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Saturday, March 22, 2008 - The Park Hyatt Philadelphia at the Bellevue

Table of Contents

2 Dean’s Welcome

3 Note from the Chairs

4 Theme

5 About WIEF

6 Maps

8 Keynotes

14 Panel: Retail & Consumer Technology: Selling to the New Indian Consumer

16 Panel: India’s Underprivileged Majority: The Real Development Story

20 Panel: Infrastructure: Opening the Floodgates

22 Panel: The Indian Diaspora

26 Panel: Investing in India: The Maturation Process, What’s Next?

28 Panel: India’s New Mandate: Addressing the Health Care Paradox

34 Organizing Committee

35 Notes

Dean’s Welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to the 12th Annual Wharton Indian Economic Forum. The
breadth and depth of our audience today is most impressive—as is their knowledge of India—
with top business executives, government officials and policymakers, as well as leading aca-
demics from Wharton and around the world. We are especially honored to have as a keynote
speaker Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former president of India and a renowned scientist. Together
we share a common mission: first, to create and disseminate new and useful knowledge that
will improve business practices in India, and, second, to assist and encourage global corpo-
rations in supporting sustainable growth of the Indian economy.

For more than 125 years, Wharton has been global in its focus and actively engaged in the
world community. As we explore promising future opportunities for the Indian economy,
Wharton brings to this task unparalleled intellectual capital, as well as a desire to strengthen
and expand our connections to India.

Our roots in India are longstanding and continue to grow each year. Our alumni base in In-
dia is extensive and actively engaged, with an ever-increasing enrollment of Indian students
in our undergraduate, MBA and doctoral programs. Much of our academic focus on India
has been spearheaded by several senior Indian scholars on our faculty, who, along with
other Wharton faculty, conduct cutting-edge research on Indian firms and issues. This past
year, Wharton was proud to renew its association with the Indian School of Business, and to
launch the ISB-Wharton Joint Research Initiative. In addition, we have welcomed to campus
several leading figures in the Indian economy, including Finance Minister P. Chidambaram
and Arcelor Mittal President and CEO Lakshmi Mittal.

Opportunities presented by this conference, as well as such resources as India Knowledge@
Wharton (, our biweekly online business journal
specifically for India, advance our commitment to India. I encourage you to engage deeply
in today’s discussions to gain additional insights into how you can be involved in conceptual-
izing, envisioning and driving the future of India.


Thomas S. Robertson
Dean and Reliance Professor of Management and Private Enterprise
The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

2 The 12th Annual Wharton India Economic Forum

the imperative needs. Our conference theme this year is “India | Imagine”. businessmen and government officials to help us in this endeavor. We now take this discussion a step further and explore new frontiers for India as it establishes itself firmly on the world stage. but also inspire you to join us in imagining India’s prospects. but also how it can be a politically active and socially responsible power. to define and deliver on its incredible potential and the expectations that come with it.Vivek Garg . As the leading business forum and premier student run conference focused on India.Abhishek Gupta india | imagine 3 . It is our hope that this conference will not only give you a glimpse of what lies ahead of India. We aspire to be a forum for discussing not just India’s economic prospects in the world. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors and promotional partners for their generous support and hope to continue these relationships in the years ahead. healthcare and infrastructure. We bring together some of the most illustrious professionals. it is our privilege to welcome you to the 12th Annual Wharton India Economic Forum. We also express our gratitude to the entire WIEF organizing committee. collectively responsible for bringing this event to fruition. Keynote speeches and panel discussions will celebrate achievements as well as address topics of concern in areas such as rural development. Our aim at this Conference is to foster a creative dialogue to understand India’s abilities to transcend expectations and realize its true place in the world. as a nation.Note from the Chairs On behalf of the organizing committee. entrepreneurs will share their success stories and policy makers will give insights into government perspectives. we strive to live up to your expectations and hope you have a memorable WIEF experience. Thought leaders will urge you to deliberate beyond the conventional. We wish you an exciting and eventful day and look forward to having you with us again next year! Conference Chairs Karishma Mehta .Akshay Madhavan . Past forums have duly focused on how to mobilize and prepare India. and the surrounding issues.

we need to think beyond the ordinary. Throughout the ages. “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come”. stepping forward to becoming a global provider of quality healthcare. A country of over a billion people believing in their ideas. Pandit Nehru’s words aptly capture our mood. inspiration to nurture the largest number of malnourished children in the world. A burgeoning middle class leading to expansive growth in retail was just an idea a decade back. An India deficient in healthcare infrastructure. Whether it is the Indian entrepreneur creating a new wave of jobs. “The future beckons to us. Theme Imagine. or the new world class aviation industry that India boasts of – we have imagined and we have achieved. India has furthered conceptions and altered perceptions. India needs imagination not only to seize opportunities. Ideas are at the center of the India story. Whither do we go and what shall be our endeavor?” 4 The 12th Annual Wharton India Economic Forum . but also to take on challenges. and initiatives to involve the massive rural population in the country’s growth. Imagination is at the core of this confident India. is just an idea today. At this important juncture. and actualize every facet of our immense potential. It needs ideas to overcome poor governance.

