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A GUIDE FOR SENIOR COMMANDERS by: Richard Mariott - National Commander


Richard Mariott - National Commander



The SENIOR COMMANDER fills a vital role in the Royal Ranger Ministry. He is a servant, a leader, a teacher, an example, a helper, and a problem-solver, not a problem.


When a local church has two or more Outpost units, one of the Royal Ranger leaders can be appointed to the position of SENIOR COMMANDER. The purpose of a SENIOR COMMANDER is to help those working with him to "REACH, TEACH and KEEP BOYS for JESUS CHRIST" by being a coordinator for their activities in the local church. He is the liaison between the Royal Ranger Outpost Council, Royal Ranger Leaders, Section, Division, District and National ministries.


  • 1. A Senior Commander must be a born-again Christian. He should be filled with the Holy

Spirit according to Acts 1:8.

  • 2. A Senior Commander must have a burning desire to "Reach, Teach and Keep Boys for

Jesus Christ", our Master Ranger. He must bear in mind that any who do not receive Jesus Christ as their Savior are lost for eternity. He must have a desire to reach other men to become Royal Ranger Leaders.

  • 3. A Senior Commander must be knowledgeable concerning the Word of God and have a

constant dedication of giving himself to God in prayer, fasting, and meditation for the Royal Rangers of his Outpost and the Royal Ranger Ministry. He must be faithful to his local church, supporting it with his faithful attendance and tithes and offerings.

  • 4. A Senior Commander should have completed, or enroll to complete all five sections of the

Leadership Training Course and earn the Leader's Medal of Achievement. He should endeavor to

attend a National Training Camp.

  • 5. A Senior Commander should have served as an Outpost Commander so he will have a

knowledge of the problems and responsibilities of the Outpost Commander. He should have a good knowledge of the local, section, District and National Ministry and be able to explain them.

  • 6. A Senior Commander must be dedicated to the point that nothing will stand in the way of

him fulfilling his responsibilities and duties to the boys and men in his outpost. He must be dedicated yet flexible, able to change as the Spirit directs him. He must be able to teach and be teachable at the same time.



A Senior Commander should be an outdoorsman and have a love for God's creation. He

must be willing to help the Outpost Commanders with their plans and go along to help with the boys

on outings.


It is the qualities a person possesses that qualifies them for a particular job. So it is with a SENIOR COMMANDER. Qualities such as: dedication, consistency, vision, love, determination, knowledgeable, willingness, ability to plan ahead, and being "Ready" in season and out of season. These are the qualities a SENIOR COMMANDER must possess to minister as God has called him to.


A life dedicated to God and the ministry he is called to. If a family man, it

is important to keep your priorities correct:

  • a. God

  • b. Wife

  • c. Family

  • d. Work

  • e. Church

  • f. Ministry/Royal Rangers


Royal Ranger meetings.

Living a consistent Christian life, faithful to Sunday School, Church and

  • 3. A burden to reach the lost everywhere starting with the boys in his community.


  • 4. A love for God and his creation; a love for lost souls. A love that really cares and


does something to "Reach, and "Teach". This is the kind of love that "Keeps for Jesus Christ".

  • 5. DETERMINATION: Not easily discouraged; determined but will listen to others.

  • 6. KNOWLEDGEABLE: A working knowledge of God's Word and will in his life. An

understanding of the Royal Ranger Ministry above the local Outpost and how to enhance his local

program with that knowledge.


Willing to help wherever, and when ever needed.

Willing to teach, to

lead, to listen to leaders and boys alike. Willing to be used by God to "Reach, Teach and Keep

Boys for Jesus Christ".

  • 8. PLANNING:

Not just next week or next month, but next year. He must be able to plan a

program so that it becomes a ministry to and for those in it.




"Ready" and willing at all times to carry out plans that have been made. At all

times "Ready" to let the Holy Spirit lead him in his dealings with boys and leaders. "Ready" to hold a meeting if only himself and one boy are in attendance. "Ready" to help where his help is needed. Above all a "Ready" example in: Spirituality, Punctuality, Reliability, Dedication and Consecration.


