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Human Rights Council

Twenty-sixth session
Agenda item 3
Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil,
political, economic, social and cultural rights,
including the right to development
GE.14-05967 (E)

United Nations
General Assemly
#ist$.% "imited
!0 &'ne !014
($igina)% Eng)is*
Algeria, Argentina, Australia,' Austria, (elgium,' (enin, (osnia and
Her)egovina,' (otswana, (ra)il, (ulgaria,' (ur*ina +aso, Canada,' Chile,
Colomia,' Costa Rica, C,te d-.voire, Croatia,' Cyprus,' C)ech Repulic,
/enmar*,' /0iouti,' 1stonia, +inland,' +rance, Georgia,' Germany, Ghana,'
Greece,' Guatemala,' Honduras,' Hungary,' .celand,' .ndonesia, .reland, .srael,'
.taly, 2apan, 2ordan,' 3enya, $atvia,' $eanon,' $iechtenstein,' $ithuania,'
$uxemourg,' 4aldives, 4alta,' 4exico, 4ontenegro, 4orocco, 5etherlands,' 5ew
6ealand,' 5igeria,' 5orway,' Peru, Poland,' Portugal,' Repulic of 3orea, Repulic
of 4oldova,' Romania, Rwanda,' 7enegal,' 7eria,' 7ierra $eone, 7lova*ia,'
7lovenia,' 7omalia,' 7pain,' 7tate of Palestine,' 7weden,' the former 8ugoslav
Repulic of 4acedonia, Tunisia,' Tur*ey,' 9*raine,' 9nited 3ingdom of Great
(ritain and 5orthern .reland, 9nited 7tates of America, 9ruguay:' draft resolution
"#!; The promotion, protection and en0oyment of human rights on the
The Human Rights Council+
Guided ,- t*e *a$te$ o. t*e United Nations+
Reaffirming t*e *'man $ig*ts and .'ndamenta) .$eedoms ens*$ined in t*e Uni/e$sa)
#e0)a$ation o. H'man Rig*ts and $e)e/ant inte$nationa) *'man $ig*ts t$eaties+ in0)'ding t*e
1nte$nationa) o/enant on i/i) and 2o)iti0a) Rig*ts and t*e 1nte$nationa) o/enant on
E0onomi0+ 3o0ia) and ')t'$a) Rig*ts+
Recalling a)) $e)e/ant $eso)'tions o. t*e ommission on H'man Rig*ts and t*e
H'man Rig*ts o'n0i) on t*e $ig*t to .$eedom o. o4inion and e54$ession+ in 4a$ti0')a$
o'n0i) $eso)'tion !0/6 o. 5 &')- !01!+ on t*e 4$omotion+ 4$ote0tion+ and en7o-ment o.
*'man $ig*ts on t*e 1nte$net+ as 8e)) as $eso)'tions 1!/16 o. ! (0to,e$ !009+ on .$eedom o.
o4inion and e54$ession+ and !3/! o. 13 &'ne !013+ on t*e $o)e o. .$eedom o. o4inion and
e54$ession in 8omen9s em4o8e$ment+ and a)so $e0a))ing Gene$a) Assem,)- $eso)'tions
66/167 o. 16 #e0em,e$ !013+ on t*e $ig*t to 4$i/a0- in t*e digita) age+ and 66/196 o. !0
#e0em,e$ !013+ on in.o$mation and 0omm'ni0ations te0*no)ogies .o$ de/e)o4ment+ and
H'man Rig*ts o'n0i) de0ision !5/117 o. !7 :a$0* !014 on t*e 4ane) on t*e $ig*t to
4$i/a0- in t*e digita) age+
Taking note o. t*e G)o,a) :')ti-sta;e*o)de$ :eeting on t*e <'t'$e o. t*e 1nte$net
Go/e$nan0e+ *e)d in 3=o 2a')o on !3 and !4 A4$i) !014+ 8*i0* a0;no8)edged+ inte$ a)ia+
t*e need .o$ *'man $ig*ts to 'nde$4in 1nte$net go/e$nan0e and t*at $ig*ts t*at 4eo4)e *a/e
o..)ine m'st a)so ,e 4$ote0ted on)ine+
Noting t*at t*e e5e$0ise o. *'man $ig*ts+ in 4a$ti0')a$ t*e $ig*t to .$eedom o.
e54$ession+ on t*e 1nte$net is an iss'e o. in0$easing inte$est and im4o$tan0e as t*e $a4id
4a0e o. te0*no)ogi0a) de/e)o4ment ena,)es indi/id'a)s a)) o/e$ t*e 8o$)d to 'se ne8
in.o$mation and 0omm'ni0ation te0*no)ogies+
Noting also t*e im4o$tan0e o. ,'i)ding 0on.iden0e and t$'st in t*e 1nte$net+ not )east
8it* $ega$d to .$eedom o. e54$ession+ 4$i/a0- and ot*e$ *'man $ig*ts so t*at t*e 4otentia)
o. t*e 1nte$net as+ inte$ a)ia+ an ena,)e$ .o$ de/e)o4ment and inno/ation 0an ,e $ea)i>ed+
Emphasizing t*at a00ess to in.o$mation on t*e 1nte$net .a0i)itates /ast o44o$t'nities