Chairman. University of Pennsylvania Shashi Tharoor. President & CEO. The Wharton School. AIG and Former US Ambassador to India 7th Wharton India Economic Forum: “Growth in Uncertain Times: Innovation and Globalization” Mukesh Ambani. Merrill Lynch india | imagine 5 . Wisner. Bajaj Auto Rajat Gupta. and has been covered in over twenty-five leading global newspapers and magazines. United Nations 10 th Wharton India Economic Forum: “India’s Mantra for Success” Ahmass Fakahany. Chairman. Ramalinga Raju. Some Past Conferences: 11th Wharton India Economic Forum: “Realizing the Indian Dream” Rahul Bajaj. Singh. Co-President. WIEF has stimulated energetic dialogue between current and future leaders from various walks of economic. Harker. Since the first forum. social and political issues impacting India and its aspirations to play a larger role in world affairs. McKinsey & Co. Sidhu. HDFC Charles (Chip) Kaye. Biocon Lord Meghnad Desai. Chairperson. and Founder. social and political life. Under Secretary General. Merrill Lynch Deepak Parekh.P. Dean. Bharti Enterprises Arshad Zakaria. Satyam Computers Limited Jay S. Every year it brings together professionals. Member of the House of Lords. Chairman. EVP & Co-President of Global Markets & Investment Banking. C-Sam Inc. Warburg Pincus 9 th Wharton India Economic Forum: “The Dawn of An Indian Century” Vivek Paul. Wipro Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw. Patrick T. Chairman. UK K. Vice Chairman. World Tel Ltd. Vice-Chairman and Chief Administrative Officer. Chairman. Chairman. Vice-Chairman. India’s evolution both as an emerging economic power and as an increasingly important contributor to the global community has helped the Conference to broaden its perspectives. Sovereign Bancorp and Sovereign Bank Frank G. Chairman and MD. Reliance Industries Sunil Mittal. Chairman and MD. DLF Universal Group 8th Wharton India Economic Forum: “India: Investment for the Future” Sam Pitroda.About WIEF Wharton India Economic Forum was launched in 1996 at The Wharton School with a mission to engage the world’s attention on India’s enormous potential and the limitless possibilities the country offers. Former Worldwide Managing Director. faculty and students to share their views and suggestions on the economic.

3:30 PM India’s New Mandate (Red and Clover) 3:30 PM .09:00 AM Opening Keynote (Grand Ballroom) 9:15 AM .4:45 PM Closing Keynote (Grand Ballroom) 5:00 PM .1:45 PM Lunch Keynote (Grand Ballroom) 2:00 PM .8:00 AM Breakfast and Registration (Grand Ballroom Foyer) 8:00 AM .8:15 AM Inaugural Address (Grand Ballroom) 8:15 AM .6:30 PM Networking Reception (Conservatory) 6 The 12th Annual Wharton India Economic Forum .12:00 PM Indian Diaspora (Red and Clover) 12:00 PM .10:30 AM India’s Underprivileged Majority (Red and Clover) 10:45 AM . Maps The Park Hyatt Philadelphia at the Bellevue 7:00 AM .12:40 PM Lunch (Grand Ballroom) 12:40 PM .12:50 PM Jet Airways Company Presentation (Grand Ballroom) 1:00 PM .

3:30 PM Investing in India (Rose Garden) india | imagine 7 .10:30 AM Retail & Consumer Technology (Rose Garden) 10:45 AM . 9:15 AM .12:00 PM Infrastructure (Rose Garden) 2:00 PM .

He is a recipient of several other awards and Fellow of many professional institutions. These books have been translated in many Indian languages. He made significant contribution as Project Director to develop India’s first indigenous Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV-III) which successfully injected the Rohini satellite in the near earth orbit in July 1980 and made India an exclusive member of Space Club. Kalam is also credited with developing Indigenous Guided Missiles at Defense Research and Development Organization as the Chief Executive of Integrated Guided Missile Development Program (IGMDP). Kalam’s focus is on transforming India into a developed nation by 2020. which made India a nuclear weapon State. 8 The 12th Annual Wharton India Economic Forum . Additionally. have become household names in India and among the Indian nationals abroad. Dr. He has been awarded the coveted civilian awards . Kalam became the 11th President of India on 25th July 2002. Department of Defense Research & Development from July 1992 to December 1999. he served as the Scientific Adviser to Defence Minister and Secretary. During this period he led to the weaponization of strategic missile systems and the Pokhran- II nuclear tests in collaboration with Department of Atomic Energy. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam is one of the most distinguished scientists of India with the unique honor of receiving honorary doctorates from 30 universities and institutions. Dr.A Vision for the New Millennium. Four of his books. My Journey and Ignited Minds - Unleashing the Power Within India. Keynotes Dr. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Former President of the Republic of India Dr. Kalam was responsible for the evolution of ISRO’s (Indian Space Research Organization) launch vehicle program. He was responsible for the development and implementation of AGNI and PRITHVI Missiles.Padma Bhushan (1981) and Padma Vibhushan (1990) and the highest civilian award Bharat Ratna (1997). India 2020 . Dr. Wings of Fire.

Vinod K.. After 16 years at Intel Corporation. Over the years Mr. Mr. Dham was the Chairman. In 2000. Dham was named one of the top 25 executives in the US computer industry. 486 and 386 Microprocessors businesses. charged with mission of accelerating social and economic change in India and has served as their trustee in the past. focused on enriching lives and building Indian community in Silicon Valley and has helped launch the Indo-American Council (IAC). Dham has been involved in many non-profit activities. Dham spent the early years of his career at Intel Corporation where he rose to be the Vice President and General Manager of the Microprocessor Products group. Mr. Minekey and ISGN. an India focused venture fund aimed for early stage investments in India. LLC. Telsima Montalvo. Mr. “NexGen”. Vinod K.. Mr. Mr. He is a co-inventor of Intel’s Flash memory technology. Mr. Mr. Dham joined a Microprocessor start-up. Dham was instrumental in redefining Nexgen’s processor direction and engineering its merger with Advanced Micro Devices. a $130m Indo- US venture capital fund focused on cross-border incubations. Dham has a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering. a start-up involved in developing innovative “Voice over Internet” technologies for the emerging VOIP market. Mr. and oversaw the launch of K6.a platform for helping bring indo-Americans in US to participate in mainstream politics. Mr. Mr. felped lay the foundation for their Microprocessor product development. President and Chief Executive Officer of Silicon Spice Inc. Dham became the Group Vice President responsible for all of the Microprocessor businesses. At AMD. In 1999. Dham was responsible for developing Non-Volatile memory technologies at Intel and NCR. Sasken. He has been a major supporter of India Community center (ICC). He is on the board of the American Indian Foundation (AIF). Prior to NEA-IndoUS and NewPath. and generating multi-billion dollar revenues and profits. He managed the Pentium. he was named one of the top 100 most influential Asian Americans of the decade. In 1993. an organization for promotion of Entrepreneurships. Dham is also a Co-Founder and Managing Director of NewPath Ventures. Mr. then the world’s fastest windows processor.2B. Dham serves on the Boards of Satyam. Silicon Spice was acquired by Broadcom Corporation for $1. InSilica. india | imagine 9 . Earlier. He served as a Board member for The Indus Entrepreneur (TIE). Nevis. Dham Founder and Executive Managing Director NEA-IndoUS Ventures Acclaimed worldwide as the “Father of the Pentium Processor”. Dham was appointed to serve on the US President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Dham is the Founder and Executive Managing Director of NEA-IndoUS Ventures. as its Chief Operating Officer.