A SENIOR COMMANDER has many duties and responsibilities, both spiritually and in the normal course of running an Outpost. This first duty is to be praying without ceasing for his Outpost. A man praying for the men and boys in his Outpost will be a constant inspiration to them. With this thought in mind, the following duties and responsibilities will be easier to carry out.

  • A. A Senior Commander coordinates the activities of the Royal Rangers Ministry in his local

Assembly. He is responsible for the following:

  • 1. Yearly Planning Sessions:

Hold an annual planning meeting with the Outpost Commanders and the Outpost Council to make plans for the forthcoming year. (See Exhibits A-1 and A-2). At this meeting they will set annual: Review your Vision and Mission Statements set or adjust Goals and put a Stragtergy (objectives) to accomplish your goals.

  • (a) Goals


for the year


for each quarter

  • (b) Themes


for the year


for the quarter

  • (c) Activities


for the year


for the quarter


an activities calendar for the year filling in as many

firm dates as possible is to be made at this meeting.

Please don't

interfere with the Section, Division, District dates such as: Pow-Wow, Camporees, etc ..



Quarterly Planning Sessions:

Hold quarterly planning meetings with the Outpost Commanders to make plans for the coming quarter, (See Exhibits A-2 and A-3). At this meeting the outpost commanders will determine how they will meet their:

  • (a) Goals for the quarter


be sure of what the goals are


best way to reach the goals

  • (b) Themes for the quarter


determine what they are


break them down into subjects for each month

  • (c) Break down into weekly meeting features. (See Exhibit A-4).

  • (d) Activities for the quarter:


What kind of activities


Determine where, when and how the activity will take


place, and who is responsible. See that announcements and permission slips are


given out in plenty of time. Who will be in charge of different phases of activities.


What equipment will be needed and who is responsible to obtain it.

  • 3. Senior Commander is a Coordinator: Keep in mind the Senior Commander is a Coordinator, NOT a Dictator. A true leader will listen for and solicit ideas from those he is working with.

  • 4. Submit Proposed Calendar to Pastor: When the annual calendar is completed, submit this to the pastor. Make changes as necessary so as not to conflict with the local Assembly program.

  • 5. Monthly Meetings: Hold Monthly Meetings, if necessary, to insure that commanders are using meeting planning guides, and prepared for the meetings.



Short Meetings:

Hold short meetings after the Outpost meeting has been dismissed. Review and evaluate meetings and get suggestions for improvements.

  • 7. Special Meeting(s): Call special meeting with Commanders as necessary. Sometimes when training a new commander it will take additional time to help him prepare.

  • 8. Junior Leaders: Include Junior Leaders in planning sessions. There are several reasons why the Junior Leaders should be asked to help plan activities of the Outpost, some of these are:

    • (a) They will know what the boys would like to do.

    • (b) It helps develop the boys in planning.

    • (c) It helps give boys a feeling of belonging.

    • (d) It trains the boys for when they will become commanders.

  • 9. Evaluate your Ministry:

  • Constantly evaluate your Royal Ranger Ministry so as to make improvements. Some examples are:

    • (a) Finding new recreation ideas & activities

    • (b) Improving presentation of meeting features.

    • (c) Planning new pre-meeting activities.

    • (d) Make sure meeting features are up-to-date.

    • (e) Review the 11-point plan of a successful meeting, with the outpost commanders.

    • 10. Assist Commanders:

    Assist any of the Commanders who are having trouble conducting their Outpost Meetings. Some of the problems are caused by:

    • (a) Lack of planning.

    • (b) Not Counseling with boys.

    • (c) No follow-up on new boys.

    • (f) Advancements not being passed.

    • (g) Records not being kept.

    • (h) Needing Leadership Training Course(s).



    Keep Commanders Informed:

    Keep the Outpost Commanders and Outpost Council informed of what is happening in the Section, District and National Royal Rangers in the following areas:

    • (a) Uniform changes

    • (b) Policy changes

    • (c) National Training Camps, Programs, and Camporama.

    • (d) Section Leadership Training Classes, Video Training

    Classes, Saturday and Home Study Training.

    • (e) District-Division-Section Activities, Camps and Training.


    Pinewood Derbies


    Ranger of the Year


    Annual Royal Rangers District Council


    District Pow-Wow


    District Camporee


    Buckaroo / Straight Arrow Day Camps


    District Sierra Adventure Camp


    District Royal Rangers Family Camp (FCF Sponsored)

    • 12. Outpost Council Meetings:

    Meet with the Outpost Council at least once a quarter, preferably after you have had your quarterly planning meeting with the commanders. You can then advise the Outpost Council of plans, themes, activities, etc.

    • (a) Keep the Outpost Council aware of the needs of the Outpost


    • (b) Encourage the Outpost Council to take an active part in the


    ministry by having them bring devotions. Help pass boys in their

    advancement requirements. Counseling with boys in their various needs, mental, spiritual, physical, social, etc.

    • 13. Public Relations:

    A Senior Commander must be a good public relations man. He must keep the people of the Church aware of what the boys in the Royal Ranger Ministry are doing. He can do this by:


    • (a) Asking the Pastor to let him have " Ranger of the Month" Presentations and

    activities report to the congregation on a monthly or quarterly basis.

    • (b) Asking the Pastor to let the Royal Rangers put on a short program during

    one of the services. Many times this is done in "October" Royal Rangers

    Anniversary. With approx. 15-20 minute using such theme as: "Camping, Toolcraft, Frontiersman Camping Fellowship, Father-son-camp overview, etc.

    • (c) Have guest speakers such as the District Commander, Deputy District

    Commander, Men’s Ministries Director, Publicity and Promotions Coordinator,

    Division Commander, Section Commander or Area Commander.

    • (d) Have displays in some conspicuous place in the Church with several Royal

    Rangers in uniform to explain the displays. These could be:

    Crafts, Nature, Camping, First Aid, Hobbies, Pinewood Derby, etc.

    • 14. Senior Commander/ Pastor's Relations:

    The Senior Commander must keep his pastor informed of all activities planned. These dates must be cleared with the pastor before they are finalized. No Royal Rangers activity should be planned or held that will conflict with the local Church program, or without the approval of the pastor.

    • (a) Take time to meet regularly with your pastor.

    • (b) Prepare a report of past activities, meetings and upcoming events.

    • (c) Check with your pastor prior to asking a person to become a commander in the outpost. There may be reasons that the pastor cannot disclose with you that would prohibit the pastor from allowing this consideration.

    • (d) Use your pastor at special events, if his schedule will allow, however be

    understanding if he can't be at all functions.

    • 15. Encourage Support From Your Assembly:

      • (a) The Senior Commander should encourage his local Assembly to attend any special Royal Rangers activity, such as "Rallies".

      • (b) Ask for Sponsor's to help boys for camp fees, chartering, uniforms and etc.

      • (c) Use the "PALS" program. This is where a person sponsors a boy for one year, to help him with camp fees, charter fees, uniform, and possibly as a father for the weekend at the "Father-son-Camp".

      • (d) Ask the Pastor to make special announcements on Sundays.


    • (e) Have announcements in the church bulletin.


    The Senior Commander also has the responsibility of Chartering and re-chartering each year of his outpost.

    • 1. See Exhibit 5.

    "Charter Application"

    October is Charter month for the upcoming year.

    The senior commander must complete the application completely, listing names, address, zip codes and phone numbers of commanders Names, address, zip codes and age level of boys. These are used for the District Newsletter Mailing throughout the year.

    • 2. Along with your Charter, send your Outpost Annual Report, (See Exhibit

    District Office.

    #6), to the

    • 3. The benefits for charter are many please read below:



    If you have organized a group of Royal Rangers and have not yet chartered, it is extremely important to charter for these reasons:

    • 1. To receive National recognition and an attractive 9- by 12- inch charter certificate to

    display in the outpost meeting room. The national office will add your group to the national

    mailing list to receive important and timely information.

