“ and I could not be prouder of our little community—for we are stronger than we have ever been.

I can
hardly remember the horrible nightmare of fifteen years ago. For everyday brings new succeses , for we
can meet any challenge together…everyday brings new togetherness as we bond together for a common
cause….even new life as we …”
Levi stifled a yawn. Luckily he was in the back so no one noticed, another side benefit of his
paranoia from the outbreak. Never be in the middle of a group of people ---harder to get away when the
shit goes down.
“Levi” Sheriff Garrett called out from his office a few yards away.“can you come in here?”
Hope was a small town so the public square where the Mayor gave his speech was really close
to the rest of the town. Levi always thought it funny that the town resembled the cowboy movies he
used to watch as a kid. Was that the defacto town when civilastion crumbles or was it by design he
didn’t know. But it did make it quick to get everywhere.
“Hi Sheriff, what’s up”
“Can you close the door behind you?”
This can’t be good he thought to himself as he closed the door---usually the sherriff left the door
wide open.
“We found another one.”
“Shit, where?”
“Same place as the other two.”
“Who found it?”
“That’s good-at least we don’t have to convince someone else to keep a secret.”
“well that’s what I wanted to talk to you about---you asked me not to tell the Mayor until you
had figured out what was happening. That was three weeks ago and you have yet to figure out anything
as far as I can tell…I don’t think I can keep this from him anymore.”
Levi thought for a second---he really didn’t have anything, that was true. But he didn’t like going
in empty-handed, especially with this being a new job.
“Just one more week.”
“That’s what you said last week.”
More awkward silence.
“How about one more day?”
Now it was the Sherrif’s turn to think….he thought Levi was a smart and capable person, but
maybe his new job as head of Control was too much.
“I guess a day won’t hurt—but tomorrow morning we tell the mayor---whether you have
anything or not.”
“Deal, thanks!” and he left quickly before giving the Sheriff time to change his mind.
Already in his mind he was thinking about the facts so far---now we had three mutilated animal
corpses---with bite marks. Each one with most of the animal missing , mostly just bones and a few left
over entrails. Other than that he didn’t have much to go on. Nobody saw anything and there wasn’t
anything left at the scenes that were of any help. Maybe I will get lucky at the new scene.
He was already at his offlice. As he rushed into his office he yelled “Get the kit Joy---there was
another one!”
“Shit---I was hoping ….” She trailed off.
“Yeah me too ---but I guess we aren’t going to get lucky this time.”
They both headed out the door and started walking toward the cattlefields.
“Times like this I miss cars. “ Joy said.
“I was fifteen when the outbreak happened ---I never had a car”
“Oh yeah. Well they were great ---air conditioning, cd player, trunk to carry all of your stuff so
you could use your hands to eat, or text. It was awesome!”
He knew she was joking , but it was easy to forget that Joy had been in thirty when the outbreak
happened…the apocolypse had been kind to her.
“I had a bike “ he said.

When they finally arrived to the cattlfields there was Watkins waiting by the remains. Same as
the others. Joy went straight to the cattle to start inspecting it while Levi wanted to ask Watkins some
“So I guess you didn’t see anything?”
“Nope” ---Watkins was’t the talking type, really.
“Did you tell anyone ?
“Nope---just the sherrif.”
Well, this guy was no help. Levi started to wonder he maybe he should just give up. Without any
kind of forensic tools (like in those cop shows his mom used to watch when he was a kid) or really any
training except for what he had learned from Peter he was shit out of luck ---if only he could catch a br…
“Levi!” Joy shouted , breaking his reverie “I found something!”
“A tooth!”

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