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Literary Reportage, New Journalism, Creative Non-Fiction, etc….

Edward Desert Solitaire With language as colorful as a Canyonlands sunset and a perspective as pointed as a prickly pear, Cactus Ed captures
Abbey the heat, mystery, and surprising bounty of desert life. Desert Solitaire is a meditation on the stark landscapes of the red-
rock West, a passionate vote for wilderness, and a howling lament for the commercialization of the American outback.

Diane A Natural History Physiology and philosophy mesh in this poetic investigation of the five senses; essays explore synesthesia, food taboos,
Ackerman of the Senses kissing and the power and diversity of music.

James Agee Let Us Now Praise In the summer of 1936, James Agee and Walker Evans set out on assignment for Fortune magazine to explore the daily
Famous Men lives of sharecroppers in the South.

Baldwin, Notes of a Native Originally published in 1955, James Baldwin's first nonfiction book has become a classic. These searing essays on life
James Son in Harlem, the protest novel, movies, and Americans abroad remain as powerful today as when they were written.

John Midnight in the After discovering in the early 1980s that a super-saver fare to Savannah, Ga., cost the same as an entree in a nouvelle
Berendt Garden of Good Manhattan restaurant, Esquire columnist Berendt spent the next eight years flitting between Savannah and New York
and Evil City. The result is this collection of smart, sympathetic observations about his colorful Southern neighbors

Jerry Blood Games On the surface this is an account of the plot conceived by Chris Pritchard to murder his mother and stepfather, Bonnie
Bledsoe and Lieth Von Stein, to inherit a large sum of money; the crime involved two of his friends, James Upchurch, the actual
killer of the stepfather and wounder of the mother, and Neal Henderson, the driver of the car which took them to the
Von Stein home in Washington, N.C., on July 25, 1988. The book is far more than a true-crime study: it is a devastating
and profoundly disturbing portrait of a certain kind of family life.

Bill Bryson A Walk in the Returning to the U.S. after 20 years in England, Iowa native Bryson decided to reconnect with his mother country by
Woods hiking the length of the 2100-mile Appalachian Trail. Awed by merely the camping section of his local sporting goods
store, he nevertheless plunges into the wilderness and emerges with a consistently comical account of a neophyte
woodsman learning hard lessons about self-reliance.

Truman In Cold Blood With the publication of this book, Capote permanently ripped through the barrier separating crime reportage from
Capote serious literature. As he reconstructs the 1959 murder of a Kansas farm family and the investigation that led to the
capture, trial, and execution of the killers, Capote generates suspense and empathy.

Evan S. Son of the Morning The story of General George Armstrong Custer and the massacre of the Seventh Cavalry at the Battle of the Little
Connell Star Bighorn on June 26, 1876.

Ted Rolling Nowhere In Ted Conover's first book, he enters a segment of humanity outside society and reports back on a world few of us
Conover would chose to enter but about which we are all curious. Hoboes fascinated Conover, but he had only encountered them
in literature and folksongs. So, he decided to take a year off and ride the rails. Equipped with rummage-store clothing, a
bedroll, and a few other belongings, he hops a freight train in St. Louis, becoming a tramp in order to discover their
peculiar culture.

Bethlehem More than any other book of its time. a modern-day prophet waging war against all who would blaspheme his sacred river. a young girl who creates a strange fairytale that shatters her parents' love. etc…. Virginia. especially the center of its counterculture. a Black Panther Party press conference." For the next two years she asked herself questions about time. this collection captures the mood of 1960s America. Darcy Frey chronicles the aspirations of four of the neighborhood"s most promising players. Creative Non-Fiction. Slouching Towards Bethlehem has become a modern classic. It includes. Darcy Frey The Last Shot It ought to be just a game. and despair. . one spider and one person. the romance of water in an arid landscape. among other bizarre artifacts and personalities. tracing the D'Orso lives of survivors and describing the unprecedented award given to survivors and their descendants by the state of Florida some seventy years after the rampage. In 1834 he joined a two-year voyage rounding Cape Horn to deliver cargo to California. Annie Pilgrim at Tinker An exhilarating meditation on nature and its seasons-a personal narrative highlighting one year's exploration on foot in Dillard Creek the author's own neighborhood in Tinker Creek. where he and his wife Hemingway Africa Pauline journeyed in December of 1933. pieces he calls "river teeth". Joan Didion Slouching toward Universally acclaimed when it was first published in 1968. The White Album is a mosaic of the late sixties and seventies. and the will of God. but basketball on the playgrounds of Coney Island is much more than that — for many young men it represents their only hope of escape from a life of crime. Holy the Firm In 1975 Annie Dillard took up residence on an island in Puget Sound in a wooded room furnished with "one enormous window. reality. New Journalism. the dark journeys and impulses of the Manson family. Ernest Green Hills of Ernest Hemingway's lyrical journal of a month on safari in the great game country of East Africa. and the swirl and confusion of the sixties. David James River Teeth In River Teeth. Duncan brings us stories of indelible characters: a solitary woman struggling to corral of flock of idiot Duncan sheep. poverty. the story of John Paul Getty's museum. which resonate with the power and longing of memory. California. one cat. Michael Like Judgment Day Details the 1923 massacre of black inhabitants of the small Florida town of Rosewood by a white lynch mob.Literary Reportage. in this compelling assembly of writings. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annie Dillard explores the world of natural Talk facts and human meanings. Richard Two Years Before Dana was a Harvard student recovering from the measles when he decided it would be more interesting to do so at sea Henry Dana the Mast as a common sailor. Joan Didion The White Album First published in 1979. In The Last Shot. sacrifice death. Teaching a Stone to Here. Interwoven with these tales are epiphanies from Duncan's own life.

