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Game: Fatal Frame

System: Playstation 2

Version: 2.0
Revised: 4/25/02

A Walkthrough by AbdelKader Srouji

Copyright (c) 2002 by AbdelKader Srouji

Special thanks to NuConcept for the corrections and advice for finding
the Hallway Man, Man Behind, Woman Who Jumps, Blinded Woman, Female Head,
and Kirie's Love, and for providing the names for those ghosts I wasn't
quite fast enough to catch. If you are having trouble capturing a
particular ghost, NuConcept's Ghost List at GameFAQs will prove extremely

Game Controls
Gameplay Tips
The Walkthrough
1st Night: Strangling Ritual
2nd Night: Demon Tag
3rd Night: The Calamity
Final Night: Kirie
Playing a Completed Game
Important Research Scraps

The cinemas within the game do an adequate job of explaining the premise.
To sum up, Himuro Mansion is haunted. Novelist Takamine, his editor Ogata
and his assistant Hirasaka explore the mansion to research a new book.
When they disappear, Mafuyu Hinasaki mounts a short lived, one-man rescue

For those who rented Fatal Frame, this section may prove useful. If you
purchased the game, skip this section and read the instruction manual
Field Controls
Most of the time you'll wander around the mansion in third person view. In
the lower right corner of the screen is the filament. The filament glows
blue when you're near a clue or immobile ghost, and orange when a spirit
is nearby.

The basic controls are:

Triangle Open menu/Cancel menu
Square Run (hold it down to run)
X Search/Confirm menu selection
O Switch to Camera view
Start Pause menu
Select View Map

Movement is via the directional buttons and the left joystick. Normally
movement is absolute; you push right on the stick and the character moves
right. You can switch to relative movement (aka Resident Evil style) via
the Options screen accessible through the triangle menu.

Camera Mode Controls
Pressing circle switches to a first person view. Your lifebar is on the
right adjacent to an icon that shows which of the camera's special functions
is activated. It'll be awhile before you gain any special functions. The
functions are color coded as follows:

Brown Pressure
Purple Slow
Yellow See
Green Paralyze
Blue Search

Above the special function indictor is the number of spirit stones you
possess. The display shows 9 maximum, although you may have more in your
inventory. Spirit stones are used to active the camera's special

The characters across the bottom of the camera view light up to show the
Sprit Charge of the camera. When you have a spook framed in the large
Capture Circle in the center of the screen, the Spirit Charge increases.
The higher the charge when you activate the shutter, the more damage you
do. The number in the lower left corner shows the number of exposures left in
the current film type.

In the upper left corner is the life bar of your target.

At the top center is the filament, which works the same as in the field
mode. Use it to help you track insubstantial ghosts.

Directional Button Moves the finder
Left Joystick Moves the finder
Right Joystick Moves your character
Square Accelerates the finder movement
R1 or X Shutter release
Triangle Turn around
Circle Return to third person view
L1 Activate bonus function.

Escaping From Ghosts: Just going through a door won't stop a ghost from
pursuing you. Ghosts can even attack you while you are trying to open a
door or climb a ladder.

Shaking Off Ghosts: As a ghost attacks you, try hitting X rapidly. You
may be able to push the ghost back while taking minimal damage.

Random Encounters: On nights two and three, you will sometimes run into
spirits not listed in the walkthrough. The faster you make your way
through the game, the fewer random encounters you'll have to endure.

Spirit Points: As you drive away ghosts, you gain spirit points, which
are used to enhance your camera. Access your camera stats through the
triangle menu.

Using Items: You don't need to access Key items through the item menu.
They will be used automatically when you press X while standing in the right

Stone Mirror: You can carry only one of these at a time. If you die with
a stone mirror in your possession, your lifebar will automatically refill
to its maximum.

Free Health Refills: At the start of each night, your health fully

Menu Options: Explore the other menu options to discover their functions.

Saving the Game: Throughout the game are glowing camera stands where you
can save your progress. When the camera glows red it means there is a
hostile ghost nearby that must be dispatched before you can save. Save
points also allow you to restock your supply of Type 14 film.

Saving Photo Albums: You can save your photos for posterity using a
fairly complicated photo album system. If you're into the game that much, you
should buy it and read the manual.

The game consists of five parts: The Prologue, Night One, Night Two,
Night Three, and Final Night. While the ghosts and items I discovered are all
listed, research notes, paper scraps and the like are not included. Some
monsters and a few items appear randomly and may not always match the

In this section, you briefly play Mafuyu, Miku's older brother, in a moody
black and white introduction.

You start at the mansion Entrance. Turn around and go right to the SW
corner, where you can snap a photo of the "Child Behind." This is the first
of many immobile ghosts stationed throughout the mansion. As you near one,
the filament in the lower right corner of the screen glows blue and you hear
static reminiscent of Silent Hill's radio. When the static is loud or the
filament is at its strongest, press the circle button to switch to your
camera view. Look around until the viewfinder circle glows blue and then
snap a photo with the R1 or X button.

Congratulations! You've caught your first ghost.

