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Teaching Landscape Ecology and the

European Landscape Convention at
Czech universities

Zdeněk Lipský
• Landscape Ecology

• young interdisciplinary science

• many differences exist in approaches and understanding
• landscape ecology among individual authors depending
• on their professional background

• diverse philosophical and methodological aspects

• (foundation biocentric /ecosystem/ concept
• X
• polycentric /geosystem/ concept)

Development and progress in teaching LE in Czechia
• Geographically and environm,entally oriented course Theory of Landscape or
• Landscape Science (close to the subject Landscape Ecology) was practised at
• Faculties of Science and Pedagogical Faculties of the Czech universities since
• the 1980ies

• Corresponding textbooks were commonly influenced by a geosystem approach
• of the Russian (Soviet) geoecological school (Havrlant and Buzek; Demek)

• Since the beginning of the 1990ies, boom in teaching and research in LE supported
• and strongly influenced by the Czech translation of Forman and Godron´s
• Landscape Ecology (1993), more ecoystem and biocentrically oriented

• After 2000, European Landscape Convention and its requirements (education,
• participation, landscape planning, care and protection) influenced and
• were included in the courses of LE

• Teaching Landscape Ecology in Czechia, actual state

• since the 1990ies the subject Landscape Ecology has been established as an
obligatory course in more bachelor and master study programs at different
• (study programs:
• Biology, Ecology, Geography, Environmental Studies, Landscape Engineering,
Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Urbanism, Agroecology, Forestry,…..)
• at Faculties of Science, Environment, Architecture, Forestry, Agriculture and
Gardening at most Czech universities

• Nowhere in the country LE is studied as a single bachelor or master study program
• New study program Landscape and Society is now under preparation

• Postgraduate (PhD) students can study Landscape Ecology as a scientific discipline
• in the framework of the doctoral study program
• Applied and Landscape Ecology and Physical Geography oriented to Geoecology
• accredited at the best Czech universities.

• Several more specialized and more practically oriented courses link up to basic
• course in Landscape Ecology:
• Applied Landscape Ecology, Landscape Planning, Landscape Architecture,
• Methods in Landscape Ecology, GIS and Remote Sensing in Landscape Ecology,
• Urban and Land Use Planning, Reallocation of Land,
• Revitalization of River Systems, Erosion Control etc.

• Landscape Ecology such a represent a theoretical foundations of all partial
• sub-disciplines of landscape planning, landscape management and protection.

• Books, textbooks and atlases on landscape ecology

• The first Czech university textbook with the title „Landscape Ecology“
• was written by the founder of the Moravian geobiocenological school in Brno
• prof. A. Zlatník already in 1975, followed by prof. E. Hadač (1982)

• Several diverse textbooks on Landscape Ecology and Geoecology as well as
• Landscape Planning, Ecological Networks were published in the last 20 years
(Kovář; Lipský; Demek; Hradecký and Buzek; Sklenička; Míchal; Löw and others).

More study textbooks exist now in electronic form on websites
of competent university departments responsible for teaching
landscape ecology.

Recently, original Czech monography
on Landscape Science (Kolejka 2013)

Landscape Atlas of the
Czech Republic (2009)
Landscape Ecology at the Faculty of Science of the
Charles University in Prague

1. 1. Landscape Ecology as obligatory course for bachelor study programs of Biology,
2. Geography, Environmental Studies, optional for other study programs (e.g. Geology,
3. Natural resources etc.)
2 regular courses on LE:
a) biologically oriented (Pavel Kovář) – ecosystem study
b) geographically oriented (Zdeněk Lipský) – landscape ecology/geoecology

2. 2. Applied (Advanced) Landscape Ecology
obligatory course for MSc study programme of Physical Geography and Geoecology

3. 3. facultative courses: Landscape Planning
Nature and Landscape Protection
Landscape Changes and Development
• To keep same background at each slide,
duplicate it in sidebar