Mr. Keynotes Tejpreet S. office in Delhi.India.A. Chopra arranged over US$1 billion in financing for India’s growing airline industry. As Senior Vice-President and Country Head-India for GECAS. England. Chopra resides in Delhi with his wife Itiva. Having held various business roles over a period of 15 years in France. Chopra is the President and CEO of GE in India. Hong Kong. During his tenure he successfully restructured and expanded the business thereby establishing GE Commercial Finance as one of the premier financial institutions in India. Sri Lanka. Mr. He enjoys golfing and used to swim at the national level in India. Sanawar. Mr. Mr. Chopra President and CEO GE . Stephen’s College. Chopra brings considerable management and global finance experience to this position. Since joining GE in 1996. Mr. Chopra served as President & CEO of GE Commercial Finance in India. Delhi University. Connecticut. He graduated from The Lawrence School. 10 The 12th Annual Wharton India Economic Forum . to open GECAS’s. Chopra holds a MBA degree from Cornell University and a B. Mr. In 2005. Honors degree in Economics from St. structured finance and risk management. Prior to assuming his current role. and on the National Executive Board of the American Chamber of Commerce in India (AMCHAM). Chopra is involved in various industry associations. he has held positions in marketing. in Stamford and Hong Kong for GE Commercial Aviation Services (GECAS). and is responsible for directing GE’s strategies for growth in the country. he moved from the unit’s headquarters in Stamford. Bangladesh Tejpreet S. He is a member of the National Council of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). India and USA.



India’s Underprivileged Majority: The Real Development Story AIS is the largest integrated glass company in India. Healthcare. as well as in other advanced technologies. Capital Raising and advisory services to public and private companies in the Pharmaceuticals. It was the first Indian Bank to open an international branch in London in 1946. floatglass. Retail and Leisure. founded in 1906.We Thank the Following Panel Sponsors Retail & Consumer Technology: Selling to the New Indian Consumer Cisco is the leading supplier of networking equipment and network management for the Internet. The group is currently developing two major hospitals and a med city in Mumbai.644 branches in India spread over all states/ union territories including 93 specialized branches. India’s New Mandate: Addressing the Health Care Paradox Khubchandani Group has diverse interests in Real Estate Development. India.050 employees worldwide. The Indian Diaspora Bank of India is one of India’s oldest public sector banks. Today. Since the company’s inception. The Bank has sizable presence internationally with a network of 23 branches including London. Hong-Kong and Singapore. Infrastructure: Opening the Floodgates A emerging markets fund focusing on event-driven/distressed/special situation investments in India. Its key subsidiaries include MAPE ADMISI (JV with ADM focused on Brokerage services) and MAPE GROUP LLC (Cross Border Transaction services). Financial Services and Engineering sectors. Cisco engineers have been leaders in the development of Internet Protocol based networking technologies. Investing in India: The Maturation Process. New York. manufacturing a wide range of international quality automotive safety glass. this tradition of innovation continues with industry-leading products and solutions in the company’s core development areas of routing and switching. with more than 63. What’s Next? MAPE is a mid market investment bank focused on M&A. Hospitality. Paris. The Bank has 2. architectural processed glass and glass products. Technology. Education. Tokyo. india | imagine 13 .

CII for 2007-08. Mr. with its unique income distribution across age groups. Ms. moving forward? How does the government fit into the picture? How does the distinctive Indian market. where he was responsible for driving sales and building the strong distribution and retail backbone for the Company. He also heads and International Relations from American University and an MBA from the Incubation for National Innovation Foundation since 2007. Mr. Ms. Dutt brings with him 23 years of rich and varied work experience. Baker Retailing Initiative Milagrow Business and Knowledge Solutions The Wharton School In a career spanning over 24 years. of and academics. Baker Retailing Initiative at the Wharton has worked in India and abroad with companies like LG. having worked in organizations like Philips India. Rajeev Karwal Erin Armendinger is the Managing Director of the has worked on startups. After stepping down from the post of President & CEO. Philips. Baker has an undergraduate degree in Economics National Chair. Baker joined the Baker Retailing Initiative in July the Consumer Durables Vertical of Reliance Retail he founded Milagrow of 2007. retail leaders and Electrolux. Dutt is responsible for spearheading the sales and marketing function for both Samsung GSM and CDMA mobile business in the country. Rajeev also reflects his thoughts on his blog at www. Rajeev The Wharton School. In this role Ms. He Jay H. Onida Baker is responsible for forming bonds between students. Baker was the Category Manager for Tiffany’s heads the Retail Panel ‘Chief Ministers Group’ at FICCI to influence the signature Engagement business and managed a Strategy group in the framing of the right policy framework for the growth of the retail sector in Merchandising division. firmly believes long-term success can occur only if an organization constantly aligns to/shapes the consumer needs/expectations. Prior to this. Prior to Enterprises with its unique ‘Venture Catalyst’ approach. Barista and Nokia. Having been associated with the telecom industry since 2002 he has deep knowledge of the Indian telecom market. Panel Retail & Consumer Technology: Selling to the New Indian Consumer This panel examines selling to the Indian consumer. Mr. Integrity India Campaign. Sales. Ms. For 2006-07 he is on CII’s national core committee on Retail and Services industry. he worked at Nokia India as Director. Whirlpool. Dutt has been actively involved with the growth of Indian mobile Industry and has been one of the pioneers in building the channel /distribution for mobiles. Ms. Baker began her career in the Financial India. along with the cultural and social differences across geography and class. driving penetration and retail development for mobile handset business in the country. influence company strategies? Erin Armendinger (Moderator) Rajeev Karwal Managing Director Founder and CEO Jay H. Wipro Limited. Mr.rajeevkarwal. How must we understand the change in the Indian consumer’s spending habits? Have foreign and Indian firms reacted to these changes and the ever burgeoning middle class consumer base? What strategies are going to work. turnarounds and more. A post graduate in management. Karwal taking on this role Ms. Baker was the Manager of Business Process Business and Knowledge Solutions to help the Micro Small and Medium Improvements in the Supply Chain group at Tiffany and Co. Sunil Dutt Country Head Samsung Mobile India Mr. 14 The 12th Annual Wharton India Economic Forum . Prior to joining Samsung.

