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UNIT 2 Computer applications

Read the text and write the answers for questions 1 and 2, decide whether questions 3 and
4 are T true! or " fa#se!, and circ#e the $est answer for question %.
1. Where are tiny computers used?
2. What does connectivity enable computers and software to do?
Computers Make the World Smaller and Smarter
The ability of tiny computing devices to control complex operations has transformed the way many tasks
are performed, ranging from scientific research to producing consumer products. Tiny computers on a
chip! are used in medical e"uipment, home appliances, cars and toys. Workers use handheld computing
devices to collect data at a customer site, to generate forms, to control inventory, and to serve as desktop
$ot only is computing e"uipment getting smaller, it is getting more sophisticated. %omputers are part of
many machines and devices that once re"uired continual human supervision and control. Today,
computers in security systems result in safer environments, computers in cars improve energy efficiency,
and computers in phones provide features such as call forwarding, call monitoring, and call answering.
These smart machines are designed to take over some of the basic tasks previously performed by people&
by so doing, they make life a little easier and a little more pleasant. With small computing devices
available for (erfor)in* smart tasks like cooking dinner, programming the '(' recorder, and
controlling the flow of information in an organi#ation, people are able to spend more time doing what
they often do best) being creative. %omputers can help people work more creatively.
%onnectivity enables computers and software that might otherwise be incompatible to communicate and
to share resources. $ow that computers are proliferating in many areas and networks are available for
people to access data and communicate with others, personal computers are becoming interpersonal *%s.
+. 'esktop organi#ers are programs that re"uire desktop computers.
,. %omputers are sometimes used to monitor systems that previously needed human
-. The word (erfor)in*! in paragraph + has the same meaning as.
/. coordinating 0. executing %. running
1. %hange the following verbs in the text above into *ast participle.
+ER,s Infiniti-e +ER,s ..
1. control
2. transform
+. generate
,. improve
-. design
1. take over
2. spend
3. communicate
4. share
15. proliferate
7. Use some of the verbs in the table above to fill in these sentences (give the correct forms of
the verbs)
6.g. Tiny computers are used to ....................................complex operations
a. 7nternet connection permits people to 888888888. and
b. 9mart computers take over some of the work performed by
c. %ar energy efficiency 888888888by computers.
d. *eople 888888..more time doing what they can do best.
e. $owadays computers are almost every area of life.
II. GRA//AR' 0han*e these sentences into (assi-e, usin* su**ested words
1. :arge organi#ations use mainframes to process enormous amounts of data.
;ainframes 888.
2. 7n business, they design models and test products with the help of computers.
7n business, models 888..
+. *ilots control airplanes via the computer system.
/irplanes 888.
Now use the suggested words to make complete sentences
,. video files < usually < be< stored < .avi, .mov and .mpg < formats
-. networks < be < linked together < telephone lines < fibre)optic cables

1. 9peech software< allow< you< use commands< launch programs< navigate around