Ernest Death in the Illustrated with black-and-white photographs. David The Fifties The Fifties is a sweeping social. and the colorful personalities of coaches and players collide. Journalist Junger carefully researched the New England fishing industry and created a fascinating account of the fated ship and her crew. George explores self and place and the connections between the two. grace and cunning displayed in the ring. cultural and personal history. Michael Herr Dispatches American correspondent Herr's documentary recalls the heavy combat he witnessed in Vietnam as well as the obscene speech. Pulitzer prize-winning author John Hersey recorded the stories of Hiroshima residents shortly after the explosion and. Sebastian The Perfect Storm In October 1991. Magnificent foreshadowing and anticipation fill this true-life drama while minute details of the fishing boats. Jon IntoThin Air Heroism and sacrifice triumph over foolishness. Mike Kelly Color Lines This book chronicles how a well-meaning but trigger-happy policeman ended up shooting a misguided. John Hersey Hiroshima When the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. political. etc….the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Soul of a New Machine and the extraordinary national Kidder Schoolchildren bestseller House -. George grounds her writing in rootlessness. New Journalism.spent nine months in Mrs. Hiroshima was published. compassionate teacher Tracy The Soul of a New Tracy Kidder recounts the feverish efforts of a team of Data General researchers to create a new 32-bit Kidder Machine superminicomputer. Zajac's fifth-grade classroom in the depressed "Flats" of Holyoke. lies. private fears and nightmares of the soldiers.Literary Reportage. in 1946. Diana Hume The Lonely Other Like Annie Dillard and Kathleen Norris. For an entire year he lived among twenty schoolchildren and their indomitable. and human frailty in this bone-chilling narrative in which . fatal error. and significance of Hemingway Afternoon bullfighting in Spain explores the drama of cowardice and bravery. where front-office egos. Tracy Among Tracy Kidder -. black teen and then how gossip. Massachusetts. economic. a confluence of weather conditions combined to form a killer storm in the North Atlantic. Creative Non-Fiction. these previously published essays are infused with a sense of being on the road David The Breaks of the Join David Halberstam on his yearlong journey with the 1979 Portland Trail Blazers and witness professional basketball Halberstam Game from the inside. and racial distrust caused the racial harmony built over decades to disappear overnight in a New Jersey town that had been held up as a model to the rest of the United States. big-money contracts. But George instead of focused reflections (her growing up in Pittsburgh. pageantry. living on the Great Plains). a classic exposition of the history. but not evil. Caught in Junger the storm was the sword-fishing boat Andrea Gail. few could have anticipated its potential for devastation. their gear and the weather are juxtaposed with the sea adventure. Combining natural. and cultural history of the ten years that Halberstam regards as Halberstam seminal in determining what our nation is today. and winners and losers emerge. giving the world first-hand accounts from people who had survived it.