Structure of the basic /obligatory/course General Landscape Ecology

Development of the discipline and its current state
Landscape – definition, perception, delimitation, terminology
Landscape as a system (ecosystem, geosystem), landscape as holon
Landscape structure (vertical, horizontal, chronological),
Primary, secondary and tertiary landscape structure, principle of landscape unit
Landscape elements – matrix, patches, corridors, networks
Landscape structural characteristics, homogeneity and heterogeneity, land mosaics
Ecotones and boundaries, fragmentation of land
Mapping landscape structure
Landscape processes, ecological succession, flows of matter and energy
Movement of animals and spreading of plants in the landscape
Soulad struktury a funkce krajiny.
Ecological stability of landscape, its maping and classification
Biodiversity in the landscape, its factors and regularities
Theory of island biogeography and its landscape application
Natural and anthropogenic processes of landscape changes and developments
Natural and cultural landscape, gradient of anthropogenic transformation
Development of natural and cultural landscape on the territory of Czechia
Historical and present changes in landscape use
Landscape typology and classification
Natural and cultural landscape types in Czechia and in Europe

Applied /Advanced Landscape Ecology for MSc. students

Present trends in landscape ecological research
Data and information on landscape in landscape
Land use/cover changes in the Czech Republic and in Europe
Application of landscape ecological methods, knowledge and data in
landscape planning, landscape protection and management
Gis and remote sensing methods applied in landscape ecology and modelling
Basic methods of landscape planning
Landscape potential and capacity, landscape vulnerability, risks and hazards
European Landscape Convention, projects and methods of participative planning
Planning ecological networks – theory and practice, ecological networks
in Czechia and in Europe
Landscape planning in forestry, agriculture and water management
Landscape forming programs in Czechia and in Europe
Revitalisation and recultivation of the landscape
Landscape character assessment
Advanced methods of landscape classification and typology

Title of the course Faculty, University Study program

Landscape Ecology
Fac. of Science UK Praha
Fac. of Science MU Brno
Fac. of Science UP Olomouc
Fac. of Science OU Ostrava
Fac. of Science UJEP Ústí nad Labem
Fac. of Science JČU České Budějovice
Geography, Biology, Ecology,
Protection of Environment
Teachers of Geography and Biology
Fac. of Forestry ČZU Praha
Fac. of Environment ČZU Praha
Fac. of Agronomy MENDELU Brno
Fac. of Gardening MENDELU Lednice
Landscape Engineering, Applied Ecology,
Forestry Engineering
Gardening and Architecture
Geobiocenology and Landscape Ecology Fac. of Forestry MENDELU Brno Forestry Engineering
Landscape Engineering
Landscape Science (and Protection of

Landscape Geography
Fac. of Science OU Ostrava
Fac. of Science UJEP Ústí nad Labem

Pedagogical Fac. MU Brno
Landscape Protection
Teachers of Geography and Biology
Landscape Planning Fac. of Science UP Olomouc
Fac. of Science JČU České Budějovice
Pedagogical Fac. JČU České Budějovice
Applied Ecology
Protection of Environment
Teachers of Geography
Ecological Applications in Landscape Fac. of Environment ČZU Praha Applied Ecology
Landscape Engineering
Seminar on Geoecology Fac. of Science UK Praha Physical Geography and Geoecology
Applied Landscape Ecology Fac. of Science UK Praha

Biotope and Landscape Mapping Fac. of Forestry MENDELU Brno Forestry Engineering
Landscape Engineering
Landscape Architecture Fac. of Science UP Olomouc
Fac. of Architecture ČVUT Praha
Landscape Protection
Architecture and Urbanism
Other courses especially various
applications in landscape planning
Various faculties Varied MSc. study programs
Lecture topics related to the
European Landscape Convention

• Landscape Typology
• and Landscape Character Assessment

• Methods of Landscape Planning, Landscape Protection and Landscape Care
• Methods of Participation and Participative Planning