
clearly swept the matter under the carpet as the business as
usual of her government.
Saye Maye Cole must be a fraud stating he is UP/USA Youth
Chairman. We are sure the UP can do better than that.
Long live Christopher Neyor!!!!
Long Live Friends of Neyor!!!
Long live Good Governance and social Justice in Liberia!!!!!
Strategy Team
Friends of Christopher Neyor(FOCNe)
Page 6 |
Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wade C. L. Williams,
Health Offcials Say death Toll is Rising from Deadly Ebola
Virus; Montserrado And Lofa Disease Zone
iberias death toll
from the deadly Ebola
outbreak that struck
the West African
Country for the second time
after an end was declared to the
initial outbreak in May this year
is rising.
Following the reported death
of eight persons including a
health worker at the Redemption
Hospital in New Kru Town
in Monrovia, last week, the
Ministry of Health and Social
Welfare is reporting more
than a dozen confrmed Ebola
deaths as of June 24, 2014, with
Montserrado and Lofa being the
two counties of the outbreak so
Total confrmed cases in Liberia
now since the second outbreak as
of today is 33 nationally. Total
confrmed cases 33 as of today
the 25th and then 21 of those
are from Lofa and 12 are from
Montserrado. Thats the number
of confrmed cases, said Mr.
Tolbert Nyensuah, assistant
minister for curative services
at the ministry of health, told
FrontPageAfrica in a mobile
phone interview on Wednesday.
The number of confrmed
probable or suspected cases if
you combine them, confrmed-
probable-suspected is 58; 38
in Lofa, 16 in Montserrado. In
terms of deaths, there are 18
confrmed deaths; nine of those
in Lofa and nine in Montserrado.
Out of the deaths we have
now confrmed probable and
confrmed deaths, to be 32, 17
in Lofa, 15 in Montserrado. This
is the situation right now as we
Deaths at JFK
At the John F. Kennedy Medical
Center, Liberias biggest referral
hospital, the Cholera Unit at the
facility has been turned into a
center for Ebola and was seen
busy all day on Wednesday with
patients being brought in. Two
persons with suspected Ebola
died from the JFK but results
are still pending, but a few days
ago one suspected case was
confrmed and the person died at
the hospital according to medical
sources at JFK.
But authorities at the Ministry
of Health told FrontPageAfrica
that the disease is a national
emergency and the government
is taking it with a high degree of
seriousness. Mr. Nyesuah said
health authorities are currently
setting up centers to isolate
people suspected of the disease.
What we have set up at the
Redemption Hospital is an
isolation unit. The government
has set up an isolation unit that
is completely different from the
hospital for the Ebola patients.
Where the general public goes
for treatment is not where the
Ebola patients go, he said.
The Ebola situation is critical.
We are concerned; the reason its
critical is that we are confrming
lot of cases including health
workers; so were concerned
right now that we are not seeing
a downward trend of this disease
Nyensuah disclosed that on
Wednesday another health
worker has died and it is
suspected that he might have
been infected with the deadly
virus. He (Nyensuah) is urging
all persons working in health
facilities to take all necessary
measures to prevent the disease
from spreading and claiming
lives including their own.
About two persons, we heard
about one that died somewhere;
were still confrming the case
especially from the Tandapolie
Clinic in Caldwell, said
The proprietor of that clinic
whom I understand is a physician
assistant died this morning upon
admission in the emergency
room. Healthcare facilities;
hospital clinics, health centers
across the country; every health
worker needs to take universal
precaution on dealing with
the situation so that we dont
get more health workers being
National emergency
The assistant minister called
the new outbreak of the disease
in less than a month of Liberia
being declared free of it, a
national emergency even though
he tried to dispel a notion that
the government has not made it a
case of constitutional emergency.
It is a national emergency.
The government of Liberia has
declared an epidemic outbreak;
I hope you wont confuse an
emergency of a disease outbreak
with state of emergency theyre
not the same, the government
has not declared any state of
emergency, said Nyensuah.
In public health, a disease
outbreak is a public health
emergency. This disease is a
public health emergency for the
people of Liberia; the epidemic
outbreak is serious.
Weve buried a lot of people
more than ten persons that weve
buried now from our national
burial team.
Denials hamper awareness
Though the ministry of health
has made several announcements
about the disease and created
radio messages about the
prevention of the disease,
educating the general public
seems to be slow. Many continue
to doubt that the disease actually
Jugbeh Teah who sells roasted
corn near the Redemption
Hospital in New Kru Town told
FrontPageAfrica last week that
she is not convinced that the
disease is real.
I'm not afraid because I know
that Ebola is not in New Kru
town here so I'm not afraid, she
The people that saying it maybe
they do not trust themselves, I do
not believe that Ebola is here,
they who talking about it may be
they are seeing the people who
are dying from Ebola.
It is people like Teah that the
ministry of health is trying to
convince that the disease is
real and taking real lives. Mr.
Nyesuah said the government
through the health ministry is
fnding it diffcult to convince
such people. He said the ministry
is also fnding it diffcult to safely
bury people who die from Ebola
because families would not let
them take charge of the corpses
of their dead family members
who are suspected or confrmed
to have died from the disease.
We are still having huge
challenges with denial; huge
challenges with burial practices,
that is, people who die from the
disease, their family members
were fnding diffculties to
release the bodies to us so that
we help them to safely bury, he
Continued Nyensuah: Thats the
major challenge that we are faced
with in dealing with the virus.
But if everybody can cooperate
with the ministry and do away
with denial, discrimination;
people die of sudden death that
you dont know what killed
them, if you can report that to us
and release those bodies for us
and dont touch those bodies, for
us to safely test the bodies, we
can eradicate the disease very,
very quick. If the public does
not cooperate, we will have a
major challenge in eradicating
the disease.
He called on the media to help
the government educate the
people about the importance
of taking appropriate measures
to protect themselves and their
families against the disease.
The major thing is for you to
use your medium to appeal to
Liberians that this is a serious
epidemic outbreak; out people
should take it serious so that we
can wipe out the disease from
Liberia and the only way we
can do it is the collaboration and
cooperation of the population,
he said.
Outbreak in Guinea, Liberia, and
Sierra Leone
The Center for Disease Control
(CDC) states that as of June
20, 2014, the total number of
confrmed and suspect Ebola
hemorrhagic fever (EHF) cases
as stated by the Ministry of
Health (MoH) of Guinea was
390, including 270 fatal cases and
260 laboratory confrmed cases.
Active surveillance continues in
Conakry, Guckdou, Macenta,
Tliml, Dubreka, and Boffa
The World Health Organization
has stated that as of June 20,
2014, the Ministry of Health
and Sanitation of Sierra Leone
reported a cumulative total
of 158 clinical cases of EHF
(including 147 laboratory
confrmations, 34 of these being
fatal cases). Districts reporting
clinical EHF patients include
Kailahun, Kenema, Kambia,
Port Loko, and Western. Reports
and investigations of suspect
cases continue across the
country. Laboratory testing is
being conducted in Kenema city.
The CDC states that the
Government of Sierra Leone,
WHO, and CDC have sent
experts to aid in the response and
As of June 22, 2014, the
Ministry of Health and Social
Welfare of Liberia had reported
51 overall clinical cases of
EHF, including 34 laboratory
confrmations, and 34 fatal cases.
All cases reported in June have
been from Lofa and Montserado
districts. Laboratory testing is
being conducted in Monrovia,
states the CDC in its update on
the disease, which continues
to spread out of control in the
CDC is in regular
communication with its
international partners, WHO,
and MSF regarding the outbreak.
Currently CDC has a 4 person
team in Guinea and a staff
member in Sierra Leone assisting
the respective MOHs and the
WHO-led international response
to this Ebola outbreak.
The center states that based on
reports from the Ministry of
Heath of Guinea, the Ministry of
Health and Sanitation of Sierra
Leone, the Ministry of Health
and Social Welfare of Liberia,
and are working with national
and international partners to
investigate and respond to the
June 22, 2014, the Ministry
of Health and Social Welfare of
Liberia reported 51 suspect and
confrmed EHF cases (including
34 laboratory confrmations) and
34 reported fatalities, states the
The CDC states that genetic
analysis of the virus indicates
that it is closely related (97%
identical) to variants of Ebola
virus (species Zaire ebola
virus) identifed earlier in the
Democratic Republic of the
Congo and Gabon.
At a meeting held in the Guinean
capital Conakry, health offcials
of the three countries affected by
the deadly virus met to discuss
the way forward in jointly
tackling the disease.
That meeting was held in
Conakry. Liberia was represented
by its Chief medical offcer;
they signed a communiqu.
for controlling the spread of the
disease especially consultations;
harmonized means for diagnosis
for biomedical laboratories and
in the communiqu, the leaders
called for integrated action plan
for cross border engagement to
control the disease as soon as
possible, said Nyensuah.
Prevention methods
The CDC states that the
prevention of Ebola presents
many challenges because it is
still unknown how people are
exactly infected with the disease
and there are few established
primary prevention measures.
When cases of the disease do
appear, there is increased risk of
transmission within health care
settings, states the CDC.
Therefore, health care workers
must be able to recognize
a case of Ebola HF and be
ready to employ practical viral
hemorrhagic fever isolation
precautions or barrier nursing
techniques. They should also
have the capability to request
diagnostic tests or prepare
samples for shipping and testing
Barrier nursing techniques
Wearing of protective clothing
(such as masks, gloves, gowns,
and goggles)
The use of infection-control
measures (such as complete
equipment sterilization and
routine use of disinfectant)
Isolation of Ebola HF patients
from contact with unprotected
The CDC states that the aim
of these techniques is to avoid
contact with the blood or
secretions of an infected patient.
If a patient with Ebola HF dies,
it is equally important that direct
contact with the body of the
deceased patient be prevented,
states the CDC.
Burying four people in Kenema killed by Ebola. Spare a thought for these
health workers. (UmaruFofana, Politico, Sierra Leone)
Ebola in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea at a Glance:
Suspected and Confrmed Case Count: 390
Suspected Case Deaths: 270
Laboratory Confrmed Cases: 260
Liberia at a Glance
Suspected and Confrmed Case Count: 51
Suspected Case Deaths: 34
Laboratory Confrmed Cases: 34
Sierra Leone at a Glance
Suspected and Confrmed Case Count: 158
Suspected Case Deaths: 58
Laboratory Confrmed Cases: 147
Thursday, June 26, 2014 Page 7
Monrovia -
he National Executive Committee of the Congress for
Democratic Change is appalled by the National Elections
Commissions manifest technical inadequacies as
it moves to implement routine schedules ahead of
Octobers Special Senatorial elections. The leadership of the
CDC, desiring a free, fair, and transparently credible democratic
election in process and event, highlights fashpoint loopholes that
easily give rise to election fraud, or perceptions thereof.
With a hundred and eleven(111) days left for the conduct of
elections 2014, the National Elections Commission needs to
redeem its information draught that has veiled and restricted the
outfow of information deemed vital to enabling participating
institutions to remain actively engaged in the elections timeline.
That the Elections Commission treats the necessity of information
sharing as an optional political discretion, is a reprehensible
contrast to best practice that must be immediately disallowed if
parties are to be adequately prepared to maximally participate and
meet election timelines.
Going forward, the CDC insists that the Elections Commission
takes steps to improve its information dissemination obligations,
and proximate information-based interactions with all political
parties, the larger community, the free press, and stakeholder
Interestingly, the Commission has published 09 to 30 June 2014 as
scheduled date for Accreditation of Observers, Party Agents, and
Media for election, whilst Release of Final VR Update Figures
is set to commence from June 30th, 2014 to June 30th, 2014.
Considering the requirements of Chapter 4, under CONDUCT OF
ELECTIONS, S. 4.1: Voting Precincts of the New Elections Law
of Liberia, which instructs that The number of registered voters
in every precinctshall not exceed two thousand, the Congress
for Democratic Change is inspired by this clause of the law to
seek an extension of deadline for accreditation of Observers,
Party Agents, etc. The importance of this extension cannot be
overemphasized since the increase in new voters may create need
for additional polling centers.
Concurrently, the Elections Commission, working within its
timeline, is required to be more detailed on current voters
shift, new voters registration information, and perhaps up-to-
Opposition party says the National Elections Commission Must Take Steps to improve its
information dissemination obligations, and proximate information-based interactions with all
political parties, the larger community, the free press, and stakeholder organizations.

