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June, 1914-
The Arch Duke of
Austria Hungary
is assassinateed
in Sarajevo,
2. July, 1914-
Austria declares
war on Serbia
3. August, 1914-
Russia declares
war on Austria;
declares war on
Russia, France
declares ar on
Germany, Britain
declares war
4. September
1914- Germany
losses 1st Battle
of the Marne
5. April, 1915-
Germany uses
poison gas in
battle for first
6. February,
1916- Battle
of Verdun
1916- British
use tanks for
first time at
the Battle of
the Somme
8. April,
1917- US
declares war
on Germany
gain control
over Russia
11, 1918-
signs the
ending WWI
Timeline of World War I
1. This single event was the catalyst that started the war. While there may have been one without it, this event gave Austria a reason to
attack a small country such as Serbia. It also gave Russia an excuse to get involved.
2. This is the actual event that starts the official war. Without this declaration, there would have been no war to begin with.
3. These events are important because they mark the beginning of a true world war. Every nation is now involved in a total war that
would last for four years; much longer than they had hoped for.
4. This is important for Germany and France because it marks the beginning of the standoff on the Western Front. Germany expected
a quick war but the Marne proved that they were actually in for a slog.
5. This event is important because it is the first instance of modern warfare. Never before had something like this been used. This is
one of the many ways that WWI was a new kind of war.
6. This battle is important because it is a major battle for Germany. (AN EXAMPLE OF A WRONG ANSWER)
7. This event is important in the same way as the poison gas. It is proof that WWI pushed the world into a new era of mass warfare.
The tank is a very important aspect of modern war.
8. This event is important because some scholars believe it is the death knell for Germany. America came in with fresh troops and
would help liberate the Western Front and end the war.
9. This event is important, especially for Russia. It marks the change from a monarchy to a communist state. It is also important
because it gave Germany the ability to focus on one front.
10. The armistice is important because it marks the end of the war. It would lead, unfortunately, to the next world war. The treaty that
was eventually signed pushed Germany to the brink and beyond.