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Optimum Solutions E-ERP 1
OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll system covers all aspects of HR required by
any organization. It has a multi-company, multi-branch structure that permits unlimited
departments. It is bi-lingual so you can logon in the language of your choice (Arabic-
OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll is totally parameterized so it can accommodate
the laws, rules, policies and procedures of any country or organization.
OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll is fully document-driven with a multilevel
workflow and approval system. All forms are available in the system in electronic format,
and are stored in the employees files after approval for easy access and retrieval.
OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll allows setting up many payrolls templates in
multi-currencies and many payroll generations.
Core OPTIMUM Human
Resources & Payroll functionalities:
HR Structure Management
Policies & Procedures Management
Personnel Administration
Payroll Management
Loans Management
End of Service Settlement
Recruitment Management
Appraisals & Forms Management
Training Management
Document Management
Self-Services Management
Staff communication
Inquiries & Reporting
Human Resources Structure Management
2 E-ERP Optimum Solutions
OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll has a totally parameterized Organization and
Administration structure. It allows you to set unlimited organization levels and relate employees
to any level defined. Each level may be related to a number of titles from the Title Structure to
make a position. Each Position can be related to a number of grades from the grading structure.
Each grade is related to the payroll structure which defines all the policies, procedures,
benefits, and accruals for that particular position.
OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll also relates the required training courses to the
created positions from the training structure and the type of appraisals and their frequency
from the appraisal structure. It has the capability to link the job description and any related
documents to that particular position such as desk instruction, job requirement and so on.
Another main feature that gives OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll a competitive edge
over its rival software its capability to set a structure position requirements which can manage
and control the recruitment processes from the opening the position till final selection.
The system helps the user to streamline the entire HR structure
of the company by defining and managing the following:
Employment types y
Security segments y
Titles categories y
Titles y
Grading of employees, with steps within each grade y
Number of position in each department y
Job Description for each job y
Position Requirements for each job y
Training Courses associated with each job y
Any other special requirements of your company y
Organization Structure
Administration Structure
Title Structure
Grading Structure
Payroll Structure
Position Requirement Structure
Training Structure
Appraisal Structure
Human Resources Structure Management
Optimum Solutions E-ERP 3
OPTIMUM makes it possible to publicize any information
such as:
Company Policies on various matters y
Company Circulars y
Announcements y
Standard Operating Procedures y
Accounting Policies y
Personnel Policies y
Maintaining the policies and the procedures of the whole organization and making them a
available for each required staff at any level is a major task that OPTIMUM Human Resources
& Payroll takes care of.
OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll allows setting unlimited tree structure for your policies,
attaching any type of documents to each level of the structure; be it word, pdf file etc.
OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll also allows setting the security levels for viewing and
updating documents in each level of the tree, and the type of documents that can be uploaded
to that particular level.
OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll also allows sending group circulars for any updates
of the policies and procedures to inform the concerned employees about these changes.
Policies And Procedures Management
Policies and Procedures Structure
Policies and Procedures Security
Polices and Procedures Circulars
4 E-ERP Optimum Solutions
Personnel Administration
The OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll system maintains and manages all information
you need to keep about your employees in the employees database, reducing paper files in
your office considerably and saving up storage space. All these information can be retrieved
through user-friendly reports and searches.
The OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll system keeps employees personal data such as
CV copies, personal information, family information, qualification details with scanned copies
of certificates etc.
The system manages an employees company-related data such as the employment information,
attendance information, leave information, loan information etc.
The users can obtain the complete employment history of an employee with a few mouse
clicks; whether it is the date of joining, professional certificates, loan balance or terminal
Personal Data
Employees Personal Data Management
Employee Qualification and Experience Management
Employees Scanned Documents Management
Employees CV Management
Company Related Data
Employment Information Management
Attendance Information Management
As the system is highly
parameterized, the user
can decide the details
to be maintained by the
system, in the System
Setup section.
Optimum Solutions E-ERP 5
The OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll system makes your payroll processing easy
and accurate. The user can create customized payroll templates and define payslips and its
contents. Thereby the user gets absolute control on the entire process, which ensures the
accuracy of the calculations.
OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll allows setting up many payrolls templates in multi-
currencies and many payroll generations. Batch processing facilities take away the tedium
of individual postings, and the workflow system ensures data authenticity and integrity at
all times.
