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1. Complete the sentences with: to be supposed to + the correct tense of the verb.

On which line ______ I______________________________? (sign)

Hes very sick, he_______________________________ his medicine. (take)
She is not a good student, to improve she _______________________________harder. (study)
________ you_____________________________________ the dishes? (do)
That letter ___________________________________today, but it didnt. (arrive)
In which room ______ the class_______________________________? (be)

2. Complete with used to or to be used to:


My brother_______________________ a bicycle when he was younger. (ride)

Her brother__________________________ Math on Mondays. He says Monday is a good day to study. (study)
______ they___________________________ every week? (dance)
I_______________________ books when I was in college. (write)
They________________________ ballet in Chicago when they lived in the USA. (watch)
Sonya ________________________________ the flute every day, but her neighbors dont like the noise. (play)
Tom and his friends_____________________ at the pub on Sundays, nowadays they cant anymore. (hang out)
Trudy __________________________________ every night. (not - go out)
My father_______________________________ a student in 1945. (be)

3. Circle the best answer.

1. When I was a child I ... go swimming in the lake.
a. used to
b. am used to
2. I ... in front of an audience. I am a teacher.
a. used to speak
b. am used to speaking
3. As a father I ... the mess my children make every
a. used to clean up
b. am used to cleaning up

6. I ... the paper after lunch. That's one of the things I

really enjoy.
a. used to read
b. am used to reading
7. In Spain you will soon ... a siesta in the afternoon.
a. used to take
b. be used to taking

4. When I was in the army I ... at six every morning.

a. used to get up
b. am used to getting up

8. Last holiday in Finland my wife ... a sauna every

a. used to take
b. is used to taking

5. My grandmother ... 5 miles to go to church on

a. used to walk
b. is used to walking

9. After all this time I have become quite ... this

a. used to operate
b. used to operating

Extra exercises Unit 25 - Page 1/1


1. Combine the two sentences into one. Make the second a relative clause. Use WHO, WHICH, THAT,
E.g.: Do you know those people? They live across the Court House.
Do you know those people who live across the Court House?
a) The policeman was friendly.

He gave me directions.

b) I have a class.

It begins at 8 oclock.

c) Golf was invented in Scotland.

Scotland is a part of Britain.

d) The waitress was very polite.

She served us dinner.

e) A lion is a mammal.

It lives in Africa.

f) I talked to the girl.
Her car had broken down in front of the shop.
g) I am going to check the date.
Our meeting will happen on that date.
2. Transform the sentences about ALBERT EINSTEIN and SHAKESPEARE in a small text using the necessary
relative clauses.
Einstein was a great physicist. / He was Jewish. / He was born in Germany in 1897. / He developed an important
theory. / It is called the theory of relativity. / He moved to the USA in 1935 to escape from the Nazis. / The Nazis
took over power in Germany. / He continued to work in the USA. / He died there in 1955.
Extra exercises Unit 26 - Page 1/2

Shakespeare was a writer. / He was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1567. / Stratford-upon-Avon is a small town. /
It is in the west of England. / Shakespeare wrote many plays. / They are still performed today. / He spent much of
his life in London. / He worked in a theater in London as a writer and actor.

Extra exercises Unit 26 - Page 2/2


1. Complete the sentences below with will be + verb ing or will have + verb (past participle).
a. Tomorrow afternoon were going to play tennis from 3 oclock until 4:30. So at 4 oclock,
__________________________________ (we/play) tennis.
b. Bob has to go to a meeting, which begins at 10 oclock. It will last about an hour.
A: Will you be free at 11:30?
B: Yes, ____________________________________________________ (the meeting/finish) by that time.
c. Do you think ___________________________________________ (you/still/work) at the same job in ten years
d. Jane is from New Zealand. She is traveling around Europe at the moment. So far she has traveled about 1,000
miles. By the end of the trip, ______________________________________ (she/travel) more than 3,000 miles.
e. A: _________________________________ (you/see) Laura tomorrow?
B: Yes, probably. Why?
A: I borrowed this book from her. Can you give it back to her?
f. Margareth: Do you think everything will be finished when I get back from the store?
Jerry: Dont worry. By the time you get back, I ______________________________________ (clean) up the
living room and _________________________________ (finish) washing the dishes. Everything will be perfect
when your parents arrive.
Margaret: I hope so. They _________________________________ (arrive) around 6 oclock.
g. Nick: I just have two more courses before I graduate from university. By this time next year, I
________________________________________ (graduate) and I
______________________________________________ (look, already) for a job.
Stacey: Does that scare you? Are you worried about the future?
Nick: Not really. I ____________________________ (go) to a career counselor to get some advice on how to
find a good job.
Stacey: Thats a good idea.
Nick: I am also going to do an internship so that when I leave school, I _________________________________
only________________________ (complete, not) over 13 business courses, but I
_________________________________________ (work, also) in the real world.
h. Judy: How long have you been in Miami?
Elaine: I have only been here for a couple of weeks.
Judy: How long do you plan on staying?
Elaine: I love Miami, so I _____________________________ (stay) here for an extended period of time. When
I go back home, I _____________________________ (be) here for more than three months.
Judy: Wow, thats quite a vacation! You ________________________________________ (see, definitely) just
about everything there is to see in Miami by then.
Extra exercises Unit 27 - Page 1/1


