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Family Name Abdelli
Gender Male
Country Algeria
Web site Abdelli.
Personal website.
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New Moon [CD, Real World Records, 1995]
Au-delà de Gibraltar [CD, 2001]
Among Brothers [CD, Real World Records, 2003]
New Moon
1995 Real World
See Review
CD $16.98 $14.99 NEW MOON,,215829,00.html

# Song Name
1 Adarghal Introduction (1:46)
2 Adarghal (The Blind Is Spirit) (4:09)
3 Achaah (Resentment) (7:07)
4 Lawan (Time) (4:01)
5 Walagh (I Observe) (5:12)
6 Ayafrouk (The Pigeon) (5:22)
7 Imanza (Ancestors) (4:29)
8 JSK (The Sporting Youth of Kabyl) (4:32)
9 Igganniw (There Are No More Stars in My Sky) (4:01)
10 Amegh Asinigh (Bad News) (5:08)

Album Review top

Abderraamane Abdelli is a Kabyl Berber whose musical odyssey has led him to crea
te a unique fusion of cultures on New Moon. On a Berber-Arabic music base he bui
lds using Spanish, American Indian, and African elements from South America. The
n he adds a touch of the Ukraine with the bandura, which is a 50-string zither t
hat makes a very pretty, harp-like sound. Producer Thierry Van Roy sits in with
some unobtrusive keyboards. Overall, one could say the music sounds like acousti
c rai. The songs are hypnotic, with fast North African-cum-Latin beats and midte
mpo singing. Traditional Berber music does not use high or low notes, so Abdelli
mostly stays in the middle of his range, giving his vocals a chanted quality. T
he range of instruments -- from the South American charango, (which sounds like
a cross between a ukulele and a guitar), to the Algerian bendir (a large frame d
rum with a snare) -- gives the music real flavor. Unfortunately -- and possibly
because of the music itself, but probably due to the album's over-production --
everything has been smoothed out a little too much, with some of the distinctive
sounds too suppressed in the mix. If one is willing to turn the volume way up,
the sound works. Otherwise New Moon amounts to relaxing, contemplative music tha
t is, at least, too authentic to be dismissed as new age. ~ Kurt Keefner, All Mu
sic Guide

Album Credits top

Abdelli Main Performer
Meabh Flynn Assistant Engineer
Nicholas Vandooren Sax (Soprano)
Ariane de Bièvre Recorder, Nay, Quena, Transverse Flute
Manolo Acuna Sax (Soprano), Charango
Abderrahmane Abdelli Vocals, Mandola
Claudio Toro Maracas, Tambourine, ?, Bombo, Cajon, Cowbell, Guiro, Guitar
Saidi Abdelnour Darbouka, Bendire, Bendir
Peter Adler Writer
David Soto Guitar
Yann Arthus Bertrand Photography
David Bottrill Editing, Mixing
James Green Photography

New Moon [CD, Real World Records, 1995]
Au-delà de Gibraltar [CD, 2001]
Among Brothers [CD, Real World Records, 2003]