Arctic Dreams celebrates the mysteries of what documentarians fondly call "last frontiers. as well as politicians and businesspeople who have their eyes set on a very different future for the state. Creative Non-Fiction. blighted career of Gary Gilmore. Joseph Up in the Old Hotel Mitchell explored a New York City that has now vanished in his four books and his classic reportage for The New Mitchell Yorker. A blend of personal experience and the narratives of explorers and missionaries. Joe Fatal Vision A study of a brutal multiple murder and its bizarre aftermath focuses on Jeffrey MacDonald. 38-state. Joe Cruel Doubt Like Jerry Bledsoe's Blood Games ( LJ 9/15/91). including Robert Louis Stevenson and Jack London. deadly climb. Mitchell's eccentrics live again in this omnibus volume that contains all of his books and several previously uncollected stories. V. Herman Typee Typee is the first "romance" of the South Seas. William Blue Highways A masterful view of the diversity of America. automobile trek down the Least-Heat country's fascinating backroads. convicted in 1979 of the McGuinness murders of his pregnant wife and two small daughters. John Coming into the In Coming into the Country. Stopping at places as diverse as Atlanta and rural Mississippi. a semi-autobiographical account of life in the Marquesas Islands in the Melville 1840s. noted essayist and novelist Naipaul travels the American South in an attempt to explore and explain this unique region. and sex. Barry Lopez Arctic Dreams Based on 15 extended trips to the Canadian far north over a five-year period. McGinniss recounts the terrible events of July 25. Naipaul develops contacts and sources which span race. Krakauer the author recounts his experiences on last year's ill-fated. etc…. parts of which orginally appeared in the New Yorker. and McPhee Country settlers. second. for robbing two men in 1976.S. for insisting on dying for his crime. after being tried and convicted. 1988 when Lieth McGuinness Von Stein was fatally stabbed and his wife Bonnie severely injured. . Jane Kramer The Last Cowboy Portrays the life of a man who strives to be "a proper cowboy" despite radical changes which have propelled the Old West into a New Southwest characterized by industrialized agribusiness. then killing them in cold blood." Norman The Executioner's Mailer follows the short. and. told via the author's 13. New Journalism. McPhee describes his travels through much of Alaska with bush pilots. class. Moon Willie My Dog Skip Former Harper's editor Morris presents a memoir of his small-town childhood in the 1940s and the dog who shared it Morris with him. prospectors. an intractably violent product of America's prisons who Mailer Song became notorious for two reasons: first. Naipaul A Turn in the South In this work. it influenced many later writers on the Pacific.000-mile.Literary Reportage.

she candidly assays "The Sweet Science" for its spectacle. an Englishman now settled in Seattle. Noel Perrin First Person Rural Noel Perrin is a teacher. snow-peaked Andes. watching television. etc…. caring. George Paper Lion In the mid-'60s. And to . working in a missile silo or simply cruising the streets. Plimpton and stuck with the club through an intra-squad game before the paying public a month later. More hair-raising than anything Hollywood could think of. novelist Oates follows in the tradition of boxing-loving writers like Hemingway and Mailer. Alabama. confronting nature head-on at its most furious and inhospitable. For ten excruciating weeks they suffered deprivations beyond imagining. Creative Non-Fiction. and TV. Orlean whose craving for the rare orchid eventually lands him and three Indian accomplices in a Florida courtroom--and allows Orlean to write her appreciative and lyrically funny profile of obsession and Florida. For the past 15 years he has subsisted handily on a Vermont farm. but also remains one of the most insightful and hilarious books ever written on the game. The book details a cross-country motorcycle trip by a man and his 11-year-old son. has written a vivid and utterly idiosyncratic social history of the homesteading movement in eastern Montana that went boom and bust during the first three decades of this century. He was a Guggenheim Fellow and Fulbright Professor at Warsaw University. Piers Paul Alive On October 12. casinos. Plimpton joined the Detroit Lions at their preseason camp as a 36-year-old rookie quarterback wannabe. Oates In a slim volume expanded from a New York Times Magazine article. The result is a literary masterpiece about professional football that not only elevated the art of participatory journalism to an art form. Out Read of the forty-five original passengers and crew. and its history from ancient Greece and Rome to today's ring dominated by callous promoters. geriatric polka dancing. is to become part of a process. Susan Saturday Nights Tight.C. Pirsig Motorcycle working well. Robert Zen and the Art of The study of the art of motorcycle maintenance is really a study of the art of rationality itself. Susan The Orchid Thief The thief in question and offbeat genesis for New Yorker writer Orlean's book is ever-quotable eccentric John Laroche. aesthetic elements. New Journalism. because it's all true. Jonathan Hunting Mr. Joyce Carol On Boxing A fight fan since her youth. Working on a motorcycle. as well as his quest for truth. British writer Raban's quest for the real America leads him to New York City. often hilarious book Bad Land Raban (Old Glory). a plane carrying a team of young rugby players crashed into the remote. Poland. 1972. Freelance writer Orlean demonstrates a fine eye for detail as she describes an array of Saturday night activities: partying. Seattle and the Florida Keys in Raban Heartbreak this wonderfully observant. D. only sixteen made it off the mountain alive. laboratory. writer and farmer. with Preston descriptions of frightening historical epidemics of rare and lethal viruses. The motorcycle is primarily a Maintenance mental phenomenon. It is the story of a dream turned sour that still echoes in the western American consciousness. Richard The Hot Zone The dramatic and chilling story of an Ebola virus outbreak in a surburban Washington.Literary Reportage. to achieve an inner peace of mind. clean prose and thoughtful observations make this series of essays about the Saturday night experience hum with Orlean all the vitality and activity of its subject.

