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Colouring Book
Volume 1
Creator Danielle Bruckert
Illustrations Karl Urban
Compiled by Danielle Bruckert
Illustrations Karl
1 = Dark Green; 2 = Maroon
3 = Brownish White
4 = Tan
Published by Red Sky Ventures
Created by Danielle Bruckert December !"#
Illustrati$ns by %arl &rban' Public D$main
(his Editi$n )Versi$n Beta' B*December !"#
(his +$rk is licensed under the
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License.
(his te2t is 3ree 3$r n$n)c$mmercial distributi$n and use0
4$ ,art $3 this te2t may be re,r$duced 3$r c$mmercial use
+ith$ut e2,ress ,ermissi$n $3 the auth$r0
5ny use $3 this material 3$r n$n)c$mmercial use must be attributed t$-
Danielle Bruckert 6 htt,-..+++03reekidsb$$ks0$r1
The Northwestern United States wildflower illustrations included in this book were
created by Karl Urban at Umatilla National Forest in Oregon. The images were placed
in public domain by the illustrator, for the purpose of celebrating wildflowers and
education about nature. The images, and many many more are available at
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Danielle Bruckert ) danielle7redsky/entures0$r1
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Wild Ginger (Asarum Caudatum):
(British Columbia wild ginger, western wild ginger, long-tailed wild ginger) A
perrenial, evergreen ground cover, growing under the shade of
forest canopies in western North America. In spring, it develops
beautiful rust coloured flowers, often hiden underneath the large
reniform (idne!"heart shaped) leaves, which stem from long
rhi#omes (roots). $he leaves emit a pleasant ginger-citrus aroma
when crushed. %nce established the plant is self sufficient,
relativel! drought hard!, slug resistant, and although prefering
shad! areas it can survive almost an!where. A great plant for the
The Alp Lily (Lloydia Serotina):
A beautiful perenial flowering plant of the lil! famil!, growing
in Artic-alpine regions, it's often found growing out of
rocfaces and cliffs. $he bright white flowers contain white-
gre! or mauve veins, and a !ellow"green centre.
$he onl! member of the genus (lo!dia to live outside central
and eastern Asia, it is widespread across the )estern side of
North America, from Alasa to New *e+ico, and can be found
in alpine regions of ,urope and -reat Britain. In -reat Britian
it was originall! called the '*ountain .piderwort', but is now
nown as the '.nowdon (il!', in )elsh it is called 'Brw!nddail /
*!n!dd' (meaning 0rush-leaves of the mountain0), in North
America, it is called the common Alp (il!.
$he .cotch Bellflower or 1erebell (Campanula
3amous in song, as the 4Bluebells of .cotland5, a rhi#omatous
perennial in the bellflower famil!, and a circumpolar species,
that is native around the Northern 1emisphere in the
temperate regions. $he bell shaped flowers, usuall! light blue
to violet, occasionall! pin or white, dancing in summer bree#es
on their fine, hanging stems, are a beautiful sight. It grows in
dr!, grass! places, often on poor soil. -iven the rich soil, its
flowering will be even more pronounced. $his old cottage
garden plant is rich in follore and loved b! butterflies. $he!
are the 4bluebells5 of .cotland, lined with magic in follore
and given curious names lie 4witches thimbles5, 4fair! bells5
and 4old man6s bells5. A great flower for a Cottage"Informal
-arden, 7oc -arden or )ildflower -arden.
&("e 0,io(et12
2 = %reen2
3 = (i%ht
4 = &rown
.temless ,vening 8rimrose (Camissonia
A flesh! perennial herb growing from a taproot
and usuall! lacing a stem. $he leaves are
lance-shaped to oval and up to 99 centimeters
long and are borne on long petioles. $he flower
has !ellow petals, each up to :.; centimeters
long, and a large, bulbous stigma tip. $he fruit
is a leather! capsule : to < centimeters long.
)ill grow in almost an! well-drained soil.
=rought-tolerant, prefers sun. .elf-seeds, and
ma! become invasive in some areas if it is not
The Iris Missouriensis (Wild Blue Iris):
Iris missouriensis is a hard! flowering bulbous species of the
genus iris, in the famil! Iridaceae. It is native to western
North America (,lsewhere> ??). Its distribution is varied@ it
grows at high elevations in mountains and alpine meadows and
all the wa! down to sea level in coastal hills.1ummingbirds love
the blue, show! flowers, < inch blooms that most often are in
shades of blue to violet. )ild Iris t!picall! onl! grows
appro+imatel! one foot tall including the foliage and flower
stal@ however, it is not uncommon to see them in meadows up
to two feet tall.
7oc! *ountain Iris is often found in meadows and stream
bans where there is plent! of moisture. It has low tolerance
to drought and prefers regular waterings. $his perennial Iris
can spread from thic rhi#omes. )estern Blue 3lag plants are
free-flowering and long-lived. $he! are ver! carefree and
provide a wonderful displa! of color.
1 = 4i%ht #"r#(eish &("e2
2 = 5e((ow
3 = Gre!6Green
The Marsh Markgold (Caltha alustris !
Caltha leptosepala (*arsh *arigold) is a species of flowering
plant in the buttercup famil!. It is native to western North
America from Alasa to New *e+ico, where it grows in wet