Grab the twinkling Type 14 film in the NE corner before exiting by the door
next to the blue-lit save point.

Rope Hallway
Ghost Alert! As you walk down the hall, act fast to photograph the Rope
Hallway Man. He represents the second kind of spook to haunt the mansion.
These non-threatening specters appear briefly as a challenge to your
reflexes. Because they cause your filament to glow orange, a sign of
danger, you might mistake them for their more hostile brethren. This
walkthrough preferences the appearance of these transitory, non-threatening
spirits with the phrase "Ghost Alert."

Follow the rope hallway and turn right at the mirror. Go through the NE

Ghost Alert! As you pass the fire pit, be ready to look up at the balcony
to catch the Man Looking Down.

Check out the alcove to the right of the grandfather clock. The Angry Man
hovers above the bookcase to the left of the doorway.

Climb the stairs next to the grandfather clock. Picking up the twinkling
book on the floor brings an attack by the first hostile ghost. Combat
consists of backing up and snapping away as the ghost approaches. When
there's no more room, hit the circle button to return to third person view
and run to the other side of the room. Repeat.

Once you've driven the Bound Man, return down the stairs and out the now
open NW door. Proceed along the rope hallway to end the prologue.

Ghost Alert! After you defeat the Bound Man, if you go left along the
balcony, you will glimpse a ghost going out the door below you.

From now on, you will control Miku, Mafuyu's little sister. Like her
brother before her, she enters the mansion in the foolhardy hope of rescuing
her sibling single-handedly.

Grab the twinkling Herbal Medicine from the NE corner and, following in your
brother's footsteps, leave by the door next to the save point.

Ghost Alert! As you open the door, wheel around to take a photo of the Man
at Partition. If this is your first time through the game, you won't have
the camera yet. You can only capture this ghost on subsequent times through
the game.

Rope Hallway
Ghost Alert! At the north end of the rope hallway, right after the cinema,
turn and snap the Man on A Beam.

At the mirror, turn right and enter the Fireplace.

Ghost Alert! As you pass the fire pit, quickly snap Bro's Shadow on the

Explore the room. To the right of the lion mask on the south wall is some
Herbal Medicine. Further left is some Type 14 film. In the south alcove is
more Type 14 film.

When you're done looting the area, climb the staircase next to the clock.
Try the locked door near the screen, then circle all the way around the
balcony where you will find Herbal Medicine.

Ghost Alert! When you stand at the top of the collapsed staircase, Hallway
Man appears below you.

Return the way you came and walk down the stairs.

Ghost Alert! Do not run down the stairs. Walk down one step at a time.
As you descend, the Man at Screen will appear to the left of the staircase.
Don't attempt to turn toward it. Instead, press circle to raise your camera
and you will automatically spin to face the ghost.

Examine the screen to the north where the ghost vanished. After the brief
cinema, take a picture of the screen then examine it again. Go through the
hidden door.

Lamp Hallway
Race all the way to the far end of the hall to find some Herbal Medicine.
Leave by the door halfway down the left side of the hall.

Ghost Alert! As you enter the main portion of this room, snap the Wandering

Find Type 37 film against the north wall.

Ghost Alert! Open the sliding door next to where you found the film. After
the cinema, be ready to snap the Dead Man's Body that appears in the closet
to your right.

Take the tape recorder from the closet and then exit by the door that opens
behind you.

Kimono Room
There's Herbal Medicine hidden by the entrance.

Ghost Alert! As you walk further into the room, Man At Window appears
behind the kimonos. Snap him through the breaks in the kimonos.

Near the small mirror stand in the SW corner, you can snap the stationary
Woman in a Kimono.

As you approach the twinkling tape against the N wall, you are attacked by
the Editor's Ghost.

After the battle, take a photo of the mirror stand. It directs you to the
lion mask at the lower Fireplace. Leave the way you came in.

Cross to the only other exit. As you open the door, the Editor's Ghost
attacks from behind. Dispatch him and continue out to the lamp hallway,
turning right to the fireplace.

Go to the lion mask on the south wall and it pops open. Take the hand
mirror and return the way you came to the lamp hallway.

Lamp Hallway
Ghost Alert! As you round the corner, snap the Man in Closet at the far end
of the hall.

Ghost Alert! As you open the library door, the Standing Man appears before

Go though the library to the Kimono Room.

Kimono Room
Examine the mirror stand on the south wall and take the photos and key it

Ghost Alert! After receiving the key, immediately switch to camera mode and
do a quick 180 degree turn to snap Man Behind.

Now the Editor's Ghost attacks. Once dispatched, he drops a Spirit
Stone. Leave the way you came. Go through the Library to the Lamp Hallway,
proceed to the Fireplace and ascend the stairs to the balcony. Use the key
on the north door.

Tatami Room
There is a stone mirror near the NE edge of the table, near the gray,
coffin-like brazier. Herbal Medicine sits in the NE corner. Leave by the
door next to the brazier.

SAVE POINT. Find a Red tape on the dresser and Type 14 film in the boxes in
the NE corner. Return to the Tatami Room, and leave by the door at the end
of the short hall across the room.