1. Form sentences using wish:

a. It is too cold today.
b. I didnt have vacation last year.
c. I will have to study for my test; I will not have fun this weekend.
d. I live in a small house.
e. I have to wake up really early tomorrow.

2. Use the correct preposition from the box according to the verb:










That accounts ________ his success.

Students benefit ________ listening to news reports on the radio.
His mother accused him ________ eating the entire cake.
The officer charged Mr. Smith ________ blackmail.
Jane succeeded ________ getting a new job.
Let me pay ________ your expenses, I caused the accident.
I'm concerned ________ your grades.
We insured our house ___________ storm damage.
I marvel ________ your math abilities.
We depend ________ our customers' suggestions.

3. Use the correct phrasal verb, use them in the right tense.
* find out
* look after
* get over
* put off
* take off

* make up
* break up
* give up
* come up

Would you ______________ smoking if someone asked you to?

She still hasn't _______________ the death of her cat.
Mary _______________ my cats while I was away on holiday.
We're not ready yet, we are going to have to ____________ the meeting until next week.
I got really late yesterday, I had to ____________________ an excuse.
I got so sad yesterday. I _____________________ my boyfriend was cheating on me.
Josh and Gaby ______________ last week. They just weren't happy together.
Our flight was delayed, but we finally ______________ shortly after midnight.
You have to face the problems that may_____________________.
Extra exercises Unit 28 - Page 1/1


1. Complete with the appropriate modal verb (remember that you may have more than one choice).
a. Jane _____________________________ help us with the work. (strong possibility)
b. They ____________________ spend more time studying English. (obligation)
c. ______________________ you like to go to the concert with me? (invitation)
d. They ________________ speak English like we do. (not present ability)
e. He ____________________ leave tomorrow. (remote possibility)
f. ______________________ you play the guitar? (present ability)
g. _______________ you help me? (polite request)
h. Yes, he ___________________ go. (permission formal)
i. ________________ you like a glass of lemonade? (offer)
j. John ______________________ work tonight. (obligation)
k. It ________________ rain today, the sky is clean. (remote negative possibility)
l. He _____________________ spend more time on his homework. (advice)
m. _______________________ I come in? (request formal)
n. _____________________ you swim two years ago? (past ability)
o. He _____________________ work so hard. (not advice)
p. You ____________________ smoke so much . (not advice)
q. We _____________________ pay attention to the instructions. (obligation)
r. He ___________________ sleep in your house. (not permission informal)
s. Someone ___________________ tell him about it. (advice)
t. I _______________________ drive when I was 15 years old. (not past ability)
u. ___________________ you swim? (present ability)
v. They _____________________ see me again. Who knows? (remote possibility)
w. The dog __________________ bark for strangers. (obligation)
x. I dont think you ____________________ phone them now. (advice)
y. She _____________________ start studying next year at university. (strong possibility)
z. He _____________________ ride a horse very well. (present ability)
2. Change the sentences to the interrogative form:
a. She may go to the party.
b. I may use your car tonight.
c. They must go before the sunset.
d. I think you should feel better in two hours.
e. It might rain tonight.
f. Annie can do it well.
g. Paul could ice-skate when he was three.
Extra exercises Unit 29 - Page 1/2

3. There are nine errors in this interview. Find, circle and correct them.
A: Many people take personality tests before they get married. Does this mean that people with different
personalities shouldnt to get married?
B: No, not at all. In fact, people with very different personalities can had very good relationships.
A: Why do people take the tests then?
B: With the test results, couples able to learn about possible trouble areas in their relationships.
A: Can you give us an example?
B: Lets say a couple is looking for an apartment. The woman prefers to move into a modern apartment. Shed not
rather spend time fixing up a place. Her boyfriend would rather to fix up a charming old place. One is a thinker,
very analytical. The other is a dreamer.
A: People like that must have tremendous problems.
B: But they also have tremendous possibilities, in this relationship, the thinker mights become more imaginative.
The dreamer will can become more analytical.
A: When people are very different, what should they avoid doing?
B: They must not to try to change their partners. This will destroy the relationship. Instead, they ought to
appreciating their differences.