Payroll Management
Customized Payroll Templates creation
Payroll Generations Management
Deductions Management
Accruals Management
Accounting Entries Management
Once the payroll has been
generated, the system will be
locked in the sense that no
changes are possible on any data
that may affect the payroll. This is
for ensuring data integrity.
6 E-ERP Optimum Solutions
Automatic Bank Transfer of Payroll
The system provides a facility to distribute and transfer the net salary of each individual
employee to his/her bank account according to the formulae given in the bank setup.
The bank transfers can be made in three ways:
In all these cases, it is possible to set up one or more conditions.
In addition, form letters to the bank with details of individual amounts may be generated,
taking away a lot of paper work in your accounts department.
Transfer the total amount to one bank account
Transfer a fixed amount to one account and the remaining part to
another account
Transfer a fixed percentage to one account and the remaining part
to another account.
Optimum Solutions E-ERP 7
Loans Management
Many a time employees might approach the management for loans and advances for various
purposes. Many companies make it a policy to grant such requests whenever possible; as
such a gesture would create a sense of security in the employees, thereby enhancing their
loyalty, commitment and motivation.
The OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll system helps you manage all aspects of
employee loans. The system facilitates the user to define loan granting criteria such as the
length of service required, maximum amount, recovery period etc. The approval process will
pass through the workflow and once the loan is granted, all necessary accounting entries will
be passed by the system.
Also, the OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll system takes care of the monthly loan
recovery, and maintains up-to-date loan accounts for each employee.
Loans Setup management
Approval procedure management
Recovery procedure management
Production of up-to-date status reports
Sub-Ledger and Accounting Entries
8 E-ERP Optimum Solutions
End of Service Settlements
Employees leave the service of a company due to various reasons such as termination,
resignation, end of contract etc. In each of these cases, the entitlements of the employee will
vary, according to the Labor Law prevailing in the country.
The OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll system handles the preparation of final
settlements for employees who leave the service of the company, based on the rules and
policies mapped into the system.
The system manages the non-financial elements of the process as the handing over of
responsibilities, returning of company assets etc. Also, the system prepares other documents
such as Experience Certificates, Letters to bank and Insurance companies etc.
Final Settlement Preparation
Handing Over Procedure Management
End of Service Documentation
Accounting Entries Management
With OPTIMUM preparing the final settlement for any employee
leaving the service is not a tedious task. The system produces
the final settlements taking into account all elements such as:
Leave y settlement
Indemnity settlement y
Other Entitlements y
Loans and Advance y
Other Deductions y
Non-financial aspects such as handing over formalities y
and returning of company assets.
Optimum Solutions E-ERP 9
The OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll system handles each and every aspect of the
recruitment process so that the best suited applicants are selected. The system takes care of
all tasks such as receiving CVs, short-listing candidates, matching them to various vacancies,
scheduling Interviews, processing appointment papers for selected candidates etc.
The system works perfectly in conjunction with other modules of OPTIMUM Human Resources
& Payroll system such as Personnel and Administration, Payroll, Organization Structure etc.
so that all the information is shared avoiding the need for posting them again. The major
functionalities are as follows:
Recruitment Management
Vacancies management
CV and Applicants data management
Recruitment process management
Interview and selection management
Hiring process management
An added feature of OPTIMUM is
that it provides global visibility to
the vacancies in your company by
publicizing them in the Internet, and
facilitates candidates all over the
world to submit their applications
online. At the same time, the system
allows the traditional method of
receiving applications directly from the
10 E-ERP Optimum Solutions
Each and every company has got its own particular performance objectives and criteria.
Hence the OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll system module facilitates the users to
manage the performance appraisal process based on criteria that are unique to the organiza-
The OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll system lets you design your own appraisal form,
for each category, with the criteria. The evaluation forms will move from desk to desk based
on the workflow.
The system compiles the final score based on the formula given by the user and generates
Performance Appraisal Reports for each and every employee.
Appraisals and Forms Management
Customized appraisal form Generation
Evaluator Assignment
Appraisal process monitoring
Final Score compilation
Employees Performance Report Generation
Reward the Deserving: Take your
decisions based on facts!
With OPTIMUM the entire procedure
is fully automated once the forms
have been designed, and it will move
from evaluator to evaluator, as defined
in the workflow. Reports on historical
data are available so the company
can always appraise and compare an
employees performance level.