date information on new polling centers, if
any is to be opened consistent with the recent
surge in frst-time voters. Additionally, should
the Commission elect to curtail orchestrated
irregularities in these processes, then it ought
to elevate a vigilant supervisory attitude over
its various operational sections, particularly
data-managers, some of whom are culpable
of suspected attempts to stage-manage voters
registry and elections data between now and
With troubling information indicating the
Commissions plan to operate only four centers
per county during the period for Replacement
of Lost & Damaged VR Cards, the CDC objects
the reduction of centers, and advice the NEC to
open more centers, facilitating uncomplicated
access, especially for electorates residing in
leeward counties.
Being immeasurably resolved to ascertain every
vote-cast is transparently and credibly accounted
for, the Congress for Democratic Change
herewith cautions NEC-based data-manipulators
secretly operating within the Commission to
beware of the realities of changing times, as
2014 must not be mistaken for 2005/2011 when
Liberias larger electoral communities were
disenfranchised through widespread elections
Therefore, in fulfllment of a national duty to
dispassionately contribute towards Liberias
growth of sustained democracy and good
governance, we take seriously inside-information
indicating a grand scheme of envisaged
vote-robbery to be engineered by elections
Magistrates and Presiding Offcers operating the
here have been
concerns about
the road leading to
Greenville, Sinoe
County and Barclayville, Grand
Kru County, the two venues for
the 167th Independence Day
celebrations to be held on July
26, 2014.
Internal Affairs Minister Morris
M. Dukuly who visited the two
counties on an assessment
mission described the road
condition as challenging.
According to the Internal
Affairs Minister, his visit
was aimed at Assessing
Independence Day Projects
and to determine host Counties
readiness for the national
Despite the heavy down pour

of rain, road machineries
continue to work in making
travelling easier. For the frst
time Sinoe County has been
connected by motor road to its
neighbor Grand Kru County.
Driving from Buchanan,
Grand Bassa County, one can
see the level of work being
done although there are some
challenging spots that need to
be work on and road engineers
are praying for a respite of sun
shine to complete their work.
Only a miracle or an act of
God can stop this celebration.
This July 26 Celebration will
be held, and upbeat Minister
of Internal Affairs Morris M.
Dukuly noted last week.
Last week the Minister of
Internal Affairs Morris M.
Dukuly travelled to the two
counties to ascertain the level
of preparationsmade so far.
In Grand Kru, projects lined
up for dedication include
aAdministration building
in Trehn, Dorboh and Buah
Districts, schools, clinics,
bridges, a Chief Compound
and a Circuit Court building
in Barclayville City. An Air
Grand Kru, Sinoe Counties Set to Host July 26 Celebrations, Ministry of Internal Affairs Says
ffteen counties. The despicable
strategy of this grand scheme
would make it possible to
manipulate election results
to favor certain incumbent
candidates and others of
their choice. The likelihood
of said calculated fraudulent
exercise being as real as its
detrimental consequences, the
CDC requests the National
Elections Commission to
rotate and reassign election
magistrates, given that most
of them have been serving in
those capacities since 2005
and may now be working at the
behest of incumbent political
The CDC invokes the patriotism
of those Commissioners
who care about the future
of Liberias promising
democracy; admonishing them
to remain uncooperative with
fraud and work to avert this
looming tragedy, by exposing
the masterminds of fraud and
their dreadful deeds.
In conclusion, the Congress
for Democratic Change whilst
thanking the international
community for its positive
role, calls on the United
Nations, the European Union,
the African Union, ECOWAS,
the Carter Center and all
other international and local
organizations involved in
helping sustain Liberias
nurturing democracy, to
continue to stand by our
dear country to achieve free,
fair, and credible Senatorial
elections in October.
Strip and Terminal is almost
completed in Sass Town are
among many other projects
earmarked for dedication.
In Sinoe County, a
Superintendent residence,
a 15-room Executive Guest
House, schools, administration
buildings in Juarzohn and
Sanquian Districts, clinics and
a multi-purpose youth center
nears completion and will be
ready for dedication during the
Asked about his impression
about the preparedness of the
celebration by the two counties,
Minister Dukuly, who spent a
week touring the counties last
week, said he was impressed so
far but admitted that there were
still challenges.
Minister Dukuly, who heads
back to Greenville and Barclay
next week, mentioned that a
decision will be made as which
projects in the two counties
will be dedicated.
Page 8 |
Thursday, June 26, 2014

anta Highway - From Careyburg to Kakata on the Monrovia-
Ganta Highway is a place most motorists will like to avoid
especially at night. Ordinarily, the journey ought not to last
beyond fve minutes. But motorists could spend hours on that
stretch of road, which is not more than fve kilometers as a result of two
checkpoints on both sides of the road.
Apart from the checkpoints, a cross-section of people, who spoke with
FrontPage Africa, also said some revenue collectors also constitute a
nuisance by obstructing fow of traffc under the pretext of collecting
revenue from taxi drivers.
A taxi driver, who gave his name only as Prince, told FrontPage Africa
that the policemen were always stationed on the road extorting money
from the taxi drivers.
A Desire to Give Them Anything
He alleged that each driver was usually made to cough up between LD
100 and LD 400 before he could be allowed to leave.
He said, Those policemen have become an embarrassment on the road.
When we are giving them money at times, I shed tears because they were
using their positions to extort money.
It is not that we do not like their presence on that road because in the
past, it used to be a hotbed of criminal activities. But I expect that they
should have pity on us. If we desire to give them anything, it should come
from our hearts, not by force.
Another taxi driver, Sunday James, called on the relevant authorities to
caution the policemen. James said on many occasions that he tried to
argue with them, they always threatened to impound his vehicle.
On one of those occasions, my passengers were waiting for me to deliver
them. In fact, wasting further time would have discredited me in the eye
of the passengers. I had to part with the LD500 they demanded, he said.
Yet, another driver, who craved anonymity, said as it were, only the
relevant authorities could save the situation. He said, It is not only
on Monrovia-Ganta highway. At Ganta-Saclepia road, the situation
is the same. It is time the relevant authorities stepped in to stop the
intimidation of our people who are doing legitimate business.
Our correspondent, who passed through Monrovia-Ganta highway,
showed that the roadblocks which create the constant gridlock are set
up at Careysburg.
Always a Nightmare
The policemen manning the roadblocks do not seem to be concerned
with checking vehicles. But they become aggressive when they see
commercial vehicles laden with passengers or goods approaching. They
sometimes threaten to jail drivers who dont want to comply
Another taxi driver Joshua Simpson said the journey between Kakata and
Careysburg was always a nightmare. He said, As short as that journey
is, I spend at least an hour from work to my house sometimes. It is just
The policemen no longer care if anybody is complaining. They stop
vehicles and demand money from drivers shamelessly. There was a time
I challenged one of them and he said he would slap me. He told me I was
interfering with his work. I could not believe my ears.
He said if they refused to pay, the policemen would delay them for some
hours, compelling them to part with money.
The driver said, The activities of the policemen are shameful. They are
so shameless that they do not hide when they are collecting money from
The most pathetic is that when they see suspicious vehicles, they dont
subject them to any form of search. They just collect money and let them
go. I wonder how they can track criminals by so doing.
On Monday, I was delayed for more than one hour when I was returning
from Gbarnga because they demanded LD 300 from me which I could
not produce. After begging them, they reluctantly collected LD100. That
is the situation we fnd ourselves on the expressway.
As for another commercial bus driver, Jimmy Jones, the presence of the
policemen on the road constitutes a nuisance. He said they were not there
to prevent crime but to extort money from drivers, adding that he usually
coughed up between LD 300 and LD 500.
Jones said, Really, their activities are affecting our business. They are
causing gridlock on the highway. It is customary that after searching your
vehicle, you must set aside between LD 100 and LD 200 for them. If not,
they wont allow you to pass.
Checkpoints Necessary, Police Say
Another commercial bus driver, who gave his name simply as Eric,
called on Police Inspector Chris Massaquoi to intervene in the situation.
When contacted, the Police Public Relations Offcer in Margibi, Joseph
Guah, Mr. Joseph Guah, said the checkpoints were necessary because of
the recent surge in criminal activities on the highway.
He added that the traffc was artifcially created to prevent criminals from
escaping. He said, The aim is to prevent criminals from operating freely.
The traffc is artifcial but also helpful because stolen vehicles, items or
even weapons in vehicles would be easily spotted.
Guah maintained that the checkpoints had been instrumental in tackling
crime and implored motorists to endure the situation. He however
promised to look into the matter and inspect how the checkpoints were
set up.
Why Jackson Can Deliver UP to Victory
Gbarnga, Bong County
ight now, many
politicians in Bong
County, just like
in other parts of
Liberia, are out presenting
themselves for various
elective offces through party
primaries. FrontPageAfrica
investigations show that there
are alignments, re-positioning
and re-engineering going on in
the caucus of the party in the
county, to sell their candidates.
As should be expected, there
are two aspirants in the Bong
County chapter of the Unity
Party, who are distinguishably
placed to try their hands on
the political plough and give
UP the desired victory in the
October 14 special senatorial
election. Ranney Banama
Jackson, who a few days ago,
announced his readiness to
partake in his partys primary
comes to mind of many of the
delegates, FrontPage Africa
has observed.
Ranney can lead the party
to victory if he wins the
primary because he has a large
following in the county than
any of the aspirants contesting
for the UP primary, Mark
Dowee, a partisan of the party
told FrontPage Africa.
Like Dowee, many political
observers believed if Jackson
emerges as candidate to do
battle for UPs ticket at the
primary election slated for
Friday, June 27 in Gbarnga
could change the permutations
on the ground. It could alter
the political calculus in the UP,
according to many.
According to many, some lily-
livered and chicken-hearted
contenders for the senate race
in the county are bracing with
one cheap blackmail or the
other against Jackson, as if
he is not eminently qualifed
to seek the highest political
offce in the county. His outing
is Gods own project; a divine
call to serve, his supporters say.
Jackson is a colorful politician
with touch of magic wand. He
is not new to innuendoes or
abracadabra from opponents.
He saw it during the 2005
and 2011 elections when he
contested and fnished fourth
and second respectively
and took the outcome with
philosophical calmness.
Jackson says he never loses
sleep over any overt or covert
measures by his detractors
to unjustly castigate him. To
him, it is selfess service to the
No wonder politicians and
non-politicians alike leapt
for joy that the former Bong
superintendent is now in the
race to make it positively
eventful and result-oriented.
The response to his bid
to present himself for the
senatorial race in the county
has been electrifying. Without
sounding immodest, Jackson
appears to be the toast of Bong
But some detractors within the
Bong chapter higher-ups of the
UP are crying blue murder
and accusing House Speaker
Alex Tyler of supporting
the ambition of the former
Why not, if not? When has it
become a crime to associate
ones person or goal with
credible people, like the
speaker, who, in anyway, is an
elite member of the party, no
matter whom you are.
The hand of Esau and voices of
Jacob behind the run-Jackson-
down-syndrome came up
with syndicated call for his
head for daring to mention
the Speakers name as regards
his next move to become UP
fag bearer in Bong County.
Jackson told FrontPageAfrica
he has no apology to offer this
group of people. In war, be it
conventional or political, all is
fair to win.
Jackson in 2005 and 2011
elections traversed the length
and breadth of the county,
canvassing support to become
the senator. He gained wide
acceptance from that endeavor.
And today, from as far as lower
and upper Bong are concern,
the political friendship
cultivated by Jackson remains
as solid as rock of Gibraltar. No
wonder, they are coming from
Zota, Sanoyea, Kpaii and other
areas since he announced his
bid to contest the UP primary.
Across Bong County, the
song on the lips of the people
is one of the messiah has
come to give UP creditability
in presenting a formidable,
acceptable and people-friendly
candidate for October election.
Many are urging the Bong
chapter or national executive
committee of the UP to not
compromise itself or be biased
against Jackson. There should
be level playing ground for
all aspirants to test the water.
There should not be any
favoritism. Even if members of
the executive have sympathy
for a particular aspirant, they
should play it down. The more,
the merrier. Any aspirant is
free to parade the name of the
Speaker or any elite member of
the party, if that will ease his
All the cheap excuses being
peddled against Jackson, such
as his failure in two consecutive
elections, should be thrown to
the depth of the ocean, as it
holds no water. This scheming
has failed as far as Jackson is
During the 2011 presidential
and legislative elections,
Jackson was the only politician
in Upper Bong who delivered
two districts to President Ellen
Johnson-Sirleaf. Records of
the party will readily confrm
this claim.
Jackson, as an elder statesman,
respects all shades of opinion
as far as societal good of the
people are concerned. His
humanitarian and philanthropic
gestures to all and sundry
is legendary and cut across
political divides. Jackson
seems to be a UP personifed
in body and soul. He said he
sleeps dreams and thinks about
UP every day.
Tokpa is out and for the
good of the UP in the eyes of
many and indeed the people
of the county. He is now the
rallying point for the party
in the county. Speaking to
FrontPageAfrica the former
Bong superintendent said he
is not prepared to join issues
with political lilliputians
over trivialities. His focus is
on getting the UP ticket and
emerges as the next senator of
Bong County.
Political observers say
Jackson can lead the party to
victory particularly aspiring
in an election three years after
securing over 29,000 votes. The
permutation according to many
is that out of the 29,000 votes,
if the former superintendent
can retain 15,000, it could well
propel him to victory.
Political observers say the
party should follow the
example of the opposition
Congress for Democratic
Change who sought to select
Augustus Flomo who fnished
third in Bong County with
24,000 votes.
June 27, according to many
pundits, will settle the matter,
when it will be a goal, score
in a grand style by Jackson
against concerted force of fate.

Selma Lomax,
Thursday, June 26, 2014 Page 9

Audit cites faws, irregularities in operations
ransparency and
accountability remains
a major challenge
for the Government
headed by Nobel laureate Ellen
Johnson Sirleaf. Her critics
blame the lack of political will in
prosecuting corruption and other
acts of improprieties as the major
reason for the continuation of a
broken system that is creating
easy means for fraudsters.
Audit reports of several ministries
and agencies of government have
pointed to lack of proper internal
controls and other procedures in
safeguarding state resources but
since some of these audits were
conducted more than six years
ago, some entities audited are yet
to implement recommendations
contained in audit reports.
The Public Accounts Committee
(PAC) at the National Legislature
has been reviewing audit reports
submitted to the Legislature by
the GAC, conducting public
hearings with auditees and
the auditors in a bid to verify
fndings of the audit reports.
In its fndings the PAC has been
recommending amongst others
that some individuals who served
positions in government during
the audited period restitute funds
that were not accounted for
during their reign.
A day after the committee
recommended to the plenary of
the body for former Minister of
Gender Varbah Gayfor, former
Personnel Director Stephen
Bundo and Former Comptroller
Stephen Forkpa should jointly
be held accountable to make
restitution of US$ 35, 576 to be
deposited into an escrow account
to be established by the Minister
of Finance, the committee has
again made recommendations
concerning the Roberts
International Airport and the
National Port Authority.
Based on the General Auditing
Commission report on the
Roberts International Airport
(RIA), the PAC in its report
said, Paragraph 248 and 249
of the Auditor Generals report
recommend that the Managing
Director of the RIA Abraham
T. Simmons be sanctioned for
violating the PPCC Act, 2005
provisions punishable under
section 138.
Comptroller Confrms audit
The GAC recommended that in
keeping with the PPCC act of
2005 the Managing Director,
Abraham T. Simmons should
be made to restitute the amount
of US$ 35,950.00 into the
corporation account, as payment
made to a purported company
he contracted to supply the RIA
vehicle but failed to do so, thus
causing loss to the RIA.
According to the committee
during the hearing, the
Comptroller of the RIA
confrmed the fact that payment
was indeed made for the vehicle
but it was never delivered to the
The Committee recommends
that Mr. Abraham T. Simmons
should be sanctioned for
violating the PPCC Act, 2005
provisions punishable under
sectioned 138(1) of the PPCC
Act, 2005 and that he restitutes
the amount of US$ 35,950.00,
the Committee recommended.
$120k bogus waiver
The committees report also
disclosed that the GAC found the
RIA liable of irregularities and
management override, stating an
incident where the Managing
Director Julius D. Dennis, Jr.
unilaterally granted comium
Liberia Inc. a waiver of US$
120,000 without the consent of
the board of directors. The AG
further observed that due to poor
bookkeeping and inaccurate
accounting the corporation
failed to establish, from its
own documents available, that
Comium Liberia Inc. has an
outstanding balance of US$ 37,
454 to pay to the corporation.
The committee objects to the
unilateral decision of former
Managing Director of the RIA,
Mr. Julius D. Dennis to grant
a waiver of US$ 37,454 to
Comium without the consent
and approval of the Board of
Directors, the PAC stated.
The committee continued The
Committee believes the waiver
was inherent with fraud and an
abuse of power by Mr. Julius
Dennis. During the hearing, the
Management of RIA admitted
that the amount in question have
almost fully recovered with a
balance of 6,000.00 therefore,
the committee recommends that
a balance uncovered amount
US$ 6,000.00 of the waiver, be
recovered and deposited into an
escrow account to be established
by the Minister of Finance at the
Central Bank of Liberia and fag
receipt provided to the AG for
NPA weak policies
The legislative committee report
also indicated that during audits
conducted by the GAC on the
National Port Authority (NPA)
it was observed that landed
properties of the Port were fout
with fragrant violation of its own
established lease policies.
According to the GAC, the
NPA Incorporated of the Lease
agreements was far lower
than what is stipulated in the
NPAs extant lease policies
to the institution. It also cited
ineffective managerial control
and the understatement of lease
agreements that created losses
and lapses for the institutions
failure to pay liability due to the
At a Public hearing according
to the committees report the
NPA Managing Director Madam
Matilda Parker, expressed strong
reservation about inconsistencies
with the lease policies at the NPA
and in some instances the Board
of Directors override of most of
the policies.
As a matter of policy to
remedy these inconsistencies,
she mentioned that the current
management team is working
towards improving the lease
policies at the NPA .she also
admitted that the observation
contained in the report are not
contestable, the Committee
In further comments the
Legislative committee said,
confict of interest by lawyers
representing the NPA and
leaseholders was observed as it
was stated that the Henries and
Henries Law frm represented
by Cllr. Cooper Kruah provided
retained legal services to the
NPA at a Monthly fat rate of
US$ 1,000.00 and interestingly,
Cllr. Kruah also served as the
legal counsel for some NPA lease
tenants such as Dong Young/
Puk Yank fsheries, building
material center and west Africa
As a result, the committee
recommended that Madam
Parker investigates the issue of
confict of interest; write a report
to both the auditor general and
the committee.
The audit report stated that the
Auditor General met with Cllr.
Kruah where he admitted being
retained legal service provider
for Dong Young/Puk Yank
fsheries stating that he was
providing legal services for the
company before he joined the
he Liberia Albino
Society has termed
as troubling
the continuous
abandonment and
discrimination against Albinos
in Liberia.
The president of the Albino
Society, Madam Patricia Logan
said it is unfortunate that
majority of Albinos especially
those in the rural parts are
continuously being abandoned
and discriminated against by
families and neighbors.
According to Madam Logan,
the situation has resulted to
majority of Albinos dropping
out of schools while some have
never attended any form of
She argued that on many
occasions, parents especially
fathers abandon their Albino
children which she termed as
disheartening and called on
stakeholders not to overlook
such actions.
The President of the Albino

