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A paradigm is a set of values and norms that is publicly accepted and acknowledged as the suitable

ones, and can be said to be the basic values of a certain civilization

An anti-Hellenic lobby paved the way for the establishment of the Rothschild-Zionist dogma

Before the global elite can launch a long desired global paradigm shift, an induced shift of the main
and basic human values and norms, the old foundations so to say, must first be accused, slandered
and falsified, and facts must be distorted. Various other cultures have had to endure this throughout
history (North-South American Indians, Celts, Persians, Arabs, Africans, Polynesians and others).
However now it's not about the destruction of a culture but the destruction of the whole of the
Hellenic foundations of the western civilization. The Globalists, who themselves claim that they are
*Zionists, regardless of whether they are Jewish or not, now aim to replace the basic human values
that is the base of western societies, by a very aggressive propaganda, opposing the old values,
freedom, justice, humanity. Hellenism is the cradle of the values Rothschild-Zionism detest.

Hellenism = Hellenistic (also called classic) schooling, education and upbringing, ie classical Greek
literature-philosophy-science-arts-music-theater-athletics (martial arts) taught properly in balance
and an adequate symbiosis with each other,.. plus a moral approach towards humans and humanity,
has proved to offer the most essential safeguards against tyranny, despotism, monarchy and
oligarchy Hellenism, as a broader term, originates from the word ellinismos (describes the genetic,
geographic, cultural and spiritual roots of the Hellenes/Greeks) and is NOT limited to only the
classical period of ancient Greece and later Rome, as Wikipedia and many other encyclopedias
suggest. The word describes the ENTIRE history of the Hellenes (the Ionian and the Doric tribes).
Hellenism has throughout the recorded history been, *Zionisms and its predecessors, the Pharisees,
enemy No. 1. This of course, because it represents a direct threat to what later became the *Zionist
worldview, the Zionist dogma. Hellenism namely highlights the importance of human freedom, it
develops the thinking and offer the spiritual and intellectual tools, so that each individual can be able
to develop an independent, critical thinking. *Zionism, in which the individual and free critical
thinking is seen as a weakness for the collective and in which the individual is seen as merely a cog in
a larger machinery, considered the Hellenic thoughts about the free human, as nonsense and even
dangerous for the community. This 'attitude' towards Hellenic teachings is also what is diligently
spread in the schools and in the common encyclopedias today.

This is why today the concept of freedom is distorted and changed into freedom without
responsibilities (capitalism, neo-liberalism), or even into, too much freedom is dangerous for the
human societies (conservatism, totalitarianism, autocracy).

when truth has been peeled out of history, all that is left of it, is a worthless story


Since about 70 years now, an anti-Hellenic lobby has deliberately been spreading false teachings and
pseudo-arguments among secondary schools, colleges and universitys, with the aim to undermine
the classic, Hellenistic education. Anyone who is a bit familiar with the recorded facts in the history
of mankind, notice this without difficulties, primarily through the major lexicons and encyclopedias
obvious omission and distortion of important knowledge and facts about the legacy of the Greeks.
On closer examination, you can very easy discover a deliberate manipulation of facts behind the
history of the Hellenes, their discoveries, their knowledge, their origin and their language.

Pure cultural persecution has been conducted against Hellenism from a Rothschild-Zionist lobby
amongst academics, with the aim to minimize the possibilities for students to discover the genuine
European heritage and the real western humans spiritual origin and instead replace it with a
Rothschild-Zionist worldview. Tens of thousands of concerned academics worldwide, has been
sounding the alarm about this over decades. A large number of professors from all over the world,
believe that there is a deliberate anti-Hellenic lobby within the academic world, that want to remove
Greek education in general from the curriculum in the major universities. A climate thrives in these,
where Hellenism is considered to be overrated and as being based on an up-picking of
achievements of neighboring cultures. All such claims can of course be rebutted quite thoroughly and
without any difficulties, not least by the neighboring cultures own literature, but the damage is still
done, because the vast majority of the students never make an effort to search for the real facts on
these issues. They stick to the common approach to this heritage. It seem fairly unnecessary for most
people to question the established encyclopedias, popular science and some of the top universities
ways to convey the valuable heritage of the Greeks. It is even less believed that, in our enlightened
time, they would deliberately, distort the truths about our existence, our origin and our true history.

