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PIM 2, Issue 9, 23 February 2009
(Migration Purposes Only)

You must read this section BEFORE you complete the application form

Processing Time
The Australian Computer Society is the approved professional The assessment procedure takes approximately 8-10 weeks;
organisation providing advice on skills recognition for prospective during this time we ask applicants not to contact the office, as this
migrants to Australia. Under the agreement between the ACS and will delay the processing period.
the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), those
These times are guides and there is no guarantee of delivery.
seeking to migrate to Australia as an IT Professional must
Please note when further documentation is requested, the time
complete an assessment through the ACS prior to lodging a
lost is not considered part of the processing time.
migration application.
Applicants can check the status of their application on-line.
Applications will be assessed under the current guidelines used at Enquiries to the progress of application should only be made
the time of receiving. when there is a genuine concern that the application may have
been misplaced or lost.
Completing Application Form
The ACS will issue an email acknowledgement by e-mail within 7-
Applicants are expected to have read the ACS Guidelines and the 10 working days of receiving your application. This email will
General Skilled Migration booklet, published by DIMA, prior to contain your reference number along with your password to
submitting an application. access the status online. The email acknowledgement may be
used as a receipt for those requiring to apply for the Graduate
The ACS does not provide advice on visas or issue points for Temporary Visa.
migration. Please refer to the DIAC website for details.
We do not offer a priority service nor can we guarantee an exact
An Application for Assessment must consist of: processing time. It is the applicant's obligation to lodge the
• Assessment for Application Form documents in full with enough time for the ACS to process it.
• Passport or Birth Certificate
• Details of Relevant Tertiary Qualifications Fees
• Employer references (Required to meet Group A or B)
• Resume Skills Assessment A$400.00
• Fees Appeal A$305
Revalidation A$200
All applicants must answer all questions on the application form
The fee is non-refundable and subject to change without
and not just make references to the CV/Resume.
notification. Fees must be made in Australian Currency and in
The ACS full application process is available from our website
one of the following methods:

Certified Documents • Cheque/Money order/International bank draft

These should be made payable to The Australian
Please ensure that only certified copies of original documents are Computer Society.
supplied. All original documents (and the translation into English
where required) are to be photocopied and certified by an official • Credit card
of the appropriate immigration office, a Justice of the Peace or a Major credit cards are acceptable: Visa Card, Mastercard,
notary public official. Photocopies or faxed copies of certified American Express and Australian Bank Card (not eftpos
documents are not acceptable. The local lawyers, Justices of the card)
Peace and Notary of Public in your country are authorised to
certify documents. Those who pay by Credit Card are warned that should the
bank decline the transaction, alternative method of
All documents not in English must be accompanied by an English payment must be arranged. Credit card payment will not
translation; this should be administered by a registered translation be acceptable in this instance. Your processing time will
service. For list of registered translation service, please refer to: pause until a new payment (via another form) is made.
• International fund transfer/Direct deposit
Documents will not be Returned
If you wish to pay by transfer, our account details are as
Documents (original and/or certified copies) submitted for follows:
assessment will not be returned nor will copies be given to the Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
applicant. Therefore it is in the applicant's own interest to send Address: 41 Oxford Street, SYDNEY, NSW 2000,
certified copies only and have multiple copies certified. AUSTRALIA
Bank Branch Number (BSB): 062 - 017
Third Party Dealings Account Name: Australian Computer Society Inc.
Account Number: 80 - 1049
Australia’s privacy legislation prohibits the ACS from dealing with Swift Code: CTBAAU2S
a third party concerning your application unless specifically
authorised to do so. If you wish someone, such as a Migration
Agent or family member, to deal with the ACS on your behalf you
must tick the relevant box on the Application Form and provide full
contact details of the agent or representative. You must sign the
Applicant’s Declaration yourself and you must list your personal
information (Not a representative’s details)
Occupations in Demand
If paying by transfer, please be sure to include the applicant’s
surname in the Remitter Details of your payment advice so that it The Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL), published by
can be easily traced in our records. Please also include a copy of the Department of Immigration, describes those occupations and
transfer paperwork/evidence in the application as proof of specialisations that are in short supply and which are in demand
payment. for migration purposes.

Assessment Procedure If your nominated occupation is on the MODL either at the time
your application is lodged or assessed, you will be eligible for
Once the assessment is complete the ACS will provide to the “occupation in demand/job offer” points on the General Skilled
applicant or to the applicant’s migration agent if applicable a Migration points test. You will receive extra points if you have a
written statement indicating the suitability of their skills as an IT job offer from a suitable Australian employer. You will only be
Professional. This assessment if positive is merely the first step in awarded MODL points if your skills assessment from the ACS
the migration process and does not guarantee residency status or states you have met the criteria to be recognised in one of these
employment. specialisations.

