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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Volume 97; Number 24

A community newspaper serving Browerville, MN and surrounding areas. USPS 067-560

County will
review “No
tion. This is a violation of a per-
son's individual rights, Kircher
Commissioner Randy
Tragedy leads to
benefits for children
Neumann said he originally
authored the resolution. He was
net gain concerned about the loss of tax
revenue due to state ownership
resolution” of land in the county. Neumann
said he has no problem with
By Nancy Leasman prison for a one night stay. He their memories of the fun loving
When a tragic event happens was to appear in court the fol- person that Carl was, their lives
changing the resolution as long within a family and cir- will forever be connected with
By Jan King
as the payments from the state cle of friends, initiating Bruce Christenson. “You’re
A 'no net gain' resolution will positive action can, in involved for the rest of your
are the same as the property
be reviewed by the Todd County small ways, help to life,” says Clara of the perma-
taxes paid by individual
Board of Commissioners. The assuage the terrible nent connection between a
resolution, which was passed a anguish. The death of murderer and the victim’s
This resolution will be dis-
number of years ago, states that Clara Moyle’s son, Carl, family. Having already
cussed again sometime in the
the State of Minnesota may not has led her and others to attended nearly two dozen
gain ownership of any more total hold annual snowmobile court proceedings, the Moyle
acres in the county. runs and create a memo- family will be notified of any
County Administrator rial cookbook. The pro- change in Christenson’s 30
Commissioners approved a
Nathan Burkett brought the ceeds of both go to help year prison sentence and peti-
Conditional Use Permit for
issue before the board during children in need. tions for parole for which he’ll
Saukinac Campground on Sauk
their November 17 meeting. He Three years ago, Carl be eligible after serving his
Lake. The permit will allow an
said the resolution deserves a Moyle was bludgeoned to sentence.
expansion of the existing camp-
review. From an administrative death in a jail cell in Clara sees so much need for
ground by 13 additional camp-
perspective, Burkett said the Sherburne County. change within a system that
sites, as well as changes to exist-
resolution does not make a Arrested for driving doesn’t offer much support for
ing buildings.
whole lot of sense. "We need to without insurance, an a victim’s family. “When
The permit comes with condi-
bring more people to the county offense that doesn’t nor- you’re told of a murder, it’s
tions from the Todd County
because of our natural mally call for incarcera- like being dropped in a foreign
Planning Commission for ero-
resources. It's like shooting us tion, Carl was asleep in a country and you don’t know
sion control and drainage into
in the foot," he said. cell with an open door on the language and you have to
Sauk Lake. This is an impaired
Commissioner David Kircher the evening of August 8, learn it in five minutes.”
body of water, Neumann said.
said he was glad this resolution 2006. The man in the Clara says it was so difficult
He hoped the expansion would
was resurfacing. He said he neighboring cell, Bruce mourning the loss of her son,
be done properly. This has been
knows of people who have want- Three years ago, Carl Moyle was bludg-
a long, difficult process, said Christenson, had been and her husband Larry, who
ed to donate their land to the eoned to death in a jail cell in Sherburne
Commissioner Gerry Ruda, and transferred from solitary died of a heart attack 21
state, but the county board County.
confinement in Oak Park months after Carl’s death, and
would not accept the transac- Continued on page 9. Heights maximum security lowing morning. Oak Park learning to navigate the legal
Heights is classified as a level process. “I got an education of
Fire department responds five institution holding adult things I didn’t want to know. The
males who are considered to be world educates you,” she says.
extreme risks to the public. Two years after Carl’s death,
to suspicious house fire Sherburne County jail’s policy Clara connected with a court
was to allow prisoners to mingle liaison or victim’s advocate who
during their first 72 hours of con- explained upcoming proceedings.
finement and failed to check “When you lose a child, you
Christenson’s history of violence should be assigned a liaison per-
before allowing him to have con- son,” says Clara and wishes
tact with other prisoners. Dianna could have been involved
“He took a rail off a wall and sooner. “When you go into a mur-
said he was going to kill some- der trial, there’s so much you
one,” says Clara of what she was don’t want to see. She explained
told as Christianson’s motive for everything and was present
killing her son. Christenson was when the plea was made. She
in the Sherburne County jail to helped with writing the victim
face charges of an attack on impact statement.”
another prisoner in St. Cloud. Clara says that Bruce
According to a document filed Christenson has apologized to
in the United States Court of the Moyle family but she didn’t
Appeals, “At the time of that sense any real remorse. “He said
attack, Christenson had been he was sorry but it wasn’t gen-
serving a 108 month sentence for uine, referring to ‘that little inci-
first degree aggravated robbery, dent on the 8th of August.’ He
theft of a motor vehicle, theft, said he killed Carl because he
and first degree test refusal. wanted to wear a crown when he
Christenson's scheduled appear- went to hell.”
ance before the state district “I don’t really have any feel-
court was in relation to the sec- ings toward him. I’m very angry
ond degree assault with a deadly because he killed my son who
weapon charge arising from the was a fun person; a good person,”
At 11:17 pm, November 21, the sheriff’s department responded to a suspicious house fire at 27302 St. Cloud incident.” says Clara.
County 16. The fire in the vacant house was extinguished by the Browerville Fire Department, with While the Moyle family has Clara joined Parents of
assistance from the Clarissa Fire Department. Anyone with information regarding this inci- lost their son, brother, and father Murdered Children, an organiza-
dent is asked to contact the Todd County Sheriff’s Department. (Carl’s son, Gavin, will be five in Continued on page 20.
December) and they have only


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