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The story that I’ am going to writhe it is a fiction book, it talk’s about a time before we

ever believe in gods and monsters. This book is about heroes, monster, gods, and the best person

who destroyed the walls of Troy. This great hero was named Ulysses and was the best of the Age

of Mythology time that I now of. He fights with the son of the god of the sky that was Zeus. As I

stated telling you about the book that I read, you will hear the best story in the Greek landform

Age of Mythology. The books name is The Adventures of Ulysses and its writher is Bernard


From Troy, the vessels first made land at Ismarus, city of the Ciconians, where, in a

skirmish with the inhabitants, Ulysses lost six men from each ship. This city he was looking for

an answer form the land Ismarus why Zeus wasted no more in his sad. “It was by main force that

Ulysses dragged these men away, and he was even obliged to tie them under the benches of his

ships.” That was his plan in the being of destroyed Troy for them self of power. He send three of

his best man to find food for his people so he when with them too find food and hoop that

everything go’s will.

After that, they find them self in an island that was named the land of the Cyclops, were

strong monsters that hid in caves, one was the son of the sea Poseidon is the father of one of son

named Cyclops. There names main the round eye, and these giants were so called because they

had but one eye, and that placed in the middle of the forehead. Will when Ulysses had step in the

caves of this monsters they were going to seaplane of the thing that kill his men in the being of

the island when they got there with no power of fight them. Then the book tell you that the men

of Ulysses had been eared by the Cyclops, it is scary if you or me were eat form a big giants. He

search to find some hope for going home to fight the son’s of Hades the god of the dead and

ruler of the underworld. Who was going to stop the gods?

Will before he has to conquer Troy, his ship landed in a near island that was call the land of

Circe, the sorcerer.

This sorcerer had the power to turn men into pigs; Ulysses was not the once to be turn

into a pig. His men’s were turn into pigs when he got to the island, so his men were going too

died anyway. As more, I read the story got better then ever. Circe tell Ulysses that shell turn them

back if he begin wind form the geek water fall. He then he side yes and he bated her glass of

wind. This story is cool to learn the histories of all geek believe that they had. Moreover, He was

looking at the beach and the cliff beyond, the wooded hills the color of the sky to find a sane by

Zeus to his way home with his men of hero. To fight Hades and the god Poseidon, and so he find

a boat form the land he was in but first he had to go figth Scylla and Charybdis, who crush

anyone who dares to cross their path.

Will he kill them and got the boat to go save the world before he did that he fined a

goddess Calypso, which was a sea–nymph. She tells them that she will help to find them some

more solders to fight on the war that was with the some gods only the bad gods. Will to till you

the story is almost to the end, would he ever win the war or would lost the war? Will at this time

you should know that he was winning the war and his realer name in Rome was Odyssey but no

once use his name like that, this is what I know in real life. Will I should tell you what happen

next of the story.

Ulysses formed of them a raft, to which he clung, and, the wind changing, the waves bore

him to Calypso’s island. Moreover, refreshment that would be derived from anchoring and

passing the night on shore, that Ulysses yielded. Will in the end to wins the war and kill is the

bad gods. That is all I know about my book that I read in my school day’s I hope that you Mr.
Duggan. For more information go to the book story near you, again I love reading this book by

this gait author.

Some Pictures form Ulysses