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History questions

1) Describe the key decisions made at Yalta?

In Febuary 1945 the big three met at yalta in the ussr to decide what
would HAPPEN AFTER THE DEFEAT OF Germany. However Churchill and
Rooosevelet wanted to build up Germany for trade whereas Stalin wanted
to weaken germany and make it work for the ussr and pay war
reparations. Nevertheless they all came to an agreement. The agreed
that BELIN and Germany would be split into four zones, that Roosevelt and
Churchill would accept rusiian influence in the east, Poland should be a
separate country, the ussr was invited to hjoin the united nations and
would help America fight Japan . In addition the big thre agrred to put the
nazi war criminal on trial and that all the contries tht were under the nazi
rule would be set free and can have their own elections.

2) (USSR AND POLAND) Explain why there was tension between Britain and
the Ussr at this time.

In Febuary 1945 it was decided that countries set free from the Nazis
should have free elections and choose their own democratic government,
this include Poland, and in yalta stalin agreed to this. However he broker
the agrrement by the time of Potsdam july 1945. Stalin also agrred to hold
free election howver he did not, insted he areested the non-communist
leaders and 100,000 members in the peoples party, the government ran a
propaganda war against the non-communist.
When elections came in January 1947 it was not free or democratic at all,
people were bullied into votting for the communist who won 394 out of
444 seats. Britain and Ameriac could not stop this but they were very
angry. With Russia, this also deepend the feeling of distrust.
Also Churchills speech abouth the iron curtain in march 1946 added to the
tension as he said he wanted Britain and America to resust the soviets,
thios made stalin angry and in some ways it is believed that his speech
was the start of the cold war.

3) Explain how the following contributed to tension between the allies in

• The delay in opening the second front
• Poland
• The atomic bomb

1945 was the year when the cold war and tension started to arise
between the ussr and the allies for numorous of reasons. The delay
in popening the second front in 1944 made stalin think that Britain
and America wanted Germany and the USSr to destroy each other,
this did not help relations.
In yalta febuaury 1945 it was decided that the ussr would let Poland
have free elections however in 1945 stalin did not hod free elections
instead he arrested non-communists and had 100,000 members of
the peoples party arrested. In January 1947 the elections were not
democratic or free as people were bullied to vote for the communist
who won 394 seats out of 444. This made Britain and ameriac angry
as stalin went bak on his word, this also deepend the distrust and
heightend tension.
To make matters worse Truman in the potasdam meetin in july
1945 did not mention the creation of the atomioc bomb. This
angered satlin, which contributed to the tension.

1) Explain what is meant by ‘the Big three.’

This was a term used for the leaders of the usa, America and the ussr.
The big three contained stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill. They meet
together in places like yalta which is in the ussr in febuary 1945 to
disscuss what going to happen to Germany after they were defaed.

2) Why was the soviet union able to secure controle of much of eastern
Europe after the end of the second world war?

Durrind the war communist fled to Russia where they were taught how to
take over their countries for communism. First they joined the government
like everybody eles and then they made sure that they took controle of
the army and police, then they accused and arresested all the non-
communist one-by one. Fibnally when there was noe to oppose them the
held a election.
Also most of the countries in east Europe was under the contole of the
nazi government therefore when they were liberated they were left
vunrable to communist influence.
Stalins techinics were also a major factor in why the soviet union were
able to secure controle of east Europe. Stalin organised non-communsist
to be arreseted, for example this was done in Poland which led to the
comminst winning the elections in January 1947.

3) What was the Truman Doctorine and Marshall aid

In MARCH 1947 truman told the American congress that it was amercias
job to stop communism from growing stronger. It was said that Truman
advocated containment.
In june 1947 general goerge marshall visted Europe and he came bak
thinking that Europe was soo poor that it was about to turn communist.
Therefore masrshall and Truman asked trhe congress for 17 billion dollers
to help the fund the European recovaery programme which was
nickednamed marshall plan, to get the conomy of Europe up agin. This
was in interest for America due to trade and simply that they did not klike
communism. However the congress refused until march 1948 when
czhoolsikvaia turned communist. This adid was givwen in forms of food,
grants, equipment etc

4) Describe how the western powers responded to stalins decision to

blockade Berlin In 1948?
America did not want to start war therefore they decieded to fly supplies
into west Berlin.

8)Describe the key features of the bay of pigs.