    • 2. To receive official membership cards.

    Boys and leaders must obtain membership cards

    before they wear the Royal Rangers uniform.

    • 3. To receive the quarterly publication, High Adventure Leader. This magazine contains up-

    to-date information, ideas, announcements of national events, and devotionals which are vital to

    the commander.

    • 4. To receive a High Adventure bulk subscription for each boy from Buckaroos to Air, Sea,

    and Trail Rangers.

    • 5. To receive a complimentary copy of the Royal Rangers Bible Study Lessons, Volume I for

    your outpost. This course contains 43 lessons and gives Bible instruction.

    • 6. To receive a free official uniform booklet, the Royal Rangers Campfire Songs, order

    blank, catalog, and other helpful materials and brochures. Each group commander will be

    eligible to participate in the Outpost Commander's Award program.

    From the District Royal Rangers

    • 1. Leaders will receive a copy of the "R.R. Leaders Yearbook" listing all the events, locations,

    commander awards applications and Training Events.

    • 2. Leaders will receive the "A Man’s World -Royal Sabre" Newsletter a bi-annual publication

    for the district.

    • 3. Pioneers, Trailblazer and Air, Sea, Trail Rangers will receive the boys Newsletter called

    "Young Bucks" . This is sent out 3 times a year to keep the boys informed of upcoming events,

    camps, and accomplishments of other boys in the district.

    • 4. Senior Commanders, Pastors and Commanders will receive different mailing throughout the

    year keeping them informed of camps, events and RR Council.

    • 5. Each year the Senior Commander will receive Camporee or Pow-Wow Camp packet for

    the District Camp, Latest Pinewood Derby Rules, and Ranger of the Year packets.


    It is very important to notify the R.R. district office if there is a change in Sr.

    Commander in your Outpost.




    • A. Basic requirements for chartering a unit are

      • 1. A minimum of five boys who have met the requirements for recruit.

      • 2. An outpost council composed of at least three men.

      • 3. A qualified outpost commander and, when possible, one or more assistants.

      • 4. A registration fee for each boy and adult. (This covers subscriptions to High Adventure/High Adventure Leader and other materials.)

  • B. After three regular meetings are held make applications for charter.

  • C. Upon application each outpost council will receive from the national Royal Rangers office a charter certificate, membership cards, and other important materials.

  • D. The chartered outpost will receive an assigned number for its group.

  • E. The church or outpost council should order an emblem patch for each boy at the time of application to present along with the membership card.

  • *Recruit--a boy with proper age requirements for a certain Royal Rangers level, but who has not achieved advancements.

    Publicity and Promotions

    Encourage your church to support the Royal Ranger District program. Also support the District program with monthly contributions to be directed to the Royal Rangers Ministry.

    • (a) Businessmen Sponsorship Support:

    (See Exhibit #7)

    • (b) Church Sponsorship Support:

    (See Exhibit #8)

    • (c) Special Bolo - Support:

    (See Exhibit #9)

    • (d) Pals Program

    (See Exhibit #10)

    • (e) Promotional Ideas Listed Below





    The purpose of any promotional program is to excite interest. This is true for Royal Rangers just as much as any other program. As a Ranger leader, you are a key man when it comes to promotion of Royal Rangers. You can prepare yourself to properly promote the Royal Rangers program by following these suggestions:

    • 1. Secure copies of the various Royal Rangers handbooks and other materials.

    Study them

    carefully and become familiar with all the aspects of Royal Rangers. You cannot develop

    enthusiasm in others for a program that you know nothing about.

    • 2. Mail Royal Rangers promotional materials to boys, parents and church members.

    • 3. Make displays and/or presentations at Sunday services, Men's Ministries meetings, or

    parents open house at the outpost, etc.

    • 4. Saturday workshops for the Royal Rangers in your outpost.

    These workshops should

    include pinewood derby workday, camping events, advancement workshops, and various

    Royal Rangers activities and programs.

