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Cisco Router Configuration Command Line Interface (CLI)

To configure a Router protocol, you have to enter a particular Routing protocol command in international notebook review style="color:blackbackground- color:#ffff66">configuration manner. Modifications to this software could have adverse effects on the technique and ought to be therefore attempted on a check setting just before currently being replicated in a dwell technique. The subsequent methods explain how to insert an attribute to an existing object: one) From the Go To menu select Method Configuration > Platform Configuration > Database Configuration 2) From the Record tab search and pick the object to which you would like to include an attribute. The item names constantly map into the objects which exist in the database 3) Select the Attributes tab four) Simply click on the New Row button 5) Add the subsequent particulars: a. Attribute - the internal name to be notebook test utilised for the new subject b. Description - used to explained the use of the subject to the end users and will appear in context sensitive assist screen c. Sort - the variety of the subject which can consist of: i. ALN - Alphanumeric ii. Upper - Upper Scenario iii. YORN - Boolean Yes / No value iv. Date - Date value v. DATETIME - Date and time benefit vi. INT - Integer d. Duration - the size of the discipline e. Necessary - whether or not the discipline can be left blank by the consumers f. Title - the field description to be employed on screen g. Domain - a link to an current list of price from which the user can pick h. Default Price - the price to be included to the field when a new instance is developed, this can be later on transformed by the user 6) Preserve the file As soon as the document is saved Maximo is aware that the new subject is awaiting configuration but this adjust will not be mapped into laptop the database till the database configuration schedule is run. Entering Administrative Mode In purchase to be capable to run the configuration routine straight from the Maximo application the method must be switched to Administrative Manner. Administrative mode signifies that only distinct customers will be allowed into the program, usually the ones which are element of the administrator teams, and logs off all other customers and doesn't all remote connectivity (therefore it will only enable login by way of the server). Turning on Admin Mode will log off all the consumers in the technique and must therefore be utilized with owing care. Administrative method also suspends all running cron jobs and listeners. Administrative method can be switched on from the Databases Configuration software. In get to swap this on: one) Click on the Checklist Tab of the Database Configuration software two) From the Select Motion menu select Control Admin Mode three) Simply click on Turn Admin Mode ON. Depending on the configurations on your program you may well be requested to enter your password and cause for this. 4) Periodically click the Refresh Standing button. When the technique is Admin Method you will receive a concept stating this. The program must be established into Admin Manner with consumer which has access to the technique when in Admin manner in any other case the person will be logged off. Configuring the Databases When the program has been productively set into Admin manner, the up coming stage is to configure the database. The databases configuration routine maps the modifications created in the Maximo Database Configuration software to the database.