Brave professors, lecturers and academics as Mary Lefkowitz, Victor Hansen and Bruce S Thornton
among many others have alarmed about this. Since it exists so much written in Greek, which through
the ancient, original texts, proves that the anti-Hellenic lobby is spreading sheer lies about Greek
culture, the Latin replaced classical Greek a few decades ago as the language of literature, philosophy
and science. Most major encyclopedias today (relatively undetected), therefore ignore the actual,
original texts and refers only to them through, far too often, very shallow interpretations and pure
guesses by translators who have tried to comprehend the thinking of the ancient Greeks. They could
have let the Classic Greek remain and even teach it more in its talking form, so that every student
himself/herself could read the original texts and interpret them himself/herself. After all more than
80% of the books and scrolls in the infamous Library of Alexandria was in Greek. Why must these
books content be explained to the world today by a bunch of interpreters?

Short idea-historic retrospective on Zionism and Hellenism:

The Hebreo-Chaldean tribes praised the importance of the collective and built their world view and
their view on humans and humanity largely on religion, mythology, the natural conditions,
'necessities' for the survival of the tribes and pure superstition. Science, Philosophy and Religion in
these cultures had to comply with eachother and the authority, the king, the emperor, the
demigod, the 'prophet' who was considered to have direct contact with God and could therefore
NOT openly be criticized. He was infallible and his word could not be questioned. Any 'weakness' of
their authority was supposed to cause chaos and anarchy in a society. They were theocentric, ie
with a god and a priesthood in the center of their societies. They felt in these tribes that they needed
and that they wanted a shepherd, THEIR shepherd. From around 1 500 BC the elite of the
Sanhedrin, ie the highest Jewish council of the synagogue of ancient times and todays Rothschild-
Zionism (not necessarily Jewish), has always seen Hellenism as its archenemy. This, because
automatically, through its main characteristics, its literature and its ancient mystery traditions,
Hellenism forms a constant threat to the Rothschild-Zionisms worldview and its fundamental views
on humanity. Precursors of Rothschild-Zionism is actually NOT the whole of Sanhedrin but only a
specific group within the ancient Sanhedrin, the highest Jewish council in the synagogue, namely the
Pharisees. If you look deeper in their key political, religious, Jewish currents as a common
denominator, then the Rothschild-Zionists today are the heirs of the Pharisees. Pharisism was a
Jewish, religious, political party who interpreted the Torah and the law of Moses literally, but also
rigidly (it was dictated instead of inspired) so the actual ethos and the spirit of the law became rigid
and stiff and thus an extremely favorable tool for elitism, racism and tyranny. Today's
fundamentalism, in any religion or ideology is based on this kind of rigid ethos.

The Ionian and Doric tribes ie the Hellenes (Greeks), praised the individuals importance and placed
the Human Being in the center of their concern and they built their worldview and their view on
Humanity on critical observations, science and knowledge of the human role in nature and in
universe. They were anthropocentric, with the human being in the centre and they looked at the
world and mankind from an investigative perspective based on their own observations and studies.
They did not live particularly different from their neighbors, but THE WAY THEY LOOKED UPON HOW
THEY LIVED constituted their uniqueness in comparison with ALL other cultures in the ancient world.
They examined everything from a critical perspective, and this critical, investigative approach they
also turned towards their own functions, behavior, institutions, ideas and thinking. Where most
other cultures saw more or less similar patterns, the Greeks through their perspective, distinguished
details, differences and exceptions. They could place their focus of observation beyond nature,
humans and even the gods and examine everything from a rational, investigative, scientific
perspective. The Greeks had the ability to see life steadily and see it whole, rather than remain
enslaved by custom, tradition, superstition, nature or by the brute force of the political and clerical
elite. It sought to free itself from the shackles, the kind of existence that often dictate peoples lives
through dogma, creeds, traditions, customs and practices and therefore breed non-examined,
ingrained, mechanical, behavior patterns and routines. The Hellenes wanted to be fully conscious
in their perception and their behavior. To them it was therefore essential that Science, Philosophy
and Religion were decoupled from each other, in order for free thinking to develop at all. This was
something that was unthinkable in ALL the other cultures, as this view was seen as dangerous and as
a threat to the order, the monarchy and the clerical elite.

