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% whte!
9-27-12 Note the date of this publication and realize that this tech has grown and changed alot since #OWS some of what
is presented here is obsolete alread or has been surpassed b current !nowledge" #onceptuall$ this %ow &o still holds
1''(" )abe this winter * can update with new tech"
"his #how to# will $o%us on how rndom tems o$ 2 or more &eo&le %n set u& %oordinted
'i!e Stremin( )ideo *ews +ell with miniml in!estment usin( the te%hnolo(y tht you my
lredy h!e !ilble to you,%ow &o Stream +,S*#"he %ell &hone method will re-uire
.&hone or ndroid &hone .delly you/ll h!e 0( wi$i hots&ot or 3(, i$ you h!e only your
&hone nd unlimited ser!i%e tht should wor1 too 2ust mybe not s smoothly &hone &&s
to %hoose $rom htt&://www,ustrem,t!/ htt&://-i1,%om/ htt&://bmbuser,%om/
3mbuser seems to be esiest to $ind t((ed strem nd they h!e $r $ewer %ommer%ils, 3y
%oordintin( with your tem to (ree u&on 1eyword $or the title o$ your stremin( !ideos those
loo1in( to mix your strem into %hnnels will be ble to $ind it esily in the bmbuser li!e ser%h
results, 4xm&le #5%%u&y 6y+ity 'bor 6r%h# would show u& $or nyone ser%hin(
#5%%u&y# 7li1e 8loblRe!olution,t!9 :/or 6y+ity 7li1e your lo%l strem mixer9"o set the title
$or your bmbuser strem 7$ter downlodin( the &&9 o&en the && on your &hone nd %li%1 the
%o( loo1in( thin( 7settin(s9s%roll down to #"itle o$ 3rod%st# nd enter your text,done%otSpot
#onsiderationsS&rint, "6obile, )eri;on<sully (ret %o!er(e, ex&ensi!e &lns with
bndwidth restri%tions nd/or 5)4R=84 %hr(es,3est seems to be )eri;on but the o!er(e %osts
should be &lnned $or 10 (i(s month in%luded with >0 dollr &ln, 5!er(es %ost rou(hly
10?20 bu%1s n hour de&endin( on bitrte o$ the strem,#lear"com@s 0( <*'.6."4A ser!i%e
&lns $or 0B bu%1s $or 1 or 7B bu%1s $or 2 s&ots on the sme %ontr%t, "he hots&ots %ost bout
100 bu%1s, "hey h!e !ery 'imited ser!i%e res mostly in the metro&olis/s 7%he%1 your re $or
%o!er(e9 = 2 &%1 would enble you to %hr(e 1, use 1 nd trde between,Wi$i enble your
&hone nd %on$i(ure it to %hoose your &ssword &rote%ted hots&otFor bttery li$e you will wnt
to %onsider somethin( li1e this
htt&://www,ener(i;er&ower&%1s,%om/us/&rodu%ts/index,htmlC&ortble%hr(ersthis one is bttle
&ro!en on Wll St,htt&s://www,(oo(le,%om/ser%hD-?ener(i;erEx&0000%ow to set up a
-i.eStream #hannel"his is s&e%i$i% $or li!estrem,%om but the sme &ro%edures trnslte to
doin( it on <strem but you will h!e lot more ds, htt&://www,li!estrem,%om'o( in nd (ot
to the +@=**4'S tb o$ your %%ount'=<*+@ = *4W +@=**4' $rom the blue button ri(ht
hnd %olumnFrom 6F +@=**4'S enter the S"<A.5 +5*F.8<R4 +@=**4' tbbrnd
your %%ount usin( %hnnel lo(o et% in the %on$i(ure %hnnel re,3e sure to dd rele!nt lin1s,
li1e your dontion &(e, wish list, sso%ited websitesthe %orner bu( is smll s-ure lo(o li1e
thin( you %n dd to brnd your strem"est +rds %ould be use $or !riety o$ stndrd
nnoun%ements 7be ri(ht b%1, donte now, our %hnnel ro%1s et%9 these re (ood $or %uttin( to