Extra exercises Unit 29 - Page 2/2


1. Complete the sentences with SOME, ANY or NO.
a. I dont have __________ fruit to eat now.
b. Sally needs __________ money for the bus.
c. She doesnt drink ________ kind of soft drink.
d. He has ________ animals at home, he is allergic.
e. Does he want __________ cookies?
f. They have __________ new songs to sing.
g. We like to visit _________ relatives on weekends.
h. I see __________ problems to do it.
a. Theres ____________________ at the door. Ill see who it is.
b. Does ______________________ mind if I open the window?
c. You can take me ______________________ you want. I do not have any preference.
d. I want ________________________ to eat. It doesnt matter what. I am so hungry!!
e. I dont want ________________________ to drink.
f. There isnt _________________________ inside the car.
g. Tomas lives ________________________ near London.
h. Do you know _______________________ about computers?
i. Whats in that cupboard? ____________________. Its empty.

Infinitive or Gerund? Fill in the gaps with the right form of the verb given.
We like _____________ our grandmother on Sundays. (visit)
I might want _______________ your Science notes. (borrow)
My father hates _____________ a tie to work. (wear)
We can't afford ______________ a vacation this summer. (take)
The company was pleased ______________ your thank-you letter. (receive)
Would you mind ______________ a window? (open)
I look forward to _________________ you. (meet)
She cannot leave the table without ______________ her dinner. (finish)
The music will continue ______________ until you turn it off. (play)
My little brother dislikes ________________ his hair brushed. (have)

Extra exercises Unit 30 - Page 1/1


1. Using the words in parentheses, complete the sentences below according to the pictures. Use Simple Past and
Past Continuous.
1. Lisa .......... when her mum .............
home. (study/arrive)

2. While Ann.......................... at the hairdressers, her


boyfriend .................... her a text message. (be/send)

At 6 p.m. Alice.............. lots of presents for her family.

4. While Bob and Helen..................... for the bus it

.............. to rain. (wait/start)

5. While Stella............. to her boyfriend the waitress

...................... them an exotic drink. (talk/prepare)

6. At 5 oclock, Paul................................. his office and


Anna.......................... on her mobile phone. (leave/speak)

At 10 a.m. Laura.................... a speech to her employees
at her office. (give)

8. While Sue..................... under a tree in the park her little

cat....................... her. (sit/observe)

9. When Linda................... breakfast the doorbell


........... (have/ring)
Rob and Liz........................ in the park when
I.............. them. (jog/see)

11. Frank and Sandra............................ a cup of coffee while they

............................. the sun go down. (have/watch)

12. When I .......... into the caf Lana ...............................

food and drinks to the customers. (go/serve)

13. While Tina................................. at a dress her

husband...................... a pile of packets. (look/hold)

14. At 11 a.m. Tim and Bella ......................... in the town centre.


15. At 12:30 my sister.......................... on a bench in the park

reading the newspaper. (sit)

16. Helen ................... her hair when

mum........ her for dinner. (comb/call)

17. Paul ................... to Amanda while she..............

the piano. (listen/play)

18. Lucy ..................... on platform 2 when her train arrived

at the station. (stand)

19. Anna ... asleep while she..................... on her hammock.


When Susan............. back from the shops her
motorbike .... down. (come/break)