Society noted that until an
aggressive posture can be
taken by government and its
partners, Albinos in Liberia
will continue to face these
numerous challenges.
Madam Logan though
commended government for
the level of supports over the
years but added that more
needs to be done in order to
improve the living conditions
of Albinos throughout the
She noted that Albinos are
unique kinds of Gods creation
and if fully supported, they will
help to contribute their quota to
the ongoing development of
the state.
Madam Logan was speaking
Tuesday when she completed a
tour in Lofa County where she
had gone to launch a medical
outreach for Albinos in that
part of Liberia.
The Medical Outreach team
provided drugs, sun glasses,
special cream intended to
protect them from diseases
and also cater to their skin to
prevent skin cancer which is
mostly responsible for the large
deaths of Albinos.
The Albinos also received food
and non food assorted items to
support them in these critical
Madam Logan said the
outreach is an annual event
that provides the opportunity
for Albinos in the rural parts to
beneft from its mother body.
She added that the program
provides a screening process
where members of the Albino
family undergo thorough
checking and medication to
prevent them from deadly
diseases like malaria and skin
Madam Logan at the same
time promised to provide
scholarships for all Albinos in
that part of Liberia in an effort
to boost their capacity for
future engagements.
Also speaking, the benefciaries
of the program hailed Madam
Logan and Liberia Albino
Society for the initiative
which they said will help
them improve their health and
According to them, they are
faced with series of challenges
and it was the frst time for
Albinos in that region to
receive medication and relief
items to improve their health.
They also outlined the lack
of support, abandonment and
discrimination as some of the
key issues faced by them in
their respective communities.
The Albino Benefciaries of
the Liberia Albino Society
medical outreach at the same
time appealed to its mother
body to see reasons and
support through the different
empowerment programs.
They identifed academics,
vocational education and
business as some of the areas
that can easily empower them
if provided support by that
Page 10 |
Thursday, June 26, 2014
resident Ellen
Johnson Sirleaf says
it is satisfying that the
country can boast of a
few more graduates skilled in
areas where Liberia desperately
needs expertise. She named the
areas of need as Agriculture,
Engineering, Nursing,
Public Health, Guidance and
Counseling, among others.
According to an Executive
Mansion release, the Liberian
leader made the statement
at the William V. S. Tubman
University in Harper, Maryland
County where she served as
the Commencement Speaker
at the First Commencement
Convocation on Thursday, June
19, 2014. She also received
its frst Honorary Degree, of
Doctor of Law (LLD) Honoris
William V. S. Tubman
University was opened in 2009
as the second public-owned
bachelors degree granting
higher education institution.
It is the successor institution
to the William V.S. Tubman
College of Technology which
was damaged during the civil
The University transitioned
from a college of technology
to a university comprising
of six colleges including
the College of Engineering
and Technology; College of
Health Sciences; College
of Agriculture and Food
Science; College of Education;
College of Management
and Administration; and the
College of Arts and Sciences.
President Sirleaf described
all 80-strong graduates as
pioneers of the University who
have made history by being the
frst group of graduates of the
University. You are making
history today, because there
will never be another First
Commencement Convocation
of Tubman University. You
are the frst; everyone hereafter
will follow in your footprint
and everyone will watch and
monitor what you do, she told
the graduates.
She further congratulated the
graduates referring to them
as trailblazers of Tubman
University. I congratulate you
on behalf of the Government
of Liberia and in my own
name and right, for your
Speaking on the theme, The
Quest for Quality Education,
President Sirleaf stressed
that all actors in the society
desire quality education for
their children and students.
We want them to seize the
opportunity to learn; and we
want our teachers to acquire
quality training in order to
impart quality learning to the
young minds in their charge,
she emphasized. She indicated
that quality education requires
faculty with integrity, qualifed
in their disciplines and
committed to the learner.
Such faculty, she said, delivers

President Sirleaf Addresses First Commencement Convocation at the W.V.S. Tubman University
a coherent curriculum with
rigorous standards, and
specifc learning outcomes or
competencies that students
must demonstrate, to
include theoretical as well as
experimental learning.Quality
education must provide co-
curriculum activities for the
learner, with opportunities
to develop and demonstrate
leadership skills. Quality
education must also include
continuous assessment
and quality assurance with
the result being used for
continuous improvement, she
pointed out.
President Sirleaf, also Visitor to
the W.V.S. Tubman University,
said in order to produce leaders
of tomorrow, institutions like
Tubman University must
empower Liberias youths
by teaching them not only
the theory, but leadership
skills, social responsibility,
issues about the environment,
among other disciplines;
thereby calling for an holistic
education that engages students
in theory, practical learning
through service and social
responsibility to the local and
global community thereby
being assured of students that
are informed and prepared.
She further assured that
government will continue to
do its part to transform the
country and make educational
opportunities available to all
Liberians, recognizing that
there is no quick fx to the crisis
in the public education system.
President Sirleaf indicated that
education quality education
is not cheap, neither for the
provider nor the benefciary;
adding that the best results
from such expensive
undertaking are obtained only
when serious effort and time
is devoted to get the most out
of the opportunities that are
available. To the extended
audience out there, you can
buy a degree but you cannot
buy an education, she pointed
out amidst cheers.
The greatest gift we can
bequeath to our children, our
people, is quality education,
which is the foundation
for national development.
Achieving quality in our
educational system must be
the business, and the duty of,
of every Liberian. For as much
as we talk about the urgent
need for infrastructure our
roads, power, ports if we lack
the education to manage such
facilities, they will not last,
she emphasized.
Refecting on the University
and its leadership, the President
indicated that the institution
serves as a regional magnet that
young people are gravitating
towards Harper, Maryland
County because they know
that they will obtain the quality
education that is fundamental
for their own success, and for
Liberias economic, social
and political transformation,
as outlined in the countrys
Vision 2030 Liberia
Rising and the fve-year
development strategy Agenda
for Transformation. The
enrollment at the University
rose from 287 in 2009 to 1000
in 2013/2014.
Touching on the stewardship
of its President, Dr. Elizabeth
Davis-Russell, President
Sirleaf, also Visitor to the
University, narrated that
following her appointment in
2009 as President of Tubman
College of Technology, she
saw the need for more than a
technical college in a region
that needed Agriculturists,
Engineers, Health
Professionals, Education
Specialists, Business Managers
and thus demonstrated great
leadership skills, as she fulflled
the vision of establishing
Tubman University, a frst class
institution, providing education
and services, contributing to
the Southeast, her ancestral
home, and to the nation. You
are a shining and unequaled
example of service to our
nation, she told Dr. Russell.
President Sirleaf described
Prof. Russells journey at
Tubman University as one
that has not been easy, but
standing tall in principles
and commitment she has
succeeded. She remained
faithful and steadfast to her
values and her profession,
insisting that students remain
students, obtaining the
education for which they have
made a big sacrifce, she said
of Prof. Russell.
President Sirleaf recognized
Prof. Russells impact on
the University based on her
insistence on an institution
whose quality would be second
to none in Liberia; that would
be built upon, and retain, a
foundation of core values and
principles free from corruption.
Speaking earlier during the
Baccalaureate Service, the
Dean of the Trinity Episcopal
Cathedral, Rev. Herman
Browne urged the graduates
to be the new breed they
claim by acquiring truth and
honesty. Dont be satisfed
with what you have achieve
today, but always seek to make
inquiries about things because
an inquiring mind is never just
satisfed with what it hears,
Rev. Browne noted.
He expressed concern that
the country is experiencing
a generation of people who
dont understand anything
but are busy pretending to
know about and understand
everything leading them to
uninformed comments about
the country and other things on
the different airwaves.
The Episcopal prelate advised
the graduates to do their
job well when given the
opportunity to work and avoid
trying to do everybodys work
thereby limiting their own
The Valedictorian of the
Graduating Class, P. Mike Jurry,
thanked the government for
opening Tubman University in
the Southeast and for the many
community colleges around
the country, but also urged
Liberians and the Government
of Liberia to give more priority
to education. He also called
for more budgetary support to
the University, the provision
of scholarships to some of the
graduates and the employment
of some as teaching assistants.
Mr. Jurry urged his colleagues
not to forget their Alma Mata as
they leave the walls of Tubman
University emphasizing that
they all owe it to the University
for making each of them what
they are.
Ten students received
Bachelors of Science Degree
in Nursing; seven, Bachelors
of Science Degree in Public
Health; nine, Bachelors of
Arts Degree in Secondary
Education; seven, Bachelors
of Arts Degree in Guidance and
Counseling; 18, Bachelors of
Science in Agriculture; 10,
Bachelors of Business Arts in
Accounting; two, Bachelors
of Business Arts Degree in
Business Administration;
13 with Bachelor of Public
Administration in Public
Administration; and 4,
Bachelors of Business Arts in
Meanwhile, while in Harper,
President Sirleaf dedicated
the newly renovated
Administration Building.
She also toured the site of a
devastating sea erosion and
food that displaced several
residents of Harper.
The Liberian leader presented
assorted relief materials to
the victims and announced
that Government will make a
contribution of US$10,000 to
help resettle them.