mountain habitats in alpine and subalpine regions. $here are
two general wild t!pes of this species, one native to the
interior and one that grows along the 8acific coast and coastal
mountains, but these are not alwa!s treated separatel!.A:B
Perrenial does not need to be replanted
Annual a plant that requires replanting every year, usually in spring
Evergreen a plant with leaves which stay green all year around
Rhizomes a part of the plant root structure, growing mostly below ground, where
nutrients are stored, and which other roots, and new plants may grow from
Petiole - the stal attaching the leaf blade to the stem, the transition between the stem
and the leaf blade
!aproot A very large, somewhat straight to tapering plant root that grows downward,
forming a center from which other roots sprout laterally
About the Creator
Danielle Bruckert
Danielle is a New Zealander living abroad, who now calls Africa home. Her chosen career is as a professional
pilot, she has worked in a variety of aviation capacities from instruction to airline flying, and is the author of
several aviation tet books.
Danielle started writing children!s books as a creative outlet from the stress of her !day "ob! and as a break from the
sometimes monotonous work re#uired for her professional writing.
$he began with the %ac and Dipper series, aimed at &'() year olds, inspired by two of her own dogs. After having
a child of her own, she suddenly found she had a muse, an eager resource for test reading, and, by benefit of her
age, an honest critic all in one. *t was fun and rewarding to write creative stories which matched her daughters
learning curve. A series of !"unior! books aimed at +'& year old children followed.
,ncouraged by friends and family, and already familiar with the self'publishing route through her non'fiction
books, Danielle began publishing the books online so that others could en"oy them too.
Because of her passion for children!s literature and the role it plays in improved literacy standards, all of Danielle!s
own books are available for free download and may be used free of charge for non'commercial purposes.
To contact the author write to
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About the Illustrator
-arl .rban was born /une 0, (123, in -imberly, *daho where he grew up and attended high school. He earned his
bachelor!s and master!s degrees in botany from the .niversity of *daho. He moved to 4endleton, 5regon, in (106 and
accepted a position as instructor of Botany at Blue %ountain 7ommunity 7ollege where he taught for +3 years.
His spring wildflower identification classes became an anticipated event by many 4endleton residents. ,ach summer
for many years, he also taught an intensive two'week vascular plant identification course on $teens %ountain. He was
instrumental in obtaining a National $cience 8oundation grant for a solar'heated greenhouse for the college.
*n (11(, he became the botanist for the .matilla National 8orest. -arl completed a natural vegetation map and
associated database for the forest.
*n his free time over the years, -arl drew many of the wildflowers of the area and put them on coloring pages so
children could learn of their natural heritage. He put the drawings into the public domain so anyone could use them and
learn to share his appreciation and love of wildflowers.
-arl A. .rban passed away on /anuary (&, (111. A strong proponent of native plants, his presence in the botanical
community will be greatly missed.
*n %arch (111 -arl was posthumously awarded -arl a 7elebrating 9ildflowers Award for his outstanding
contribution of wildflower drawings and other materials. :he Bureau of ;and %anagement and .$DA 8orest $ervice
announced plans for a new interagency -arl A. .rban 7elebrating 9ildflowers Award. %emorial contributions may be
made to the -arl .rban $cholarship 8und at Blue %ountain 7ommunity 7ollege, Attn< -aren Hill=B%77 8oundation,
+2(( N9 7arden Ave., 4endleton, 5> 1?6)(.
About Celebrating Wildfloers
Celebratin1 Wild3l$+ers' a c$llab$rati/e c$mmem$rati$n bet+een the F$rest Ser/ice' Bureau $3 Land
8ana1ement' Fish and Wildli3e Ser/ice' and the 4ati$nal Park Ser/ice' em,hasi9es the im,$rtance $3
c$nser/ati$n and mana1ement $3 nati/e ,lants and ,lant habitats and hi1hli1hts the aesthetic' recreati$nal'
bi$l$1ical' medicinal' and ec$n$mic /alues $3 +ild3l$+ers0
(he &SD5 F$rest Ser/ice started the Celebratin1 Wild3l$+ers ,r$1ram in "::"0 (he ,r$1ram res,$nds t$
,ublic desire 3$r in3$rmati$n ab$ut nati/e ,lants and their c$nser/ati$n0 It is a +ay t$ ,r$m$te and en;$y
+ild3l$+ers $n the ":" milli$n acres $3 nati$nal 3$rests and 1rasslands0 (he Bureau $3 Land 8ana1ement'
+hich mana1es <! milli$n acres $3 ,ublic lands' ;$ined the ,r$1ram in "::=0 ($1ether' the t+$ a1encies
n$+ ,r$m$te +ild3l$+er ,r$1rams $n ab$ut ! ,ercent $3 the nati$n>s landmass0 (he &0S0 Fish and Wildli3e
Ser/ice' 4ati$nal Park Ser/ice' and &SD5 51ricultural Research Ser/ice ha/e als$ ;$ined the ,r$1ram0 In
additi$n' 1r$u,s like' 1arden clubs' b$tanical 1ardens' 4ati/e Plant S$ciety cha,ters' nurseries' uni/ersities'
and ,ublic sch$$ls acti/ely ,artici,ate in Celebratin1 Wild3l$+ers0
Celebratin1 Wild3l$+ers em,hasi9es-