Mumbai and is a graduate in Science addresses Indian and International conferences. Indian School of Business .Indore.Lucknow. Ramachandran has been spearheading LG’s Sales and FMCG.Kanpur. Technopak Advisors is an India based leading development.Roorkee. He tenure of working with reputed brands across various industries.Kolkata. His core skills include various professional associations and industry fora. NITIE (Mumbai). Prior to this. NIFT (Delhi). lectures at various leading Institutions in India e. His vast exposure known studies such as Indian Consumer Trends. handling has also held positions at DCM Group. He is acknowledged as one of the foremost experts and trade partners to the next level. Ramachandran is a veteran in the sphere Mr. consumer insight and strategic network development. India Luxury Trends. Ltd Technopak Mr. and Modern Suitings. Mr.Hyderabad. Technopak is also a pioneer Marketing team and is responsible for enhancing both internal and in tracking Consumer/Retail trends in India and publishes several well external competitiveness and growth of the company. Management Consultancy firm focusing on the Fashion (Fiber to Retail).Delhi. Mr. Other Retail. Singhal is professionally active at in the arena of brand innovation and marketing. He earned his Master’s Degree from on the Indian and International textile and retail sectors and regularly Somaiya Institute of Management. IIM . NID . to international markets will help LG India to gain global competencies and India Retail Report etc. V. IIM- Kozhikode. & Healthcare sectors. IIT . IIM . and is also a regular understanding key consumer behavior and strategy implementation contributor to various publications including a bi-weekly column for which will play a vital role in taking LG’s association with consumers Business Standard.Ahmedabad etc. VXL India key profiles in international business. from Indian Institute of Technology. he was Managing brings with him rich experience of over 2 decades gained during his Director of KSA Technopak (1996-2005) and Technopak (1991-1996).g. Ramachandran Arvind Singhal Director Sales & Marketing Chairman LG Electronics India Pvt. Roorkee (formerly University of Roorkee) and an MBA (Finance & Marketing) from UCLA. Singhal has Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Communication). IIM-Ahmedabad. MDI (Gurgaon). brand Ltd. DCM Data Products. At LG. IIM . He has also given guest from University of Mumbai. general management. IIT . Mr. india | imagine 15 . Singhal has been the Chairman of Technopak of sales and marketing of consumer products. He Advisors since 2006. Sponsored By: V. IIT.

in economics from the University of California unprecedented manner—having provided over $440 million in unsecured at Berkeley. the three “Cs”: lack of capital. best practices for scaling from the business world to overcome capacity and general-equilibrium modeling of developing countries. Making to scaling. natural resources and the environment. from Yale. from the University of Chicago. Vikram identified three constraints He was the Director of the World Development Report 2004. Vikram launched SKS Manager for Public Economics in the Development Research Group. loans and micro-insurance products to 1. SKS has been able to scale in an University and his Ph. He has received several awards. Yahoo and Google) and Ravi Reddy (co-founder of Think Systems). Vikram holds a B. from Tufts. Devarajan’s research covers profit-oriented model to overcome capital constraints (2) leveraging public economics. in mathematics from Princeton Using these three inter-linked principles. (early investor in companies such as Cisco. including the Schwab Social Entrepreneur of the Year (India). he was on the faculty of high costs of delivering micro-loans. Sequoia. and the Services Work for Poor People.000 new customers every month. Lanka. capacity constraints. Since joining institutions in the world. B. Born in Sri constraint (3) using technology to automate processes and lower costs. one of the leading microfinance the World Bank’s South Asia Region. This pace has attracted equity investments from premier venture capitalists including Vinod Khosla (co- founder of Sun Microsystems). D. trade policy. as well as the Chief Economist of the Human Development Network. Mr. its inability to scale to large numbers. growing at annual rate of 200%. Vikram Akula Shanta Devarajan CEO and Founder Chief Economist SKS Microfinance World Bank’s South Asia Region Vikram Akula is the Founder of CEO of SKS Shantayanan Devarajan is the Chief Economist of Microfinance.D. in 1998 because a fundamental flaw he saw with microfinance—namely. 16 The 12th Annual Wharton India Economic Forum . Devarajan received his A. The author this challenge on the basis of three innovative principles: (1) using a or co-author of over 100 publications. a Ph. Mr. A former management consultant with McKinsey & Company.7 million poor women and their families spread across 20. Vikram was named by TIME Magazine the World Bank in 1991. Panel India’s Underprivileged Majority: The Real Development Story This panel aims to understand the dichotomy that is India. and was a Fulbright Scholar. He then set up SKS to overcome Harvard University’s John F. Before 1991. In 2006.000 villages and slums of India while maintaining a 99% repayment rate. SKS adds over 50 new branches and 120. the Ernst & Young Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year (India) and he has been profiled in media ranging from CNN to front page of the Wall Street Journal. he has been a Principal Economist and Research as one of the world’s 100 most influential people. one of the fastest in the industry. Kennedy School of Government.A.A. How is it that it continues to remain an underdeveloped country while having the fourth largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity? What explains this paradox? We aim to explore the reasons behind the widening gap between India’s rising middle class and its underprivileged majority and examine possible measures that can be taken to alleviate the situation. an M.

