Robert, a detective, tries to uncover the true identity of the enigmatic Ms. Maker, only to discover that it is his feelings for his co-worker that will be revealed.

FADE IN: INT. A DILAPIDATED POLICE STATION, INSIDE THE SPARTAN INTERROGATION ROOM. LATE AFTERNOON. ROBERT, a plain-clothes detective, wears a stern, squarejawed expression as he escorts Ms. Maker to a worn, wooden table surrounded by several chairs. She has a petite build and appears youthful, except for her eyes, which are surrounded by deep crows-feet,that seem etched in by centuries of excessive mirth. There is something faintly classical and middle eastern about her appearance. Shackled to her slim left wrist is a scarred briefcase. Robert waves at a video camera. ROBERT You understand your rights, know this conversation will be recorded, and you’ve declined to have a lawyer present during questioning, correct? That’s right. MS. MAKER

ROBERT Excellent. Now state your name for the record. Ms. Maker MS. MAKER

ROBERT Your full name please. Ms. Maker. MS. MAKER

ROBERT Do you have identification that I might use to verify that? No. MS. MAKER

ROBERT Then I will fingerprint you and verify your identity that way. She laughs, and it sounds like a spring brook: clear, cool, and refreshing. (CONTINUED)

2. CONTINUED: ROBERT (CONT’D) What’s so funny? MS. MAKER Nothing...but I suppose you’ll be fetching Ms. Sugiki Wong to fingerprint me? Robert’s head snaps around. ROBERT do you know that? MS. MAKER Because it is my nature to know these things. ROBERT I see. And are you... ah... attempting to be uncooperative Ms. Maker? Not at all. MS. MAKER

ROBERT Good. Then while I go and get Ms. Wong, remove your briefcase from your wrist and empty the contents onto the table. She stands, and Robert tenses MS. MAKER I’m sorry detective, but unfortunately, I don’t have the key. She turns out her pockets, revealing nothing, not even lint. ROBERT Then just empty the case onto the table. I can’t. MS. MAKER It’s locked as well.

Robert reaches across the table and pulls the case towards him, tugging on Ms. Maker’s arm as he does. He examines the case closely, and finding no klatch or hinges at all, he shoves the case back across the table. ROBERT We’re going to get you printed. (CONTINUED)

3. CONTINUED: (2) He leaves to Maker begins The scarring faint golden leather. get Ms. Wong, and the instant he’s gone, Ms. to examine the case where Robert touched it. has retreated somewhat and there is the glow of his fingerprints visible on the

Robert comes back with Ms. Wong, an attractive and spunky woman, who keeps shooting Robert glances, while otherwise retaining a professional demeanor. She’s carrying a fingerprint card and ink pad, and as she prepares to take the fingerprints, her hand brushes Ms. Maker’s case. Instantly, hinges and a klatch appear, while the rest of the scarring retreats, leaving a pristine surface. Both Robert and Sugiki jump back as the shackles evaporate into nothing. But before they have time to react further, Ms. Maker pushes two chairs out. Sit. They stay standing. MS. MAKER (CONT’D) Fine. Stand if you like, I was only trying to make you comfortable, but more to the point, I’m hear today to deliver this briefcase to the two of you. Why? SUGIKI ROBERT What’s in that thing? MS. MAKER

MS. MAKER (CONT’D) Both good questions. As for what’s in it...that particular case only carries what you’ve place there. As to why...well, Robert, while I’m sure you’re one of the best detectives at this station, you’re abysmal when it comes to being able to embrace the things you truly want. And you Sugiki are far too coy for your own good. And I? Well, I give people a good push when they need it. Now, if you’ll excuse me. Smiling so that the crows feet around her eyes crinkle in a bemused way, she quickly places her fingers into the ink and rolls each one across the finger-printing card. Then, turning, she leaves, with both Robert and Sugiki staring after her stupefied.


4. CONTINUED: (3) Several minutes pass, and then as one, Sugiki and Robert pull the briefcase towards them. The klatch POPS. Opening the case they begin to take out ordinary papers and Sugiki begin to read out loud. SUGIKI Jesus! Will you look at her. She’s gorgeous...does she have on a ring? No. Good...she’s not married. I wonder what kind of men she likes? God, she smells like lavender that vanilla? Who cares, its fantastic... She puts the paper down and look at Robert who is bright red. What’s this? SUGIKI (CONT’D)

ROBERT That’s what I was thinking when we first met. Then he begins to read from a paper he’s retrieved from the case. ROBERT (CONT’D) Dear Diary. Today was the worst day of my life! A call came in that officers were down and taking fire from an undercover drug-bust. I knew that Robert was working that case, and all I could think was, “what if I never have a chance to tell him how I feel. I love that he brings me my coffee, and the thrill of touching him when I take that cup!” He wasn’t hurt, but what if he was...what if he was... Both of them fall into silence, and then Robert reaches out and takes Sugiki’s hand. Running her fingers along his square-jaw, taking her scent deep into his nostrils, and for a moment they gaze at one another. ROBERT (CONT’D) I’d better go...check that tape...


5. CONTINUED: (4) SUGIKI Um. Yes...and...and I think she left her prints. I’ll run them for you. They part. Sugiki takes the card and the ink, but soon she’s laughing uncontrollably. Robert comes back. ROBERT What’s so funny? SUGIKI There are no prints...just some ink blots. This is useless. What about the tapes? ROBERT Nothing but snow. And then Robert begins to laugh as well, and together they share the moment. ROBERT (CONT’D) Come on. Let’s get out of here. I’d like to buy you a coffee. SUGIKI I’d like that...but don’t forget the briefcase...I’m curious as to what else you’ve put in there. FADE OUT.

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