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Save Our Shoals

Fact Sheet #3 (Update of #2)

Fact Sheet #3: Created & Revised By Sheree Martin
For Citizens Rally in Florence, Alabama
Original Fact Sheet 2 available at
Regulatory Authority
This is a simple overview of the regulatory structure that exists with regard to oil sands removal in Alabama.
The Environmental Protection Agency is a federal agency, authorized by the U.S. Congress
to create and administer regulations to implement and enforce the Clean Water Act, the
Clean Air Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act and other federal environmental laws.
Congress also gave states the right to assume primary regulatory authority for
enforcement of federal environmental laws within state boundaries. Alabama chose to
exercise the state-administration option.
The Alabama Department of Environmental
Management (ADEM) is the Alabama agency
charged with regulating, permitting and
enforcing the Clean Air Act and the Clean
Water Act within in the state of Alabama.
The EPA does not get involved in permitting
or enforcement in Alabama unless ADEM
fails to follow the regulations ADEM has
established to comply with various federal
environmental laws. In other words, the EPA
does not review ADEM actions unless those
actions appear to violate due process or are
inconsistent with federal laws.
ADEM has the authority to issue permits
to allow the discharge of pollutants into the
waters, air, and surfaces within the state of
ADEM is required to give public notice and
the opportunity for public comment before
issuing discharge permits.
State Oil & Gas Board
The Oil & Gas Board, a quasi-judicial agency
of the state of Alabama, was given authority
by the Alabama Legislature to regulate and
permit the development of oil sands in
Alabama. HB503 was enacted in May 2013.
HB 503 amended Sections 9-17-6 and 9-17-
24, Code of Alabama 1975.
Specifcally, the State Oil & Gas Board has
authority to permit and monitor surface or
underground operations for the recovery of
oil from oil sands.
The State Oil & Gas Board is currently
developing regulations for the recovery
of oil from oil sands through surface mining
or underground operations. The public
will have a right to comment on these
regulations before they become fnal. Notice
is given through placing an item on the
docket for Oil & Gas Board hearings. Learn
more here:
Who Are They?
Research reveals the following business entities are involved in
some way in the move to develop oil sands in Alabama. Many
others are likely involved.
MS Industries II, LLC
TMS Newco, LLC: A Delaware LLC, with Texas offce,
qualifed to do business in Alabama.*
Alabama Minerals, LP: A Texas limited partnership*
GTW, LP: A Texas limited partnership*
*Each of theseTexas entities share a common address:
2525 Stemmons Parkway (or Freeway), Dallas, TX 75207
This Dallas address is the same address as the corporate headquarters
of Trinity Industries, Inc. , a publicly-traded corporation.
Keystone Energy, LLC, a Mississippi-based LLC d/b/a
KE, LLC in Alabama
Mistal, Inc.
This companys website provides a PDF graphic showing acreage under
its control for the Tar Sands Play of Northwest Alabama. Details not
yet verifed through property records research.
Archer Petroleum Corp.
Representatives have been in the area. Archer is a Canadian company
with projects underway in Kentucky. The companys website lists
Alabama as its next target.
Contact Your Offcials
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Government offcials work for the people.
Partial List of State Elected Offcials
Rep. Marcel Black (3rd Dist, Colbert County)
Phone: 256-381-5277
Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow (18th Dist., Colbert & Franklin)
Phone: 256-356-8043
Rep. Ken Johnson (7th Dist., Lawrence & Winston)
Phone: 256-974-5175
Rep. Mickey Hammon (4th Dist., Limestone & Morgan)
Phone: 256-381-5277
State Sen. Tammy Irons (1st Dist., Colbert & Lauderdale)
Phone: 256-766-9201
State Sen. Roger Bedford (6th Dist., Colbert, Fayette,
Franklin, Lamar, Lawrence, Marion, Winston)
Phone: 256-332-6966
State Sen. Paul Bussman (4th Dist., Cullman, Lawrence,
Winston Counties)
Phone: 256-734-1700
If you arent sure about your district, you can visit this
website and enter your zip code to fnd out:
We will be updating our government contact list here:
If you have questions, want to get involved,
would like another public event, or just want
to express your opinion, please contact us by
email here:
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