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The Catcher in the Rye Vocabulary List

1. phony (adj.) fake; not genuine; not honest
2. hemorrhage (n., v.) a great loss of blood; to lose a great amount of blood
. ostracize (v.) to e!clude; to make an outcast
". qualms (n.) #orries; doubts
$. compulsory (adj.) re%uired; mandatory; obligatory
&. groping (v.) to feel #ith the hands; to search blindly or unkno#ingly
'. sadistic (adj.) getting (leasure from causing (ain
). ironical (adj.) humorously sarcastic or mocking
*. exhibitionist (n.) a (erson #ho behaves in #ays intended to attract attention
or sho#+off
1,. unscrupulous (adj.) conscienceless; unaffected by (rinci(les of right and
11. pacifist (n.) (eace+lover; someone o((osed to violence
12. lavish (adj.) e!travagant
1. conscientious (adj.) guided by (rinci(le; careful and hard#orking
1". unanimous (adj.) in com(lete agreement
1$. incognito (adj.) #ith concealed identity
1&. putrid (adj.) rotten; stinking
1'. intimately (adv.) in a close, (ersonal manner
1). humble (adj.) modest; not arrogant; not cocky
1*. capacity (n.) the ability to receive or contain; the ability to (erform
2,. nonchalant (adj.) casual; laid+back
21. atheist (n.) one #ho does not believe in -od
22. bourgeois (adj.) middle+class
2. blasé (adj.) indifferent or bored; unim(ressed
2". raspy (adj.) harsh; rough; grating
2$. inferiority (n.) the %uality of being less than another
2&. louse (n.) singular of lice; (slang) a good+for+nothing (erson
2'. aristocratic (adj.) having the manners, values, or %ualities associated #ith
the ruling class or nobility
2). boisterous (adj.) noisily jolly or ro#dy
2*. sophisticated (adj.) a (erson, ideas, tastes, manners, etc. altered by
education and e!(erience so as to be #orldly and #ise
,. halitosis (n.) a condition of having bad smelling breath
The Catcher in the Rye Vocabulary List
1. enlightening (adj.) tending to increase kno#ledge
2. fiend (n.) a (erson #ho is e!tremely interested in or obsessed #ith
. sacrilegious (adj.) against religion
". spontaneous (adj.) un(lanned
$. digression (n.) movement a#ay from the central or main (oint
&. pedagogical (adj.) related to teaching
'. provocative (adj.) inciting, stimulating, irritating
). stimulate (v.) to e!cite or energi.e
*. innumerable (adj.) countless
",. scrawny (adj.) thin
"1. swanky (adj.) glamorous; high+class; u(scale; rit.y
"2. falsetto (adj.) high voice
". gore (n.) blood
"". tiff (n.) argument; disagreement
"$. pervert (n., v.) a (erson #hose behavior deviates from #hat is acce(table
es(ecially in se!ual behavior; to corru(t or damage
"&. psychic (adj.) sensitive to influences or forces of a non(hysical or
su(ernatural nature
"'. putrid (adj.) of very lo# %uality; rotten
"). verification (n.) confirmation
"*. immaterial (adj.) of little im(ortance
$,. suave (adj.) smoothly (olite
$1. sterling (adj.) e!tremely fine
$2. château (n.) large country house
$. cliques (n.) e!clusive grou(s
$". seductive (adj.) tem(ting, attractive or charming
$$. inane (adj.) (ointless
$&. foyer (n.) a lobby or entry hall
$'. harrowing (adj.) e!tremely disturbing or distressing; grievous
$). reciprocal (adj.) given or felt by each to#ard the other
$*. infinitely (adv.) endlessly
&,. scraggy (adj.) messy; untidy