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How to hire people in campus?

Selection Process
1. Online Application on (in case of fresher hiring)
2. Short listing through Ask a question (Optional)
Question: Give an e.g. of where you sold something or convinced
3. Online Test:
Type of test: Aptitude
Duration: 20 minutes
Questions: 20 (All questions should be randomized for every instances)
Correct Answer: +1 mark ; Incorrect Answer: -0.25 mark
Passkey to be renewed for each batch / slot
4. Group Discussion (have at least 10 topics readily available)
Duration: 7 minutes
Preparation: 2 minutes
Discussion: 4 minutes
Summarize: 10 seconds for every participant
Group Size: Maximum 6 candidates
Explain to student: we are doing this to check communication skills and
relevance of content spoken
While short listing keep in mind: will this student be able to clear personal
Selection Process
5. Pre Placement Talk:
Maximum Candidates: 25
Duration: < 30 minutes
Ask kids questions that they have in mind
Career graph/ growth path @ CoCubes
Show videos pertaining to culture, life @ CoCubes, work
Emphasize on the fact that it is a concept selling profile
Mention in each presentation the shift of moving on the other side of the
table for candidates, in other words the candidate sitting for placements,
would meet the HRs for campus placements in less than a month of
Be on the lookout for candidates who are a fit for ACT/MC/Presales

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Selection Process
Always ask the candidates if they have any questions
Cater to any doubt the candidate has. Be prepared!
Common FAQs:
Can I shift from college sales to corporate sales and vice versa?
Answer is typically people stick into one you should first be
able to prove yourself in one
When is the joining? As soon as they graduate
What will be my growth in comparison to other companies? We
should explain with examples.
Competitors of CoCubes in the market talk about platform
players like and assessment players but no one
has an end to end solution
6. Interview Process:
The guy should be interviewed by Harpreet + Person he is going to
report to + at max one more person
In case Harpreet is not available, Sameer / Alok will visit for
interviews Harpreet to conduct final round through Skype
All feedback should be captured in Manage Interview Section (see
details on next page)
Selection Process
Interview Parameters (Interview Feedback to be filled using this) :
Sales: Yes/No
Type: College/Corporate
Stability: Yes/No
Cultural Fit: Yes/ No
Joining Date: dd mmm YYYY
Location preference: xxxxxxxxx

7. Results
Interview results to be announced same day
Formal email communication of the results to be sent/received on the
same day with student Cocubes id
Offer letters to be rolled out by Punya Anand within 2 days

GD Topics
Which is a better option to join after graduation: small or large
Who are better at work: men or women
Advertisement is a wastage of resources. Agree or disagree
What is the one thing that can be improved in engineering degree?
After engineering which is the best career option to pursue?
India is a failed nation. Agree or disagree
Desi vs Videsi which is more popular
How effective is celebrity advertising
Should cricket be our national sport?
Kapil Sibbals move to put censorship on internet