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How effective is the Maharishi effect?

There are many contrasting opinions if the Maharishi effect is proven to be

effective in its claim that transcendental meditation is able to reduce stress and
integrate proper brain functioning, therefore enhancing a persons overall
learning ability. By activating the functions of ones brain, it can therefore
improve the health and overall wellness of a person. This, in result, will also
benefit the overall wellness of a persons surroundings.
Through the energy focused on praying and meditating, this concept suggests
that an individual or smaller group can create an overwhelming effect on a
larger scale. Although under the speculative eye of some critics, it claims to
create a ripple effect of positive energy. This energy aims to successfully make
a society more peaceful and harmonious.
To name a few reasons to prove that the Marahashi effect is truly effective, here
we site three reasons to verify the claims:
Firstly, it is not merely hype or hearsay since it is based on extensive scientific
research. According to David Edwards Ph.D, Professor of Government at the
University of Texas at Austin, It has survived a broader array of statistical tests
than most research in the field of conflict resolution. It has been verified by
nearly 50 scientific research studies which were conducted over the past 25
years. These studies have been constructed through rigorous research methods
and evaluation procedures. It has cited actual references that enabled the
researcher to cluster and analyze the significant societal trends. Included in its
methods is the time series analysis which controls the weekly and seasonal
cycles or trends in social data.
Secondly, in addition to its use as a topic for scientific research, it has also been
institutionalized in the course of history. Despite all the criticism it has
received, it is considered widely accepted in the society especially as an
academic pursuit. Incorporated as a curriculum with a variety of traditional
fields, it has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. It was
initially institutionalized in 1973 but actually started some time before by its
great founder Maharishi.
Thirdly, there is already a proven set of testimonials that can attest that the
Maharishi effect is truly effective. In the mid-1959s, the Transcendental
Meditation technique was introduced by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1981-2008).
Since then, it has created a movement that has touched the lives of many
people. These people have learned and believed the TM technique throughout
the years and have widely contributed strong testimonials to prove that it is
effective. Some of these testimonials can be read in the following links: