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An Android Future - Hyperlink InfoSystem

Well, the wait is over and exciting times are ahead. The recent Google I/O conference was something
we all were waiting for to get the inside scoop for all things Google and Android. And it was just that.
We got to see a little it more into Google!s plans to permeate into the common users! lives more than
ever. "ot necessaril# sa#ing that it!s a ad thing though.
This fact though, has een ecome more than evident this #ear. With Google!s ver# own $arr# %age
sa#ing that the compan# has ver# amitious projects in store for the future. &ou reall# can!t get an#
more legit than this, coming from the co'founder itself. It!s a sign of how technolog# is reall# ta(ing
center stage or at least coming ver# close to it, in our lives.
And one of the wa#s that it!s getting near to its goals is # getting more and more people on oard the
Google ship. And Google is tr#ing to accomplish this # ma(ing a lot of changes and in oth its
internal wor(ings as well as its outside appearance. )aterial *esign is one such project aimed at
creating a user interface that is not onl# simple and eautiful, ut also functionall# efficient.
+o, that!s another reason to hire Android app developer to ring to fruition #our moile project ecause
trust me, Google!s gonna gain a lot of followers through its latest initiatives. Among the I/O
announcements, some were old features revamped and given a oost and others were asolutel# fresh
off of the development oven. And all of these wor(ed together to offer a super slic( design that was
intuitive ut also prett#.
Through )aterial *esign, Google has attempted to ta(e all #our information and turn it into a concise
ule that along with presenting #ou the data in a well mannered wa#, that doesn!t seem
overurdening. ,ven though we have onl# een ale to see a preview of it in action, if ever#thing goes
as planned, the Android experience is going to ecome reall# seamless and fast.
Another aspect that Google has een hard at wor( on is creating a unified experience across all the
platforms that support Google products and services. And again, we see )aterial *esign ma(e its entr#.
Google is see(ing to achieve what Apple has somewhat alread# has- unified user experience. "ow, that
it has deuted various wearale tech as well, it wants there to exist a consistenc# where the user is
interacting with their moile, the we through .hrome or a watch for example.
This will ma(e users more comfortale with the interface as well as eliminate extra learning stro(es to
their switch from platform to platform. Which if #ou!re even a moderate user, can get anno#ing and
cumersome prett# fast. And this is also going to help the decision to hire Android application
developer all the more eas#, ecause #ou don!t reall# have to worr# aout how #our product will
perform when viewed from different perspectives.
Google!s decision to include developers from the start is well, a prett# smart development strateg#.
/ecause this wa#, it can get them to ecome a part of the ecos#stem and e ale to develop etter
software solutions from the earliest stages and e continue to do so when Google comes out with new
products and services as it has done recentl#.
As #ou might e aware, a developer preview for Android Wear was made availale prett# earl# on and
this wa#, Google ensured that its developers that alread# had done a unch of wor( on the smartphone
arena onl# had to ma(e minor twea(s to ma(e their app compatile with the wearale easil#.

0aving Android itself across all these different platforms helps Google not onl# avoid alienating its
existing developer ase ut also slowl# and graduall# introduce them to the new platform and get then
to use the new tools to develop innovative apps as well which will eventuall# attract more users to the
platform there# increasing Google!s financial standing as well as gain mar(et share even more so than
it has right now.
$et!s face it, we tend to spend so much time on the road each given da#, commuting to and fro from our
homes to wor( or school etc. And honestl#, the routine can ecome prett# oring for a large numer of
us. Google wants to change this though, its een tr#ing to custom fit Android in #our car which will not
onl# offer #ou a handsfree smartphone experience ut also help #ou navigate #our wa# through the
roads # offering #ou shortcuts as well as alternate routes that!ll help #ou cut through the traffic so that
#ou don!t miss #ou appointments.
Apart from the general things mentioned aove, Google!s loo(ing to offer users the convenient option
of limiting actual interactions with the in'car interface and focus on audio commands the most, there#
letting the users focus on the road more. +mart navigation options let the user (now through audio or
headsup displa#s more aout the route and info aout the destination, and since this will e connected
to #our smartphone, the user can also interact with the in'car s#stem instead of having to fiddle with
their phones.
+o, if #ou have a compelling project idea that #ou need help develop then this is the right time to hire
Android developer, ecause whats more is that Google products are going to get reall# smart in the
near future, if the preview we saw is an#thing to go #. Imagine #our car eing ale to immediate
recogni1e the passengers on the ased off of the luetooth pairing that #ou!ve set up. 2or example,
recogni1ing through the destination that #ou!ve gone to pic( up #our children and that after the#!re in
the car, adjusting the entertainment settings # itself to show relevant content.
Or sensing that a sic( elderl# relative in travelling with #ou and maintaining the right temperature in
the car and automaticall# adjusting the music.
Again, the possiilities are endless, especiall# since the technolog# around us is developing so rapidl#.
Well, I for one am reall# loo(ing forward to a future of interconnected liss.