Walkway (upper)
Open the sliding closet to your left to find some Type 37 film.

Ghost Alert! Snap the Woman At Mirror as you advance.

At the mirror, turn south to find some Herbal Medicine. Then go back to the
mirror, turn left, and take the stairs to the lower walkway.

Walkway (lower)
When you reach the bottom of the stairs, the Man with Long Arms attacks.
Just keep backing from it. When you're done, leave the lower walkway by the
north door.

Burial Room
To the right of the door is Type 37 film.

Ghost Alert! As you round the next corner, the Wandering Woman appears.

Take a photo of the door the Wandering Woman appeared in front of. It shows
your next destination, the area under the ladder in the Storehouse. Among
the candles next to the door is a spirit stone. Before you leave the Burial
Room, go through the north door to the Rubble Room.

Rubble Room
Herbal Medicine glimmers in front of the SAVE POINT. Exit the way you came
through the Burial Room to the Walkway. Turn right and circle to the door
on the center of the west leg of the hall.

There is a combination lock on the door. The code is 1312. Note that zero
is at the top of the dial, and the numbers run counter-clockwise.

Ghost Alert! As you enter, you see the Girl Pointing.

As you stand facing the inaccessible area under the ladder, you can
photograph the Seductress. This unlocks the sealed door in the Burial Room.

Search the room to find a spirit stone in the large cabinet in the SE
corner, another spirit stone in the boxes to the left of the ladder, Herbal
Medicine against the north wall, Type 37 film in the box to the right of the
armor, and hard-to-find sacred water in the NW corner.

Go up the ladder to find Type 74 film behind the boxes nearest the ladder.
Another Spirit Stone flashes in the NE corner. Return down the ladder and
out the door.

Exit the Walkway by the north door and leave the Burial Room by the east
door that used to be sealed.

Cherry Atrium
Ghost Alert! As you follow the blood trail, the Woman on Porch appears.

Take a picture of the north door to get an image of a water wheel. Then
take a picture of the door across the porch to get an image of dolls. Go
down the short flight of stairs to the courtyard. Against the porch to the
far right of the stairs is a Stone Mirror. Across the yard, behind the
pillar to the left of the stairs to the locked Moon Shrine, is a second
Spirit Stone. While standing in this corner you can get a shot of the Woman
in Pain. On the stairs a tape twinkles.

Ghost Alert! As you approach the north door, the Woman in Atrium appears.
Have her say "cheese" and then follow her through the north door.

Pick up the red tape at your feet. Take a photo of the water wheel while
standing at its left edge for a shot of the Woman Pulled in. This will open
one of the doors in the Cherry Atrium. As you approach the darkened lantern
near the dock, it glows. Snap its picture for a clue showing it lit. On
the dock is a Stone Mirror.

In the SW corner alcove is Type 37 film.

Exit the way you entered. Cross the atrium to the porch and turn right to
the door that you photographed earlier.

Ghost Alert! As you open the door, the Woman Turning appears. You will
have to step forward to get her picture.

Doll Room
There is a spirit stone on the edge of the table nearest the door, a
notebook in the SE corner, and a spirit stone among the dolls on the west
counter. Take a picture of the Child Onlooker in the NW corner, and then
fight the Crawling Girl that appears.

Ghost Alert! As you come around the corner from the Doll Room, the Woman
Who Jumps will drop into the atrium next to the railing. She falls quickly,
so be ready.

After banishing the Broken Neck that attacks, cross the porch to the other
door that was sealed.

Ghost Alert! Open the door and snap a picture of the Man Turning.

Pick up the lighter and the notebook in front of the mirror. Ignore the
stairs for now and turn left at the mirror.

Ghost Alert! As you turn the corner, the Woman at Corner appears ahead of

Follow the hall and open the door at its far end.

Fish Tank Room
Grab the Herbal Medicine you see along the path. As you cross the second
wooden plank, the Assistant's Ghost attacks.

Just across the second plank, up in the rafters facing east, is the Monk
into Dark. Listen for the static and aim your camera high.

Before you go any farther in this direction, turn around and return the way
you came. Go through the Stairway area, past the mirror, and out the door
to the atrium porch.

Cherry Atrium
Trot down the stairs to the yard area. Go out the north door to the
and use the lighter on the unlit lantern near the dock. Take the Black
Carving and return to the Cherry Atrium.

Ghost Alert! As you reenter the Cherry Atrium, a Woman Hanging appears
dangling from the tree. Snap her picture, then ascend to the porch.

Sub Quest: Rubble Room
If you are trying to capture all the ghosts, you must turn right and take
the far door to the Burial Room. Exit out the other end to the Rubble Room.

Ghost Alert! Cross the room to the wide door. As you approach, the Blinded
Woman appears to your right.

Save your progress if you would like and leave via the Burial Room. Go out
the door to the Cherry Atrium.

Cherry Atrium
Cross the porch to the door on the far left side. Pass through to the

Ghost Alert! A Woman's Head rolls down the staircase.

Dispatch the Floating Head that attacks and then continue along the hallway
to the Fish Tank Room.