Thursday, June 26, 2014 Page 11
Sam K. Zinnah, Contributing Writer
Gbarpolu County
s the 2014 political season draws nearer, voters are now busy researching
whos who in Gbarpolu Politics. Several factors will surely infuence
the evaluation of candidates that will be taking part in the 2014 midterm
senatorial election in Gbarpolu County. So far, several names appear to be
expressing interest in the senatorial seat have popped up ahead of the offcial National
Elections Commissions nomination schedule thus putting electorates to work early.
In this analysis, I will be looking at former Gbarpolu County junior senator Daniel
Naatehn who has also expressed his interest in returning to the building he was kicked
out of after eight years of failed policies there. One would wonder why Mr. Naatehn
continues to run from one party to another while he remains a member of the ruling
Unity Party. From all indication, it is now clear that Mr. Naatehn has been playing
questionable political games while serving as an executive member of the ruling Unity
Party. During the 2011 general elections that kicked him out of the capitol, it is alleged
that Mr. Naatehn, ahead of the Unity Party primary in Gbarpolu County, registered as
an independent candidate. His action was designed to serve as a backup or plan B for
him in case he did not survive the Gbarpolu County primary.
Mr. Naatehn is also on record for felding candidates against all of his colleagues
contesting on the Unity Party ticket. He supported the current superintendent of
Gbarpolu Mr. Allen Gbowee against one of his trusted allies in the 2005 elections,
Hon. Dickson Yarsiah who represented the then electoral district # 3. He openly
gave fnancial, moral and material support to the current City Mayor of Bopolu City,
Miatta Sarnor Tarnue against her own biological brother Hon. Armah Sarnor who was
representative of the former electoral district # one .As a matter of fact, Hon. Sarnor
won on the ticket of the Liberty Party in 2005. He was encouraged by former Senator
Naatehn and his Unity Party colleagues to join the Unity Party. Mr. Naatehns action
against Hon. Sarnor is a sheer betrayal of confdence. As though Mr. Naatehn was not
satisfed with his sinister motive, he also felded and supported two candidates against
former district # two Representative Gbonojava Quiah. In Gbarma district, he openly
declared support for Mr. George Kollie, an aspirant in the 2011 elections and declared
similar support for Mr. Philip Lawson in Kongba District. You dont need to be told that
Mr. Naatenh is a questionable character that should not be trusted with any aspect of
leadership. He is a gullible character who wants everything for himself.
Bopolu City layout project
The layout of Bopolu City was one of the projects that were earmarked by the people
of Gbarpolu County during the June 16, 2012 development council county sitting in
Bopolu City. An amount of three hundred thousand United States dollars was allotted
from the county and social development funds to execute that project ahead of the 2013
joint July 26 celebrations in Bomi, Cape Mount and Gbarpolu Counties.
The project, by virtue of the public procurement Concession Commission law called for
a bid, but quite interestingly this bidding process was manipulated by Superintendent
Gbowee and his god father Naatehn. Mr. Gbowee in fact failed to publish the bid notice
as ascribed by the PPCC laws. Instead the project was awarded to a bogus company,
the Liberia Renewable Limited Company suspected to be owned by Mr. Naatehn. The
City layout project was intended to improve existing streets and create new ones, but
disappointingly, the company failed to do so. Up to date, some of the streets in Bopolu
City are not completed. Most of the streets do not even have drainage system.
During the 2012 county sitting, Superintendent Gbowee told delegates that only
eleven streets was going to be created from the three hundred thousand United States
dollars. At a follow up meeting on the progress of the Independence Day Projects,
Superintendent Gbowee disclosed that the money allotted for the street layout project
was already exhausted and that there was need for additional $150.000.00 (one hundred
ffty thousand united states dollars). That request was trashed out by the delegates on
grounds that the frst money was not properly utilized nor accounted for.
Based on the level of gross violation of the PPCC laws by Superintendent Gbowee
and his administration, a complaint was fled to the Public procurement commission
(PPCC) by one of Gbarpolu County prominent citizens Atty. Harris F. Tarnue. On July
2nd of 2013, a team of expert released their opinion of the complaint fled against
Gbarpolu County Superintendent Gbowee concerning the Bopolu City layout contract.
The PPCC appeals and review panel in the case of tty. Harris Tarnue vs Hon. Allen
M Gbowee was chaired by Cllr. Beyan D. Howard, Co-Chaired by Mr. Massaquoi
M. Kamara, Sr. Other members of the panel review committee included Cllr. Eric B.
Morlu, Mr. David M. Jallah, Commr. Esther Paegar, and Mr. Martin S. Kollie. The
committee in its ruling said, after reviewing and analyzing documents submitted by
the Complainant Atty. Harris F. Tarnue of Gbarpolu County and respondent Hon. Allen
M. Gbowee, Superintendent of Gbarpolu County, along with other accompanying
instruments, and referencing the applicable provisions of the PPCC Act of 2010 and
regulation No. 003 on the schedule of thresholds, The panel came to an opinion that the
procurement committee of Gbarpolu County Administration headed by Superintendent
Allen Gbowee did not act in consistent with the PPCC Act of 2010 and regulation No.
003 on the schedule of thresholds during the conduct of the procurement proceedings/
tendering process of EOI No. GBARC/NCB/001/12/13. The procurement committee
did not also act consistent with PPCC act of 2010 and regulation No. 003 when it
proceeded to award the contracts for lot 1 (Construction of Bopolu City Streets) to
Renewable Liberia Limited and lot 2 (electrifcation of Bopolu City) to Trans Africa
Trading Company.
The panel went on to further state that it is the opinion of the panel that the respondent,
Superintendent Allen Gbowee and his procurement committee violated all of the above
cited provisions of the PPCC Act and regulation No. 003 during the conduct of the
tendering process of EOI No. GBARC/NCB/001/12/13 and also failed to perform
their functions in line with section 27 (c)(d)(f)(k) of the amended and restated Public
Procurement & Concessions act of 2010 in the conduct of the proceedings described
above and the award of works procurement contracts to renewable Liberia Limited and
Trans Africa Trading Company.
The Panel stated, in view of the above, the panel hereby upholds the contentions of
the complainant that the procurement committee of Gbarpolu County Administration
headed by Superintendent Allen M. Gbowee grossly violated the PPCC provisions in
favor of Renewable Liberia Limited, Trans-Africa Company and other contracts that
should have met the threshold guidelines. The Panel, base on its fndings during their
investigation invalidated and reversed the decision of Superintendent Gbowee. The
panel ordered Superintendent Gbowee to re run the procurement process with provision
that those companies that participated in the July 2012 procurement proceedings do not
pay any additional fees for re participation. To date, the panels decision is yet to be
honored by Superintendent Gbowee.
Many Gbarpolu citizens thought the frst task of Hon. Gbowees administration was to
ensure equal and unhindered access to all information concerning the various projects
in the County, which as the infant County history has shown have been one of the
most contentious issues in the countys political life that to a large extend fueled the
political tension in the county. Superintendent Gbowee either lacked a vision or the
will to enforce whatsoever vision he had for the development of Gbarpolu County. The
budget law which provides the framework for governance was disregarded and treated
with discontent by Superintendent Allen Gbowee and the County project management
committee (PMC) that should have upheld it. Regrettably and to the dislike of citizens
of the county, Superintendent Gbowee, Assistant superintendent Yassah Karmo Fallah
and the entire Project Management Team are running their respective offces from
Securisk Inc, an insurance company where Mr. Naatehn serves as Manager. Chiefs
and other citizens are being compelled by local authorities to transact administrative
matters at Securisk rather than in the county or at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This
is fueling serious political anger in the county and citizens have now passed a vote of no
confdence in Mr.Gbowee, madam Fallah and the PMC Team on grounds that they are
being used as Naatehn political tool to undermine the effort of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
administration in Gbarpolu County. This is evidence by the failure of all the projects
earmarked for the 26 celebration. Infact stakeholders are wondering why, as the result
of the shame and embarrassment brought upon the people of Gbarpolu County by the
punctured Gbowee administration, the President ax has not fallen. Now that the chief
advisor Naatehn is headed for unknown opposition party, it is dangerous to keep the
Gbowee administration because it will continue to undermine the President efforts to
deliver development. Even with strong warning from Internal Affairs Minister Morris
Dukuly, Superintendent Gbowee has defled his boss and continues to run gbarpolu
County administration from Securisk thus subjecting all confdential documents
(payroll, fnancial transaction, PMC bidding process and payment plan, benefciaries
of the discriminatory Securisk insurance scheme, among others) of the County and
MIA to the scrutiny and inspection of staffers of Securisk. So a stage is set for leakage
of sensitive administrative information to the media and other sources via Gbowee-
Securisk connection. Interestingly, Naatehn has cleverly brought Securisk into the
Gbarpolu County political struggle and contest. All over Gbarpolu County and at this
electioneering process Naatehn has posted Securisk calendars as the offcial and legal
sponsor of his senatorial campaign. The company has now become political machinery
rather than a private business entity. The Securisk Board of Directors has to prepare
itself for both a corporate and political warfare against the political backlashes that hunt
Mr Naatehn, Manager of the entity.