.o$ a..o$da,)e and in0)'si/e ed'0ation g)o,a))-+ t*e$e,- ,eing an im4o$tant too) to .a0i)itate
t*e 4$omotion o. t*e $ig*t to ed'0ation+ 8*i)e 'nde$)ining t*e need to add$ess digita)
)ite$a0- and t*e digita) di/ide+ as it a..e0ts t*e en7o-ment o. t*e $ig*t to ed'0ation+
? ?
Non-mem,e$ 3tate o. t*e H'man Rig*ts o'n0i).
Recognizing t*at+ .o$ t*e 1nte$net to $emain g)o,a)+ o4en and inte$o4e$a,)e+ it is
im4e$ati/e t*at 3tates add$ess se0'$it- 0on0e$ns in a00o$dan0e 8it* t*ei$ inte$nationa)
*'man $ig*ts o,)igations+ in 4a$ti0')a$ 8it* $ega$d to .$eedom o. e54$ession+ .$eedom o.
asso0iation and 4$i/a0-+
Taking note with appreciation o. t*e $e4o$ts o. t*e 34e0ia) Ra44o$te'$ on t*e
4$omotion and 4$ote0tion o. t*e $ig*t to .$eedom o. o4inion and e54$ession+ s',mitted to
t*e H'man Rig*ts o'n0i) at its se/enteent* and t8ent--t*i$d sessions+
and to t*e Gene$a)
Assem,)- at its si5t--si5t* session+
on .$eedom o. e54$ession on t*e 1nte$net+
Considering t*e ;e- im4o$tan0e o. go/e$nment engagement 8it* a)) $e)e/ant
sta;e*o)de$s+ in0)'ding 0i/i) so0iet-+ 4$i/ate se0to$+ t*e te0*ni0a) 0omm'nit- and a0ademia+
in 4$ote0ting and 4$omoting *'man $ig*ts and .'ndamenta) .$eedoms on)ine+
1. Affirms t*at t*e same $ig*ts t*at 4eo4)e *a/e o..)ine m'st a)so ,e 4$ote0ted
on)ine+ in 4a$ti0')a$ .$eedom o. e54$ession+ 8*i0* is a44)i0a,)e $ega$d)ess o. .$ontie$s and
t*$o'g* an- media o. one9s 0*oi0e+ in a00o$dan0e 8it* a$ti0)es 19 o. t*e Uni/e$sa)
#e0)a$ation o. H'man Rig*ts and t*e 1nte$nationa) o/enant on i/i) and 2o)iti0a) Rig*ts@
!. Recognizes t*e g)o,a) and o4en nat'$e o. t*e 1nte$net as a d$i/ing .o$0e in
a00e)e$ating 4$og$ess to8a$ds de/e)o4ment in its /a$io's .o$ms@
3. Calls upon a)) 3tates to 4$omote and .a0i)itate a00ess to t*e 1nte$net+ and
inte$nationa) 0oo4e$ation aimed at t*e de/e)o4ment o. media and in.o$mation and
0omm'ni0ation .a0i)ities and te0*no)ogies in a)) 0o'nt$ies@
4. Affirms t*at A'a)it- ed'0ation 4)a-s a de0isi/e $o)e in de/e)o4ment+ and
t*e$e.o$e 0a))s '4on a)) 3tates to 4$omote digita) )ite$a0- and .a0i)itate a00ess to in.o$mation
on t*e 1nte$net+ 8*i0* 0an ,e an im4o$tant too) in .a0i)itating t*e 4$omotion o. t*e $ig*t to
5. Calls upon a)) 3tates to add$ess se0'$it- 0on0e$ns on t*e 1nte$net in
a00o$dan0e 8it* t*ei$ inte$nationa) *'man $ig*ts o,)igations to ens'$e 4$ote0tion o.
.$eedom o. e54$ession+ .$eedom o. asso0iation+ 4$i/a0- and ot*e$ *'man $ig*ts on)ine+
in0)'ding t*$o'g* nationa) demo0$ati0+ t$ans4a$ent instit'tions+ ,ased on t*e $')e o. )a8+ in
a 8a- t*at ens'$es .$eedom and se0'$it- on t*e 1nte$net so t*at it 0an 0ontin'e to ,e a
/i,$ant .o$0e t*at gene$ates e0onomi0+ so0ia) and 0')t'$a) de/e)o4ment@
6. Also calls upon a)) 3tates to 0onside$ .o$m')ating+ t*$o'g* t$ans4a$ent and
m')ti-sta;e*o)de$ 4$o0esses+ and ado4ting nationa) 1nte$net-$e)ated 4',)i0 4o)i0ies t*at
a..i$m t*e g)o,a)+ o4en and inte$o4e$a,)e nat'$e o. t*e 1nte$net+ and *a/e t*e o,7e0ti/e o.
'ni/e$sa) a00ess and en7o-ment o. *'man $ig*ts at its 0o$e@
7. Encourages t*e s4e0ia) 4$o0ed'$es to ta;e t*ese iss'es into a00o'nt 8it*in
t*ei$ e5isting mandates+ as a44)i0a,)e@
6. Decides to 0ontin'e its 0onside$ation o. t*e 4$omotion+ 4$ote0tion and
en7o-ment o. *'man $ig*ts+ in0)'ding t*e $ig*t to .$eedom o. e54$ession+ on t*e 1nte$net
and ot*e$ te0*no)ogies+ as 8e)) as o. *o8 t*e 1nte$net 0an ,e an im4o$tant too) .o$
de/e)o4ment and .o$ e5e$0ising *'man $ig*ts+ in a00o$dan0e 8it* its 4$og$amme o. 8o$;.

A/HR/17/!7 and A/HR/!3/40 and o$$.1.