Fish Tank Room
The NE door is locked with a puzzle. The code is 3669.

A spirit stone is next to the SAVE POINT. Take a moment to look south at
the wall behind the shed. A ghost will soon appear in the barred window.

Ghost Alert! As you approach the well, the Man in Backyard appears in front
of you.

Ghost Alert! When the well cover rattles, wheel around to snap the Girl
pleading from the barred window high on the south wall.

On the edge of the well is a blue tape. Behind the well you can snap the
Girl Turning and find a Stone Mirror. As you advance along the path to the
far side of the backyard, the Assistant's Ghost attacks. Dispatch her
before continuing out the north door.

Forest Path
Halfway up the stair, you'll hear static. Between the trees to the right
and slightly up is the Warped Man.

Ghost Alert! As you ascend the stairs, the Standing Man appears briefly by
the Shinto gate.

To the right of the doorway at the top of the stairs is a Stone Mirror, and
to the left is Type 37 film. The door is locked with a simple puzzle. It
should be very easy to solve. Simply move each piece to its matching
location on the background. For this solution, #1 is in the upper left
corner and numbers run counter-clockwise, ending with #5 in the upper right
corner. Move the blocks in this order: 2, 4, 3, 1.

Narukami Shrine
Ghost Alert! Take the tape on the pedestal. Then look up and behind to snap
the Crucified Man.

The Novelist's ghost attacks. Back out of the shrine to keep away from him.
Once he is banished, search behind the right post of the Shinto arch to find
a headless Buddha. What a great gift idea!

Return to the shrine and put the Buddha with the others. You are now faced
with arranging the Buddhas in a pleasing fashion. The answer is (assuming
the Buddha are numbered 1 to 5, left to right).
1 rear left space
2 front left space
3 rear center space
4 front right space
5 rear right space

After the cinema, don't bother wasting film on the fearsome ghost that
appears. Let her touch you to end the chapter.


Doll Room
You awaken in the Doll Room. There's Type 14 film twinkling in the SE
corner and a Spirit Stone on the north end of the red mat. Photograph the
door to the east to get a picture of "Demon Tag". On the table next to the
secret door is Herbal Medicine.

Ghost Alert! As you open the only exit, a Child on Porch runs past.

Cherry Atrium
Take the nearby west door to the burial room. Around the partition in the
SE corner is some Type 37 film. Go through the north door to the Rubble
Room. Take a photo of the door to the north. The photo shows the well in
the backyard. While here, pick up the Herbal Medicine in the SW corner.

Go back through the Burial Room to the Cherry Atrium . Partway across the
porch, a Blind Demon attacks you. Before the night is out, you will come to
loathe her cry of, "My eyes! My eyes!"

After you photograph her, she tends to teleport behind you. Try snapping a
photo, then running and turning to face the spot you just left.

Once she's driven away, continue across the porch and out the far door to
the Stairway area.

To the left of the door is a stone mirror.

Ghost Alert! As you advance past the stairs, Kid Running Away dashes down
the hall to your left.

Ascend the stairs and turn left. When you hear static, face the stairwell
for a picture of the Monk Out of Dark.

Go back down the stairs and head in the direction the child went. As you
follow the hall, a Man with Long Arms attacks. Banish him and continue to
the end of the hall, where some Type 37 film twinkles. Snap the door for an
image of the space under a staircase. Return to the foot of the stairs at
the beginning of this area and take a picture of the Vengeance in Wall to
break the seal. Go back to the door at the north end of the hall.

Ghost Alert! As you open the north door, a Kid Running Away dashes away from

Fish Tank Room
Type 37 film sits in the SE corner, and by the east wall is some Herbal
Medicine. The exit door has a lock on it. The code is 2611.

Follow the path to the save point. Examine the well to make the Girl in
Well attack. Photograph her into oblivion and take the blue carving from
the well. Snap a picture of the well.

Side Quest: Narukami Shrine
If you're playing for time, skip this part. But if you're low on film or
you want all the ghosts, it is worth the trip.

Take the forest path to the Narukami shrine. To the right of the shrine
door is a spirit stone, to the left is type 37 film.

Inside the shrine, in the NW corner, you can snap the Tormented Ones in the
mirror. But if you hang around admiring yourself too long, you are attacked
by a Bound One. When you're done here, return to the backyard.

Cross the yard to the Fish Tank Room and continue to the Stairway area. As
you approach the stairs, the Blind Demon attacks. Follow the hallway all
the way to the end and cross the porch of the Cherry Atrium to reach the
Burial Room. Go through the north door to the Rubble Room.

At the puzzle door, move the blocks in this order: 4, 1, 2, 3, 5.

Ghost Alert! Halfway down the hall, Bro's Shadow appears!

On the right side of the hall, partway down, is a stone mirror. Follow the
corridor to its end. Snap a photo of the door for a clue that leads you to
the Abyss. Exit the corridor the way you came. Go through the Rubble Room
to the Burial Room and out through the east door to the Cherry Atrium.

Cherry Atrium
In the middle of the atrium yard is Type 37 film. To the left of the Moon
Shrine is a spirit stone.