-ui%1ly between %uein( u& trnsitions,,// 01O/2#&*ON &3,) )3)+31.$ you will be
shrin( the mn(ement o$ your %hnnel "his is where you dd other li!estrem members to
your online studio tem, "his will llow your tem members to brod%st dire%tly to your
%hnnel, mix %mers nd mn(e &rodu%tion s&e%ts o$ the li!e strem, +ell &hone stremers
will not need to be dded to the &rodu%tion tem ubless they re lso hel&in( to 6ix the $eeds,
only those stremin( with web%ms, %mers or restremers, "he +mer 5nly settin( will
llow them to strem to your %hnnel but not mn(e the %hnnel,),N,43 5O21 -*+1,15
"his is where you im&ort !ideos $or your, we/re not li!e now, &lylistG the uto &ilot,"he .m&ort
)ideos tb o&ens $irst, these don/t ne%essrily wor1,%li%1 the <&lod )ideos tb nd brin( in your
%ontent tht wy,'od some rele!nt !ideos into you uto &ilot, +onsiderin( your issue nd
desired udien%e,<se the +5*"R5' =<"5 H.'5" tb t to& to rrn(e your u&lods in the
=uto &ilot Storybord,6ixin( 'i!eStrem +mer in&uts 7multi&le &hones, %mers or s%reen
%&tures9"his would be ni%er with 2 %om&uters but %n be %hie!ed with 1 but h!in( dul
monitor system would be d!isble, 5&en your li!e strem %hnnels S"<A.5 to the 3rod%st
'i!e "b#amera *nputsHrodu%tion "em 6embers %n strem dire%tly into the 'i!eStrem
studio by sele%tin( your %hnnel to brod%st to when strtin( the 'i!eStrem Aes1"o&
&ublishin( && Hro%ster,htt&://www,li!estrem,%om/&lt$orm/&ro%ster3mbuser / S%reen
+&ture .n&iuts5&en new browser window with
htt&://bmbuser,%om/ser%h/bmbuserIser%h/Ser%hE"erm7Ser%hE"erm bein( "itle 1eywords
(reed to with you bmbuser stremers9.$ some one is 'i!e they will show u& 1st in the list=lso
in this browser window you would wnt &(e $or ny sso%ited <strem $eedsOpen our
cop of 0rocasterhtt&://www,li!estrem,%om/&lt$orm/&ro%ster'o( in nd you will be
&resented with bl%1 box with &ull down menu tht in%ludes ll the li!estem %hnnels you
5wn or h!e &ermission to strem to,.$ you h!e bult in Web%m you will see nother &ull
down below the bi( red 8o 'i!e button, "his is where you sele%t your in&ut, *o +mer mens
tht you wnt to use s%reen %&ture s your %mer nd h!e no intention o$ (oin( li!e on
%mer $rom your web%m, .$ you sele%t web%m you will h!e the o&tion to be 'i!e on web
%m or to s%reen %&ture $eed 73mbuser et%9 5R to do both t the sme time with built in
s&lit s%reen e$$e%t,Fou my wnt to so s&eed test to determine the mximum nitrte in the
-ulity &ull downhtt&://s&eedtest,net/*orml Julity is &robbly best e!en i$ you h!e ton o$
bndwidth be%use you won/t wnt to limit your udien%e by en%odin( too $t, 6rom the
0rocaster 0refences button 'i!estrem "byou will wnt to un%li%1 #utomti%lly (o li!e#
unless you re stremin( $rom the $ield with your web%m nd there re no other %ms nd/or no
one mnnin( the mixin( Studio, =nother reson to le!e you #=uto 'i!e box %he%1ed is i$ you
re %onsidered the on %ll emer(en%y %mer $or n %tion,re%ord your stremsuto d to librry