    Remember, the key to success for a promotional program is enthusiasm! We cannot expect boys, men, pastors, church boards, etc. to become interested in a ministry unless we present the ideals, methods, and goals of the program with enthusiasm. Royal Rangers is a rich program with an unlimited potential for meeting the most vital needs of boys. Let's show those around us that we believe in Royal Rangers, and enthusiastically promote every aspect of it.





    A Royal Rangers Pow Wow is a "must" for your district (or section). Boys and leaders will benefit greatly from this event. Local outposts will develop a greater group spirit when they participate as a unit in a Pow Wow. They will compare themselves with other groups, and this could cause them to make an effort to upgrade their own outpost. Each boy will be exposed, twenty-four hours a day, to emphasis on living by the Royal Rangers Code. This will make a great contribution to his character development.

    The District Pow Wow will become the big event of the year for your Royal Rangers. They will see things through different eyes than most adults. Each small activity will become an exciting adventure.


    The evangelistic possibilities are tremendous. Presenting Christ to boys in the midst of the excitement and thrill of a Pow Wow gives salvation a new dimension. Many boys can be won to Christ and some led into a Pentecostal experience. The leaders themselves will be challenged by new ideas, the inspiration of other leaders, and by the evangelistic results. Many will return home with a new perspective of the ministry of winning boys to Christ through the Royal Rangers program. To assist you in preparing for and conducting a Pow Wow, the National Office has prepared a booklet, "Suggested Ways of Conducting a Royal Rangers Pow Wow," which covers such areas as: advance publicity and planning, choosing the campsite, food service, health and safety, morning assemblies, training sessions, recreation, stunt times, evening rallies, council fires, special events, daily schedules, leaders' orientation, Pow Wow patches, camp awards, suggested menu guide, trip planning chart, daily inspection sheets, and other areas.




    One week in October each year is designated as "Royal Rangers Week" by the Assemblies of God. Royal Rangers week is one of the opportunities of the local outposts to give recognition to this important ministry. District leaders should encourage each local outpost to observe Royal Rangers week. Here are some suggestions:

    • 1. Recognize Royal Rangers leaders. Honor the men and women serving as leaders, having

    them seated together or recognizing them in other appropriate ways will let them know they are

    appreciated and will be an encouragement to them.

    • 2. Honor the Royal Rangers boys.

    Part of a church service could be designated for this

    purpose. This is also an ideal time to hold a Council of Achievement.

    • 3. Provide special activities, such as cookouts, camping, hiking, ball games, and special trips.

    Encourage the boys' families to participate.

    • 4. Sponsor a Royal Rangers field day.

    The boys can set up their camping equipment,

    demonstrate their skills, and show their craft work.


    Include a variety of family games and

    • 5. Hold a Father/Son banquet. If a boy does not have a father, get a man in the church to go

    with him. The banquet could climax a day of various activities such as a water carnival, swim

    meet, fishing outing, and other interesting trips.

    • 6. Extend an invitation to church and friends to attend an outpost open house. The

    announcement could be made by special notes or in the form of a public announcement in the

    church and the newspaper. Plans should include some form of activity so that guests can see the operations of the outpost meeting.



    A campout on a Saturday or overnight with fathers can be very rewarding. Boys may invite

    a man from the church or community to be their dad for the outing. You might have a spiritual

    touch by planning activities which lend themselves to worship and praise.

    • 8. Hold a Father/Son breakfast in the church fellowship hall or at a local restaurant. A theme

    can be followed. A

    man can sponsor a boy if he does not have a father. A speaker with a

    short, challenging talk or a film with a spiritual theme could be the program.

    • 9. During Royal Rangers Week, reach out into the community with promotional literature.

    Invite fathers and sons who do not attend church to participate in the Royal Rangers Week

    activities. Show them you care for them. Personal contact will produce great benefits for the local church outreach and the Royal Rangers ministry.

    • 10. Encourage and help, if necessary, the Outpost Commander in visiting the boy's homes on a

    regular basis, and letting parents know how their boys are progressing. As the opportunity

    arises, lead any unsaved parents to Christ.



    An excellent way to help publicize the Royal Rangers ministry is by making use of the local newspaper. It is easy to have the newspaper print an article about a special district event (or a local event, for that matter) if the following guidelines are kept in mind when the write-up is submitted:

    • 1. All good news stories answer the questions: who, what, when, where, why, and sometimes,


    • 2. Newspapers place a premium on space. Avoid wordy articles.

    • 3. When announcing an event which has not yet occurred, stick with the basic facts and avoid

    emphasis on planning which might not materialize.

    • 4. When reporting an event which has occurred, report only the high-lights using the names of

    the men and boys involved.

    • 5. All copies should be typewritten, double-spaced, and on one side of the paper only. (A

    messy copy is often reduced to a couple of sentences or thrown away).

    • 6. All articles should identify your district, the Assemblies of God, and at least one of the

    leaders in charge of the event.

    • 7. Photos should be black and white only, glossy finish, and with sharp contrasts. Avoid color

    photos by all means.

    • 8. Editors generally prefer 8" x 10" prints, and never smaller than 5" x 7".

    • 9. Photos should always be "action" shots, never posed pictures.

    whenever possible.

    Use close-up shots

    10. Mark the photos on the back side, but use the felt-tipped pen. Many good pictures have been ruined by a pencil or pen. Give your name and address. Request the return of the photos (but don't expect to get them back).

    • 11 Don't expect everything you submit to appear in print. Be thankful for what you get.

    12. You should always clip printed articles after they do appear and post them or keep them for your historian's files.



    Encourage the Commanders, Outpost Councilmen, and Pastors to take Leadership Training.





    The success of any on going program or ministry is training. The National Royal Rangers Office has developed a series of training programs which will help prepare local and district Royal Rangers leaders to carry out their mission of reaching, teaching, and keeping boys for Jesus Christ.


    The Leadership Training Course is comprised of five sections which are directed toward properly meeting the needs of the local outpost leaders

    Section I:

    Organization and Advancement

    A study of the Royal Rangers program structure, the qualifications of a good leader, how to begin an outpost, a survey of the advancement trail, and a review of the uniform and insignia regulations.

    Section II:


    Understanding and Counseling Boys

    A study of how to lead a boy to Christ, the major needs of boys, dealing with problem cases, and techniques for personal and group counseling that will help you deal with boys in today's society.

    Section III:


    Coordinating an Outpost Meeting

    A study of the goals of a successful meeting, how to plan your meetings, an analysis of the ingredients of a good meeting, and techniques for achieving proper goals in your outpost meetings.


    Section IV: Camping

    The Camping Program

    A study of the purpose of camping, steps in planning a camping trip, campcraft techniques, health and safety, and first aid skills. There is a modified version of Section IV available for Buckaroo and Straight Arrow leaders with less emphasis on the camping aspect and more on those areas which leaders are con- cerned with.

    Section V: The Advanced Teaching and Communication Course

    This course is designed to prepare leaders as instructors in their Royal Rangers outpost meetings. It will provide leaders with the basic skill tools they need to help them become an effective teacher and master the skills of effective com- munication to help them in their Royal Rangers ministry.

    The LTC may be taken three different ways: By correspondence through the National/District Royal Rangers Office. Two by the District VIDEO Tape Training Sessions, which has a two hour video for each class I thru V courses. These may be obtained from the RR Office. , However, it is recommended in a classroom environment through classes offered by the District Royal Rangers ministries,

    Upon completing each section of the LTC, a leader is awarded a pin. He will receive the Leader's Medal of Achievement when he completes all five sections of the LTC.





    NATIONAL TRAINING CAMP (NTC): The purpose of National Training Camp is to give professional training in camping and leadership, plus the opportunity of outstanding fellowship and adventure in the outdoors. NTC inspires men to see the great potential of the Royal Rangers ministry, and to become more involved in the service and in training. Any man may attend NTC.


    Advanced National

    Training Camp is designed to give Royal Rangers leaders additional training beyond that is offered at NTC. It also inspires greater involvement in the Royal Rangers ministry. A leader must have attended NTC prior to enrolling for ANTC.