Ghost Alert! The Hanged Woman appears from the tree as you get near it.

Go though the north door to the Abyss.

In the SE corner, snap a picture of the Burned Man. Halfway out on the dock
is Sacred Water.

Follow the dock to its northernmost point. Examine the pile of rocks to
find a purple stone. Behind the pile of rocks is a Stone Mirror. Return to
the Cherry Atrium.

Cherry Atrium
Ghost Alert! As you enter the Cherry Atrium, the Observatory Man appears.

Ghost Alert! As you go up the first stair to the atrium porch, the Girl
Under Porch crawls from her hiding place.

From the porch, turn right and take the far door to the Burial Room. Pass
through the Burial Room, the Rubble Room, and the Corridor. The solution to
the door puzzle at the end of the Corridor is: 2, 4, 3, 1, 2, 5, 4.

Demon Mouth
Run around to the north side and climb down the ladder. Go to the left and
climb down the second ladder. Run to the door on the far side and try to
open it.

Ghost Alert! A Man Before Door appears behind you. After you take his
picture, snap the spot where he stood for a clue. Your next job is to find
that mask.

As you approach the exit ladder, the Blind Demon attacks. Once you drive
her away, you get a clue of red-lit candles and a matchbox. The candles are
in the Burial Room.

Go up the ladders, out the south door, down the corridor to the Rubble Room.

Ghost Alert! As you open the door to the burial room, the Girl Pointing

Examine the candles the ghost indicated. Assuming the candles are numbered
1 to 6 from left to right, you must light them in this order: 4, 2, 5, 4.

After you light the candles, you get the Demon Tag Scroll and, as a free
bonus, the Blind attacks from behind.

Head out the door to the Cherry Atrium and through the next door on the
right to reach the Doll Room.

Doll Room
A Crawling Girl attacks! Beware her paralyzing scream. Take a photo of the
SE corner and then examine the east wall to open a secret door to the Kimono

Kimono Room
Ghost Alert! As you step forward into the room, a Kid Hiding runs past
the Kimonos. Be prepared to snap him through the cracks, as he runs fast.

You find a Spirit Stone in the NE corner. Leave through the sliding door.

There is Type 74 film in the NE closet and a Spirit stone atop the cabinet
in the SW corner. Exit by the SE door.Lamp Hallway
Turn left and run to the end of the hall to find Type 37 film. Follow the
hallway the other direction and go through the southern door.

A Child Ghost attacks, dropping a mirror piece when it's banished. Pause to
take a picture of the grandfather clock before ascending the nearby stairs.
Photograph the door on the balcony. It shows the rope hallway.

Go back downstairs and through the NW door to the rope hallway. Study the
rafters and take a picture when your filament shows blue.
You get a picture of Vengeance, and a seal burns up. Return to the balcony
above the Fireplace and go through the door that was blocked.

Tatami Room
Ghost Alert! The Man in Study appears as you open the door.

In the SE corner is a stone mirror. Inside the brazier against the east
wall is sacred water. Enter the small room off the NW alcove. Find a
spirit stone and take a picture of the safe to get a clue: a key.

Leave the study and cross the alcove to the SW door.

The closet next to the entrance contains Type 37 film. As you near the
intersection with the mirror, the Blind Demon attacks.
Photograph the door at the end of the hall where the Blind Demon appeared to
get your next clue, a small crack in a wall. Descend the stairs to the left
of the mirror. Turn left at the bottom and run down the east leg of the
Walkway to find the crack in the photo. Take a picture of the Girl Hiding
to destroy the seal. There's also a stone mirror in the crack.

Continue around the Walkway to the north door. Unlock the door on the north
wall, but don't go through it.

Side Quest: Storeroom
Before leaving the Walkway, you may stop by the Storeroom. The code on the
door is 7925. In the SE corner is a spirit stone. Against the east wall
next to the armor is Type 14 film. Another spirit stone rests against the N
wall. When you're done looting, step into the Walkway.

Return to the upper portion of the Walkway, turn at the intersection and go
through the door that was sealed.

Koto Room
A Bronze key flashes in the NE corer. After you take it, exit the room,
turn right at the mirror and return to the small study with the safe. Use
the key on the safe.

Ghost Alert! As soon as the cinema ends, the Man Before Study wanders past
the doorway. Go after him.

Ghost Alert! The Observatory Man briefly appears ahead of you. Follow him
to the Observatory.

After the cinema, a random spirit usually attacks. Leave the Observatory
and go out the door by the brazier.

Avail yourself of the SAVE POINT. Search the corner to the right of the
small door for a Spirit stone. Unlock the small door in the north corner.

Go down the stairs. Turn right and go out the door at the south end of the

Cherry Atrium
Examine the sparkling object under the tree where you saw the hanging woman.
After the cinema, the Woman Hanging attacks. When you drive her away, you
get a clue of a row of dolls shown in a photo.

Return to the atrium porch, turn right, and go out the first door on the
south wall.

Doll Room
Take a photo of the dolls on the west wall. Turn around and examine the
dolls on the east side. Grab the right rear doll and put it with the others
on the west wall. You receive the Angry Mask.

