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Winter, Year 1 [NWINTER1]

1st Winter
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Season's Goals:
* Upgrade the sickle to Mystrile
* Get 4 Power Berries
* Get the Clippers
* Get 5 sheep
Daily Chores:
* Take care of the animals
* Take care of the cows and sheep
* Take care of the chickens
* Forage (chop down the lumber, and mine in the winter mines; you can use
the basket to collect large amounts of minerals from the Winter Mines,
which will up your season's profits considerably)
* Fish (this isn't critical, obviously)
Predicted Season's Expenses: About 30,000G
Predicted Season's Profits: About 40,000G, possibly more if you mine
Winter 1
The start of the season of rest... Except, of course, that you'll
probably not be getting much rest at all. Start the day the usual way,
and be sure to grab the Power Berry behind the winter mine. Take your
basket and dig in the winter mine until you've filled the basket with 30
pieces of Orichalcum and/or Adamantite (just toss the Mystrile). Doing
this should get you the winter mine Power Berry eventually, as well. Be
sure to grab a few pieces of each type of ore to store in the cabinet, as
well. That way, you won't have to wait until next Winter to collect it.
Oh yes, and be sure to order the Rolling Pin from TV Shopping today. As
the season progresses, fish in the ocean for the elusive Power Berry found
in it.
Winter 8
Order the Oven off of TV Shopping, and if you haven't already, get a
Winter 10
The Dog Race is today. You can have your dog participate if you want.
Winning it doesn't really do much, so it's not mandatory. By now, you
should be able to afford another sheep. Be sure to keep getting sheep as
money comes available for them, and don't forget to keep your fodder (and
chicken feed) stock high! I'll assume that you're buying your sheep when
money is available for them, and not mention it again. Just be sure that
you have 5,000G available on the 15th and 22nd, and 2,500G available on the
Winter 14
Winter Thanksgiving is today. Any girl who has at least a purple heart
relationship with you (at least 10,000 affection, in other words) will show
up today and give you gifts, as long as you're not married (which isn't
even possible yet, since the house is still in stage 2). Try and get every
girl up to at least 10,000 affection before this day, as you can get
Chocolate if you do (which is the rarest item in the game; you can't get it
any other time). Tomorrow, be sure you order the Seasoning Set off of TV
Winter 22
Order the Power Berry off of TV Shopping. Good deal!
Winter 24
This is the Star Night Festival. If you have good relations with one of
the girls, talk to her on the 23rd several times, and she'll probably
invite you over to her place for dinner tonight. If this does happen, be
sure to show up between 6:00PM and 7:50PM!
Winter 29
Order the Frying Pan off of TV Shopping.
Winter 30
This is the New Year's Party. Go up to Mother Hill after all of your
day's work is done, to the peak. Everybody is there, awaiting the first
sunrise of the new year. Join in and gain some respect from the village.
The time to arrive is at midnight, surprisingly.
End of Season Profits: Varies; hopefully around 3,000G

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