an organization of Keralites a collaboration between AID and grassroots groups such as People’s across the globe.” AID has matured into a She is the Executive Trustee of Global Educational Foundation. Her organizational acumen has made chapters in USA. Demand for alternate energy for physically challenged. Australia and India. india | imagine 17 . Rajan is the Global President of struggle against large dams such as the Sardar Sarovar. Mrs. led Ravi to forge World Malayalee Council Women’s Forum. a venture volunteer movement for sustainable. while a graduate Director of Minerva Group of Educational Institutions. 2007. he has conducted audits of the government employment the role of women in socio–economic development in the past 50 years. It brings highly skilled professionals her the Executive Trustee of National Institute of Education Research such as the Non-Resident Indian community. Sponsored By: Ravi Kuchimanchi Indira Rajan Founder Chairperson & Managing Director Association for India’s Development (AID) Minerva Group of Educational Institutions Ravi Kuchimanchi founded the Association for Indira Rajan is the Chair person and Managing India’s Development (AID) in 1991. and Training. She initiates activities of women empowerment in the Narmada river valley in western India.J Abdul Kalam Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA). which promises 100 days for instilling nationalistic fervor among children at Rashtrapati Bhavan. She was also invited as the “Women potential to change the face of India. This. Mumbai and a PhD in Physics from University of Maryland. of work to all rural families. Narmada Bachoa Andolan and Sarvodaya centre. Rajan is the chair person of Sat Bhavana. sponsoring education facilities for developed the pedal power generator to light remote. has the New Delhi on July 18. documents and increases transparency. off-the-grid village needy and deprived students in the state. student at the University of Maryland. holistic development with 50 for promoting Higher Education. Ravi has a B. Rajan has the honor of receiving many research Indians interested in India’s development. which gives citizens of India access to government and the Sat Bhavana Award for excellence as a social activist in 2005. Recently.Tech in Civil Engineering from Indian in Education from The University of Kerala. This inspired the standards of women and child health in hospitals across the state of Bollywood film Swades (2005) that became a symbol for Non-Resident Kerala in India. interconnected. He has published several papers in international physics journals including Physical Review Letters. a mother and child care project for promoting the existing that electrified 12 hamlets of the tribal village Bilgaon. He did his postdoctoral work in theoretical particle physics at University of Virginia.. Mrs. a charitable beyond the mere symptoms of poverty. program where significant parts of the funds were being siphoned off by She is a post-graduate in History and English and has acquired Masters contractors and officials. Mrs. India Institute of Technology. to partner with the poor. so must be the solution. where there is an ongoing and environmental awareness.P. with an annual budget of $3 billion. Ravi has been awards for her commendable work in education. New Delhi.the Right to National Award for Best teacher in 2002 for Innovative Teaching Methods Information (RTI) Act. She was awarded the interested in Indian democracy’s latest achievement -. She is the Vice President of Kerala CBSE School and underprivileged so that there is a deeper understanding of causes Association. ”Pariraksha”. along with the National She was felicitated by Honorable former President Dr A. with the vision “problems are acclaimed for promoting institutions providing value Oriented Education. aiding moral and physical help schools where students take turns to pedal. With his collaborators Ravi organization constituted in 1998. She is organizing and campaigning for a project called School of Energy. With collaborators in the Indian Ambassador of Kerala” to USA in 2006 where she presented paper on state of Orissa.

com/diversity .com/careers ml. ml. innovative vision [ impressive achievements partnership and collaboration ] strong leadership Merrill Lynch is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Wharton India Economic Forum When we join forces with another forward-thinking organization. Merrill Lynch is an equal opportunity employer. progress is inevitable.


structured finance US dollars 12 billion. He has also set-up his own consultancy firm . Chief Executive Officer. In that Ministry.. In his long service career spanning with Arthur Andersen in Mumbai and has also worked with the Business over 37 years. After retirement from Government service. Limaye was with Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) in USA in a National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) with federal grant of about variety of roles in investment banking. Mr. Chairman & Managing Director . Vikram Limaye (Moderator) Anil Baijal Executive Director Senior Advisor IDFC IDFC A Chartered Accountant and an MBA from the Born on 16th October. Mr. 2006 as Secretary. Delhi Development Authority. Government of India. Baijal has held various important assignments like that Advisory Services Group at Ernst and Young and the Global Consumer of the Union Home Secretary. 20 The 12th Annual Wharton India Economic Forum . Indian Administrative Service in 1969. He retired Mr. Prasar Bharti Corporation( Broadcasting Corporation of India). Advisor in the Infrastructure Development & Finance Company Ltd. Baijal is working as Sr. for improvement of infrastructure and provision of and credit portfolio management. (IDFC). capital markets. Foreign Banks and Global Accounting Firms.the Urban Space Consultants Ltd. Mr. Limaye began his corporate career basic services in urban areas of India. 1946. from government service in October. Vikram Limaye joined IDFC as Executive Director in March 2005. Indian Banking Group at Citibank N. Airlines. Baijal joined the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Vice-Chairman. he anchored the Banks. This panel will address the commercial viability of building infrastructure. issues of urban governance and investment opportunities in the urban sector in India. Development Commissioner. Ministry of Urban Limaye has over eighteen years of experience with Global Investment Development. Mr.A. Panel Infrastructure: Opening the Floodgates Infrastructure in India has witnessed explosive growth over the past few years. Prior to joining designing and roll-out of the flagship programme of Jawahar Lal Nehru IDFC.Goa and Counselor in-Charge of Indian Aid Programme in Nepal. Mr. the role of FDI in this sector and also focus on investments in non-cosmopolitan regions. which provides advisory services in spatial planning.

Member Industries. of HSBC Asset Management Trust and an Advisor to Primary (Quantum) It has the proud distinction of setting up: India’s First Independent Power Real Estate Fund. Roads. other companies and several other institutions as Chairman. Sanjay Reddy is the Vice Chairman of GVK Chairman of Development Credit Bank Ltd. India’s First 6 Lane BOT Chicago and a Master’s degree from the London School of Economics. he oversees one of India’s largest infrastructure developers of the Board of Emerging Markets of South Asia Fund (EMSAF). Trustee spanning Power. the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Airports. Expressway from Jaipur to Kishangarh in Rajasthan. Reddy Finance Corporation (HDFC) which he continues to be along with 14 received his Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Purdue University. and the privatization U. Ann Arbor. Sponsored By: EIGHT CAPITAL Nasser Munjee G. Mr. Mr. Nasser Munjee is the non-executive part-time Mr.V. which is India’s largest airport in Mumbai and the gateway to the country. Munjee was with Infrastructure Development International Airport Private Limited. Director of GVK served as the Executive Director of the Board of Housing Development Power & Infrastructure Limited and Director of Taj GVK Hotels. Director of Gautami Power Limited. Mr. Member of West Lafayette before going on to receive his MBA (Finance & Corporate the Board or as a Trustee. Sanjay Reddy Chairman Vice Chairman Development Credit Bank Ltd. (DCB). MD & CEO of GVK Biosciences Finance Corporation (IDFC) as its Managing Director and CEO. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Project at Jegurupadu. Ports.Public Private Partnership Infrastructure Advisory Fund. SEZs and Urban Infrastructure. As Vice Chairman of GVK Bank .K. Munjee is a Technical Advisor on the World Strategy) from University of Michigan. GVK Industries Ltd. he Private Limited. india | imagine 21 . & modernization of India’s most prestigious Infrastructure Project. He was also nominated as a Young Global Leader for 2007 by the World Economic Forum. Earlier. Andhra Pradesh in 1996. Industries Limited as well as MD of Mumbai Prior to joining DCB.

