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Is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy an invention of modern times?

According to the first written reports, magnetic fields were used to treat a variety of health
disorders, about 3500 years ago by the Chinese, using the earth's magnetic field for
directional orientation when they discovered the first needle of the compass. In Ancient
Greece and Ancient Rome, the use of magnetic fields to treat various diseaseswas
mentioned by Aristotle, Thales and Hippocrates. Egyptians studied the effects of the earth's
magnetic field on the population. Cleopatra always wore on her head a magnetic stripe, not
only to attract good thoughts (positive energy) but to inhibit the many migraines that she
was suffering from.

Present in the high Indian culture, and in Central and North America, magnetic field
therapy has survived and perpetuated as science in the middle Ages. Paracelsus
(Theophrastus von Hohenheim, his real name) registered and successfully recommended
pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for various diseases. He is considered the founder of
modern magnetic field therapy. Franz Anton Mesmer (1780) is considered the pioneer in
modern clinical use of magnetic fields. Michael Faraday (1800) described magnetism as a
property of matter. He discovered the magnetic force of oxygen attraction and the basic
laws of magnetic field interactions can be explained through Faraday's ideas. Later, it was
Luigi Galvani, Yasudo Fukudan, Wolf and others, the Russian, Japanese and Italian schools
continued clinical trials, thus we can say that magnetic field therapy had an important role
in medicine in Japan, and in Central Europe. Furthermore, there are extensive Russian
studies regarding the use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapyto treat osteoporosis and
different types of depression (studies done on Russian cosmonauts returning from space.)

In 1965 Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel prizes, described the bio-magnetic property of
blood. In Europe (in German-speaking countries) Dr. Lechner, Bassett conducted numerous
clinical trials, with his research touching a high point in the use of magnetic field therapy
(the influence of magnetic field therapy on bone fractures), his discoveries bringing pulsed
electromagnetic field therapy into the world of science and that of modern medicine.