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Steam System

Energy Services
Spirax Sarco as an alliance partner with the Department of Energy, with the
aim of reducing energy losses and emissions, which have an impact on the
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In most cases customers found the savings realized by replacing these
traps far outweighed the cost of the survey, equipment and subsequent
remedial work, with an average total return on their investment in under six
Spiratec is a complete steam trap monitoring system allowing traps to be
continuously monitored and giving immediate warning of failure. By using
conductivity and measuring condensate temperature, the system will
identify any traps that have failed in the open or closed position allowing
them to be rectified at the earliest opportunity.
In 2001 Spirax Sarco Inc. surveyed 80,000 steam traps at over 100 sites
in the United States. From these traps it was identified that
approximately 1.9 billion lbs. of steam per year was being wasted to
atmosphere, equivalent to approximately $11,100,000 per year in fuel
costs. This in turn accounted for additional emissions of 126,671 tons of
per year.
Steam trap
with integral
Spiratec steam trap monitoring system
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Customers who have benefited from Spirax Sarco’s experience:
Alliance Partner
Steam is one of the most efficient ways of transporting energy around the plant.
It is easy to control, requires no pumps for distribution, and is environmentally friendly.
The Spirax Sarco steam trap survey will identify, tag and test every steam trap
station in your plant. We will confirm whether it is suitable for the application,
working correctly, or failed in the open or closed position.
This information is entered into a computerized Steam Trap Management System
which shows a full inventory of your traps, their location, status and suitability for the
application. Failed traps are highlighted, and steam losses calculated giving
payback times on replacement of the failed traps.
The survey can also identify steam leaks with the goal of targeting and
prioritizing areas of your plant which, with further investigation, could lead to
greater savings and improvements.
Steam Trap Monitoring Software
Using Spirax Sarco's Steam Trap Monitoring Software (STMS), the
survey team will produce a set of reports which may be downloaded
to a PC for further analysis. The reporting system is both flexible and
A trap which has failed open will result in:
Increased fuel bills.
Higher emissions.
Increased water and effluent charges.
A trap which has failed closed will result in:
Waterhammer and wet steam.
Increased maintenance.
Longer start-up times.
Reduction in process performance.
Lower energy bills.
Reduced emissions.
Shorter downtime.
Reduced water use.
Lower effluent costs.
Less boiler chemicals.
Increased production.
Generating steam centrally gives opportunities for heat recovery and combined heat
and power schemes; reduction in greenhouse gas emissions; and the
ability to sequence boilers to give optimum output.
To operate efficiently any system should be regularly maintained. Failure to do this
will result in a gradual deterioration of performance which may well go
unnoticed for a long period of time resulting in substantial energy losses.
With over 90 years experience Spirax Sarco is the world’s leading
company in the field of steam system engineering. We are committed
to helping our customers to realize the full potential of their steam
systems by maximizing the efficiency of steam generation and
distribution leading to:
The steam system assessments are more detailed and take an in-depth look at
the steam and condensate loop. Our objective is to reduce your operational
costs through “Best Practices” steam system management and highlight any
health and safety issues.
Depending on the outcome of the steam trap survey report, or from your own
concerns, this could be either a full steam system assessment or
just aspects of the system. Typically the assesment could be bro-
ken down into the boiler house, the distribution system and the
end point of use.
The boiler house is the heart of the steam system. By knowing
the fuel, water, effluent costs, etc., and the amount of steam
generated, we can make energy saving recommendations and
give accurate payback calculations on equipment installed to
achieve these savings.
The steam and condensate distribution system will be
inspected to include insulation, identification of steam leaks and
will highlight poor engineering practices. In addition, we will
visually inspect and tag key equipment on the distribution lines,
such as, pressure reducing valve stations and control valves,
and make recommendations to maximize condensate return.
An assessment on the process point of use will recommend areas for
improvement to ensure steam reaches your application at the correct pressure
and quality. Pressure reducing valves and control valves will be identified,
tagged and inspected. We will confirm the correct control methods are used and
will make recommendations, if necessary, for the efficient removal of
condensate and its return to the boiler house.
Project Management
Once areas of improvement have been identified, Spirax Sarco can offer
assistance in maintenance, repair and installation of turnkey solutions for your
steam and condensate system.
We can offer personal consultation to your maintenance teams to ensure that
equipment is installed correctly. Alternatively, we can manage the
whole project by employing and supervising approved contrac-
tors to do the work giving you Quality Assurance that the project
has been installed to steam “Best Practices” standards.
By allowing Spirax Sarco trained personnel to carry out,
schedule, and supervise your project, many customers have
seen their total project times decreased by over 40%. Saving
time and money.
In addition to the above, Spirax Sarco can train your staff on
“Best Practices” practices for steam systems. This training can
be carried out on your own site or at one of our 4 training
centers around the country.
The Steam System
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