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May 18-23, 2007

Barry Bonds' pursuit of the all-time Home Run record divides Americans and baseball fans, as do the allegations of steroid use that surround him. Many blacks view the controversy through the prism of race. Yet for all the talk about steroids, Bonds' personality may be just as big a factor in whether or not fans are pulling for him. Americans split on whether they want Bonds to break the record, and there is a racial divide, too -- whites hoping he falls short, but blacks strongly pulling for him. (Both Bonds and current record-holder Hank Aaron are black.) Baseball fans - those very or somewhat interested in the game - divide in much the same way as the entire nation, though fewer are ambivalent. ARE YOU ROOTING FOR BONDS TO BREAK THE HR RECORD? All Americans Baseball fans All Whites Blacks All Whites Blacks Yes 33% 29% 57% 40% 35% 67% No 30 34 19 38 42 19 Don't care/know 37 37 24 22 23 14 Younger baseball fans under 30 (a generation that has grown up not only watching Barry Bonds but also in an era of more frequent steroid allegations against many players) are split on this question. Their oldest counterparts - fans over 64 – are rooting against Bonds and are the age group most likely not to care what happens. Fans in the west – where Bonds plays – are the most supportive of his quest; fans in the rest of the country are more divided. Bonds has denied taking steroids but allegations continue to dog him. To most fans, the fact that people make those charges has nothing to do with Bonds' race. Yet to the overwhelming number of black fans (more than six in ten) race is seen as a factor. BASEBALL FANS: IS RACE A FACTOR IN STEROID CHARGES AGAINST BONDS? All Whites Blacks Yes, major factor 8% 4% 38% Yes, minor factor 12 10 24 No, not a factor 76 82 38 Most baseball fans suspect the steroid charges ARE true – though fewer are ready to say they're definitely true. A sizeable number of black

fans don't believe the charges, but like most whites, many do suspect they're accurate. BASEBALL FANS: STEROID ALLEGATIONS AGAINST BONDS ARE… All Whites Blacks Definitely true 18% 20% 6% Probably true 48 50 40 Not true 19 15 47 Barry Bonds has won more Most Valuable Player Awards than anyone in baseball history – but he has been criticized by some fans and press for what they described as arrogance, or his unwillingness to grant interviews. Today, baseball fans do not have a positive view of Bonds, though black fans do. In no region of the nation or in any age group do favorable views predominate. BASEBALL FANS: VIEWS OF BARRY BONDS All Whites Blacks Favorable 25% 22% 41% Unfavorable 36 41 16 Undecided/ Haven't heard 37 35 37 The belief that Bonds used steroids, and overall views of him, are both tied to whether baseball fans are rooting for him. But personal views of Bonds appear to be more strongly connected. Of those fans who dislike Bonds, only 7% are rooting for him. Of those who suspect he took steroids, 27% are rooting for him, anyway. BASEBALL FANS: ROOTING FOR BONDS TO BREAK RECORD? View of Bonds is… Steroid allegations are… Favorable Unfavorable UNtrue True 87% 7% 82% 27% 5 80 12 54

Yes No

Still, the game and the excitement of a record chase may be bigger than any one player, no matter how controversial. As fans look ahead to the day the record falls (Bonds entered the All-Star break just four shy of Aaron's mark) most - 55% - say that will be good for baseball because it is always exciting to see records broken. Fewer, 35%, think it will be bad for baseball because Bonds is the subject of such controversy. On this, whites and blacks agree. BASEBALL FANS: IF BONDS BREAKS RECORD, WOULD THAT BE…? All Whites Blacks Good for baseball 55% 51% 81% Bad for baseball 35 39 18 There is no public proof that Bonds himself used steroids, but in general, Americans don't have much sympathy for athletes who set records while using them. Half the fans say that any record proven to have been set by an athlete using steroids should be eliminated.

Another one in three would mark the record in the books with a note that the person used steroids. Baseball fans, in particular, feel the same as Americans overall. IN GENERAL, IF AN ATHLETE IS PROVEN TO USE STEROIDS, THEIR RECORD SHOULD BE… All Americans Baseball fans Eliminated from record books 52% 50% Kept in books with a note 29 33 Kept like all other records 17 16 INTEREST IN BASEBALL Almost six in ten Americans – 59% - call themselves at least somewhat interested in baseball, though only 18% are very interested. Another 41% are not interested at all. Interest today is higher than the last time this poll measured it in 2002. Whites are a bit more likely to be very interested. Two-thirds of men are interested; half of women are. The Northeast, where the sport's roots are historically deep, is baseball's hotbed: one-quarter are very interested, the most of any region. By comparison, only about one in ten southerners is very interested. INTEREST IN BASEBALL Whites Blacks 19% 13% 40 44 40 44

Very Somewhat Not at all

All 18% 41 41

7/2002 14% 30 55

________________________________________________________________________ This poll was conducted among a random sample of 1125 adults nationwide, interviewed by telephone May 18-23, 2007. The error due to sampling for results based on the entire sample could be plus or minus three percentage points. The error for subgroups is higher. An oversample of African Americans was also conducted for this poll, for a total of 192 interviews among this group. The results were then weighted in proportion to the racial composition of the adult population in the U.S. Census. The margin of error for African Americans is plus or minus 7 percentage points.

CBS NEWS/NEW YORK TIMES POLL Barry Bonds, Steroid Allegations and Race May 18-23, 2007 q86 If it is proven that an athlete used steroids at the time he or she set a major record in a sport, what do you think should happen to that record? 1. It should be eliminated from the record books, or 2. It should be kept in the record books, but with a note that the athlete used steroids when it was set, OR 3. It should be kept in the record books like any other record? TOTAL % 52 29 17 2 BASEBALL FANS* % 50 33 16 1

Eliminated Kept, with a note Kept like any other Don't know/No answer

q96 Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants is very close to breaking Hank Aaron's record of 755 lifetime homeruns. Are you rooting for Barry Bonds to break Hank Aaron's record, or do you hope he will fall short? Rooting for him Hope he falls short Don't care (Vol.) Don't know/No answer 33 30 21 16 40 38 14 8

q97 Is your opinion of Barry Bonds favorable, not favorable, undecided, or haven't you heard enough about Barry Bonds yet to have an opinion? Favorable Not favorable Undecided Haven't heard enough Refused 18 27 19 33 3 25 36 19 18 1

q98 As you may know, some people have accused Barry Bonds of taking illegal steroids, a charge which Bonds has denied. Do you personally believe the allegations that Bonds used steroids are definitely true, probably true, probably not true, or definitely not true? Definitely true Probably true Probably not true Definitely not true Don't know/No answer 13 46 13 3 25 18 48 16 3 15

q99 Do you think the fact that Barry Bonds is black is a major factor, a minor factor, or not a factor in people making these allegations against Bonds? Major Minor Not a Don't factor factor factor know/No answer 7 11 71 11 8 12 76 4

*Baseball Fans = Those who responded “very” or “somewhat interested” in q101.

q100 Regardless of what you think of Barry Bonds personally, if Bonds DOES break the record, do you think that will generally be good for baseball, because it is always exciting when important records are broken, OR will that generally be bad for baseball, because Barry Bonds is the subject of controversy? TOTAL % 52 33 15 BASEBALL FANS* % 55 35 10

Good for baseball Bad for baseball Don't know/No answer

q101 How interested are you in watching or following major league baseball -- very interested, somewhat interested, or not interested at all? Very interested Somewhat interested Not interested at all Don't know/No answer 18 41 41 0 30 70 0 0

*Baseball Fans = Those who responded “very” or “somewhat interested” in q101.

Total Respondents Total Baseball Fans