so that the pieces in Stories this book.Literary Reportage. and media manipulator. John Charley Steinbeck. . murder trial fansthrough their daily rounds in New York. Salamon reveals how success. meanders through Thoreau's Maine Woods. Richard Nixon and Elaine Pagels. Hell’s Angels The author's harrowing and critically acclaimed first book chronicles his year riding with the Hell's Angels and other Thompson motorcycle gangs.. Ultimately it is the story of all immigrant families and the hope and sacrifice that took them from the familiarity of the old world into the mysteries and challenges of the new. But his favorite subject is a middle-class male whose simple passion for his job or hobby allows him to flourish in a hostile big-city environment. Calvin Killings "Killings" examines the sudden deaths of a dozen or so ordinary Americans. etc…. survive. Mark Singer Citizen K From the author of the bestselling Funny Money. they were forced to do what would have once been unthinkable . whose story about supplying marijuana to a future vice president is only the beginning. Fred The Roads Taken A travelogue and memoir. suspected murderer. Jack London's Setterberg San Francisco. jailhouse lawyer. Steinbeck. Remnick and Other True Gerry Adams and Marion Barry are unified by this extraordinary ability to create a living character. a San Francisco newspaper commissioned Steinbeck to write a week-long series of articles about California's John Gypsies underclass of white migrant farm workers. John Steinbeck set out in his truck to explore and experience America in the 1960s.. literary history and nature piece. Hurston's French Quarter. Singer follows some marvelous charactersstreet musicians. who became the models and the inspiration for The Grapes of Wrath. He gets close to a few power centers. This is their story -. Gay Talese Unto the Sons Gay Talese employs his prodigious storytelling gifts to tell the saga of his own family's emigration to America from Italy in the years preceding World War II. Mark Singer Mr. the saga of a master drug smuggler. constitute a splendid pageant of the representative characters of our time. David The Devil Problem Remnick's portraits of such disparate characters as Alger Hiss and Ralph Ellison. Travels with With his dog Charley. This is a portrait of an elusive man and a social history that crisscrosses the republic over the past three decades. Hemingway's Upper Peninsula. Hunter S. taken together. New Journalism. apartment supers. fame. Julie The Devil's Candy Veteran film critic for The Wall Street Journal Julie Salamon presents a juicy inside look at the making of the Salamon Hollywood mega-flop Bonfire of the Vanities. what "Killings" is really about is the detail of these victims' lives. Although Trillin touches on the manner of Trillin their deaths. Personality His tales piquant as humorous short fiction. Creative Non-Fiction. and enormous amounts of money can be catastrophically mismanaged for the sake of ego. convicted bomber. where moxie finds its ultimate reward. an "experiment" that ended when he was beaten nearly to death by a group of Angels. and other American literary landmarks. his dialogue reminiscent of New Yorker of the most astonishing true adventures of the twentieth century. The Harvest In 1936.

he also Trillin Denny reflects upon the American fifties. terror and grief for lost friends. Wallace has a mercurial mind that lights on many subjects. from Pearl Harbor to Kitty Hawk. when Americans were first attempting to break the sound barrier. explore how television affects literature and what Again makes film auteur David Lynch tick. William Beautiful Watermen. As a young officer serving in the Mekong Delta. Tom Wolfe The Right Stuff After an opening chapter on the terror of being a test pilot's wife. David Foster A Supposedly Fun In addition to a razor-sharp writing style. presiding over LSD-induced "acid tests" all along the way. .rather than the way we thought we were . the story cuts back to the late 1940s. are people who live fast lives with dangerous machines. In so doing. Kesey led a group of psychedelic sympathizers around the country in a painted bus. offering a provocative look at the way we were .Literary Reportage.” His thoughtful pilgrimage took him from Mount Zinsser Rushmore to Rockefeller Center. and deconstruct deconstructionism and find the intersection between tornadoes and tennis. Tobias Wolff In Pharoah's Army The follow-up to the author's memoir "This Boy's Life" which describes his experiences during the Vietnam War. New Journalism. and on to eleven other noteworthy places where “fundamental truths about America” were to be encountered. etc…. William American Places In the spring of 1990. not all of them airborne. His seven essays Wallace Thing I’ll Never Do travel from a state fair in Illinois to a cruise ship in the Caribbean. Tom Wolfe's much-discussed kaleidoscopic non-fiction novel chronicles the tale of novelist Ken Kesey and his band of Aid Acid Test Merry Pranksters. we discover. Creative Non-Fiction. Joseph The Onion Field This is the frighteningly true story of two young cops and two young robbers whose separate destinies fatally cross one Wambaugh march night in a bizarre execution in a deserted Los Angeles field. Test pilots. In the 1960s. essayist and poet Calvin Trillin investigates the death of a Yale classmate. Crabs. and relearned. Calvin Remembering In Remembering Denny. And the Chesapeake Bay Warner Swimmers Tom Wolfe The Electric Kool. William Zinsser “set out to look for America.and its consequences. he ricocheted between boredom.