Optimum Solutions E-ERP 11
Training Management
The OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll system Training Management module will
help your company to manage the training needs of your employees. It actually creates a
development plan for each and every employee, taking into consideration their present level
of skills and the future demands.
The system stores all the information regarding the training needs, training institutes, training
courses and the trainers. As the system is fully parameterized, you can map your companys
unique needs into the system. Also it helps you match the courses with the requirements and
to monitor the progress individually and in groups.
Recruiting the best employees is a
real challenge; but maintaining them
at their best performance level is an
even greater challenge. The OPTIMUM
Human Resources & Payroll system-
Training Management module is your
reliable partner in the development
process of your employees and it
helps you manage this crucial area
with ease and professionalism.
Training Institutions data management
Course data management
Employees Training management
Certificates and other documents Management
12 E-ERP Optimum Solutions
Document Management
OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll system-Document Management section helps you
maintain and manage all types of employee documents in the system.
The user can first define which documents are to be stored in the system; and then proceed to
define the details to be stored for each document. The system can display a list of documents
which are expiring during a particular period, so that action may be initiated to renew them.
The user may also view a list of documents which are under the renewal process. Once the
documents are renewed scanned copies may be uploaded to the system for easy retrieval.
Document Data Management
Document Scanned Copy Management
Document Expiry Date Monitoring
Renewal Process Management
Form Letter Creation
Document Printing
All the renewed documents may
be viewed and printed by the user,
whenever necessary. Also, emails may
be sent to those employees whose
documents are due for renewal and/or
Optimum Solutions E-ERP 13
Self Services Management
The OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll system- Self Services module, sometimes
referred to as Request Forms, is a cost effective solution to companies enabling forward-
thinking to go beyond the traditional models of HR practice and provide managers and staff
with a single point of access to vital HR information.
Employees can be given an opportunity to upload or change personal information, apply for
leave, submit training requests, request for documents through this module, and all request
are passed through the predefined workflow system.
Employees Personal Data updating
Employees Requests Management
Employee-Management communication
Approval/Rejection of Employee requests
OPTIMUM Human Resources
& Payroll system-Self Services
module reduces administration
costs and improves efficiency. Its
dynamic information flow allows
you to streamline processes, save
up valuable time, and to reduce
costs, while increasing employee
productivity and improving
communication across the
14 E-ERP Optimum Solutions
Staff Communication
Another notable feature of the OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll system- is that it has
a built-in communication tool that allows sending:
1. Individual, or
2. Bulk mail for the employees
Once these mails are sent, they will be part of the employees files and they can be retrieved
anytime required. An electronic confirmation of receipt can also be generated and filed once
the employee opens the mail.
This tool can be used for sending circulars, warning letters, notices and any other types of the
internal correspondences between the company and its staff.
The lack of efficient inter-
personal communication leads
to bureaucracy within an office.
OPTIMUM helps you to avoid
this situation by providing a
fast and reliable desk-to-desk
communication system which
can be easily monitored by the
Employees Internal correspondence
Employees Bulk Mail Management
Individual Mails
Optimum Solutions E-ERP 15
The system allows the user to
produce advanced formatted
reports using Microsoft
PivotTable that is linked with
the system.
Inquiries and Reporting
The OPTIMUM Human Resources & Payroll system has powerful inquiries and report
generation facilities. Searches can be done on various criteria, and the system allows drill
down to the basic entries pertaining to any information. Customized reports based on any
number of parameters may be generated at any time with a few mouse clicks!
A multitude of filtering criteria including a data range can be applied to the following inquires
and reports:
Admin Inquiries
Payroll Inquiries
Training Inquiries
Contact Info of employees
Recruitment reports
Admin reports
Attendance reports
Payroll reports
Training reports
Structure reports
16 E-ERP Optimum Solutions
Powerful Workflow System
OPTIMUM- Human Resources & Payroll system features the concept of work groups and
workflows for all employees. The desk-to-desk movements of documents are pre-defined
based on the organizational hierarchy and the nature of the documents. This helps to avoid
bureaucratic delays and enhances system security.
Staffs at various levels are given varying access rights, and the system administrator can
monitor and regulate the data entry and access to the system. This ensures confidentiality of
the documents as they are accessible to the authorized staff members only.
Data integrity is ensured by giving greater authority to the system administrator in terms of
user management.
Users Access timing Management
Real time system users monitoring
Exchanging messages among system users
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