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The Educational Newspaper 75 cents A1 Education Today The Educational Newspaper th November 24 ,
The Educational Newspaper
The Educational Newspaper
November 24
, 2009
A2 Education This paper is made Continued from A1 Today Letter of the Day Word Search
This paper is made
Continued from A1
Letter of the Day
Word Search #85
Another great idea would be creating a theme on
Travel Week. Students would be able to use their
November 24 th , 2009
Dear Dr. Phil,
imagination to “travel” to countries around the
Please be kind and
world. The students would be instructed to close
I am a Grade 2 teacher at Lakewood Elementary
their eyes and imagine that they are on a plane,
your part.
School, and I have several students from various parts
going to the specific country of the day. The
of the world in my classroom. I would like to have every
students will then get off the imaginary plane and
student feel welcomed in our classroom. How do I
follow the instructors guided instructions in
make this environment more inclusive and celebrate
exploring their destination. Some great examples
would be travelling to Australia and visiting the
Outback and take a swim in the ocean to see and
From Confused in the Classroom.
learn about the sea turtles. You could also travel to
China and explore the jungle to see the Panda
bears then relax and enjoy a traditional Fan Dance
Dear lesson. Confused The destinations in the Classroom, would greatly depend on
To place an add here call
where yours students originated from, but the rest
It is great to see that you are looking for ways to
is up to you and your students’ imaginations.
Ron at 555-5555
include diversity within your classroom. The classroom
is Most a place importantly, where students as a teacher should it be is your able primary to be
themselves responsibility no to matter learn about their ethnicity. First Nations. Diversity You must should
be educate celebrated yourself and about embraced the students especially within within your the
classroom. class and incorporate There are several their culture suggestions with your that I would
Local Weather
recommend teaching. You to must create learn a more about inclusive their lifestyles environment to be for
you able and to better your students. educate them and make them feel
welcomed within our lifestyle. For some students,
My first few suggestions are things you can place
education may be foreign to them, so it is your
around the classroom. First I would advise you make
ultimate responsibility to do all you can to make
sure there is a map located somewhere around the
their education experience the best experience
room. You could designate an area of the room and
they could ever attain.
place a world map on the wall and have students place
An assignment submitted by Group 210
Annunziata Tassone, Maribeth De
Marco, Nicole Simoni, Kim Morin,
Deanna Mckeigue, Filomena Petracca
pins These to are point excellent out where suggestions they came that from. you Next can you could
place incorporate different into phrases your teaching in other and languages to have around the your
map students for students learn about to see each and other. learn We how live to in pronounce a
various diverse phrases society and such we as must “hello” remember and “welcome”. to embrace You
could the diversity also have and students learn about create other a “Family individuals Shield” to
express whenever their we culture have the and opportunity family traditions. – this is a great
time to educate our future leaders.
Another suggestion which children may enjoy is to
have Best of a multicultural luck, day in which students can bring in
music, Dr. Phil traditional attire, food, and so on. This allows
students a chance to learn about their fellow students’
culture and ethnicity as well as expressing their own.
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