Immediately after the independent day celebration in the western region, an audit was
ordered on several counties. Gbarpolu County is said to be one of the priorities on the
list of the audit because of the level of gross violation of the PPCC procedures that
appear to be infuenced by confict of interest by Superintendent Gbowee who was once
overtly supported by former Gbarpolu County junior Senator Daniel Naatehn.
According to the PPCC procedure that was published as a guideline for the expression
of interest (EOI) to bidders indicated the submission/qualifcation requirements as
follow: Current business registration certifcate, current valid tax clearance certifcate,
Ministry of public works certifcate, instant fnancial statement, proof of ability to pre
fnance per stage/phase, and past performance records/reports. It has been established
that Renewable Liberia Limited, the company undertaking the biggest project in
Gbarpolu County (lot 1, Bopolu City layout) did not meet the requirement of the bid
but was still declared winner of the bid. The company is believed to be owned by
Mr. Daniel Naatehn. Superintendent Allen Gbowee resided in Daniel Naatehns house
in Bopolu when he (Gbowee) presided over the bidding process. Did Superintendent
Gbowees presence in Naatehns house infuence his decision to fraudulently award the
bid to Renewable Liberia Limited?. It can also be recalled that Superintendent Gbowee
and his Development superintendent Yassah Karmo-Fallah attempted to terminate
the contract of Universal construction services headed by Mr. Jallah K. Mendscole.
Their attempt brought more exposure as Mr. Mends-cole publically went gutter with
them by explaining during a meeting how the Superintendent and the Development
superintendent took $10,000.00 (ten thousand United States dollars) from him as a kick
back while the PMC treasure Johnson Gotoe demanded and received $1000.00 (one
thousand united states dollars) as his share of the chopping spree.
Mr. James Folokula who once served as political advisor to the offce of Mr. Daniel
Naatehn when he (Naatehn) served as junior Senator of Gbarpolu County is supposedly
the General Manager of Renewable Liberia Limited. Mr. Folokula used a Mitsubishi
pickup during the implementation of the Bopolu city layout project but it is now
reported that after the three hundred thousand united states dollars layout out project,
Mr.Naatehn have scraped Mr. Folokula of the Mitsubishi pickup thus leaving Mr.
Folokula empty handed. The million dollars question to those still doubting the
ownership of Liberia Renewable Limited is; why did Mr. Naatehn take away the
general managers utility pickup?
The point I wish to make is, why should a former lawmaker like Daniel Naatehn
connived with people to rob Gbarpolu County? Nobody needs a rocket scientist to
tell you that three hundred thousand United States dollars is too much money to layout
eleven unpaved streets. Should the people of Gbarpolu County reward Mr. Naatehn
with senatorial position for compromising their interest? Certainly not, they are instead
going to take him to task for squandering their development money.
Equipment rental scandal, who is responsible?
Since the inception of President Ellen Johnspn-Sirleaf administration in Liberia,
there has been decentralization of County and Social development funds throughout
Liberia. Every fscal year budget gets a percentage of the total budget allocated to all
ffteen counties for development. After the fscal year budget is passed by the National
legislature, county authorities descent in the various counties to conduct county council
sitting. At the County council sitting, delegates are selected from all the administrative
districts in the county to decide how their portion of the county and social development
funds should be utilized.
After the introduction of the county development funds (CDF) under the Johnson-
Sirleaf led administration, Gbarpolu county under the frst female superintendent Hon.
Getrude Lamine endorsed the resolution raised by two of the administrative districts
Gou Ngolala and Bokomu districts to purchase one motor grader, one caterpillar 966
and one dump truck from their portion of the county development funds for that fscal
The purchased machines were parked in the yard of Mr. Daniel Naatehn who was
Gbarpolu County junior senator at the time. After more than a year of keeping the
machines in Mr. Naatehns yard, rumor began to circulate that it was becoming clear
that Naatehns re election chances were becoming more slim than positive. Base on
the fimsy rumor, Mr. Naatehn began working on a covert plan to sell the machines.
Knowing that it was kind of diffcult to single handedly undertake such a dubious deed,
Mr. Naatehn quickly deployed some of his colleagues to handle the transaction while
he relaxed as usual.
While the plan was still in its infant stage, it leaked out to some of the two districts
(Gou Ngolala & Bokomu) prominent citizens who were either victim of Mr. Naatehns
vengeance rule or not in his political camp. At that point, the sale front began divided,
one opposed while the other fought to pocket more cash should the deed succeed.
While the tussles were ongoing, Hon. Naatehn managed to use his legislative power at
the time to get the keys to the equipments and kept them in his custody. Mr. Naatehn
was terribly defeated by now Gbarpolu County junior Senator Armah Zulu Jallah from
Bopolu District. After the 2011 elections, Mr. Naatehn walked out of the capitol building
with the keys to the three machines in his possession. Efforts by some citizens like Hon.
Albert Samukai, George Gbomoi and other advocates to retrieve the equipment keys
from Mr. Naatehn landed on deaf ears as he redesigned his next plan of actions in
Gbarpolu County. During his well designed next action, Mr. Naatehn cleverly organize
the Liberia renewable Limited and took the three machines and placed those machines
in the custody of the Liberia renewable limited without the consent of the people of
Gou Ngolala and Bokomu districts under the guise that the machines were being rented
but up to date, the owners of the three machines (Gou Ngolala & Bokomu districts)
have not receive a penny. Mr. Naatehn, fresh out of the senate, was able to infuence
the nomination of Mr. Allen Gbowee as Superintendent of Gbarpolu with the aim to
complete his manipulation while out of the Senate. Senator Armah Jallah viewed and
analyzed the construction of the Gbowee led county administration as a bad one for
the county but his view was still perceived as opposition since in fact he ran on
the National Patriotic party ticket. The lobby and persuations went on; Superintendent
Gbowee and Development Superintendent Yassah Karmo-Fallah were confrmed by
the Liberian senate.
During the frst County council sitting on June 16, 2012 after the confrmation of
Superintendent Gbowee, three hundred thousand United States dollars was allocated
from the western cluster $666,000.00 social development funds to lay out Bopolu city.
That project because of it threshold, was suppose to meet all PPCC regulation guidelines
before awarding the contract to any company. After his confrmation, Superintendent
Gbowee took up his assignment in Bopolu but something unsual happened. Instead
of Superintendent Gbowee moving in the offcial Superintendent Resident in Bopolu,
he moved in Mr. Naatehns house few yards from the offcial residence of the County
superintendent thus raising red fag about how his (Gbowee) administration was going
to be dispensed in the interest of Naatehn, instead of the President who appointed him
or the people of Gbarpolu County.
On November 29, 2013 there was a development meeting held in Bokomu with the
intention to dig out the facts behind the fraudulent equipment rental. During that
meeting, it was discovered that two of Naatehns disciples were the main architects
behind the equipment rental. Alfred Morris and Alex Kpowee were made by citizens
of the two districts to give account of the entire transaction. During their report to the
citizens in a mass meeting in Bokomu, the two reported that they received the total of
$25,000.00 (twenty fve thousand United States dollars for the rental of the machines
but the money was in safe keeping in Monrovia. They were mandated to come back to
Monrovia and get the money and have the amount reported in the district. That mandate
is yet to be implemented by the two gentlemen.
One of the prominent sons of the district raised a serious point about how the charge
for the machines was derived at and who authorized Alfred Morris and Alex Kpowee
to negotiate the deal. The two were made to openly apologize for their action. To date,
Alfred Morris and Alex Kpowee are yet to report the $25,000.00 (twenty fve thousand
United States dollars as mandated by the citizens of the districts through the districts
Sime Darby oil Plantation Company, bunch of un answered questions
When the controversial $800 million United States dollars Concession contract
between the government of Liberia and the multinational conglomerate Sime Darby
was signed in 2009 it raised bunch of unanswered questions in affected counties. The
question of whether Sime Darby contract was development oriented was raised by sons
& daughters of Bomi, Grand Cape Mount, and Gbarpolu Counties. One angry looking
gentleman from Gbarpolu asked what does this contract mean to poor rice and other
agric-farmers in the affected counties?, Are the locals going to be evacuated from their
villages and resettled somewhere else?
We need to know what the environmental impact will be on the land and its inhabitants;
will it be
like Firestone rubber company that is not only exploiting the workers but has ignored
every environmental law on the books?. It was the belief of many Liberians that this
government would not take the road of other Liberian governments have taken in the
past, which is getting into contractual agreements that did not beneft the country or the
working masses but few elite. Few years after the expression of this fear, inhabitants of
areas occupied by Sime Darby in Grand cape mount are today struggling to fnd answer
to the initial questions raised by the gentleman from Gbarpolu County.
Amidst accusations and counter accusations of collecting kickback from Sime Darby
company, former Gbarpolu County junior Senator, Daniel Flomo Naatehn ,was
recently and overtly accused by Gbarpolu County electoral district number three
Representative Hon. Gertrude Lamin of receiving one brand new Ford Pickup with
license plate number PP 1820, huge cash bribe from Sime Darby in exchange for
giving support to the companys concession agreement that is now loaded with bunch
of doubt and controversy to operate in Gbarpolu County. Hon. Lamin also alleged that
former Senator Naatehn is currently receiving more fnancial support from Sime Darby
in support of his 2014 senatorial bid with the understanding that when he wins, he
(Naatehn) will help give more land to Sime Darby in Gbarpolu County.
Days after the frst public accusation by Hon. Lamin, Former Senator Daniel Naatehn
while addressing a youth retreat in his home District in Gbarpolu County overtly
announced a legal action against Representative Gertrude Lamin. Mr. Naatehn
promised to fle a law suit against the Representative in an effort to clear his reputation
but Mr. Naatehns pronouncement is beginning to appear like just a mere political
rhetoric. One Gbarpolu County political commentator & observer referred to Former
Senator Naatehns statement as mere joke.
Few days after Hon. Lamins open accusation, Mr. Naatehn appeared at a lecture forum
organized by some Gbarpolu citizens in a former displace camp in the VOA community
(baby ma junction). During the discussion, one of the participants asked Mr. Naatehn
we heard you receive this brand new pick up from Sime Darby?. In his response,
Mr. Naatehn was quoted as saying who in his right mind will refuse such a gift?.
The entire forum hall went silent for few minutes in complete disbelief, because his
response implied that indeed he had received the vehicle from Sime Darbe.
On December 7, 2013, a letter written on the letter head of Friends of Naatehn (FON),
Ref: circular letter to all citizens of Bokomu District Gbarpolu County, reads:
Dear fellow Citizens:
I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, as we prepare to celebrate again
another birth anniversary of our blessed living King on December 25, 2013. Let me
once again extend my sincere thanks and appreciations to you all for the unconditional
support I continue to receive from you people during and after my service to the county
as junior Senator. My family and I remain grateful to you people forever and ever, A
When we think about the 2011 campaign expensive, we can remember that some
people came to you and lie on me. These people told you that I sold the Bokomu land
to Sime Darby Oil Palm Plantation Company. Again, in the 2014 election is coming;
the lairs are coming to you this time around and lying on me. They are now saying
that Sime Darby Oil Palm Plantation Company has bought a car for me and also given
money to me every year. Fellow Citizens these people are lying. I have never sole any
land to Sime Darby Oil Palm Plantation Company and I will never sell our land to them
or any company. The land does not belong to me and I do not have the power to sell it.
These people are lying to you because of the 2014 senatorial election. They did it in the
2011 elections and they are doing it again for the 2014 senatorial elections.
My fellow citizens, elder, chief, Women & Youth as you are awared, this lie has
contined to hunt me since 2011 and the Sime Darby oil palm plantation company has
never come out with any clarifcation. In view of this I urge all of our citizens to reject
Sime Darby oil plam Plantation Company in our districts, chiefdoms, clans, towns and
villages. Please do not accept Sime Darby oil palm Plantation Company in our areas.
The reason for my decision is very simple; if I sold land to Sime Darby oil palm
plantation company please do not allow them in your areas; let them come to me for
their land or money. I swear, I promise to support you on this until God do us part.
Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to explain my side of the Sime
Darby business.
May God continue to shower his blessings upon you all, while we strive to work
together for the common good of our District/County.
Daniel F. Naatehn
The million dollars question now is: Why is Hon. Naatehn writing circular letter
instead of going to court as he promise?

