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United States of America

v. CR. 07-cr-00189-GZS-1

Daniel Riley


NOW COMES the accused, Daniel Riley, by and through counsel, Sven D.
Wiberg, and presents the following list of exhibits which he may offer into evidence at
trial of this matter. The accused also reserves the right to offer additional exhibits as he
deems necessary to rebut and answer the Government’s evidence as adduced at trial.

A. Amnesty International Report on Tasers, 51 pages

B. ACLU 2005 report on Tasers, 25 pages

C. IRS 2006 1040 instruction booklet, page 65, 80

D. Video of U.S. Marshall’s press conference - 6/7/07

E. Various correspondence between RILEY and the IRS with statutes E(a) thru E(s)

F. Videos of 6/7/07 arrest of Riley (a, b, and c)

G. Various correspondence between RILEY and the State of New York G(a) thru G(f)

H. Picture of M4 and M4 H(a) and H(b)

I. Picture of M16 I(a) and I(b)

J. Various newspaper reports quoting Federal Officials J(a) thru J©

K. The following video and audio files on DOJ disc labeled Gerhard-youtube clip/Riley-
WTPRN-REDALERT/Wolffe-Strafford calls, meetings with marshals etc……
K(a) Audio of Mark Koernke broadcast on 9/12
K(b) video Riley on taxes
K© video Riley supports the Browns
K(d) video Riley interview by WTPRN
K(e) video report by Riley from Browns on 7/29/07 w/ Jim Hobbs
K(f) video Riley after being shot and tasered
K(g) audio of WTPRN emergency broadcast RED ALERT 8 1hr clips

L. On disc (107-0424) Bates 107-112 James Alandydy report of 6/7/07 capture of Riley

M. On disc (107-0424) Bates 113-140 Jamie Berry reports on proffers with Wolffe and Riley

N. On disc (107-0424) Bates 348-424 various reports by snipers and Marshals

O. On disc (discovery bates 0425-1261) Bates 620-1226 various receipts

P. On disc Bates (discovery bates 0425-1261) 1227-1252 ATF lab reports

Q. On disc (BATES DISCOVERY) Riley 001-186 various reports on Riley and news paper

R. On disc (DISCOVERY YouTube Clip) Jason Gerhard in NYC

S. On disc labeled Video Live Free or Die: Stage Road Stand-off

T. Pictures of SAGE M37mm projectile launcher and ammunition T(a) thru T(f)

U. Affidavit of New Hampshire’s Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlon regarding RSA

V. Use of Force Report DUSM Allen w/remarks V(a) and V(b)

W. Use of Force Report DUSM Buchanan w/remarks, PSG Record W(a) thru W©

X. Use of Force Report DUSM Mertes w/remarks X(a) and X(b)

Y. Dan Riley’s Opening Brief for a writ of habeas corpus 29 pages (jurisdiction)

Z. Joe Haas’s Amicus Curiae Brief 45 pages (jurisdiction)

AA. On disc labeled 3 videos files- Riley, driveway camera 3 videos

BB. Disc labeled Search Warrant Discovery, everything on disc

CC. Disc labeled Discovery Riley et. al. 0001-1261

Bates 001-203
Pages 130, 181
Bates 113-140
Pages 2, 3, 4, 23, 24
Bates 620-1226
Pages 59, 60, 62, 63, 64, 67, 116, 120, 122, 123, 144, 157, 173, 174, 176, 187,
191, 194, 207, 226, 227, 236, 238, 252

DD. Disc labeled Bates Discovery 1262-1642 everything on disc

EE. Video of WMUR newscast of 7/30/07

FF. Video of WMUR newscast of 6/8/07

GG. Video of condensed 7/29/07 WTPRN Red Alert broadcast

HH. Internet News Article about shooting on Brown’s property dated 7/29/07

II. Video of 7/14/07 live free or die 1st Amendment party at Browns

JJ. picture of Danny Riley’s press pass

KK.. Video of Channel 5 report on events of 6/7/07

LL. Pictures of Dan Riley injuries caused on 6/7/07 (a, b, and c)

MM. Picture of end of Brown driveway

Respectfully submitted,
Daniel Riley,

Dated: March 18, 2008 By: /s/ Sven Wiberg

Sven Wiberg
N.H. Bar #8238
Wiberg Law Office, PLLC
2456 Lafayette Rd., Suite 7
Portsmouth, N.H. 03801
(603) 686-5454


Due to the nature of this filing, neither a memorandum of law or assent by the Government

is necessary.

/s/ Sven Wiberg

Sven D. Wiberg


I, Sven Wiberg, hereby certify that a true copy of the foregoing Witness List will be
served on all parties by ECF filing on this 18 th day of March, 2008.
/s/ Sven Wiberg
Sven D. Wiberg