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Grove Beach Association

Approved Minutes May 19, 2014

President, Harold Epstein called the meeting to order at 6:33 p.m.

Vice President, Josh Vanasse, Treasurer, Lorraine Collins, Secretary, Jan Cranney, Board of Directors
Barbara Manning, Fred Haddad and Andy Herring were present. In total 15 members were present.

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Sherizas children.

Secretary, Jan Cranney, read the May 6, 2014 minutes that were recorded by Daina Waugh.
Motion made by Daina Waugh, seconded by Jim Waugh to accept the minutes as read. Unanimous
motion carries.

Treasurers report was read by Lorraine Collins. To date we have 14 paid members. There were
expenses to cover the cost of the pavilion that were paid. Harold Epstein inquired as to how many
members would be needed to build up the account to cover future cost for repairs and maintenance.
Lorraine suggested at least 30 members.

Motion made by Jim Waugh, seconded by Jennifer Herring to accept the Treasurers report as read.
Unanimous motion carries.

Lorraine Collins has begun to compile the Grove Beach Association Survey submitted with membership
applications. Lorraine will give report to Harold once completed. The survey is to help the growth and
improvement of the Association.

Harold Epstein asked the associations thoughts on what repairs were a priority, what is on the wish list
and future meetings.

Andy Herring reported the middle beams are detached on the dock. Josh Vanasse reported the
foundation was deteriorating. Josh will take an assessment of the dock and report back his findings.

Harold Epstein asked if members were interested in doing something with the pavilion. Jim Waugh
reported the repairs that were made are good; however it is a band-aid fix and it does need to be looked
into. We have plenty of laborers but raising the money for the repairs is the problem.

Harold Epstein asked members if they had any suggestions on how to have all members participate with
beach maintenance, clean up or participating in events.

Discussion followed.

Motion made by Jim Waugh, seconded by Josh Vanasse upon submission of your $80 Membership
application to Grove Beach Association will be an addendum agreeing to complete two hours of
service for the Association. If you choose to not fulfill your two hours you will be liable to pay
$10 for each hour not completed. Unanimous motion carries.

Harold Epstein has built a web page for Grove Beach. Only paying members will have access to add
pictures and information that pertains to Grove Beach Association. Our minutes, by-laws, notices and a
calendar will be added as well. Go to

Harold and Josh will work together on spearheading a membership drive. Any previous members that
are not joining this year will be asked to return their key.

The annual parade/picnic will be discussed at a future meeting. The picnic usually takes place at the
beginning of August. Josh Vanasse will ask Lou Vanasse to contact the Mattatuck Drum Corp for dates
of availability.

There was discussion on replacing the existing gate. At this time the members feel there are other jobs
that take precedence over the gate.

Harold Epstein asked members if they felt the by-laws needed to be updated. This topic was tabled. It
has been brought to our attention that a 30 day notice would have to be given to members in the event
of any changes to the by-laws to be voted on.

Sheriza Watts requested to reserve the pavilion Saturday, June 21
in the early afternoon.

Harold Epstein would like the members to consider different fund raising events, i.e. BINGO night, movie
night etc. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

Sonny Manning requested the grill be checked out prior to use.

Josh Vanasse volunteered to clean and check out the grill. He will make sure it is in good working order.
The grill is in need of a new cover.

Andy Herring and Jim Waugh volunteered to till the beach in preparation of Memorial Day.

Paul Nolan stated that for every five households that donate $20 (totaling $100) he would match with a
personal donation of $100 to be used for repairs at Grove Beach.

Motion made by Barbara Manning, seconded by Jennifer Herring to adjourn. Unanimous motion
carries. Meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice A. Cranney, Secretary

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