Situation - Rape is one of the most tragic things that could happen to anyone especially with young girls

. Incidence such as these could develop into a crisis situation involving not only the rape victims but also their families. 1. This type of crisis could be an example of which of the following? a. Combination of developmental and situational b. Situational c. Emotional d. Developmental 2. Noemi, a staff nurse in the emergency room, realizes that she has an important role to play as a patient advocate to rape victims. To demonstrate this role, she takes note of one of the responsibilities? a. Since this is a legal case, call the press about the incidence of rape b. Perform thorough physical assessment and documenting objectively all the evidences of rape c. Ask the patient to stay in one isolated room first to provide privacy while attending to other patients d. Provide emotional support first and postponed physical assessment when patient is already calm 3. Which of the following is a form of active, focused, emotional environmental first aid for patients in crisis? a. Attitude therapy b. Psychotherapy c. Crisis intervention d. Re-motivation technique 4. Which of the following is true with regards to crisis? a. Crisis is self-limiting b. After crisis, the individual always return to a pre-crisis state or condition c. Crisis always result in adaptive behavior d. The person in crisis is not susceptible for any help 5. If help is not provided in a crisis situation, an individual may spontaneously resolve in negatively or positively by returning to pre-crisis state, usually within which of the following duration? a. 2-3 weeks b. 3-4 weeks c. 1-2 weeks d. 4-6 weeks
Situation - Nurse Medie has been encountering schizophrenic and different psychotic disorders. 6. A male client who has delusions of persecution and auditory hallucination is admitted for psychiatric evaluation after stabbing a friend. Later a nurse on the unit greets the client by saying, "Good evening. How are you?" The client who has been referring to himself as "man," answers, "The man is bad." This is example of: a. Dissociation b. Transference c. Displacement d. Reaction formation 7. A disturb client starts to repeat phrase that others have just said. This type of speech is known as:

a. Autism b. Echolalia c. Neologism d. Echopraxia 8. Projection, rationalization, denial, and distortion by hallucinations and delusions are examples of a disturbance in: a. Logic b. Association c. Reality testing d. The thought process 9. The major reasons for treating severe emotional disorders with tranquilizers is to: a. Reduce the neurotic syndrome b. Prevent secondary complication c. Prevent destructiveness by the client d. Make the client more amenable to psychotherapy 10. The nurse recognizes that dementia of the Alzheimer's type is characterized by : a. Aggressive acting out behavior b. Periodic remissions and exacerbations c. Hypoxia of selected areas of brain tissue d. Areas of brain destruction called senile plaques

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