21. The three girls.......... an agreement after talking for over two
hours. (reach)

Extra exercises Unit 31 - Page 1/1


1. Complete the sentences with Past Perfect tense.
a. The car stopped because we __________________ out of petrol.(run)
b. I was cold because I ____________________ any warm clothes.(not take)
c. We wanted to visit our cousin last weekend, but he ____________________ to go to London. (arrange)
d. The computer crashed. Luckily, I __________________ all my work on it. (save)
e. He felt very tired because he ____________________ well. (not sleep)
f. They sent you the wrong books. _______________________ the wrong ones? (you/order)
g. The soup didn`t taste nice because I _____________________ to put salt in it. (forget)
h. When I arrived at the cinema, the film (start) ____________________.
i. She (live) ________________ in China before she went to Thailand.
j. After they (eat) _________________ the shellfish, they began to feel sick.
k. If you (listen) ____________________ to me, you would have got the job.
l. Julie didnt arrive until after I (leave) ___________________.
m. When we (finish) ____________________ dinner, we went out.
n. The garden was dead because it (be) _______________ dry all summer.
o. He (meet) ________________ her somewhere before.
p. We were late for the plane because we (forget) ______________________ our passports.
q. She told me she (study) __________________ a lot before the exam.
r. The grass was yellow because it (not/rain) _____________________ all summer.
s. The lights went off because we (not/pay) ______________________ the electricity bill.
t. The children (not/do) __________________ their homework, so they were in trouble.
u. They (not/eat) ____________________ so we went to a restaurant.
v. We couldnt go into the concert because we (not/bring) _______________________ our tickets.
w. She said that she (not/visit) ______________________ the UK before.
x. Julie and Anne (not/meet) _____________________ before the party.
y. I (not/have) __________________ breakfast when he arrived.
2. Complete the sentences with the appropriate form of the verbs in brackets. Use the Simple Past or Past Perfect
a. By the time he ............................... his exams, I .............................................. mine. (start/finish)
b. After I ....................................... to him, I ................................. better. (talk/feel)
c. As soon as they........................................... the car, they............................... it. (repair/sell)
d. They .................................. by the time I .......................................... . (leave/arrive)
e. Beth.................................... round after she ....................................... Rob to the station. (come/take)
f. As soon as we .................................. our bags in our rooms, we ............................. lunch. (put/have)
g. I..................................................... my room before I ................................ to my bed. (tidy/go)

Extra exercises Unit 32 - Page 1/1

1. Complete the gaps with the Present Perfect Simple or Continuous.
a. Jimmy is really tired and sleepy. He ________________________ (drive) for 12 hours without having a break.
b. My brother ________________________ (act) strange lately. Mum says he ________________ (fall) in love.
c. Tommy has got a terrible flu. He ____________________ (not be) out for 6 days.
d. Mary and Tom ____________________ (be) married since 2007, and they are still very much in love.
e. Mr. Thomas, our boss, ___________________________ (speak) for the last hour and a half. It seems like hes
never going to finish his speech.
f. Tommy and Janny ____________________________ (fight) since I got home. Its so annoying.
g. Nick _______________________ (lose) his keys so he cant go into his house now no matter how much he
h. Miriam _____________________________________ (practice) tennis since she was five. Five years later, she
______ finally ___________ (win) the tournament.
i. James is an excellent mechanic and his business is doing really great. Just today he __________________ (fix)
eight cars in his shop.
j. My mum is an excellent tailor. She ___________________ (make) beautiful dresses for my sister and me.
k. After a month of hard work and practice Jimmy ________ finally _____________ (get) an A+ in Maths.
l. Julie is really angry. She hates when people are late and she _________________________ (wait) her friend for
15 minutes.
m. My little sister is obsessed with her looks. She ____________________ (be) in the bathroom for two hours.
n. My dad _________________________ (paint) my room for three days and he __________________________
(not finish) it yet.
o. Janice is doing her science project. She __________________ (read) 3 books so far.
2. Each of the sentences below has one or two mistakes. Find them and correct them.
E.g.: I am watching television since I came home from school. I have been watching television since I came
a. How long are you learning English? ____________________________________________________________
b. How many cigarettes have you been smoking this afternoon? ________________________________________
c. I am working here since 1995. _________________________________________________________________
d. Ive had my watch since a long time. ___________________________________________________________
e. How many years are you living in London? ______________________________________________________
f. Mark is exhausted. He is playing tennis since two hours. ___________________________________________
g. Sophie is doing very well at school since the beginning of the year. ___________________________________
h. I have worn this sweater since 9 oclock this morning. ______________________________________________
i. I know Laura for many years. _________________________________________________________________
j. Peter is attending English classes since two years. _________________________________________________
k. My best friend has always been hating fish. ______________________________________________________
Extra exercises Unit 33 - Page 1/1

l. How many chapters of the book did you read so far? _______________________________________________
m. I am waiting for the bus since a long time. _______________________________________________________
n. I have listened carefully to the teacher since the beginning of the lesson. _______________________________
o. How long are you a member of the tennis club? ___________________________________________________