The biggest achievement, with this approach to life was the birth of the organized, critical thinking,
and thus the concept of freedom. Something that before the Greeks, was only for kings and
emperors with their courts. From that critical thinking, an organized idea that all human beings are
born free and independent, and therefore has the right to influence and decide about their lives, was
born, so therefore slavery was seriously criticized and later abolished in ancient Athens around 300
BC (about 2000 years before anyone else). They showed by their celebration of the development of
human qualities, that they did not want to be dependent on any shepherd, but that they
themselves were capable of becoming the best shepherd for their own lives, as long as they got to
know the microcosmos and the macrocosmos and the natural principles that govern nature and

The Hebrews were looking for God outside themselves and the Hellenes were looking for God in

It is really this ancient difference between two contradicting idea-worlds and spiritual
traditions,this schizophrenia between Hellenism and Rothschild-Zionism, that they have tried to
crowd into ONE in the modern Western civilization. This paradox and this fundamental clash of
ideas, is what really reflects the whole Western society in all its institutions, its culture its societies,
its social character and its basic views on humans and Humanity.
We think we base our societies and 'democratic' states on noble values, but everywhere we
structurally violate these values on a daily basis for the sake of financial profit, power and self-
We think we are freer than others, but we captivate ourselves more than any other culture by the
shackles of materialism and the devotion of only the physical, the flesh..
We say that we defend freedom and human rights, but its obvious that the western Governments
and institutions doesn't count in all of humanity in the same standard, only the lords and the elite of
the western world.

In our so called 'democratic institutions', a tremendous dehumanization of others is an accepted
ingredient in our relations to others. Every bizarre paradox that we discover in the western societies
can be traced back to this particular cultural and spiritual "schizophrenia" between Hellenism and

Today Zionism is striving to bury Hellenism and go back to pre-Hellenic idea-worlds where the kings
(todays: corporate leaders and bankers), the emperors (todays: leaders of great powers and
international unions and organizations), the priests (todays: pseudo-science, media and show
business) and the demigods (todays: ruling elite and celebrities) are again telling humanity whats
best for us. For that paradigm-shift to be fully implemented, the pure and original Hellenic
ingredients in human thinking has to first be ridiculed, humiliated and forgotten by humanity.

Kosmas Loumakis

Stockholm 2013-10-22

It took the European people over 1700 years to finally, through the renaissance of the Hellenic values
and the reappearance of Classic Hellenic literature to awake in the 1600-hundreds and to rise and to
finally over hundred years later to manage through the French revolution seize power from the
royalties and the self-proclaimed demigods. Ever since just a couple of months after the storming of
the Bastille the elite and the royalties have through secret and open brotherhoods and associations,
struggled to take us all back to the times before that revolution. That's what they are about to fully
accomplish now and that's why we now more than ever need a new "French revolution", with exactly
those slogans, those claims and not the elites own, staged and carefully engineered "revolutions"
performed by nazis, fascists, communists or any other representing the people


*Zionism is normally considered to be Theodor Hertzls organized Jewish movement for the
achievement of a country for the Jewish people, the Jewish state of Israel (which also in fact content
elitism, racism and totalitarism) In this article though when I refer to Zionism I describe Rothschild's
version of Zionism, which is more about the actual kidnapping of the true Jewish people (ca 15% of
those claiming to be jews today), their religion and traditions, to serve an oligarchic global family
empire, with the current state of Israel as its shield and vehicle to this goal There are Christian
Zionists and Muslim Zionists no matter how strange that can sound, simply because todays
Rothschild-Zionism has nothing to do with the real Jewish belief but only with the aims of those
families that consider themselves as kings and "emperors" of humanity and their plan with he state
of Israel.