Leave the way you came and take the nearby door that leads to the Burial
room. Swing around the partition and go out the south door of this room.
Circle the Walkway to the southernmost door.

Grand Hall
While you are in this area, the Floating Woman will attack unless you snap
the Evil Woman first.

This hall is divided into segments. In the second segment, north side,
you'll find Herbal medicine, while to the south you can snap a picture of
the Evil Woman. The third segment, south side, contains Type 14 film.
Leave by the door at the far end of the hall.

In the rope hall, turn at the mirror and go out the southern door to the
mansion entrance.

Herbal Medicine twinkles in the SW corner near the front door. Use the
angry mask on the panel to the east.

Hidden Pass
Immediately turn around and take the angry mask from the door. At the first
corner, pick up the Type 37 film. At the second intersection, look up and
to the west to snap a Talking Ghost.

Turn left (south) at the intersection. Take a picture of the door along the
passage to get a clue. Proceed to the door at the end of the hall and
examine it. When asked if you want to go through or take the mask, choose
to take the Joyful mask. Return to the intersection and turn left.

Ghost Alert! As you journey east along the Secret Pass, the Hall Wanderer
appears before you.

At the end of the hall is sacred water. Go through the door with the Sad
Mask. Immediately turn around and take the mask.

Mask Room
To the right of the door is type 74 film. Go up the small flight of stairs
and hang the three masks at the empty sides of the square pillar. Examine
the Happy Mask on the fourth (northernmost) side. As soon as the cinema
finishes, the Blind Demon attacks.

Once you've driven her away, take down the happy mask and put it on the
northern door. Go though to the Square Garden.

Square Garden
Turn left, toward the camera. Follow the walkway around the garden.
At a corner you will find Herbal Medicine. Continue around the garden,
unlocking the west door but not going through it.

Take a picture of the double doors. It shows the monolith in the center of
the garden. Examine the monolith to get the gold carving. Look behind the
monolith to find a spirit stone. Save your progress at the SAVE POINT.

Examine the north door. The solution to the puzzle is: 4, 2, 5, 3, 4, 2.

Buddha Room
In the SE corner is Type 14 film. Grab the Reflection Mask off the table
straight ahead, causing an attack by the Folklorist's ghost.

Leave the way you came. Circle the Square Garden and go through the South
door to the Mask Room. Turn around and take the Happy Mask off the door.

Go up the stairs to the pillar and put the happy mask on the far side of the
pillar. All the sides of the pillar should now have masks.

Use the Reflection Mask on the south door. Once you go through, be sure to
turn around and take the mask with you. Go to the door on the north leg of
the passage that used to be locked and go on through.

Blinding Room
My, isn't this is a pleasant room! Grab the spirit stone from the SE
corner. Then take the blinding mask from the altar on the north wall.

Now it's time to retrace your steps to the Demon Mouth.

Ghost Alert! As you step out the door, the Man In Hall appears to your

Hang the Reflection Mask on the nearby north door. Step through to the lamp
hallway and take the door just around the corner that leads to the Library.
Proceed though the sliding door to the Kimono Room, and from there to the
Doll Room. Step out onto the atrium porch and go to the nearby Burial Room.
Proceed through the north door to the Rubble Room, where you can save your
progress, and then continue north along the corridor to the Demon Mouth.
Here you must again face the Folklorist's Ghost, who, when you banish him,
helpfully tells you the obvious. Descend the two ladders to the bottom

Examine the glowing spot to the right of the big doors. After the cinema,
your friend the Blind Demon attacks for a final time.

Return to the spot next to the big doors and use the Blinding Mask. Go
through the big doors. As you meddle with the folklorist's corpse, the
fearsome ghost attacks. Don't waste film on her. Just let her catch you to
end the chapter.

You awaken in the Demon mouth outside the big doors, which you should
immediately enter.

Banned Path
Where you found Munakata's body, your filament will glow blue. You'll find
a spirit stone and you can snap a picture of Munakata. Continue down the
stairs and you'll be attacked by three People Killed. Beware, because one
will often appear behind you.

Further along the shaky path you'll find Herbal Medicine lying in plain view
and a little further along you'll find a spirit stone. At the end of the
path you'll be treated to a cinema.

Head all the way back to the Demon Mouth, climb the ladders, and follow the
Corridor to the Rubble Room. In the Corridor, you can find a Stone
Mirror in the same place as before, in a hole in the floor to the right.
When you're almost to safety you'll be attacked by a Floating Face. Best to
bust out the higher grade film for this one.

Rubble Room
Snap a picture of the exit door. It shows a pile of rubble-but which one?
Turn around and go halfway back to the door you entered by. Turn right and
look toward the save point. In this direction, you can snap a picture of
the Crushed Woman.

Save your game and go out the unsealed door.

Burial Room
In the SE corner is some Herbal Medicine.

Ghost Alert! As you approach the atrium door, the Man In Atrium appears.
Follow him out the door.

Cherry Atrium
Head across to the Moon Shrine. The pillar to the left of the stairs
conceals a Spirit Stone. Snap a picture of the shrine doors to see a
picture of an altar. Leave the Moon Shrine and cross the atrium to the
porch. Turn left and head for the east door.