Extra exercises Unit 33 - Page 2/1


1. Put the verbs into the correct form of Past Perfect Continuous.
a. We (sleep) ________________________ for 12 hours when he woke us up.
b. They (wait) ________________________ at the station for 90 minutes when the train finally arrived.
c. We (look for) _______________________her ring for two hours and then we found it in the bathroom.
d. I (not / walk) ____________________________ for a long time, when it suddenly began to rain.
e. How long (learn / she) __________________________ English before she went to London?
f. Frank Sinatra caught the flu because he (sing) _______________________in the rain too long.
g. He (drive) ________________________less than an hour when he ran out of petrol.
h. They were very tired in the evening because they (help) _________________________on the farm all day.
i. I (not / work) _________________________all day; so I wasn't tired and went to the disco at night.
j. They (cycle) _______________________ all day so their legs were sore in the evening.
2. Put the verbs into the correct form, use Past Perfect or Past Perfect Continuous.
a. By the time Peter arrived at school, the class _________________________. (already/start)
b. Susan ________________________ her homework for half an hour when her mother arrived home. (do)
c. Dave ______________________ a cook for 10 years when he got a job as a chef in a famous restaurant. (be)
d. Linda _____________________ to go to the cinema by the time her boyfriend called her to tell her he was in
town. (arrange)
e. Bob __________________________ for more than 20 hours when the accident happened. (drive)
f. He _________________________ the computer the whole morning, but he couldnt find the problem. (repair)
g. After he __________________ the jobs ads, Ben decided to apply for a couple of them. (read)
h. Beth ______________________ the children by the time their parents returned from the cinema. (already/feed)

Extra exercises Unit 34 - Page 1/1


1. Complete with the appropriate verb to make conditional sentences.
a. If I have time, ________________________ to the club. (go)
b. If he had money, he ____________________ that house. (buy)
c. Would you have written to Jane if you _____________________ her address? (have)
d. She will pass her examination if she _____________________ hard. (study)
e. If he could, he ______________________ it from you. (steal)
f. If I hadnt lost all my money, I ___________________________ a beautiful house. (build)
g. Would they do the exercises if they __________________ time? (have)
h. If she calls, I ______________________. (not answer)
i. Will you play the piano if you _____________________ it? (get)
j. If the weather __________________ fine, I would have gone to the beach. (be)
k. She __________________________ a wonderful concert if she had arrived earlier. (see)
l. She will be here in time if it _______________________. (not rain)
m. If I saw Mary, I __________________________ to her. (speak)
n. If they were here, they _________________ me. (help)
o. The boy would eat if you __________________ him the apple. (give)
p. If he knows they have a lot of money, he ___________________ them for some. (ask)
2. Put the verbs in the correct form.
E.g.: I didnt know you were in the hospital. If Id known (I / know), I would have gone there (I / go) to visit you.
a. Ken got to the station in time to catch his train. If ________________________(he / miss) it,
_______________________________ (he / be) late for his interview.
b. Its good that you reminded me about Anns birthday. ___________________________ (I / forget) if
________________________________ (you / not / remind) me.
c. Unfortunately, I didnt have my address book with me when I was in NY. If _________________ (I / have)
your address, ____________________________ (I / send) you a postcard.
d. A: How was your holiday? Did you have a nice time?
B: It was ok, but ______________________________________________ (we / enjoy) it more if
______________________________ (the weather / be) better.
e. I took a taxi to the hotel but the traffic was very bad. ________________________________ (it / be) quicker if
_________________________. (I / walk)
f. Im not tired. If _______________ (I / be) tired, I ____________________ (go) home now.
g. I wasnt tired last night. If _____________________ (I / be) tired, I would have gone earlier.

Extra exercises Unit 35 - Page 1/1


1. Rewrite these sentences in the PASSIVE VOICE.
a. They grow corn in the United States.
b. They are producing gorgonzola cheese in Italy.
c. Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa.
d. Nobel invented dynamite.
e. He has done the work.
f. They have broken the chair.
g. John will write a letter to Pauls sister.
h. The girls can wear skirts.
i. Mr. Smith is going to buy that new car.
j. Daniel used to compose songs.
k. Someone is fixing my computer.
l. Where did she buy her dress?
m. They are supposed to cook an excellent meal.
2. Complete the sentences with one of the following verbs (in the correct passive voice form).
wake put check translate drive make
carry hear
E.g.: The music at the party was very loud and could be heard from far away.
a. A decision will not ___________________ until the next meeting.
b. That building is dangerous. It ought to _____________________ down before it falls down.
c. When you go through Customs, your luggage may ______________________ by a customs officer.
d. I told the hotel receptionist that I wanted to ___________________ up at 6:30.
e. Her new book will probably ________________________ into a number of foreign languages.
f. If you kicked a police officer, youd _______________________.
g. Do you think that less money should _______________________ on the military?
h. The injured woman couldnt walk and had to ________________________.
i. I dont mind driving, but I prefer to ________________________ by other people.