(he aesthetic /alue $3 ,lants ) a 3ield $3 +ild3l$+ers is a beauti3ul si1ht?

(he recreati$nal /alue $3 ,lants ) ,ickin1 berries is 3un 3$r the +h$le 3amily?

(he bi$l$1ical /alue $3 ,lants ) nati/e ,lants su,,$rt $ther li3e?

(he medicinal /alue $3 ,lants ) chemicals 3r$m ,lants hel, c$mbat sickness?

(he ec$n$mic /alue $3 ,lants ) ,lant material such as 3l$ral 1reens are c$mmercially /aluable?

(he c$nser/ati$n $3 nati/e ,lants ) ,r$tectin1 and maintainin1 nati/e ,lant habitat?
(he Celebratin1 Wild3l$+ers +ebsite' htt,-..+++03s03ed0us.+ild3l$+ers. has been created' edited and
maintained by &SD5 F$rest Ser/ice b$tanists and $ther s,ecialists ar$und the c$untry0 (he site is dedicated
t$ the en;$yment $3 the th$usands $3 +ild3l$+ers 1r$+in1 $n $ur nati$nal 3$rests and 1rasslands' and t$
educatin1 the ,ublic ab$ut the many /alues $3 nati/e ,lants0
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Cessna rainin% Manual Series
&il#'lo(ers Colourin% $ook) *ol +
(his b$$k +as created 3r$m ,ublic d$main ima1es 3$und $n the Celebratin1 Wild3l$+ers
+ebsite' htt,-..+++0n,s01$/.,Lants.c$l$r.n$rth+est.inde20htm (he b$$k aims t$ s,read
b$tanical kn$+led1e and t$ ,r$m$tin1 +ild3l$+ers in nature and as ,lants in the
en/i$nmentally 3riendly 1arden0
,anielle $ruckert - htt./00(((.'reeki#sbooks.or%
Danielle Bruckert is a ,r$3essi$nal ,il$t' an a/iati$n +riter' and a childrens b$$k auth$r0
She be1an +ritin1 and ,ublishin1 children@s b$$ks in !!<' as a creati/e $utlet 3r$m her
technical +$rkrk0 Aer h$bby led t$ se/erl success3ul b$$ks' and the creati$n $3 the ,$,ular
+ebsite' htt,-..+++03reekidsb$$ks0$r1' +here all $3 Danielle@s b$$ks' and many $thers' are
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