and the brother of Sri Lanka and Myanmar Division in the Ministry of External Affairs. she was Head of the Bangladesh. Her experience includes working of the New York Philharmonic in September 2000. In addition. to join the firm of Coopers & Lybrand. and introducing a new career as a news production assistant at CNNfn where she contributed series. and in 1981. business and politics in the international arena are an important contribution to India’s growth. she was been India’s Ambassador to Denmark and Ivory the Montreal Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors. New York the European Broadcasting Union’s Euroradio satellite network. strategy and business development. Mr. From 2004 to 2006. John the Divine and the New York Philharmonic producing news packages and interviews broadcast all over India. Neelam Deo is a career diplomat of the Indian and chief executive officer of Chicago’s Ravinia Festival (1990–2000). to Lou Dobbs Moneyline and CNN Money Morning. 22 The 12th Annual Wharton India Economic Forum . former New York Philharmonic Music Director. Annual Memorial Day Concerts at the news channel with The Times of India. Bombay Symphony Orchestra founder. She Concerts in the Parks. for children ages 3–5. He is the son of the late violinist and Prior to her assignment in New York. a deal which was awarded Institutional additional title of President in June 2004. While a partner there. Joshi holds an MBA he has expanded the Orchestra’s national radio broadcasts. was appointed Executive Director finance deals in the real estate sector.S. He Joshi left the corporate world to pursue journalism as a producer has maintained the Philharmonic’s preeminent position in the cultural in New York at Reuters Television and TIMES NOW. Reporter Bangkok and Rome. Mehta has continually Investor’s deal of the year distinction. to 52 weeks a year. where she worked on merger. where 10 concerts per Neelam Deo year are broadcast on BBC Radio 3. Joshi began her career as an investment banking analyst at Zarin Mehta. and has made outreach to young people a has also served as the host of ImaginAsian TV’s The Pulse South Asian priority. Joshi Summertime Classics series to the Orchestra’s schedule. Mehta was president Ms. Mehli Mehta. and received the on the first privatization of a REIT. one of the world’s leading arts Morgan Stanley. discussions. The New degree from Harvard Business School. New York in October. This panel will attempt to understand the Diaspora’s expectations from India in order for its participation in India’s growth story to be greater. Also on his is a native of Oklahoma City. To her role. New York Philharmonic Joshi brings experience in investment banking. Foreign Service with over three decades in the Indian where he remains a Lifetime Trustee. New conductor Zubin Mehta. with concurrent accreditation to Sierra Leone. Prior to his New York Philharmonic appointment. She took over as the Consul as a chartered accountant in 1962 in England and moved to Canada General in the Consulate General of India. dealing with India’s overall relations with these countries. where she was responsible for Cathedral Church of St. FOX Business Network Zarin Mehta Shibani Joshi joined FOX Business Network (FBN) President and Executive Director in September 2007 as a reporter. Coast. Born in Bombay. and abroad by fostering an active Disney/ABC Media Networks where she worked on the launch of ABC commissioning program. 2005. continuing the famed Young People’s Concerts. Delhi. and added the popular degree in finance and accounting at the University of Oklahoma. instituting innovative series of lectures and News Now and helped develop the firm’s global digital media strategy. the joint venture life of New York through the Free. which include a School covering technology and business stories. Joshi held the sought to enrich and broaden the musical experience of Philharmonic position of Senior Manager in Strategy and Business Development at audiences both in the U. Mr. Niger & Guinea. he joined Previously. Panel The Indian Diaspora The Indian Diaspora’s continued achievements in science. She also earned a bachelor’s York Philharmonic This Week. cinema. She began her journalism Partnership Program and School Day Concerts. Shibani Joshi (Moderator) Deo has also worked in India’s Diplomatic Missions in Washington DC. and overseeing major international Orchestra tours. Very Young People’s Concerts. was appointed managing director. watch the Philharmonic became the first American symphony orchestra to have a regular presence on European radio. Ms. he qualified Diplomatic and ABC News Now Orchestra’s extensive educational activities. with further distribution through Consul General of India. expanding the variety show and contributed to ABCNews. acquisition and corporate administrators.

