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Public Presentation
for the
Lansdale Parking Garage Construction Project
Borough of Lansdale Parks Building
June 25, 2014 | 7 p.m.
Project Background
• Most frequently-used station on the
Lansdale/Doylestown Line.
• Parking is fully-utilized on many
• 7 mixed-use and residential
developments are planned for Lansdale
Borough which will increase ridership
from Lansdale Station.
• Development and background
population growth will increase the
demand for parking at Lansdale Station
by 2019.
• As a result, SEPTA will construct a parking garage to increase the number of available
spaces. In addition, a pedestrian bridge will be constructed in order to increase
multimodal circulation and support economic development initiatives in the area.
Purpose of the Project
• Lansdale Station has the most parking
spaces of any station along the
Lansdale/Doylestown Line.
• Current average daily boardings (2013)
are 1,396
• However, Projected Average Daily
Weekday Ridership is expected to
increase to 1,571 due to background
population growth and planned
Origins and Access Survey
A survey was conducted for riders at the
Lansdale Station to determine home origins
and access mode.
(687 distributed; 374 returned)
• Data was analyzed to determine where
riders originated and how they reached
the station.
• 56 municipalities were represented in
the Lansdale commutershed.
• Results were used to determine how
regional and local growth may affect on
ridership and access modes, as well as
future parking demand.
Parking Demand Study Results
• Total 2019 Parking Demand, without
Latent Demand: 943
• Total 2019 Parking Supply, with latent
demand: 1,073
People that would park if parking were
available, but if not, they would continue to
access the station by other means.
• Current Parking Supply: 590
• Future Parking Supply: 899
Latent Demand
899 spaces total
667 new garage
+ 120 spaces on the rear surface lot
+ 112 spaces in the front lot
This results in a Net Gain of 309 spaces at Lansdale Station.*
* The 93 spaces in Lansdale Borough’s Madison lot will no longer be used for
SEPTA station parking.
Existing Parking Facilities
Future Parking Facilities
590 spaces total
385 rear-lot parking spaces at the Station (100% utilization)
+ 112 front-lot parking spaces at the Station (100% utilization)
+ 93 in Lansdale Borough’s Madison lot (100% utilization)
• Construction anticipated to start in
the summer of 2015.
• Construction is expected to last
approximately 18 months.
• Access will be allowed through the
site during construction following the
outer perimeter of the parking lot.
• Entrance improvements will also be
made at Main Street.
Work Area
Construction Overview
Alternate Parking
Colmar Station
Lansdale Station
Pennbrook Station
SEPTA is committed to providing parking at other
stations during construction.
Several alternatives for parking include:
• Colmar
• 9
Street (temporary or permanent)
• Pennbrook
• Downtown Lansdale
Traffic Impact Study
SEPTA is also currently working with PennDOT and
the Borough of Lansdale on a Traffic Impact Study.
As the study continues, SEPTA will offer additional
opportunities to work with officials and the public
regarding potential traffic improvements.
Aerial View
Stair Tower and Pedestrian Bridge
Corner View
Thank You!
For more information, please contact:
John Mullen
(215) 592-4200

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