Please read and viral
By John Paily

The western way of thinking
has rendered us incompetent to
perceive simple truth that
exists next to our skin. We all
experience heat and cold and
know that one unwinds and
other winds. We all know
these two aspect drives life
and nature. We all know
energy or spirit is essence of
life and nature. We all know
that the spirit or energy cannot
be seen, but only can be experienced, and that what we see as matter is the
manifestation of energy. We all know heat is the basal form of energy. Life
collapses when its temperature and heat increases by few degrees. Which means
life struggles to sustain the body with management of energy or heat. I am sure as a
child and grown up you would have experienced high fever and doctors advising
you to keep a wet cold towel on forehead to control the rising temperature. The
basal source of energy and life to us is sunlight. We know sunlight radiates heat
and energy and all the matter of the universe is a manifestation of energy. Modern
science has learned exploit this energy at will but has failed to understand how
light and energy manifest into matter. We have not been able perceive, the
“principle and design” by which light particle moves creating waves. We have not
been able differentiate light and atomic matter and perceive how gravity force
manifests in the world. In short so called modern man exist total ignorance of
basics of nature and life.

Now if you care to observe earth, earth too struggles to sustain the temperature or
heat. It is designed with a parallel world. When one part say east awakens to
sunlight and energetic or unwinding phase, the west goes into darkness and
winding phase. When sunlight peaks in east it gives way to darkness and
simultaneously the winding force peaks in west and is gives way to the opposite.
The system is instantaneously communicates and is controlled by THIRD
FACTOR that perceives the limit and acts. This change is what we experience as
day and night cycle and climatic cycle. This change happens slowly over a period
of time through many grid point that cover earth. Much the way as life,
phenomenon of day and night cycle and climatic cycle helps the system control the
temperature and heat of the system within some limit. The earth is self-sustaining
Gaia. Everything in it is conscious and intelligent including the atoms. They rewire
themselves to changing pulse of earth. The only exception is so called humans who
proclaim themselves as conscious and intelligent beings. He digs his own by his
self and material centered attitude. TAKE NOTE OF THIS POINT. From
industrial period, we have been EXPONENTIALLY increasing the heat of the
environment through our activity. It is said much our technologies are only 30%
efficient rest of it is released as heat into the environment. What is more disgusting
is that we have intruded into night cycle in which earth works to cool and balance
the system. This is challenging earth’s struggle to sustain certain balance of
ENERGY TO MATTER RATIO. As a last resort she is dissolving the grid points
around her. Consequently the phase change is getting accelerated. Both unwinding
and winding forces of nature is a getting aggravated. This is resulting in
uncontrolled fire, flash floods, snows, and hail storms. The rapid unwinding and
winding is also the cause for increased earth quakes and volcanic eruption.

Much of the climate activist speaks of CO2. It is true it is impacting. This is
impacting and upsetting another vital ratio of O2 to CO2, which is a key for
survival of animal species. The mass death fish and birds should be an awakening
call. Increasing CO2 is manifesting effect of primal disturbance in energy to matter
ratio. Unless we awaken and M ANAGE THE ENERGY OF THE
EVIRONMENT and develop new technologies based on life, we are heading for
huge catastrophes that can virtually destroy much of human civilization. Every
problem that relates our individual and society could eventually be related to
upsetting of energy to matter ratio. If you have doubt and don’t want to take me
serious at least listen to Noble Laureate James Lovelock.

The fallowing links explores the reality of nature in depth. It is a life time research
done in nature by Grace. It is done from a point of freedom from all schools of
thoughts and keeping my source of livelihood separated from my quest for Truth. I
keep it open - You are my judge