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Monrovia -
ow did angry
residents fed
up with the
massive fooding
in the Sinkor residential
neighborhood breached
the Executive Protection
Services(EPS) to break down
the walls of President Ellen
Johnson-Sirleafs residence?
Thats the question many are
asking as FrontPageAfrica
has now obtained the frst
photographs from the scene
of an incident which has
Monrovia talking.
Residents gathered at the
doorsteps of the President
early Monday morning to show
their disgust at the failure of
authorities to address massive
fooding problems, not only in
the Sinkor area but in several
parts of the city.
The residents laid some of the
blame on the presidents fence,
they say has made it impossible
for water to fow through and
causing serious headaches for
daily commute.
Eyewitnesses say the protesters
from 20th Street to 24th
Street used sharp instruments
and harmful weapons to
overpowered the Presidents
security and tore down portion
of the fence in the Fish Market
Thursday, June 26, 2014 Page 13
Commission on Higher Education Director General long Corruption tale

LONDON (Reuters) -
ritish Prime
Minister David
Cameron on
apologized to parliament for
hiring Andy Coulson, his ex-
media chief, after Coulson
was found guilty of being
part of a phone-hacking
"I take full responsibility for
employing Andy Coulson,
I did so on the basis of
assurances that I received. I
am sorry, this was the wrong
decision," Cameron told
But in heated exchanges,
Ed Miliband, the leader of
Britain's opposition Labour
party, repeatedly called
(Reuters) -
.S. appeals courts
struck down gay
marriage bans in
Utah and Indiana on
Wednesday, saying they violated
constitutional rights to equal
protection in the latest in a series
of court rulings across the nation
to allow gay couples to wed.
A decade ago no U.S. state let gays
marry, but challenges to state bans
gathered pace since last June when
the U.S. Supreme Court struck
down parts of the federal Defense
of Marriage Act, ruling that legally
married same-sex couples were
eligible for federal benefts.
"A state may not deny the issuance
of a marriage license to two
persons, or refuse to recognize
their marriage, based solely upon
the sex of the persons in the
marriage union," the 10th U.S.
Circuit Court of Appeals said in its
ruling on Utah.
ABUJA (Reuters) -
t least 21 people were
killed and 17 injured
when an explosion
tore through a
crowded shopping district in the
Nigerian capital Abuja during
rush hour on Wednesday, a police
spokesman said.
It was not immediately clear what
caused the blast. Two witnesses at
the scene said it shattered the glass
of nearby stores and sent plumes of
smoke billowing into the air.
The explosion rocked an area near
the popular Banex Plaza shopping
centre in the upscale Wuse 2
district, they said.
"After a preliminary investigation,
we can confrm that 21 people
were killed and 17 injured,"
police spokesman Frank Mba
told reporters at the scene of the

Did Boko Haram really abduct 91 more people? No one knows
oko Haram
reportedly snatched
60 women and
31 boys early this
week, adding to a string of
abductions and killings in the
past year.
But while Nigerian security
offcials confrm an
investigation into another mass
abduction in the northeast of
the country, they admit they
have no idea how many people
were actually kidnapped.
Indeed, with every report
of a Boko Haram abduction
the truth about the deadly
insurgency and the facts
about its actions become more
Recommended: 'A Nigerian
prince is in need of your help.'
Please take our Nigeria quiz!
Questions so basic as to who,
where, when and how many
victims were taken, remain
Ahead of national elections
next year, some observers
say the insurgency is likely to
become even more entrenched
as a small war existing
just beneath the surface of
society, in a country recently
proclaimed to be Africa's
leading economy.
Nigerian offcials also dispute
claims in the foreign press that
the abductions happened last
Saturday - while seeming hazy
on when the alleged abductions
took place themselves.
Government offcials have said
the abductions happened over
three days about two weeks
You know some of these
attacks, because they are now
rampant and because it affects
remote or isolated villages, [the
information] hardly [gets to]
us on time, said an offcer at
Bornos department of security
The lack of information and
apparent offcial confusion has
been a leitmotif of the entire
insurgent rise, which appeared
to intensify after a state of
emergency imposed in three
northeast states byPresident
Goodluck Jonathan's
administration last May.
After martial law was imposed,
cell phone and internet service
often failed and there was little
independent verifcation of the
status of the fght between the
Army and the shadowy rebel
group as it hit targets, then
disappeared across the border
into Cameroon.
In April, the kidnapping of
about 270 schoolgirls in the
village of Chibok caused an
improbable and overnight
international outcry, much of
it through the Nigerian group
#bringbackourgirls. In early
June, at least 20 women and
girls were taken. In the past
week alone, scores of people
have been killed in raids on
villages, military checkpoints
and on football fans watching
the World Cup.
Yet information remains scarce,
unverifable and contradictory
as it flters into the cities from
remote farming villages via
unnamed sources.
The Nigerian Army chief said
in May the government knows
where the estimated 270 girls
are located. But President
Jonathan's offcial spokesman
implied days later this was
an exaggeration. Since then,
there's been little information
on the status of the girls. The
government has also refused
to say whether it will negotiate
with Boko Haram. Meanwhile,
no girls from Chibok have been
Residents and offcials in the
northeast fear reprisals from
Boko Haram if they speak out,
as the group appears to be not
only killing and kidnapping
people, but occupying
villages, particularly in regions
bordering Chad and Cameroon,
according to Yan St. Pierre, the
CEO of Berlin-based security
consulting frm MOSECON.
As Nigerias 2015 national
BAGHDAD (Reuters) -
ilitants attacked
one of Iraq's
largest air bases
and seized
control of several small
oilfelds on Wednesday as
U.S. special forces troops and
intelligence analysts arrived
to help Iraqi security forces
counter a mounting Sunni
Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-
Maliki, who is fghting for his
job and is under international
pressure to create a more
inclusive government, said he
supported starting the process
of forming a new cabinet
within a week.
In northern Iraq the Sunni
militants extended a two-week
advance that has been led by
the hardline Islamic State in
Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) but
also includes an amalgam of
other Sunni groups angered by
Maliki's rule.
They blame him for
marginalizing their sect during
eight years in power. The
fghting threatens to rupture
the country two and a half
years after the end of U.S.
U.S. Secretary of State John
Kerry pressed Iraqi offcials
to form an "inclusive"
government during a visit this
week and urged leaders of the
autonomous Kurdish region to
stand with Baghdad against the
onslaught. [ID:nL6N0P51PO]
Members of the Iraqi security
forces take their positions
during an intensive security
deployment we
A parliament session is
planned within a week that will
start the process of forming a
new government based on the
results of elections held in
April. Maliki's Shi'ite-led State
of Law coalition won the most
seats but needs support of other
Shi'ite groups, Sunnis and
Kurds to build a government.
"We will attend the frst
session of parliament," Maliki
said on state television, adding
the commitment stemmed
from "loyalty to our people"
and respect for a call by Iraq's
foremost Shi'ite clergy.
On Friday, Shi'ite Grand
Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the
most respected cleric among
Iraq's Shi'ite majority, called
for the government formation
process to begin.
The United Nations says more
than 1,000 people, mainly
civilians, have been killed
during the Sunni insurgents'
advance in Iraq, spearheaded
by al Qaeda offshoot ISIL.
The fgure includes unarmed
government troops machine
gunned in mass graves by
insurgents, as well as several
reported incidents of prisoners
killed in their cells by retreating
government forces.
A member of the Iraqi security
forces stands guard along
a road during an intensive
security deploym
In addition to the bloodshed,
close to a million people have
been displaced in Iraq this year.
Amin Awad, director of Middle
East and North Africa bureau
for the U.N. refugee agency,
called Iraq on Wednesday "a
land of displacement".
U.S. President Barack Obama
has ruled out sending ground
troops back to Iraq where
they withdrew in 2011. He has
offered up to 300 American
military advisers, about 130
of whom have now been
deployed. The advisers could
gather information about
targets for future air strikes
although no decision has
been taken to start American
Rear Admiral John Kirby, the
Pentagon press secretary, said
late on Tuesday an initial group
sent to establish an operations
center included intelligence
analysts and logistics experts
as well as special operations
Another 50 U.S. military
personnel working in the
region are expected to arrive
within the next few days
to create four additional
assessment teams, he said.
elections approach, increased
political tensions also feed the
insurgency, said Mr. St. Pierre.
Local politicians in Nigerias
cities and towns traditionally
hire thugs to intimidate voters,
he said. These politicians
may have no interest in Boko
Haram ideology but more
often they are the men with the
guns, gaining them informal
Theyre the ones wielding
the money, said St. Pierre.
Theyre the one wielding the
weapons. So basically its:
Im your friend because I need
to be associated with power.
While media regularly attribute
Boko Haram as the attackers in
the often daily bombings or
killings, the fact is that Boko
Haram rarely claims claims
responsibility. Abubakar
Shekau, the man who says
he leads the group, regularly
releases videos bragging about
attacks and spouting his harsh
version of Islamic law, which
includes condemnation of all
things Western, especially
Western-style education.
After the girls were kidnapped
from their schoolhouse in
April, politicians from nations
like the US, the UK, Israel and
Iran pledged their support for
the Nigerian militarys efforts
to fnd the girls. And while
activists in Abuja continue to
rally daily demanding the girls
rescue, no information has
been released indicating when
or if a rescue operation or a
prisoner swap may happen.
Last week the Nigerian
government for the frst time
reported that 219 girls remain
missing. Previously, offcials
have said they do not know
exactly how many girls were
Page 14 |
Thursday, June 26, 2014

All the action in Brazil
he Manchester United
winger was sent off for
the second time in four
international fxtures as les
Bleus fnished top of the group ahead
of Switzerland
Ecuador missed out on a place in the
World Cup last 16 after being held to
a 0-0 draw by France on Wednesday.
The fate of Reinaldo Rueda's men was
always likely to be partly governed by
Switzerland's result against Honduras
- with their 3-0 win in Manaus helping
to end Ecuador's hopes.
But an inability to take the chances
they created against a much-changed
France side, as well as Antonio
Valencia's second-half dismissal,
was ultimately the South Americans'
undoing, while France too will
recognise the need for improvement
ahead of their last-16 clash against
France coach Didier Deschamps
made a raft of changes, with les Bleus
already virtually guaranteed top spot,
as the likes of Morgan Schneiderlin,
Lucas Digne and Antoine Griezmann
all started.
It led to a disjointed performance in
certain parts, but Ecuador were unable
to fnd the goal and the win they were
always likely to need.
Their chances were dealt a blow when
captain Valencia was sent off for
raking his studs down Digne's knee,
and that allowed France to
see out the game in relative
comfort - continuing to rest
players ahead of their next
France began with purpose
as they pressed and harried
Ecuador but they were given
an early scare when Jefferson
Montero got on the end of
Valencia's long ball before
being crowded out.
The lively Griezmann then
pulled an effort wide after 10
minutes as France struggled to
convert their possession into
clear-cut chances.
Deschamps' six changes
perhaps contributed to the
French looking slightly out
of sorts, although Moussa
Sissoko was able to test
Alexander Dominguez in
Ecuador's goal with a left-
footed volley.
Blaise Matuidi's careless
loss of possession was not
punished by Enner Valencia
20 minutes in before Bacary
Sagna's delivery evaded the
fapping Dominguez, as well
as Karim Benzema.
If France were frustrated in
possession early on, they were
put under increasing pressure
after the half-hour mark.
Exhibiting tidy passing and
smart movement, Ecuador
caused France problems
without forging any
goalscoring opportunities.
Paul Pogba and Valencia both
had headers saved by their
opposing goalkeepers late in
the half but neither side could
break the deadlock before the

oth Ghana and
Portugal must go for
the win if they are to
have any chance of
reaching the second round of the
World Cup when the teams meet
in Brasilia on Thursday.
An opening game defeat to the
USA mean that Ghana have to
do it the hard way if they are to
progress to the knockout stages,
and that means beating Portugal
and hoping Germany do the
same to the Americans.
Ghana showed enough in their
frst two games to suggest that
it is possible, but will enter the
match with some regret at the
situation they fnd themselves
They equalized late against
the USA in their opener and
then allowed a free-header at a
corner, enabling the Americans
to snatch the points in the dying
minutes. At least one point was
dropped there.
Then, having come from behind
to lead Germany in the second
half of their next match, another
soft goal allowed the European
side to equalize. Two more
points gone.
So Ghana could have been in
a much stronger position than
they are now. However, there is
nothing they can do about the
past, the can only look forward
to the challenge ahead of them.
Portugal have yet to fre in this
competition, with injuries, red
cards and atrocious defending
against them. That they fnd
themselves going into this game
with a chance of reaching the
Last 16 at all is a minor miracle,
and they need to win big and
hope the USA lose to make the
most unlikely of comebacks.
Central to their bid will be
Cristiano Ronaldo, the player
who makes them tick and upon
whom they rely so heavily for
inspiration. Ghana will have to
fnd a way to counter him.
The good news is that midfelder
Kevin-Prince Boateng and
defender John Boye are both
back in full training. The key
pair were injured in the 2-2 draw
with Germany on Saturday, but
will be ft to face Portugal.
The Ghana players also appear to
have been appeased over unpaid
match fees after the president
of the country, John Dramani
Mahama, had to step in and
assure the players they would be
paid on Wednesday.
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) -
The reigning FIFA Ballon d'Or
winner remains the key man for
a Portuguese side whose World
Cup has been nothing short of a
disaster so far. He was helpless
against Germany but did create
the equaliser against USA that
kept Portugal's hopes alive. As
ever, he holds the key for this
Portugal team.
Andre Ayew (Ghana) - Ayew
has now scored in consecutive
matches for Ghana and looks in
top form. He is a clinical fnisher
and the Black Stars will look to
get the ball to him as much as
possible in the box.
Along with Asamoah Gyan, he
is their chief goals threat.
Paulo Bento (Portugal coach)
- "All we can do is to give
everything in our last game and
try and make the most of the
very little chance that we have
Kwesi Appiah (Ghana coach)
- "You can only stop Cristiano
Ronaldo, the best player in the
world, by working as a team.
We can't let him show what he
can do. It's important that we
don't allow Ronaldo to play
his game. We will study their
game, but it's not only him, it's
the whole team."
Date: Thursday, June 26
Kick-off: 16h00 (GMT)
Venue: Estdio Nacional Man
Garrincha, Braslia
Referee: Nawaf Shukralla
This will be the frst meeting
between the nations.
Thursday, June 26, 2014 Page 15
he Bayern Munich man answered a few
critics with a brilliant treble in Manaus
to seal Ottmar Hitzfeld's side the three
points they needed to leapfrog Ecuador
Xherdan Shaqiri struck a superb hat-trick as
Switzerland secured a place in the World Cup
knockout rounds with a 3-0 win over Honduras
on Wednesday.
He may not be a regular starter at Bayern Munich,
but the young winger remains the focal point of
a Swiss side that have established themselves as
an emerging force.
And the 22-year-old rose to the occasion when
it mattered on Wednesday, his tour de force
securing a win that meant Switzerland progressed
from Group E behind France, who drew 0-0 with
Ecuador to ensure the South American nation
crashed out.
With his side smarting from a 5-2 drubbing at the
hands of France last Friday, Shaqiri settled any
nerves when he scored a sixth-minute thunderbolt
before sliding home a second before half-time.
He then capped his impressive display with a third
in the 71st minute, silencing critics of his recent
performances and setting up a mouthwatering
clash with Argentina next Tuesday.
In stark contrast, Honduras suffered the ignominy
of being eliminated without a single point to their
Determined to right the wrongs of their France
nightmare, Switzerland - who brought Fabian
Schar into their bruised defence in place of
Philippe Senderos - came fying out of the blocks
as Shaqiri had a goal-bound effort blocked.
His frst World Cup goal would come soon after,
though, and it was worth the wait.
After cutting inside from the right wing, the
lively Shaqiri unleashed a powerful, left-footed
effort into the top corner of the net from the edge
of the penalty area.

hana hopes of
advancing to
the World Cups
Round of 16 are
not in the team's control.
The Black Stars need to beat
Portugal on Thursday and hope
that either Germany or the U.S.
wins its fnal match and then
pray that the tiebreakers go in
Ghana's favor.
But there was a chance that
Thursdays match could have
been in trouble if not for the
Ghanaian government stepping
Ghanas players were upset
that they had not been paid
World Cup appearance fees
and threatened to boycott
their fnal group stage match
on Thursday. According to
a statement from the Ghana
FA, President John Dramani
Mahama stepped in and sent
a plane to Brazil in order to
appease the agitation among
the squad.
IFA has offcially charged
Uruguay's Luis Suarez
with biting Italy defender
Giorgio Chiellini in the
teams' World Cup match, a process
that could lead to a suspension for
Uruguay's best offensive player.
FIFA announced early Wednesday
that its disciplinary committee has
opened proceedings against Suarez,
just hours after the end of Tuesday's
If the panel fnds Suarez guilty of
assaulting an opponent, FIFA rules
call for a ban of at least two matches
up to a maximum of 24 months.
FIFA asked the team to present
evidence, which can include video
recordings, by 5 p.m. local time
(2000 GMT) Wednesday.
London (AFP) -
ormer Liverpool striker
Robbie Fowler said
Wednesday the club
could sell Luis Suarez as
English football fgures united in
condemnation of the Uruguayan's
latest bite scandal.
Suarez faces a lengthy ban from
FIFA after he apparently sank his
teeth into Italy defender Giorgio
Chiellini's shoulder during
Uruguay's 1-0 win that saw them
move into the World Cup knockout
Fowler refused to defend Suarez,
saying a man he had seen do so
much good work had again shown
his ugly side.
And he fears he may now be allowed
to leave Liverpool, with Real
Madrid and Barcelona reportedly
keen on signing him.

Both teams advance to second round of World Cup

rgentina beat Nigeria
3-2 in their last World
Cup group match
on Wednesday,
with Lionel Messi and Ahmed
Musa scoring two goals each
before Marcos Rojo kneed in the
Argentina won Group F while
Nigeria also advanced despite
the loss, becoming the frst
African team in the round of 16
in Brazil.
Messi opened the scoring in the
third minute, slamming in the
rebound after Angel Di Maria's
shot bounced off the post.
Nigeria replied within a minute
as Musa cut in from the left
and beat Sergio Romero with a
curling shot toward the far post.
Messi's perfectly hooked free
kick restored the lead for
Argentina just before halftime.
The Argentina captain has
scored in each of the team's three
matches, and now has a total of
four goals.
The second half started at the
same furious pace as the frst,
with two goals within the frst
fve minutes. First Musa took
advantage of confusion in the
Argentine defense to score his
second. Then Rojo made it 3-2 as
he got his right knee on a corner
kick three minutes.
Both teams continued to chase
more goals but the intensity
dropped off somewhat as
Argentina coach Alejandro
Sabella substituted Messi after
the hour-mark.
Tens of thousands of Argentine
fans had traveled to Porto
Alegre for the match, taunting
Brazilian spectators by singing
"Maradona is greater than Pele"
at the 44,000-capacity Beira-Rio
The Brazilians booed and held
up fve fngers to remind the
Argentines of how many World
Cups they've won. Argentina has
Meanwhile, tragedy struck in
Nigeria before the match, as an
explosion rocked a shopping
mall in the capital, Abuja, and
police said at least 21 people
were killed.
The blast came as Nigerians
were preparing to watch the
World Cup match. Many shops
at the mall have TV screens but it
was unclear if the explosion was
timed to coincide with the match,
which started an hour later.
PRICE L$40 VOL 8 NO.623 THURSDAY, JUNE 26, 2014

All the action in Brazil

Both teams advance to second round of World Cup
Spot News FrontPage
Monrovia -
ow did angry residents
fed up with the
massive fooding in
the Sinkor residential
neighborhood breached
the Executive Protection
Services(EPS) to break down the
walls of President Ellen Johnson-
Sirleafs residence?
Thats the question many are
asking as FrontPageAfrica has now
obtained the frst photographs from
the scene of an incident which has
Monrovia talking.
Residents gathered at the doorsteps
of the President early Monday
morning to show their disgust at
the failure of authorities to address
massive fooding problems, not
only in the Sinkor area but in
several parts of the city.
The residents laid some of the
blame on the presidents fence,
they say has made it impossible
for water to fow through and
causing serious headaches for daily
Eyewitnesses say the protesters
from 20th Street to 24th Street used
sharp instruments and harmful
weapons to overpowered the
Presidents security and tore down
portion of the fence in the Fish
Market community.
First Photographs obtained by FrontPageAfrica sheds light on Mondays mob
scene at President Ellen Johnson-Sirleafs Fish Town residence.