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Who Can Take the Pharmacist Licensure Exam?

As stipulated in The Pharmacy Law of the Philippines, or Republic Act 5921, the existin law
o!ernin the education and practice of pharmacists in the country, candidates for the exam must"
1# $e a natural%born citi&en of the Philippines#
2# 'a!e a ood moral character#
(# 'a!e completed nine hundred sixty hours )9*+ hours, of -nternship Proram where six
hundred hours )*++ hours, will be e.ually spent for Prescription or /ommunity
Pharmacy, -ndustrial or 0anufacturin Pharmacy and 'ospital Pharmacy settins# The
other three hundred sixty hours )(*+ hours, will be spent to any establishment chosen
by the candidate that is duly accredited by the /ouncil of Pharmacy#
/ertification of completion of the internship proram for each correspondin establishment will be
i!en to the candidates who successfully accomplished the re.uired hours of internship#
1# $e a raduate of $achelor of 1cience in Pharmacy, or must hold an e.ui!alent deree, in
a uni!ersity or collee duly reconi&ed and accredited by the /ommission on 'iher
2ducation )/'23,#
What is the Scope of The Pharmacy Board Exam?
'eld twice a year under the super!ision of Professional Regulations Commissions)PR/,, as
stipulated in Republic Act 4941, the Pharmacist Licensure Examination orPharmacy Board
Examination shall consist of two )2, ma5or di!isions" P'AR0A/6 asScience and P'AR0A/6
as Practice#
Pharmacy as Science has three )(, roups"
7R89P - )1+:, % Public 'ealth, Pharmaceutical 0icrobioloy and Parasitoloy
7R89P -- )2+:, % 3ru 3eli!ery 1ystems, Physical Pharmacy, 0anufacturin Pharmacy, ;uality
/ontrol -, and ;uality /ontrol --
7R89P --- )2+:, % Pharmaceutical $iochemistry, Pharmaconosy, Plant /hemistry and Philippine
0edicinal Plants
Pharmacy as Practice has three )(, roups"
7R89P -< )2+:, % Pharmaceutical /alculations, 'ospital Pharmacy, /linical Pharmacy, 3ispensin
and 0edication /ounselin
7R89P < )2+:, % $iopharmaceutics and Pharmaco=inetics, Pharmacoloy -, Pharmacoloy -- and
/linical Toxicoloy
7R89P <- )1+:, % Pharmaceutical >urispudence and 2thics, Pharmaceutical 0ar=etin and
2ntrepreneurship and Pharmaceutical Administration and 0anaement#
The content and percentae weiht of the sub5ects may be chaned with the appro!al of /'23 with
other associations of Pharmacy schools or uni!ersities#
On the Exam Date
The exam will be conducted in two )2, consecuti!e days# 3esinated room for the exams will be
posted# 2xaminees are re.uired to be in their respecti!e school uniforms durin the examination#
There will be allotted short and lunch brea=s durin the test# >ust li=e any other reular exams, there
are certain rules to =eep in mind durin the exam"
3o not foret to brin the copy of ?otice of Admission )?8A, filed to and chec=ed by PR/,
the 8fficial Receipt of payment for the exam and pencils@ blac= pens to be used in the exam#
?8 2RA19R21 on the test papers#
?8 LAT21# LAT2 2AA0-?221 B-LL ?8T $2 A30-TT23# The examinees should report
before *"(+ in the mornin#
What is the Passing ate?
To pass the exam, the candidate must achie!e a eneral weihted a!erae of se!enty%fi!e percent
)C5:, or o!er with no ratins of fifty percent )5+:, in more than two )2, sub5ects# The examinees
will recei!e the ratin of their examination at his@her reistered address usin the reistered mail
en!elope submitted upon the application for the examination#
!re e"examinations !##o$ed?
The candidate who passed only the theoretical part of the board exam can be allowed to re%ta=e the
second part which is the practical exam, or !ice% !ersa# 8n the other hand, if the candidate fails to
pass both parts of the exam for three )(, consecuti!e attempts, he@she must undero a pre%board
re!iew course within the year precedin and must present a certification before i!en the chance to
ta=e the fourth re%examination#