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ave you ever left your motorcycle in a parking lot, garage, in front of a house, or in your own garage. only to find out your pride n joy is not where you left it. anyone who has ever been the victim of a stolen motorcycle knows, there is no where more empty then the spot your bike used to be. you cant believe that its not there so after the disorientation starts quickly followed by rage

, then the overwhelming urge to find the persons responsible and to make them wish they never put their their hands on your baby. At this point its all for nothing so you pick up your jaw take a deep breath and realize that you are never going to see your bike again. if you do it will not look anything like you last remember it. So next step is your insurance company (if you have full coverage) they probably

will not cover the full replacement cost of your prize possession, and all the various accessories and modifications. Not forgetting not riding till you get your motorcycle replaced, if you ever do. According to the national insurance crime bureau approximately 80,000 motorcycles are stolen each year in the united states. That's nearly eight motorcycles are stolen per minute, and a motorcycle can be stolen in a matter of seconds. We might not stop Bike theft but we might be able to help those out there to make there prize possession safer. We here at CyclePath Magazine will have this ongoing feature to educate all of us, we are going to hit this from all angles to keep your baby safer and more


Is the Ultimate Two Wheeled Nation’s Magazine.

Editor: Tim Slayton Our trusted leader undercover in the field CyclePath Magazine is a dream become reality. One man with an image, brought together a team of highly ambitious individuals driven to leading this world to 'The Ultimate Two Wheeled Nation'. CyclePath Magazine covers a full spectrum of bikes including: Sport Bikes, Choppers, Cruisers, Dirt, Fat Boys, Ruckus and everything in between. It is the ultimate one stop magazine! With the Dream and vision to bring together all two wheeled riders. This vision of all motorcyclist from the newest to the well seasoned biker. We would like all to be able to ride, rally and get together as a nation of one. with the help of all we will be able to see different makes models and ages cruising and having fun. We here at CyclePath Magazine see will show month to month, although the differences in age, or bike preference we all share the same passion for the rush we get cruising on two wheels. So lets show our support to this Ultimate Two Wheeled Nation and give a nod to all of your fellow bike enthusiast. Get committed with CyclePath Magazine!



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A Prescription for fun from the Dr.

Causing a Ruckus
California building motors and supercars. The Dr began racing the imports, both building and racing he moved up the ranks till he reached the professional level. Dr. Charles has Been in a 8sec Honda CRX competing for the NIHRA Championship. So when his friends started riding the Honda Ruckas, upgradeing them so they can



nown to many in the import world as Dr Charles. A sergeon in the garage. A true pioneer Dr. Charles has been a hugh influence in the import scene, anything to do with motors, R&D, Turbos, Superchargers, And nitros. He has been working on cars since a very young age out of his parents Garage. He then started working out of various shops in Southern

go faster, he was a little against it saying "why dont you just get a motorcycle. Hearing all this Khoi a friend of the Dr. had an idea of a motor swap. Totaly out of his realm Khoi covinced The Dr. o perform the swap for his ruckus. not kowing much about the ruckus he was up for the challenge After a bit of research the Charles started to work his magic. Soon they produced the first Killer Scooter 150. A few more friends wanted their own Killer scooter. The Dr. rode a few to test them out and thought since he wanted to build a custom motorcycle for himself and you need a liscence. Why not get his own ruckus since his wife was against him getting a motorcycle. maybe he could talk her into the motorcycle down th road. well like everything he touched he put his own flare and style into his new found project. Not one to be average The Dr. went all out. First was the motor a 150 with a big bore kit, a custom Killer scooter swingarm and motormount they went through 20 them alone till the Dr. put his stamp on of approval on it. Then came the carb and clutch. Its not all about speed so he framework by boxing in the front downtube, lowering the lights, custom footpegs levers bars cotrols arlen ness internal throttle, seat suspension front and back, some brembo brakes to slow this beast down and a fresh coat of red paint to make it complete. So a bit of time and 9k later the Killer Scooter was created, remember this started out as a something to cruise on with his friends on weekend rides,



Riding the ruckus was very impressive, I have rode and raced everything from dirt to drag racing, I didn't think to much of riding a scooter. but as soon as I Started The Ruckus I sensed fun. Throwing my leg over I was very excited for this test ride. I couldn't help smiling I was like a Little kid in a candy shop. As I took off I know That you should get the feel first, But that wasn't going to happen. Twisting the throttle was great it had some get up and go. So I just had to hit the NOS, You can definitely can feel the pull. I Really didn't want to take it back. This Ruckus was fun. The handling was quite responsive although you cant really lean to much since it is stretched and lowered so much. The brembo brakes really have good stopping power. When launching the clutch hooked up quite well. The Rucks even spun the tire. The pipe devil exhaust Like most custom headers it was a little loud but not over powering. All in all I had a great time this was fun. Go out and get your own Killer Scooter, I know I want one.


Engine motor gy6150cc w/180 kit reb 180cc 32 mm TM32 pipe devil exhaust- france nitrous express kit dr pulli hit clutch btx custom header msd coil, cdi box

Chassis lockheart phillips footpegs custom lower seat frame lowered headlight handlbars dragbars with internal throttle custom bracket liscence plate bride seat

Suspension brembo master & front calliper fox vanilla shocks killer front forks Shoes rims g-craft w/killer hubs scooter

Killer scooter youtube: killerscooter killer burnout


Hey all you photog's send in some snapsots. we will be going through all and posting them monthly. If your picture gets published we will send you a gift.just submit to with Name, Email, and address.



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Envy expo Berts Bike Fest Berts Mega mall

December 4-6
International motorcycle show Long beach, Ca.


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