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1.- Identifique los comuestos nomin!les en l!s e"#esiones si$uientes%
1. We went to the Country club.
2. This college student is Venezuelan.
3. She is an airplane pilot there.
4. The tool man is young.
. !oc" the #ile cabinets.
$. Why not drain the motor oil%
&. 'nplug the oil drain now (
). That is a good steel "ni#e.
*. Those iron le+ers brea".
1,. Ta"e a lunch brea" later.
11. We bought a sil" scar#.
12. -uill.n e/ecuted a sa#ety bunt.
13. The pillow party was nice.
14. The Wor"ers 0arty is strict.
1. Canal loc"s ta"e minutes to close down.
1$. 1y #ather wor"s #or the 2rinoco Commission.
1&. Two young 1e/icans came to the Science Con+ention.
1). The plane #actory sold its Canada shares.
1*. 2ur mailman sold his tool bo/ to our neighbor.
2,. Steelholster3 the icecream man3 went to a mo+ie house.
21. This is the Wills team that won the tournament.
22. We had a boo" #air last year in our hometown.
23. They brought se+eral sheet drills to do the drills.
24. Coil wire really hardened when the weather got colder.
2. 4 #ew glare protectors #or me and my #ellow wor"ers.
2$. 1y beer mugs are on the higher bar shel+es .
2&. 5Ta"e your rain coat and put it on the coat rac" o+erthere.
2). 6an"s le#t his baseball glo+e in the +isitors7 clubhouse.
2*. 6iology boo"s had a picture o# a plant on the #ront co+er.
3,. 8adiology technicians were paid much less than us.
&.- In'ie#t! ! l! fo#m! !(#e'i!d! con comuestos nomin!les l!s e"#esiones
E)emlo% *+e (oo, is !(out -iolo$.. It is ! -iolo$. (oo,.
1. 9t is a shop that sells :ewelry. 9t is a;
2. This is a rule made by the panel. 9t is a;
3. The commission is headed by Chance. 9t is the;
4. That steel comes #rom Cerro 6ol<+ar. 9t is;
. Those pro:ects in+ol+e The 2rinoco 8i+er. They are called the;
$. Te oil we use comes #rom soy. 9t is;
&. This +al+e is made o# plastic. 9t is a;
). That machine uses water power. 9t is a;
*. 0rints ta"en #rom people7s #ingers are;
1,. 1y school only opens at night. 9t is a;
11. 9t is polish #or platinum. 9t is;
12. 99t is a load in a ship. 9t is;
13. She is a teacher in a college. She is a;
14. 4t dawn is a newspaper sold only in the morning. 9t is a;
1. 9t is a tree that pro+ides shade. 9t is a;
/. .- *#!du0c! !l es!1ol l!s e"#esiones nomin!les si$uientes%
1. =andboo" techni>ues speci#ications
2. Steel comple/ powerhouse main
3. ?eighborhood drugstore night cler"
4. Wheat growers association members
. Water pressure emergency le+el
$. 4irmail pac"age deli+ery application
&. 8ip Van Wooten early research proposals
). Computer "eyboards installation procedure
*. 'ni+ersity entrance re>uirements and e/penses
1,. ?orth5northeast daytime emergency #light airplots
11. @iamond mines e/traction lea"5proo# company techni>ues
12. 5 1any portable e/pensi+e #og meters.
13. 5 4 #ew large 8ussian powerhouses.
14. 5 Se+en aluminum houseware shel+es.
1. 5 2ur third design techni>ues handboo".
1$. 5 9ts general policewomen induction program.
1&. 5 Those #oreign iron #actories new procedures
1). 5 ?o special Swedish highschools re>uirements.
1*. 5 Which baseball players association policies%
2,. 5 Se+eral +ery narrow 6ritish air e/traction steel ducts.
21. 5 =ow many regular medical chec" norm sheets%
22. 5 That 961 computer7s late night output
23. 5 8osit7s re+olutionary 1&th5century theorem
24. 5 1*)* =onda7s disc5controlled bra"ing de+ise
2. 5 2ur +isiting lecturer7s thoroughly researched creation5o#5the5uni+erse theory
2$. 5 -eneral Alectric7s custom5designed multichannels tele+ision technology
2&. 5 The Chinese automa"er7s 125wheel suspension #iberglass hand5made truc"s
2). 5 4mco Chemical @i+ision7s glass5polishing +ynil5rein#orced compounds
2*. 5 The 8ussian astronaut7s #i+e5month stay in outer space
3,. 5 That new engine7s rattling noise was #i/ed in a #ull day7s wor"
31. 5 1**$ @odge7s bra"ing spinners are di##erent #rom 1**&7s
2. - En los conte"tos si$uientes3 su(#!.e l!s f#!ses nomin!les . t#!d40c!l!s !l
1. They chec"ed the petrol pressure duct last wee".
2. We inspect all garbage disposal traps twice a day.
3. Those are titanium5alloy air pipes #rom Binnland.
4. =orsepower engines might need that point control.
. 4ll day radio newscasters aired the go+ernment o##icial press release.
$. =ards hand5size aluminium meters are used to #it the 1athews dar"room.
&. 9n 'S43 blood ban"s use ultra#ine laser needles #or grading the types o# sera.
5..- Su(#!.e . lue$o t#!du0c! l!s f#!ses nomin!les en los conte"tos si$uientes%
1. They bought some metal #i+e5#oot long shel+es.
2. -1 planned to assemble three thousand o# those #our5door hea+y5duty truc"s.
3. That was the policy o# the banana growers o# that sel+atic Central54#rican country.
4. They had manu#actured se+eral air pressure gas"ets to be used in their large Two5
year old steel casements pro:ect.
. We dumped the oid emergency le+el regulations and wrote up new appropriate
security measures3 in accordance with go+ernment en+ironmental guidelines.
$. 4 small number o# bright3 highly5schooled Auropean teenagers were engaged in the
Venus5e/ploration two5phase pro:ect.
&. They realized that another hal#5size steel blade had been replaced in the Swedish
#urnace 45chamber compartment.
6..- Su(#!.e . t#!du0c! l!s f#!ses nomin!les . sus modific!ciones en los conte"tos
1. C;9t was then concluded that the cold water +ertical induction #loor stability could
not be reached;D
2. C;4ny single state channel hollow model would be used to set up an e##ecti+e 8ay
emission system.D
3. C;4ccordingly3 the researchers included in their two5year studies the pre+ious
spray li>uid similarity analysis in order to obtain bette3 more e##ecti+e results.D
4. C; 9n those high power le+el ground emitters3 we ha+e #ound similarities with our
en+elope networ" design.D
. C; They bought se+eral lengthy design techni>ues handboo"s to use them as
reser+e #or their third college pro:ect.D
$. C; While the other pac" model incorporates easy circuits that pro+ide ultra5#ast
stable and a lot more #le/ible display #or measurements.D
&. C; 9t was thought that perhaps the #irst entrance re>uirements to the strict
Eapanese 'ni+ersity system would be "nown by 1ay.D
). C; 9ron is a tough3 abundant3 malleable and strong magnetic metallic element3
seldom obtained in its pure metal #orm but that is #ound widely in both #errous and
#erric compounds;D