The assessment result will be posted out to you at the address For the ACS to assess your suitability for MODL points you must
nominated in your application form or to the person acting on your provide detailed and descriptive employer references concerning
behalf. your professional ICT experience sufficient for your claim to be
An incomplete application will cause delay to the application and
Please note that we can only determine MODL from professional
therefore fall outside the usual processing timeframe.
ICT experience. This means that we will not consider you for
Applicants that are requested by the society to provide additional
MODL based on your study.
information to support their application must do so within 35 days,
if residing in Australia and 49 days per calendar, if residing
In order to be assessed against MODL, applicants are expected to
overseas from the date of the ACS request. If the documentation
satisfy the basic skills assessment requirement. Please refer to
is not received within this time, the case will be assessed on the
the current guidelines for the complete information on our
documentation held.
Special Document requirements
For the complete details on MODL and related points, please refer
Those applicants who believe they meet the criteria to apply as an occupations/occupations-in-demand.htm
Australian Recent Graduate (and therefore exempted from recent
work experience) must provide all relevant information as with an Revalidation
ordinary Skills Applicant. The term “Australian Recent Graduate”
applies for applicant seeking exemption from recent work Revalidation is an extension of your positive assessment, with the
experience because of study in Australia. Specific details of the current date. For further information on documents to supply and
study in Australia are available from DIMA website payment, please refer to our website
Recent Graduates are required to provide evidence of all tertiary
education qualifications achieved (Post High School Education), You may lodge an appeal application if you:
regardless of their relevance. To demonstrate their current
qualification, they must provide a letter of completion from the • Disagree with any information included within your
University as well as the official Academic Transcripts. assessment.
• Are not satisfied with the assessment result
The ACS does not accept web print-outs of transcripts under any
• Have additional information that was not included in the
initial assessment application.
Recent Graduates are also required to provide a letter of • Have received a suitable assessment, but would like to
exemption for every subject that has been exempted (or where have your ASCO code changed due to the Sydney and
any Advanced Standing has been given). Selected Areas Skilled Shortage List (SSASSL)
scheme. Please refer to DIMA website for further
Graduates must apply within sufficient time to enable the Society information:
to complete the assessment before the 6 months expires.
The ACS cannot advise you whether your course is going to meet • Have received a suitable assessment, but would like to
the standards pre-assessment nor advise you what courses and have MODL included in your assessment.
subjects to study. We advise if you have any questions to please
speak to an IT Faculty Member at your University. For full information regarding our appeal procedure, form and
payment, please refer to Appeals.
Please also note you should not apply until your course has been
completed. If an applicant applies to the ACS before the
completion date, their Recent Graduate Course cannot be
considered complete.
PIM 2, Issue 9, 23 February 2009
(Migration Purposes Only)
(if applicable)
PERSONAL INFORMATION (Applicants personal details must be completed)

Title (Mr., Mrs., and Dr etc.) ASCO Code

Surname Occupation

Given Name
Any other names you have used
(e.g. prior to marriage)

Private Address of applicant

(Applicant’s home address only)

Telephone Fax Postcode

Applicant’s email

Date of Birth
Contact will be made I do not wish to be
by e-mail unless contacted by e-mail.
Passport Number otherwise directed. (Please tick)

Country of Birth Country of Residence

Previous Reference ACS Membership
Number(s) Number
REPRESENTATIVE INFORMATION (Must be completed if someone else is appointed to manage the case)

I Authorise the below agent or representative to act in all matters concerned with this application. (Please tick)
Agent’s or representative’s name MARA
(if relevant) Number
Company Name
Agent’s Address
(if applicable)

Telephone Fax Postcode

Agent’s Email


Skills Assessment fee $400.00 AUD

Cheques should be made payable to Australian Computer Society. Please enclose with
your application. If payment is by credit card, please complete the details below.

Card Number Amex Cheque

Expiry Date MasterCard Money Order

Cardholder Name Visa Direct Deposit

(Include receipt)

I (cardholder) authorise the ACS to charge the amount shown to my credit card.

TERTIARY QUALIFICATIONS: Documentary evidence of your academic record issued by the educational institution(s) must
accompany your application. You will need to provide an original certified copy of your academic transcripts and testamurs.

The time in
Was the Normal
Date which you
Date course Name of qualification length of
Qualifications qualification took to
completed Institution/Awarding Body full-time or full-time
awarded complete
part-time course
the course

SUMMARY OF RELEVANT EXPERIENCE AND POSITIONS HELD: (complete this section and attach a resume showing positions
held, periods for these positions and details of responsibilities and relevant ICT experience).

MODL Nomination
From To Position (Please refer to the list
Organisation Details (responsibilities etc.)
Mth/year Mth/year published by DIAC)
CHECKLIST (This section MUST be completed)
(Please tick appropriate answer)

a certified copy of your birth certificate/passport/Australian visa

an evidence of change of name (if applicable)

a certified copy of your qualification documents (ie. testamur (or letter of completion) & official transcript (Including the
original and english translation, if apppropriate)

a certified copy of employer references meeting the work experience requirement for Group A or B


a resume

a certified copy of official translations (if applicable)

a certified copy of letter of completion (if testamur is not available)

DECLARATION This acknowledgement must be signed by the main applicant

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has created a Privacy Policy and guidelines to guide our relationship with our members, prospective
members and any other individuals having contact with the ACS. The Privacy Policy can be reviewed on our website at
This application is made in accordance with the ACS Skills Assessment Guidelines which form part of this application as if they were set out fully in
it. It is normal practice for the ACS to disclose part or all of the information collected to the Australian Government for migration purposes and the
applicant authorises ACS to make such disclosure.
Skill Assessments are not an assessment of a person’s suitability for employment, the quality of their work or the likely success or otherwise of
obtaining Australian residency status.

I declare that all information provided in or with this application is true and correct. In Australia penalties apply for providing false,
misleading or fraudulent information.
I authorise ACS to make any enquiries it considers necessary or desirable to assist in the processing of my application and/or
assessment of my skills, and
I authorise ACS to disclose part or all of any information collected in relation to this application for any purpose it considers
necessary or desirable to assist in the processing of my application and/or assessment of my skills.

Signature of applicant