    NATIONAL TRAINING TRAILS (NTT): The purpose of National Training Trails is to give leaders training in backpacking and trail camping, plus the opportunity for outstanding fellowship and rugged outdoor adventure. It will also inspire men to see the great potential of Royal Rangers and to become more involved in service and in training. A leader must have attended NTC prior to enrolling for NTT.


    The purpose of Winter

    National Training Camp is to give leaders professional training in winter camping and other winter- related activities, plus the opportunity for outstanding fellowship and adventure in a winter outdoor setting. It will also inspire leaders to provide more winter-related activities for their outposts. A leader must have attended NTC prior to enrolling for WNTC.

    NATIONAL AQUATICS CAMP (NAC): The purpose of National Aquatics Camp is to provide leaders with the opportunity to develop their basic skills in aquatic activities, to train leaders in the techniques needed to provide a safe aquatic program for boys, and to provide opportunity for outstanding fellowship and adventure. Any registered Royal Rangers leader or boy (16 years of age or older) may attend NAC (the age limit is there because of Red Cross certification standards).


    The purpose of the National Canoe

    Expedition is to give leaders specialized training on how to conduct canoe trips, and to provide an outstanding adventure in some of the most beautiful canoe country in America. A leader must have attended NTC prior to enrolling for NCE.

    The national training events mentioned here are open only to men leaders, since they are geared more toward the leaders of Pioneer, Trailblazer, and Air, Sea, or TrailRanger outposts.





    (BSTC): The purpose of the Buckaroo Straight-Arrow Training Conference is to give leaders working with these age boys training on how to conduct the meetings, day outings, day events, with reference materials for crafts, songs, main features and etc.

    The BSTC training conference are open to men and women leaders, since they are geared toward the leaders for Buckaroo and Straight Arrow outposts.





    CERTIFIED INSTRUCTORS (ICS): Royal Ranger leaders who wish to teach the Leadership Training Course to other Royal Ranger leaders may be certified to do so if they meet the requirements;


    CERTIFIED DISTRICT: The leader must complete all five sections of the LTC. He must also attend and complete National Training Camp(NTC). Finally, he must complete an Instructor Certification Seminar offered by the district.

    INSTRUCTOR TRAINERS (IT): An Instructor Trainer is a leader who has been chosen by his district to attend an Instructor Trainer Seminar sponsored by the National Office. Those who complete the Instructor Trainer Seminar are authorized to hold Instructor Certification Seminars, where men of their district are trained and certified to teach the LTC in their district.


    Junior Leadership Training Camp is offered by the District Royal Rangers Office. The purpose of JLTC is to give junior leaders professional training in camping and outpost leadership, plus the opportunity for outstanding fellowship in the outdoors. It will also inspire these boys to see the great value of Royal Rangers and to become more involved in the program. The National Office has booklets available on how to plan and conduct a proper JLTC.

    Some districts also provide a Junior Training Trail (JTT) program. Its purpose is to give junior leaders training in backpacking and trail camping, plus the opportunity for outstanding fellowship and rugged outdoor adventure.

    Junior Canoe Expedition is another excellent Junior Training Opportunity for boys. Its purpose is to give instruction and demonostration about canoeing. After completing this camp a boy should be eliagble fo the canoeing award.

    Pioner Leadership Training Camp is designed for boys ages 9 – 12, however older boys may attend. This camp is a 24 hour camp teaching skills in Daily Bible Study, Devotions, Dating, Drugs and skills to help the outpost commander. This is an excellent camp for Pioneers to see the importance of going on to JLTC, JTT and JCE.




    Also, decide on the best ways of publicizing the training classes in your outpost, newsletter, phone call, commanders meetings, etc ..

    Obtain from your District Commander the date and location of the next National Training Camp in your region. Encourage the leaders in your outpost to attend by assisting the other district officers and regional staff in your promotion and publicity for the NTC.



    As a Senior Commander it is important that you attend the following:

    • (a) Section Commanders Meetings. Call your Section Commander for the calendar dates of meetings.

    • (b) Annual Royal Rangers District Council and Banquet: (1) At this annual event, you represent your church, commanders and boys. Although all commanders from your outpost can attend, as the Senior Commander you are the only voting member, along with other District Council Members. (2) Many Items will be discussed: Upcoming Calendar planning, Activities, Pow- Wow, Pine-wood Derbies, Ranger of the Year, New items from the National Office, and many other important Topics. (3) At the evening Banquet, many district awards will be given out, special music, special guests and guest speaker. This Banquet is for commander/wives, and pastors. Plan to attend annually.

    (4) To ensure your commanders are keeping proper records for their outpost:

    Financial, Advancements, Ranger of the Year, and etc

    That the boys are given the

    .. chance to advance along the Advancement Trail during the Outpost meeting(s). Encourage

    and assist the boys in their requirements.

    (5) To evaluate each Outpost as to their spiritual growth. He must discuss any area of weakness and offer helpful suggestions to the Outpost Commander. DON'T BE A DICTATOR!

    (6) See that the Bible Study Courses are given to the boys. These are generally graded the following week as the boys Bible Study Classroom time.


    The purpose of the Ranger of the Year program is to encourage the development of boys in the various areas of Royal Rangers emphasis through competition with the other boys in the outpost (and later, in the section, district, region, and nation).

    The structure of the Ranger of the Year program is very simple. Each outpost in a given section will select an outpost Ranger of the Year for each age division. The sectional Ranger of the Year will be


    selected from this group for each age division. The sectional Ranger of the Year will meet with the district staff, and a District Ranger of the Year will be selected from this group for each age division.

    District Rangers of the Year in the Trailblazer and Air, Sea, or Trail Ranger divisions will meet with the regional staff, and a Regional Ranger of the Year will be selected. The Regional Air-Sea or Trail Ranger of each Region will be the National Rangers of the Year.

    The criteria for evaluating the boys may be found in the booklet from the National Office entitled "Ranger of the Year Programs", see the District "Ranger of the Year Booklet. The basic requirements cover the areas of: advancement and awards, outpost attendance, living by the Ranger Code, conduct and cooperation, involvement in Christian service, spiritual work projects, assistance in outpost growth, etc. A point system is used in evaluating the boy. This assists greatly in the choice of the winners, and helps keep the contest as objective as possible.

    On the sectional level, district level, regional level, and national level, a special Ranger of the Year Interviewing Committee is established by the appropriate officers (e.g., the Sectional Commander would appoint the members of the sectional interviewing committee, the District Commander would appoint the members of the district interviewing committee, etc.) The interviewing committee should interview each candidate personally and make careful notes. Each boy should be evaluated in light of what a top-notch Ranger should be . The candidates should be interviewed individually, all on the same day.

    Of course, be sure to give special recognition to the Ranger of the Year at each level. "Ranger of the Year Program" booklet for recognition ideas.

    See the


    • 1. Uniforms are a must for Royal Rangers Outposts. If you as a leader don't wear the uniform,

    then your boys won't. As a Senior Commander you must have a complete Royal Ranger Uniform

    and wear it with pride.

    • 2. All emblems, awards, medals and insignias placed correctly on his uniform, thus setting an

    example for the other Royal Ranger leaders and boys. He should have a copy of the Royal Ranger

    uniform booklet, or see leader's manual.

    • 3. His uniform must be neat, clean, pressed, and shoes shined.

    • 4. Wear his uniform to all outpost meetings and Royal Ranger activities and functions.

    • 5. Encourage his outpost commanders and boys to obtain and wear uniforms. He should bring

    to the attention of the Outpost Council any boy who is unable to obtain a uniform so they might

    make it possible for him to acquire one.



    It is suggested that the Senior Commander and other Royal Rangers wear their uniform to

    Sunday School or Church Service at least once a month. This will advertise Royal Rangers to new

    boys of the Sunday School and encourage more boys to come into the Ranger Ministry.