Tribute, a Bordeaux blend produced from 100% estate grapes grown at the Benziger Family Ranch on Sonoma Mountain, is the first Demeter-certified Biodynamic® wine from Napa and Sonoma counties and one of the first in North America. Biodynamics is the highest form of organic farming in the world. It goes beyond the elimination of chemicals to represent a complete and wholistic system of agriculture that views the farm as a living

85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Petit Verdot 4% Cabernet Franc, 1% Merlot

organism intimately connected with its environment. e goal of a Biodynamic wine is not perfection, but rather to truly and authentically reflect the variety, vintage, place and passion of the people who make it. WINEMAKING | Tribute was fermented with native yeast and went through malolactic fermentation in barrels during the winter in our underground caves. Blended early in its history, Tribute was bottled in May of 2006 after 18 months in French oak barrels (35% new barrels) and bottled unfiltered. e wine was aged for one year in the bottle before release in May - July of 2007. Enjoy it now (decanting will add to its enjoyment) but it will continue to develop over the next 6 to 10 years. It will easily age for 15 to 20 years under proper cellaring conditions. VINTAGE | e 2004 vintage was one of the quickest, shortest and smallest vintages in many years. It started early and ended early. e growing season was uniformly warm and dry. e resulting wines have good concentration, beautiful aromas and are well structured. AROMA | e wine’s aroma is focused on cedar, black cherry, nutmeg, black olive, tobacco, licorice, smoke and a wonderful earthiness. MOUTHFEEL | is wine has a beautiful rich textured entry. Soft, fine grain tannins provide a consistent velvety grip throughout the experience. It is well balanced and well integrated. Concentration and structure provide an interesting contrast. e finish is very long with lingering flavors of berry, bittersweet chocolate and spiciness.
BIODYNAMIC CERTIFICATION Demeter is the third party certifier of traditional Biodynamic practices and the oldest such agency in the United States. Certification, the ultimate guarantee of tradition and purity in the production of agricultural products, is extremely difficult to achieve and must be renewed annually. Only wineries that have achieved the rigorous certification from Demeter can make any reference to Biodynamic practices and the certification will be marked with the Demeter logo. For more information on the certification process, visit www.demeter-usa.org

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WHAT IS BIODYNAMIC FARMING? Biodynamic farming is a wholistic approach developed in the 1920’s by Rudolf Steiner, a Austrian scientist-philosopher who also created Waldorf education. In 1924, a group of farmers—concerned that their crops were no longer nourishing their families and animals as they once had—asked Steiner for help. He created Biodynamic farming, an agricultural method rooted in traditional polyculture farming practices. While it encompasses many of the principles of organic farming, such as the elimination of all chemicals, Biodynamic practices go further, requiring close attention to the varied forces of nature influencing the vine. It also emphasizes a closed nutrient and self-sustaining ecosystem. e resulting wine has authenticity of place and better, bolder flavors. WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT BIODYNAMIC WINES:
“ e key to biodynamic winegrowing—or some similar devotion to intensely self-sustaining agriculture and naturalistic winemaking—is that its practitioners give us wines that are somehow luminous in their flavors and purity. ey allow us, in a technological era of reverse osmosis, spinning cones and vacuum concentrators, to know what is, in the immortal words of Smokey Robinson, "really, really real." Matt Kramer, “ e difference between other wines and biodynamic wines is like the difference between lap dogs and hunting dogs.”

Jancis Robinson

“Can you taste the Biodynamics? Of course not. But, you can taste courage… you can taste tenderness in the winemaking itself… is is what is real… Now, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, we need that absolutely.” Matt Kramer, "Biodynamics is the aikido or ashtanga yoga of winegrowing -- a way to focus energy and awareness for peak performance and exceptional health. Sick vineyards need homeopathy; biodynamic vineyards radiate a vigor that can be felt. Like Barry Bonds turning a 100-mph fastball into a soaring arc headed for McCovey Cove, biodynamic vineyards are completely aligned with their purpose, and therefore able to channel all the forces of the moment into a powerful result." om Elkjer, July 1, 2004 “I don't know if you can taste biodynamics, but I do know you can taste passion, the single most important ingredient of all great wines.” Ben Giliberti, February 21, 2007 “In the simplest of terms, things are done the natural way. e farming excludes the use of herbicides, chemical fertilizers, aromatic additives such as oak chips and tannin powder; and it doesn't allow genetically engineered vines. For many producers and consumers, these are important. Obviously, it's a global concern.” Larry Lipson, Daily News. Los Angeles February 19, 2007