Extra exercises Unit 36 - Page 1/3

3. Put the verbs in parentheses into the appropriate passive tense in the following sentences.
a. Youll hardly recognize our flat. It (redecorate) since your last visit.
b. Two players (send) off the field during last Sundays match.
c. The hotel, which (complete) only last year, (equip) with a solarium and sauna.
d. As my car (repair) last Friday, I (give) a lift to work by a colleague.
e. As soon as your order (receive), it (process) and an acknowledgement (send).
f. Your gas cooker (inspect) and no fault (find). It (deliver) to your home next week.
4. Complete the sentences with and, or, but, so, because and because of.
a. The baby was alone ... started to cry.
b. He studied very hard . he got an excellent mark.
c. My brother likes tea hates coffee.
d. Daniel is very bored .. all his friends have gone on holiday.
e. The actress was very polite .answered all the questions the journalists asked her.
f. He dived to the bottom of the sea . found a big treasure.
g. You can go to the hairdressers . do your hair at home.
h. Peter usually gets up early always stays in bed late on Sundays.
i. The ice melted quickly .the high temperature in the room.
j. Bills mother got angry with him .... he dirtied his boots in the mud.
5. Choose the right linker to complete the following sentences.
1. She went on working being very tired.
2. he is rich, he is very mean never lends me money.
3. They failed the exam they hadnt studied much.
4. They didnt give her the job her age.
d-because of
5. you complain, they wont do anything.
b-In spite of
6. Hes very clever his laziness.
c-in spite of
7. It was warm and sunny they decided to go out.
Extra exercises Unit 36 - Page 2/3

6. Fill in the blank with a linking word from the list below. Not all of them will be used. The first letter of each
word is given as a hint.
After that
Soon after that
All the same
That notwithstanding
In contrast
Despite that
In this day and age
On the other hand
In the same way
On top of that
Even so
Whats more
For that reason
Without a doubt
a. Ostriches run fast but cant fly at all. L____________________, chickens are extremely poor fliers.
b. He didnt have his watch on. T____________________________, he couldnt tell her what time it was.
c. He had dinner and did his homework. A________________________________, he watched TV for a while.
d. He gives money to anybody who asks. I___________________________, his wife gives to lots of charities.
e. He gives money to charities. I___________________________, his brother never gives a penny to anybody.
f. Hes rich and is known for being philanthropic. U_____________________, he gets lots of calls from charities.
g. He gives too much homework and too many tests. F___________________, Im planning to drop the class.
h. He needed an education. T_______________________________, his parents decided to send him to school.
i. He wanted to ask her name. H______________________________________________, he was too shy.
j. He was in a car accident. H____________________________________________, he wasnt badly injured.
k. He was panting loudly and sweating profusely. O______________________, he had been working quite hard.
l. He was taking a shower. M_______________________________________, she was in the kitchen cooking.
m. He was very hungry. N_____________________________________, he didnt touch anything on his plate.
n. He went to see a movie with his girlfriend. U____________________, it had sold out by the time they got there.
o. He won the lottery. S_____________________________, relatives he didnt even know started calling him.
p. Hes rich, loaded to the gills. D_______________________________________, he never gives to charities.
q. Her dear old aunt came by to visit her after many years. S____________________, she wasnt home at the time.
r. I love any kind of meat. O_________________________________, seafood makes me sick to my stomach.
s. She loved him with all her heart. T_______________________________, she finally decided not to marry him.
t. The car had run out of gas. F______________________________, there was a gas station on the next block.
u. Pigeon poop was everywhere, and neighbors complained. S______________, she continued to feed the birds.
v. The policeman was screaming, and his face was red. A____________________, he was angry about something.
w. The secretary typed slowly and inaccurately. E__________________________, the boss refused to fire her.
x. He took care of all her financial needs. S______________________, she made sure his house was always clean.
y. I hated him because he was ill tempered and nasty. W__________________, he had bad breath and body odor.

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