Mr. Relativity was named as one of located in Chantilly. Sponsored By: Sanjay Puri Vivek Wadhwa Chairman Fellow.S. as well as the administration. Labor and Worklife Program U. on IT’s most daunting problems began at New York based investment banking National Public Radio (NPR). Wadhwa saw an even greater opportunity to USIBA. Wadhwa holds an MBA from New York University and a B. The Washington Times. and started Energy Conference to be held on Capitol Hill. where he was Vice President of Information and Nightline. News and World Report and Science Magazine. Puri is the Founder Relativity Technologies. competitive advantage. to several start-up companies and a regular columnist for BusinessWeek. Puri worked the 25 “coolest” companies in the world by Fortune Magazine. New York Times. the competitive threat from India and China. and one of America’s greatest advantages . He received his MBA in Finance from the George research at Duke University has focused on the impact of globalization on Washington University School of Business.its skilled immigrants. Mr. Wadhwa has long been a pioneer of change and innovation in the and India. He is a frequent public speaker on US-India relations his career as a software developer and gained a deep understanding of the and the political impact of the Indian American community. His quest to help solve some of recently featured in The New York Times. As makers and technologists in the area of Renewable Energy. As a result of his vision. Puri is the Chairman of the US India Political Action Vivek Wadhwa is a fellow with the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Committee (USINPAC). He is also an advisor the founder and President of the US India Business Alliance (USIBA). Wadhwa’s at the World Bank. in Computing Studies from the Canberra University in Australia.S.S. Mr. Mr. a national. Mr. As President of the explosion of the Internet. There he spearheaded the development of technology for the US Congress to further the US India Energy Security relationship creating computer systems which was so successful that CSFB decided and in building strong ties between US and Indian entrepreneurs. for the real world. He is founding president of the Carolinas chapter of The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TIE). NBC. USINPAC works closely with School of Engineering at Duke University. USIBA is dedicated to strengthening economic ties between the US com. and international TV stations including CNN. CNN powerhouse CS First Boston. ABC. With energy projects world wide through USAID and OPIC. Before founding Optimos. he is hosting the first ever US Congressional India Renewable help businesses adapt to new and fast changing technologies. Puri also has been at the forefront of working with Services. Puri regularly leads delegations of business and political technology industry. U. a non-profit global network intended to foster entrepreneurship. Mr. an information technology company “Leader of Tomorrow” by Forbes. Wadhwa helped extensive expertise in the area of US Government funding for renewable grow the nascent startup into a $118 million publicly traded company.S. lectures in classes and leads groundbreaking research to ensure that the community’s concerns are addressed. Mr. india | imagine 23 . the Public Broadcast Service (PBS). policy to spin off this business unit into its own company. He has been challenges in building computer systems. Puri is also into globalization and the U. He has been featured in thousands of articles in worldwide publications including The Wall Street Journal. Virginia. This research has received worldwide attention and acclaim. Washington Post. Wadhwa was named a and CEO of Optimos Incorporated. the engineering profession. bipartisan political action committee Law School and executive in residence/adjunct professor at the Pratt representing over 2 million Indian He has Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. He has also made many appearances on U. India Political Action Committee Harvard Law School (USINPAC) Executive in Residence/Adjunct Professor Pratt School of Engineering. Forbes Magazine.A. and has founded 2 software companies. He helps students better prepare Members of the US Congress of both parties. Seer Technologies. Duke University Sanjay Puri is a recognized authority on US-India relations. CNBC and the BBC. He started leaders to India.

Delhi. Bangalore.Mergers & Acquisitions Private Equity Structured Financing Institutional Broking MAPE is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of the Wharton India Economic .mapegroup. Chennai. Mumbai & Philadelphia www.


Dubash currently heads Merrill Lynch Global office and is the head of Bain’s Private Equity Private Equity’s team in India. Panel Investing in India: The Maturation Process. due diligence. Before IHCL. Mr. 26 The 12th Annual Wharton India Economic Forum . a leading BPO company based out Media & Telecommunications Practice. Dubash was a key player in the acquisition of Tetley was a Palmer Scholar. Head India Region Head Bain & Company’s Private Equity Practice Merrill Lynch Global Private Equity Sri Rajan is a partner in Bain & Company’s Delhi Mr. where he opportunities. one of the largest cross border acquisitions made by an Indian Management and has a Bachelor of Science degree. (Taj Group of Hotels). Sri Rajan (Moderator) Zubin Dubash Partner. Mr. post-merger Member on the Board of Directors at the Indian Hotels Company Ltd integration. company. Sri is a frequent contributor of articles and interviews to journals and where he advised the Tata Group companies on their corporate finance leading business publications in India. and assessing entrance and exit risks. Dubash is a MBA graduate from The Wharton School. and his insights are often quoted activities including raising finances in the international markets and M&A in the media. He is also a part of the firm’s Global Technology. Earlier. What’s Next? The panel will review the explosive growth of PE and capital allocation in the Indian market in recent years. offshore outsourcing. His work with private equity of India. he was Practice in India. the CFO of WNS Global Services. Sri earned an MBA from the Wharton School. Dubash was with Tata Sons Ltd. The panel will discuss the slow momentum in the Indian buyout industry and examine access to quality talent both on the investment and operational ends and debate the most attractive sec- tors for investment. Prior to that he served as the Executive Director and was a funds includes mergers & acquisitions. Mr. He is also a graduate of the Indian Institute of Tea.

institutional investors. Pandit holds an MBA degree from the the Indian American Council. It provides a wide range of services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations. Pandit served the management team of Centennial Communications and an investment as a Managing Director for McKinsey & Company. consumer products and retail. India where he is co-head of the Principal Mumbai office. The firm is headquartered in New York and maintains significant offices in London. in Economics from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Business School. He is located in General Atlantic’s & Co. and business services. change management. Heramb holds a B. sectors including general industrials. based in Mumbai. including corporate governance/leadership. Heramb’s past experience includes being a member of India governments. Mr. Mumbai and other financial centers around the world. Sponsored By: Heramb Hajarnavis Ranjit Pandit Senior Member. Principal Investments Area Managing Director Goldman Sachs General Atlantic Partners LLC Heramb Hajarnavis is a Vice President in the Ranjit Pandit is a Managing Director at General Merchant Banking Division of Goldman. Prior to joining General Atlantic in 2007.S. Goldman Sachs (www. Heramb sits on corporate finance. securities and investment management firm. india | imagine 27 . and other global companies in a variety of areas. communications and media. Hong Kong. manufacturing.S. technology management. Tokyo. the Board of Sudhir Gensets Limited and on the Working Board of is a global investment banking. non-profit organizations and individuals. where he served a banker with Goldman Sachs. Mr. University of Bombay. alliances. and a BE degree in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Harvard electrical engineering from VJTI. India. where he focuses on growth investment initiatives in the Investment Area. Heramb focuses on transactions in several number of major U. sales and logistics. Sachs Atlantic LLC.

