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Actuated Valves
for On/Off
The Spirax Sarco range of
piston actuated valves
provide a competitive
solution for on/off control
applications by combining
many key benefits in one
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through 39 group companies in 32 countries.
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Spirax Sarco worldwide service
A partnership with Spirax Sarco provides
knowledge, service and products worldwide
for the control and efficient use of
steam and other industrial fluids.
Our comprehensive
product range
• Boiler controls
• Flowmeters
• Pneumatic and electronic
actuated control valves
• Self-acting temperature
control valves
• Programmable electronic
• Pneumatic transmitter
• Safety valves
• Steam traps
• Steam trap monitoring
• Condensate pumps
• Flash vessels
• Separators
• Strainers
• Stop valves
• Check valves
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Phone: 803-714-2000
To complement the range of pneumatically actuated control
valves; the pneumatic, electropneumatic and digital
positioners will allow small actuators to close against higher
differential pressures, eliminate hysteresis and speed up
actuator positioning time.
Compressed Air
The condition of compressed air is
critical to plant efficiency.
Poor quality air can lead to
shortened air tool life, increased
manufacturing times and even
health risks. The Spirax Sarco range
of compressed air
products - filters, and regulators -
guarantees high quality air at the
point of use.
Ball Valves
The forged stainless steel ball valve with
smooth internal surfaces provides a safe
environment for high purity and aseptic
processes. Its low maintenance, clean
design is suitable for steam,
liquids and gases. It is available with a
wide range of end connections
including a quick release sanitary clamp
to expedite installation and cleaning.
Size range 1/2" to 2".
Control Systems Flowmeters
Whatever your process or system requirements, there is a flowmeter to suit your needs
from the Spirax Sarco range. Our flowmeters have an unrivaled reputation for accura-
cy, reliability and versatility, being suitable for steam as well as most liquids and gases.
A comprehensive choice of flow computers and display units, many of which can be
linked to plant or energy management systems, complement the range.
Boiler Controls and Systems
An extensive range of boiler controls and systems is available. Whether it’s a
completely new boiler house plant or a simple blowdown valve replacement, Spirax
Sarco will have the answer.
To enable you to make the right choice for your application, Spirax Sarco has
developed a range of control systems ranging from simple self-acting controls to
systems that will fit into highly sophisticated control loops.
Standard Range Gilflo
The Gilflo flowmeter offers an
unrivaled 100:1 turndown ratio
and can be used to meter most
industrial fluids including steam
and gases. Available in pipeline
sizes 2" to 16".
Orifice plate
Spirax Sarco orifice plate
flowmeters are especially suited
for installations in pipelines where
the need for high accuracy and
turndown is not critical. They can
be interfaced with flow computers
to give up-to-the-minute data at
the touch of a button. Available in
pipeline sizes from 1" upwards.
Flow Computers
A range of flow computers is
available to give automatic
density compensation plus ana-
log, pulse and RS232C outputs.
Flowcomputers can be sited up to
1000m away from the pipeline
Flow Related Ancillary
Spirax Sarco offers a range of high
quality multi-variable, differential pres-
sure, pressure and temperature
Pneumatically Actuated Control Valves
Two and three port control valves manufactured in iron, cast steel and stainless steel ranging from 1/2" to 8".
The valves can be used on pressures up to 1500 psig and are available with screwed or flanged connections.
For pressure or temperature
control, controllers are available
with simple proportional control
action, or with the addition of
integral action. Temperature
sensing is via a nitrogen filled
direct expansion system and
pressure sensing by intercon-
necting pipework to an internal
bourdon tube.
Electrically Actuated
Control Valves
Using the same valve range as
the pneumatic actuators,
electric actuators provide an
alternative solution to applica-
tions that require an electrical
powersupply. A comprehensive
range of accessories is
Panel mounted single loop
controllers suitable for single or
multi setpoint control. They
incorporate PID, auto TUNE and
ADAPTIVE algorithms.
Conductivity Meters
The temperature compensated
conductivity meter is an essen-
tial instrument to have in the
boiler house for checking boiler
water and feedwater TDS
levels and calibrating control
High Integrity Level
The dangers of a low water level
in steam boilers are well known
and boiler operating standards
around the world require
stringent safety measures to be
taken to guard against this
potentially dangerous condition.
Spirax Sarco offers high integrity
self checking high and low level
alarm systems using modern
electronic solid state controllers
and cut to length conductivity
On/Off Level Controls
For steam boiler installations with
a reasonably constant steam
demand, a simple on/off control
system, operating on the
conductivity principle may be
Modulating Level
Utilizing capacitance level
probes, modulating level controls
on boilers give stable water
levels reducing the chance of
lock-out, steady steam pressure
and flowrate, more efficient burn-
er operation and less wear and
tear on feedpump and burner.
ILVA (In-Line Variable
The ILVA is an all stainless steel
wafer style flowmeter based on
the well-established spring
loaded, variable area Gilflo.
Suitable for installation between
150, 300 or 600 ANSI flanges,
the ILVA provides all the benefits
of the Gilflo meters including
very compact installation
requirements at an attractive
The CCD system monitors the
conductivity of condensate
being returned to the boiler and
diverts contaminated conden-
sate to drain.
DIVA (Direct In-Line
Variable Area)
The DIVA does not rely on measure-
ment of differential pressure across
the flowmeter, measuring instead the
force generated by the deflection of
the cone via a series of high
quality stain gauges. The DIVA has
an internal temperature sensor
enabling full density compensation for
saturated steam applications remov-
ing the need for additional sensors
and flow computers.
Boiler Blowdown
TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
must be controlled accurately for
efficient, safe production of high
quality steam. High TDS will
result in carryover of boiler water
and impurities causing problems
with production and plant.