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2014/6/12 -NO.

Al-Shallal denies office in Defense Ministry
Sharia Court launcheed in Zaatari Camp.
Nahrawan controls
some villages amid
ISIL calls for jihad.
Um Sharshoh falls
to opposition
Opposition meets
Israeli officials in
Military Council
announces Deir ez-Zor
disaster zone
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (506) 2014/6/12
Um Sharshoh falls to opposition
High-destructive missiles used in Daraa.
Syria`s rebels (Under Now
we invade them battle) are
now in full control of Um
Activists said that SAA
used missiles with high
destructive capacity and
a possibility of providing
them with toxic substanc-
es.Weapon experts said
that SAA is using oxygen
cylinders that contain sev-
eral explosive materials as,
(TNT), gunpowder that has
ability to ;dissolve iron,
and also believed to have
Sharshoh, Hosh Khaddour,
Waara and al-Thawra vil-
lages In Hama countryside,
opposition fghters seized
the Station checkpoint after
severe clashes with SAA
(ammonium nitrate). These
missiles are manufactured
with support of Russian
experts as its destructive
ability is similar to vacuum
Page NO.3
The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (506) 2014/6/12
FSA Supreme Military
Council issued a statement
announcing Deir ez-Zor a
disaster zone, calling on
all friendly nations of Syrian
people, namely Saudi Ara-
bia, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, and
Jordan, to support effcient
brigades and factions in the
Military Council announces Deir ez-Zor
disaster zone
Al-Shallal denies offce in Defense Ministry
Opposition meets Israeli offcials in Germany.
Sharia Court launched in Zaatari Camp.
-Nahrawan controls
some villages amid
ISIL calls for jihad.
A new battle starts to
liberate cement factory.
A military leader in Nah-
rawan al-Sharq battles op-
eration room asserted that
ISIL leaders have withdrew
their families from villages
of Raai town eastward in
coincidence with opposi-
tions progress, controlling
Kharkatli, Tal Shaer, Zyadia,
while rebels start to establish
sand barriersISIL called ci-
vilians in Manbej and al-Bab
for jihad against rival mili-
tary factions accusing them
of apostasy and blasphemy.
ISIL members said they are
recruiting children who are
under the age of 15.
Aleppo opposition fghters
announced the start of Ahd
al-Sadikeen battle that aims
to liberate cement and iron
factories in Ramousah, as
well as the strategic Aziza
village north of Aleppo and
recapturing Syriatel building
, al-Dashem, and al-Hammam
and al-Khazzan buildings.
FSA Supreme Council ap-
proved on nominating Ma-
jor General Abdul-Aziz
al-Shallal to the post of De-
fense minister in interim op-
position government, as well
as nominating General Adib
Shallaf and General Awad
Ahmad Ali for post of interi-
or minister.General al-Shal-
province to thwart ISIL and
SAA offensives.
lal confrmed in a phone call
with All for Syria website,
refusal to accept the post.
Syrian opponent Kamal Lab-
wani has recently Held sev-
eral secret meetings with
The Legitimate Court in
Zaatri refugee camp started
to receive refugees who wish
to complete marriage and di-
vorce contracts, as well as le-
gal transactions without the
need to go out of the camp.
representatives of Israeli of-
fcials in Germany, according
to World Tribune newspaper.
Labwani expressed readiness
to visit Israel if this serves
Syrian people and peace in
the region, claiming to have
obtained the approval of
some opposition factions be-
fore holding such meetings.