: uto dd to =uto-Hilot i$ you wish to 1ee& uto-&ilot $or K reruns,From the )ideo "be%h
sour%e will h!e inde&endent settin(s 7web%m : s%reen %&ture9$or low bndwidth &&li%tions
1B$&s will hel& your strem $low,From the Aes1to& "bensure tht Show 6ouse nd @i(hli(ht
6ouse re not %he%1ed unless you/re &lnnin( to %rete s%reen %&ture tutoril or &ower&oint
ty&e &resenttion,S!e Four Hre$eren%es
4o -i.eFou now h!e Hro%ster tool br t the bottom o$ your monitor+li%1 the 6ixer button,
.$ you re (oin( to be on %mer %ommentin( on your s%reen %&tures you will need to =AA
S5<R+4 the built in mi%ro&hone, "he S&e1ers =udio would be %onsidered nythin( %omin(
out o$ your s&e1ers, Fou my d2ust the le!els o$ your built-in 6i% nd your S&e1ers udio
7Sty out o$ the red9,=$ter you/!e d2usted your le!els you will wnt to dr( the udio mixer
&nel to the bottom o$ the monitor window to mximi;es your wor1 s&%e,Hosition the (reen
s%reen %&ture box round the 3mbuser or other li!e $eed tht you wish to brod%st on your
%hnnel, 5n 1st use you my need to %li%1 the Loom 5ut button on the Hro%ster tool 3r in
order to $ind the ed(es o$ the (reen %&ture box, 5n%e you see the ed(es you %n s%le nd dr(
it where!er you wnt, +re$ul &l%ement o$ 2 or more li!e strems next to e%h other %n be
used to %rete s&ilt s%reen brod%sts when multi&le $eeds re !ilble,&o comment li.e while
streamingWith the 3uilt .n 6i% sour%e ddeduse +mer button on the "ool br to %omment on
s%reen, on web %muse S%reen button on the "ool br to %omment o$$ %meruse 2A 6ix button
on the "ool br to %omment in &i%ture in &i%tureuse 3A 6ix button on the "ool br to %omment
on %mer o$$ to the side o$ the s%reen %&ture.$ you do not wnt the udio $rom your built in
%om&uter mi% brod%st on your %hnnel m1e sure you do *ot h!e the 3uilt .n =udio sele%tion
%ti!e in the udio mixer,use of o.erlas$ tic!ers5n (oin( mess(es li1e &hone numbers,
dontion lin1s, meetin( times nd re%ent news %n be deli!ered throu(h the ti%1er tb in the
li!estrem Studio,5!erlys $or lbelin( on s%reen %ontent, .s it li!e, Wht is it, Who is it, Where
,d.anced&he computer and web cam methodwe/!e $ound 'o(ite1 N10 to be &retty (ood $or
the moneyFou %n use li!estrem,%om or ustrem,%om or bmbuser to ser!e the $eed'i!eStrem
hs $ewer %ommer%ils nd with their Hro+ster des1to& && it/s &retty esy to d2ust settin(syou
%n wl1 round holdin( the l&to& or&ut it in slee& nd sti%1 in b%1&%1 i$ you %n m1e sure
the usb %ord won//t %ome out orsome &eo&le en2oy &uttin( it in bby stroller or other rollin(
de!i%e&he computer and camcorder methodlon( yet mn(eble $irewire %ble se%urely
tt%hed to both %mer nd %om&uter 7thin1 du%t t&e9Fou %n use li!estrem,%om or
ustrem,%om to ser!e the $eedyou %n wl1 round holdin( the l&to& nd your %mer or&ut it in
slee& nd sti%1 in b%1&%1 orsome &eo&le en2oy &uttin( it in bby stroller or other rollin(
de!i%e Streaming with a camera and no computer'i!estrem or <strem"erde1
htt&://terde1,%om/ ex&ensi!e, lots o$ &rts to tt%h to your ri(, somewht troublesome to
%on$i(ure well