Ghost Alert! As you approach the door, snap a shot of Turning Mask Man.

Go past the mirror and enter the first door on the right.

Buddha Room
Grab the ceremonial rope at the north altar. Then use the rope on the NW
Buddha, the NE Buddha, the SW Buddha and lastly the SE Buddha. The altar
door opens. Go fetch the teal carving. A cinema ensues, and you just know
you're in trouble.

After the cinema, the Master attacks. The special ability "See" works well
against him. Once he's driven, go out the door you came in.

Head south along the stairway and go out the door to the Cherry Atrium. Go
north to the Moon Shrine and use the teal carving on the puzzle door. The
solution is: 1 3 4 5 2 1 3

Moon Shrine
Open the front of the cabinet. Photograph all four sides of the cabinet.
Leave the room.

Approach the standing stones in the SE corner of the atrium and a Headless
Priest attacks. Finish him to get the first of four symbols.

As you head for the north door, snap a picture of Yae in the tree. Then go
out the north door.

At the water wheel, snap a picture of Hirasaka.

Advance onto the dock. As you approach the pile of rocks at the end,
another Headless priest attacks. Destroy him for the second symbol.

Head back across the Cherry Atrium, turning left at the porch, and go out
the door to the Stairway. Take the first door on the right to reach the
Buddha room. Weren't you just here? Leave by the far door.

Square Garden
Save your progress in the SAVE POINT and then approach the stone monument to
activate the fourth Headless Priest. Dispatch him for the third symbol.

Leave via the double doors to the Buddha room. When you reach the Stairway
area, turn right and continue north to the Fish Tank Room.

Fish Tank Room
You will have to fight two ghosts here. Don't go in. Stand at the door and
wait for the first to come to you. Once it's dispelled you can enter to
dispatch its companion. There is type 37 film by the entrance.

Exit by the far door. The solution is 1347.

Save your progress in the backyard and then head north. As you pass the
well, another headless priest attacks. Dispatch him for the fourth symbol.

Side Quest: Narukami Shrine
This quick trip north to the Narukami Shrine isn't required, but it may be
worth your while and it is necessary to find all the ghosts. There are two
ghosts to battle but the prize is the best film in the game, something you
should save for the final boss.

There is a stone mirror to the right of the shrine door. To the left is
type 90 film, the best in the game. While in this area, you will be
attacked by People Killed or some other kind of ghost.

Inside the shrine, stand in front of the altar, turn around and aim up into
the rafters for a shot of Takamine.

As you leave the shrine, expect another attack by ghosts on your way back to
the Backyard.

Return through the fish tank room to the Stairway. Go all the way south to
the Cherry Atrium. Cross to the Moon Shrine and press the buttons on the
four sides of the cabinet. The first button unlocks the front of the
cabinet, the second button unlocks the right side, the third button unlocks
the back side, and the fourth button unlocks the left side.

Circle around and take a picture of the floor in front of the cabinet for
your next clue... a trail of blood. Follow it into the Cherry Atrium. As
you reach the porch, expect to be attacked.

Follow the blood to the right though the burial room and out the south door.

First, check the crack in the wall on the east side of the walkway to find a
stone mirror if you don't already have one. Then go though the south door
to the Grand Hall.

Sub Quest: Storeroom
There isn't much in the walkway storeroom this time around, and the
possibility of having to fight the Wandering Monk makes it a losing
proposition. For those willing to brave it, the code for the door is: 1312.

Spirit Stone behind central pile of boxes. Expect to be attacked by the
Wandering Monk. When he's driven, climb the ladder and cross the walkway to
find herbal medicine. A floating head will probably attack you. When
you're done, return to the Walkway and go out the southern door.

Grand Hall
Approach the puddle of blood. The master attacks, dropping the Master's
Seal when he is banished. Floating above the west wall you can snap the
Family Master.

Check the second southern segment for some type 14 film. In front of the
far door you will find sacred water and type 74 film.

Return to the Cherry Atrium. Cross to the Moon Shrine and use the Master's
Seal on the cabinet. Climb down the ladder and grab the holy mirror. Watch
the cinema to end the level.

Side Quests
Before returning to the Cherry Atrium, you may want to explore the rest of
the mansion to pick up more items. However, it is not without peril.

Rope Hallway: Midway down the rope hall you'll find a spirit stone. Expect
an attack.

Entrance: Find Herbal Medicine against the north wall and type 37 film on
the sunken area by the front door.

Blinding Room: Snap the immobile Blind Demon in the center of the room.
Find Type 74 film at the altar.

Mask Room: Expect an attack by a Bound Man. Your reward: Sacred Water
behind the mask pillar and type 37 film in the NW corner. Beware. The
wandering monk frequents these halls.

Fireplace (lower): In the fireplace is a spirit stone.

Fireplace (upper): Expect an attack. There is type 37 film in the cabinet
in the SW corner.

