Thank You for nominations

Birds of a feather- Eagles fly with Eagles

My friends we are gathered here tonight to pick
leaders to take our positive vision for a stronger
republican party to Northampton County.

Christian quarterback Russell Wilson and the Seattle
Seahawks won the super bowl this year. Next day
headlines read in the paper, “coach and quarterback
fired” WRONG that is not what the headlines read
because that would be lunacy. I draw that comparison
because I think the same insanity is being considered
here tonight. Thanks to your help this committee won
the republican superbowl in Northampton County last
Why would you replace the winning team?
Republicans swept the county; winning the executive,
majority on county council and electing another
republican judge.

Changing the team would be exactly what the
democrats would want you to do.

Voter Registration numbers are being circulated
as proof that Republican voters in Northampton
County are abandoning the Republican Party and
choosing instead to become registered as
Independents or other parties. This is untrue. The
fact is, current registration numbers show that the
“Others” or “Independents” are increasing
because the Democrat percentages are decreasing,
but not decreasing enough. The county has been
democrat for more than three decades, so it is not
something Craig and I caused this last year. With
that said, every November when the polls open on
Election Day we go into battle with a smaller army. In
order to overcome this we have to work harder, use a
smarter strategy, and of course say little prayer on
Election Day.

One of the smarter strategies is unifying and
concentrating on winning as opposed to tearing each
other down. No doubt unity is something to be
desired, to strive for, but it cannot be achieved by
mere speech, but action. That is why last year in the
vein of unity, I nominated my opponent here tonight
to serve on this committee’s executve board. He
accepted the position, attended one meeting, never
attended again, and then resigned from the executive
board. If one cannot be trusted with little, how can
one be trusted with much? If he did not value that
position, what makes one think he will value this
important position? I have valued every positon in
the Republican Party with which I have been

As for me, my political ideology is based on my Christian
Heritage. I am a pro-life, pro-family, second amendment
supporting conservative. I firmly believe that my ability
to be a witness for conservative values requires mutual
respect and maturity. We move forward by remaining
true to our core principles. For me those core principles
 Defending both ends of life: the unborn
and the elderly
 Taking a firm stand for the Second
 Upholding and Defending Our
 Staying Committed to Traditional
 Fighting increased taxes and wasteful
government spending
 Eliminating property taxes once and for all
as I see that as a freedom issue
John Adams said, “Our constitution was made ONLY for
a moral and religious people and it is wholly inadequate
to the government of any other,” I agree with that quote
and we must in turn keep this country moral.

One of Americas greatest assets is success being based on
what you have done; not who you are. The success I have
had in electing republicans has come from giving most of
my adult life to serving this local committee. I didn’t wait
until 2010 to know I needed to get involved. At 25 years
old I committed myself to conservative activism. I know
this county Leadership is a position of service and service
is all I have done for this party. I have given countless
hours to volunteering for candidates. I gather
signatures on petitions, make phone calls, stuff mail,
go door to door, work events, give money, put up signs
and work Election Day. I have never missed working
a primary or general at the polls in the last twenty

This past year I had the honor of being selected as a
participant in the Anne B. Anstine Excellence in Public
Service Program. The Anstine Series is an annual
training program for Republican women in
Pennsylvania that prepares women to be more
effective leaders in government, politics, and in
the community. Participants each have a goal to
increase their level of involvement in public life as
party leaders, elected officials, grassroots activists,
and community leaders. I traveled the entire state
of Pennsylvania from Pittsburgh, Bedford, Indiana,
State College and Harrisburg this year meeting
elected officials and learning valuable information
to further advance the Northampton County
Republican Committee.

Due to my training and experience; I currently feel a
strong calling to stay involved in the leadership of this

So if you honor me with the position of vice chair, YOU
can be confident that when you hear from me asking
you to take part or to get others involved, whether it
be in some small or some big way, that I am not asking
you to do something that I have not done myself, or
that I am not doing myself.

I believe that true leadership is by example. I will be
working with you side by side in this great cause that
we share in getting Republicans elected.

I ask you to stop looking at the distractions in the
stands, but instead look towards the goal.