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Solemnity of Easter

Rising to New Life

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad. Easter is the great celebration of victory
of life over death.

Ours is an Easter religion. We do not deny or turn away from the evils that surround us: the
wars that have killed some 100 million people in our (last) century; the poverty that grips more
than half of the human race; the hunger that kills millions every year and ruins the lives of
millions more; the discrimination that divides the human family into contending parties.

We do not deny these miseries, but we refuse to surrender to their power because of our faith
in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Suffering will be vindicated; death will be overcome; a new life will arise: that is the Easter
message of the paschal mystery.

Let us feast with joy in the Lord. Just as Christ passed through death to resurrection, so too will
the world pass through its suffering to the glory of a new life.

There is no room for despair: our Easter faith tells us that God will raise us up and renew our

Gerald Darring

“This is the ‘day which the Lord

has made.’ Alleluia! Take fresh
hope, brothers and sisters of the
whole world! With Christ our
Passover everything is possible!
Christ goes forward in our fu-
Pope John Paul II, Easter Message
(1991) 8
March 23, 2008
Some καιρός / kairos thoughts…
καιρός / kairos—Greek—time—viewed as an occasion rather than an extent

Layers of white
in cold woods
trees leaf

bearing the
of nails
Prayer List
Pray the rosary for world peace, Avis Cox, Fr. Clarence Biggers, Gladys and Ben
Kramkowski, Rita Moenk, Doug Bearden, Sarah Snider, Thornton/Lynch
family, Ryan Amsberry, Annie & family, Connie, her mother & family, Blake,
even before the seed Erik, Campbell family, Jonathan & family, Sharon & family, Will, FMS, Cap.
Corp., Patrick & Brittany, Broughman family, Fannie Crowder & family, VAL,
Father Ingram’s father & family, Karen’s mother & friend, Cheryl Mobley &
family, William Hudson, Robert, Walter, Danielle, Christopher, Barbara,
Katherine, Nicholas, Kaylin, Kasie, Mary Beth & family, Mary Ann Mahoney &
they seem like family, Donna & family, Ann Chancellor & family, Duffie, Sheila & family,
cancer patients & families, military & families, Brandon, Plantation Villa
stars residents, Don, Mrs. Carpenter, Mr. & Mrs. Rooks, Katherine & family, Mr.
Dunn, Mr. & Mrs. Barlow, Jane & family, Scott & family, Diane & Peter,
suspended or thin Michele & Gary, Lucy’s father & family, Bobbie, Joan & family, Karl’s mother &
family, Bernard & Anna, June & family, Tina & family, Belinda & family, OLM
clouds family, Kat, Delgratia & family, Mr. Gomez & family, Sara & family, Dr. Lynch
& family, Rob/Allie & family, Chuck & family, Frank & family, Liesa & family,
unattached mother of Dr. Petros, Dr. Issa & family, Odessa, Anita’s mother & family, Ruby,
Ruby’s mother & family, Davies family, Katie & family, family of Angie, Ann &
family, Gretchen & family, Eileen, Scott & family, Robert, Flavia & family,
Tony’s family, Roy & Martha Wright, Roy, Alice Swygert, Alan, Nard, Tony,
Glenda, Nelson, J. Bob, Munn, Vogt, Wolfe families, Russell & family, Ola,
or touches of Gene Wilson & family, Jane Brock & family, Janet Kramer & family, Elayne &
family, Winnie, Phil & family, Tony, Stan, Emily & family, Ruthie & Ed, Mr.
white Bergin & family, Karen, Bernard’s father, Angie’s brother, Russell & family, Mrs.
Sanseverino & family, CC Center, veterans & families Jessie Emmett, Mark,
on a canvas of Michael’s mother, Carrie, VAMC, Rambo’s mother & family, Josephine Mary,
Mary Anna, S. Paul, Tony, J. W. Wilson & family, Jason & Kim, Josie, Kelly,
quiet Gail, Mickey’s family, Jon & Janet Cook & family, Karen’s cousin, Mike Aguado
& family, Carl & family, Dr. Lopez & family, Dr. Vanapalli & family, Dr. Yu,
Christian, Aaron, Marina & family, Mary, Susan & family, Michael’s grandfather
earth colors J. Janda Poem from & family, family of Zach, Duffie Mitchell’s father & family, Gail, Storm victims
& families, Joshua Kelly, Adrienne Bennett, Bonnie Dobmeier, Katie Whatley,
Carla Smith, Mary Scarnati, Ann Baker, Michael & family, Berger family, Mendez
family, Ikai family, Joshua Moser, Stephanie Christian, Carolyn Williamson, Chris
This is the new day the Lord has made! Let us B., Julia, Angie & Mel Russ, Joey Milani, King Cooper Jr. & family, Mary
Ondovchik, Ann Rudy, Edna & Joe, Henry & Anna, Peggy Cable, Claude
rejoice and be glad in it. All those who have Rickman, Leonard & Mary, Patricia, Kathy, Madi, Tom & Jen Sullivan, Connie
Graham, Anderson family, Chris Stahler family, Frances Homsey, Gus
been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. Kneidinger, Steven, Barbara, Mary Jo Shamas, Frank, Lyse Heim, Frances James,
Shanna, Carlo Dellaquila, Katherine Catti, Maria Beck, Stephanie & Mark
Alleluia! Praise God! All those who believe in Fletcher, Joanna & Michael Spataro, Justino Prado, Ambreen & family, Molly &
Jesus will have their sins forgiven through his family, Anna & family, Lily Bosco, Mike Pruitt, Elaine Cole, Elysa Cole-Ali,
Shirley Walton, Leroy & Lynn Burrows, Marie McDemmond, Eric Hawthorne,
name. The Christ, our paschal lamb, has been Barbara Ferrante, Mya, Ann McCormick, Elaine Vaughn, Bill & Irene Hartman,
Sr. Mary Bonaventure, Chad Nostrant, Debbie McCoud, Mark & Pam Lennon,
sacrificed; let us celebrate this feast in the Heidi FitzGerald, Dorene Trumble, Danielle Vincent, Caron Pierre & family,
Olivia, Jim Powers, Alphonso Boone & family, Ngoddy and Ibezue families, Joe
Lord. When the Christ is revealed at the end Mendizabal, Joe Brown, Joe Preseda, Bernice Wood, Bobbi & Clarence Freman,
Mike Robson, Mallory, Ana Maria & Erwin Molano, Juan Carlos Restrepo,
of time, we will also be revealed in all our Alvaro Penagas, Robin Chapman, Pat Golden, Rick Long, Patricia, Kathy, Darla,
glory with him. Alleluia! Praise God! Here is Ed Schaffer, Clava Kinkel, Andrew Obiagim, Paula, Dan & kids, Chris & Stevie,
Cabbagetown residents, Joe Shelby, Sean McHugh, Lynn Smith
the gate to salvation!
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