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There are 3 Sections of an eLitmus pH Test Paper and each section contains 20 Questions. We will discuss
the "syllabus of Elitmus" based on each section.
1. Quantitative Aptitude:
2. Problem Solving or Data Interpretation and Reasoning
3. Verbal Ability
There are 20 Questions in each section.
Let's discuss syllabus for each section of the elitmus paper :

1. Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus for elitmus pH Test
Please go through the following Quantitative Paper:
- Probability (Roughly 2 Questions)
- Permutation Combination (2 Questions)
- Equations and Inequalities (1-2 Questions)
- Arithmetic , Geometric and Harmonic Progressions (AP,GP,HP) : 1-2 Questions
- Logarithms (1 Questions at least)
- Number System (at least 4 Questions)
- Speed, Time and Distance (1-3 Questions)
- Time and Work (1-2 Questions)
- Geometry (Atleast 2 Questions)
- 1 or 2 Questions not from any topic, but based on common logic.
Out of the 20 Questions asked, 7-8 Questions are more than enough to get a good percentile in Quants
If You can solve more than 10 Questions , be assured to get more than 95 percentile in Quants Section.

Go through Arun Sharma's Quantititive Aptitude Book for CAT. That should be enough for practicing the
questions asked in Elitmus pH test. It covers the syllabus of Elitmus in a pretty good way for the above

2. Problem Solving Syllabus for elitmus pH Test:
Puzzles!! Puzzles!! Puzzles!!
This is the toughest section of Elitmus pH Test.

Syllabus for Problem Solving Section of Elitmus pH test :
- Questions on Seating Arrangement
- 1 or 2 question based on Tabular Data
- An addition/subtraction/multiplication questions where each Number(0-9) is replaced with an
- Data Sufficiency Problem.

A score of about 55 will fetch you more than 90 percentile in this section.

3. Verbal Ability Syllabus for elitmus pH Test:

- 4 Fill in the blanks Questions
- 3 Reading Comprehension paragraphs: Each RC will have 4 Questions.
- 2 Jumbled Paragraphs Questions
- 2 Vocabulary Based Question :Fill the pair of gaps in a sentence with the most appropriate pair of words

This Section is quite easy and so you will have to score more than 100 marks to get more than 90
You can save a lot of time from this section.