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[Trigonometry] Introduction, Types of Questions, Shortcut for
memorizing 30,45,60 for SSC CGL CDS
Introduction 1.
Types of Trigonometry Questions 2.
Trig: Height and Distance 3.
From outside, trigonometry may look lengthy, boring, dicult,
tedious and frustrating. But it doesnt change the fact that
trigonometry as a topic important for SSC exams (CGL, FCI, CPIO
etc.) and CDS exam (Combined defense services).
In CGL-2012, at both Tier I and II, there were around 8 questions
from Trigonometry alone.
Based on the previous SSC papers, I classify the Trigonometry
questions mainly into 4 types
Types of Trigonometry Questions
1. Height and
distance related
Example String of a kite is 100 metres long
and it makes an angle of 60 with the ground.
Find the height at which the kite is ying.
Height and distance questions can be further
classied into ve subtypes, but most of them
can be solved pretty easily via Tan 30, 45 and
Mrunal [Trigonometry] Introduction, Types of Question...
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The techniques and shortcuts are explained
my youtube videos.
2. Table related
For example nd value of
60+something like
To solve such questions, youve to know the
sin cos tan cosec sec and cot values of 0, 30,
45, 60 and 90 angles. Again nothing dicult,
as long as you know the values.
3. Complementary
angles (90-A)
for example nd value of tan4 x tan 43 x tan
47 x tan 86.
4. Combo of
formulas +
Algebra formulas.
For example nd value of (1+cotA-cosecA)
Lets start with the rst type: Height and Distance related.
Trig: Height and Distance
These questions can be further classied into ve types
Type Example
1. One building
one angle
From a ground point that is 400 meters away from a
building, the angle of elevation is 30 degrees. Find
height of this building.
2. Broken trees
and telephone
A tree breaks down due to storm and its top touches
the ground and makes an angle of 30. If the top of
that tree touches the ground 15 m away from the
bottom then nd the height of this tree
3. One building
two angles or
two shadows.
As angle of elevation of the sun increases from 30 to
60, Shadow of a building is reduced by 10 m nd
the height of this building.
4. Two buildings
two angles
From a 60 m tall building, the angle of depression of
the top and the bottom of a tower is 30 and 60
respectively. Find the height of this tower.
5. Find Speed
time or
A man on the top of building observes a car moving
at a uniform speed and coming directly towards the
building. It takes 12 minutes for the angle of
Mrunal [Trigonometry] Introduction, Types of Question...
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depression to change from 30 to 45, how soon after
this, will the car reach the building?
In the books, you may have seen a big table containing values of sin
cos tan cosec sec and cot for 0, 30, 45, 60 and 90 angles. As far as
Height and distance is concerned, there is absolutely no need to
mugup that big n boring table because of following reasons
Most of the questions only have 30, 45 and 60 degrees. 1.
And To memorize the values of SIN, COS, TAN, COSEC, SEC and
COT for 30, 45, 60, Just remember the Topi Triangles
technique. (Explained in following video)
If the video is not visible, check it directly on my youtube channel
Above video also contains overview of the Height and Distance
Questions and its ve subtypes. How to solve each type of height and
distance questions, will be explained in depth in separate videos later
on. For more [Aptitude] related content, visit the Archive on
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