Tatami Room: Grab the Spirit Stone in the brazier and another under the
table. Expect an attack. Out on the observatory you will find some herbal

Anteroom: Save point. Go through the small north door, down the stairs and
out into the atrium. From here, you can head to the Moon Shrine and the end
of the level.

Doll Room: Spirit stone in a small box on the west shelf.

Kimono Room: Spirit stone in NE corner.

Library: Open up the NE closet and snap a picture of Ogata, but watch out
for an attack by the Wandering Monk.


Koto Room
Examine the photographs near the phonograph to find some sheet music. Play
the music on the koto. Climb the stairs to the attic.

For now, don't look through the hole in the walkway floor. Continue halfway
past it, listening for static. When you hear it, look back the way you came
and up for a shot of Long Hair Woman.

Now you may look through the hole for a nasty surprise. Follow the path,
grabbing the herbal medicine along the way, and peep though the second hole
for a less horrifying treat.

Continue along the attic path until you reach the rafters over the Buddha
Room. Turn right at the first intersection to reach a SAVE POINT. Continue
inching along the rafters, collecting some type 90 film along the way. When
you hear static, look down off the left side of the rafter and snap a photo
of Truth Binder. Should you need a stone mirror, turn right at the next
intersection and then right again to find one.

Go through the tiny door to the north.

After the cinema, enter the cell by the hidden panel right in front of you
to collect the holy mirror and Kirie's Hairpin.

Ghost Alert! Just as you leave the cell, turn right to snap a shot of the
Girl in White.

As you approach the exit, the Kirie's fearsome ghost appears behind you.
Run out the now open doorway and keep running. Descend the large
staircase, turn left and go onto the Cherry Atrium porch. When the color
returns you will know you are safe.

Side Quest: Abyss
At this point, if you want, you can go north to the Abyss. By standing on
the NW edge of the central stone portion of the dock and facing west, you
can snap Kirie's Love out over the water. Continue to the northernmost tip
of the dock where the rock pile is located, look off to the NE, and you can
snap the Burdened Man.

Cherry Atrium
Enter the Moon Shrine and go down the ladder.

Moon Well
You'll find a spirit stone in the SE corner, sacred water in the NW corner,
and a SAVE POINT, but don't use it just yet. Use the hairpin at the mummy
across from the ladder. Pass through the door that unlocks to the Hell

Hell Bridge
Along the north wall is some Herbal Medicine. Now return to the Moon
and save your progress. This is the last time you will be able to save.

Return to the Hell Bridge and follow the path. After the cinema, two or
three ghosts will attack. As you cross the bridge, grab the type 37 film
and a little further along listen for static. Look off the left edge of the
bridge across from where you found the film for a photo of Man on Bottom.
Leave by the far door.

Roper Altar
After the Cinema, a Shrine Maiden attacks. She likes to teleport under your
feet, so when you see her vanish, look down and back away for a close up
shot. Drive her away and search the room for a stone mirror. Approach the
central altar and look up for a shot of Six Vengeance. Proceed out the door
opposite the one you entered.

Baptism Path
Find Herbal Medicine to the right of the entrance and a spirit stone to the
left. As you advance, a shrine maiden attacks from behind. She tends not
to teleport so she's a fairly easy kill. At the end of the hall you are
rewarded with sacred water.

Hell Gate
This is the final area. Examine the far side of the pedestal in front of
the huge doors. After the cinema, Kirie attacks.

Tips for fighting Kirie:

* You can only damage her when your targeting circle is orange.
* Break out at least type 74 film (you may want to save your type 90 film
for nightmare mode).
* Don't bother using special abilities on her, they don't work.
* Get the pillar between you and her.
* She regenerates as she teleports, so its best if you can keep her in your
sights and nail her repeatedly.
* She causes earthquakes to mess up your aim.
* Don't get hit. One touch will kill you if you don't have a mirror stone.
* Don't panic. Kirie moves slowly and isn't as hard as these tips may make
her seem.

Once Kirie is "defeated", turn around and race to the shiny spot next to the
stone pedestal. Run around the pillar and place the mirror in its hole.
Sit back and enjoy the cinema.

Be sure to save the completed game. By loading a completed game, you will
gain access to a hidden costume and you can play through the game again with
all your leftover equipment and your hard-earned enhancements to your
camera, making your second time through the game much less frustrating.

You also unlock a new Battle Mode. By beating all 20 battles, you unlock
Nightmare difficulty. More bonus features await those who complete the game
on Nightmare difficulty.

Some of the doors in Himuro Mansion have combination locks. The solutions
are in three documents scattered about the Mansion. While the codes are in
the Walkthrough, the documents themselves are included here.

Strangling Ritual
On the 13th day of the 12th month, a maiden, cut off from the outside world
for 3669 long days, shall be torn apart to provide power to the rope.

Blind Demon Ritual
On the 26th day of the 11th month, in preparation for the Strangling Ritual
10 years later, choose a maiden with holy power. She should be past the age
of 7 years 9 months, and 25 days.

The Calamity
In the year of 1837, on the 13th day of the 12th month The Strangling Ritual
failed and caused the Calamity. Malice escaped, and 1347 souls were lost.