A Doctor of Medicine. This is development. Education. centrally interested Super Achiever Award. Gulati was recognized by receiving the “Top CEO” of Public Health) and the International Center for Health Outcomes and award during the 29th “World Marketing Congress” hosted in New Delhi. of Health. a native projects are currently being implemented along with multi-national of Ambala. Khubchandani of General Manager. the largest returning to India in 1999. Within a broad macroeconomic framework. economics and the gaps in Healthcare production and delivery in India. and medical tourism. as CEO. one of Lilly’s most prestigious honors. Gulati received at Columbia University. He is currently successful product launches within India. Ahmedabad. intercontinental strategy. he worked developing 2 major hospitals and a med city in Mumbai of which the in assignments at corporate headquarters in Indianapolis in business ParkwayHealth Khubchandani Hospital is a 600 bedded hospital. As a first generation Eli Lilly and Company (India) entrepreneur. availability of outpatient care and rehabilitation. PhD. and is actively involved KrimsonHealth in policy debates related to these issues. Several other and Managing Director. a 28 The 12th Annual Wharton India Economic Forum . rural health care infrastructure. and is widely recognized in the Industry for some of the most is a strong advocate for Health Infrastructure in India. and the formation of the companies’ joint venture. Innovation Research (in the Department of Surgery. Krimson Oncology both the cross-functional. In 2001. Gulati well throughout his career. Sampat is an economist by training. Dr. Previously. the roles of the public and private sectors in pharmaceutical innovation. Dr. Retail and Leisure. Gulati. India. Chairman and Managing Director Hospitality. His from the Institute of Technology – BHU and an MBA from the Indian current projects examine the political economy of the National Institutes Institute of Management. In 2005 he was given the Indra Public Affairs. Dr. This broad-based knowledge of healthcare provider in South East Asia. HMG headquarters in Indianapolis as Director. Mr. The panel ultimately endeavors to answer the question of how India’s rapid economic growth can foster improvements in healthcare both domestically and globally. and issues related to patent quality. Gulati holds a Masters degree in Pharmacy in issues at the intersection of health policy and innovation policy. UAE. Prestige Group. as well Bhaven Sampat.. He has also written Dr. Khubchandani is the founder and Managing Director of the Khubchandani Rajiv Gulati Group. with appointments in the the “Chairman’s Ovation Award”. Department of Health Policy and Management (at the Mailman School In March 2002. Beginning in 1996. is an assistant professor as Narsee Monjee Institute of Management. He has successfully developed and marketed Strategy. Mr. he successfully ran a large construction company and has built over 5 million square feet for various multinational clients and Rajiv Gulati has recently moved to company architects as the Managing Director of HMG Engineering Ltd. Panel India’s New Mandate: Addressing the Health Care Paradox This panel aims to assess the policy. Mr. Hiranandanis. a group diversified into Real Estate Development. Gulati oncologists in India. Eli Lilly and Company (India).. and cross-cultural aspects of the industry Hospital is a 250 bed cancer hospital being developed with some leading has served Mr. and human resources before being developed in joint venture with Parkway Healthcare Ltd. The second. Corporate Strategy Group. he had been Chairman several real estate projects in Mumbai and Bangalore. Vice President of the Organization Columbia University of Pharmaceutical Producers of India. Healthcare. Bhavan Sampat (Moderator) has served as Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Council of the Indo Assistant Professor American Chambers of Commerce. joined Lilly from Ranbaxy Laboratories in 1992 on associates like ETA group. The Krimson Health City will house a Hospital. Columbia University and in 2004 was awarded with KC Chatterjee memorial trophy for his Medical Center). and was on the advisory board of the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research. and (by courtesy) in the School of International and service to the Pharmaceutical profession. Gulati held the position Banyan Tree Holdings. In India. Singapore to name a few. China-India Estates and Housing Ltd. Prakash Khubchandani extensively on the effects of university patenting and “entrepreneurship” Founder and Managing Director on academic medicine and technology transfer. panelists will discuss nationwide access to hospitals and doctors. Pharmaceutical has entered the Healthcare sector under the brand KrimsonHealth and Division. Mr. the effects of patents on access to medicines in developing countries. Mr. of Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.

he has also helped with over 8000 beds across 44 locations. hospitality and telecom sectors context. Reddy received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Marketing. a Center for Excellence in Medicine. Mr. Mr.5 million square feet. USA. Suneeta Reddy holds the position of Executive development. internationalization. convention center and hotel. Ahmedabad where he was contribution to the Indian healthcare industry and has held leadership awarded a gold medal for academic excellence. Ramesh Srinivasan a medical mall.including corporate strategy.800cr. of topics . One of Mr. During his Suneeta Reddy 12 years with the Firm. he has served several pharmaceutical companies Executive Director-Finance in India and the US. Srinivasan worked in the Firm’s Mumbai office. He is part of the Firm’s Early Tenure which is a Stock Broking & Retail outfit with Rs. particularly in the pharmaceutical many organizations in the healthcare. Technology. Ltd. offshoring and leadership Ms. diagnostics. Srinivasan received an MBA degree representing the healthcare sector. She is a widely recognized for her from the Indian Institute of Management. Madras She is currently the Chairperson of Aircel Cellular Limited. Srinivasan plays an active role in learning and professional and Chairperson for Apollo Sindhoori Capital Investments Limited development within the Firm. R&D. Ms. Mr. Boston. Srinivasan’s particular areas of emphasis in Director-Finance of the Apollo Hospitals Enterprise recent years has been the topic of globalization – in addition to helping Limited (AHEL). She holds a diploma in Financial Management from the Institute of Financial Management and Research. in Partner an area of over 1. He also has a Bachelor positions including her current position as the Co-Chairperson of of Technology degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Healthcare Sub Committee . volume per day. Ramesh Srinivasan is a Principal in the New York Office of McKinsey and Company. operations improvement.Confederation of Indian Industries (CII). He has served these companies on a wide variety Apollo Hospital Enterprises. Srinivasan is also a trustee on the Board of Akanksha – a leading the healthcare. During her 25 year tenure. Also under implementation are McKinsey & Company several healthcare verticals in the field of aesthetics. india | imagine 29 . business development. hospitality and is a active member of industry bodies educational institution in India. She is also on the Board of push the Firm’s thinking on this topic. Before moving to New York. Sponsored By: Healthcare Special Economic Zone. and various specialized branches of medicine. serviced apartments. Chennai and has completed the Owner/ President Management Program at Harvard Business School (HBS). Ms. Reddy spearheaded many initiatives in Mr. one of the leading healthcare organizations in the World companies on international expansion and offshoring. Learning core faculty. and leads learning for the North Eastern Complex.


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